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Mature Vietnamese  Women seeking supremecy and dominance over other women.   Use the list below to click a series and choose your poison or just scroll down

  • Kim and TuThao:   Extreme sexfighting and domination rivalry that lasted years     CLICK HERE
  • The Contract Maker:   Huyen settles disputes with a double dong     CLICK HERE
  • Stand Alone:  Not enough stories to make a Complete series   CLICK HERE

The Contract Maker

  1. Contract Negotiations:    Huyen and Vang settle a pay rise dispute with the double dildo named the Contract Maker    CLICK HERE
  2. The Mayoress:   Huyen and Tu Lan sexfight to win the nomination for Mayoress    CLICK HERE
  3. More stories to cum

Stand Alone Stories

  1. The Island:   A savage knife fight during the Vietnam War   CLICK HERE
  2. Tram Chim:   Mother and daughter catfight in the small Mekong Delta village Tram Chim   CLICK HERE
  3. The Apartment:  Two Vietnamese familes sexfight for the apartment   CLICK HERE
  4. The Piercing:  My wife and the beautician sexfight   CLICK HERE
  5. Top Student:   An unusual sex contest    CLICK HERE
  6. Thuy and Tranh:  A cock sucking competition and other events at a gambling venue   CLICK HERE

Kim and TuThao

  1. I Want Number 1:   A long sexfight to be Australia's number 1 Vietnamese sexfighter   CLICK HERE
  2. Victory Rites:    The winner lesbian BDSM rapes the looser   CLICK HERE
  3. Used by Japanese Visitors:  Japanese lesbian group rape of a Vietnamese   CLICK HERE
  4. An Offer That Can't Be Refused:  Kim rechallenges by using lesbian bait  CLICK HERE
  5. One On One:   Kim and TuThao sexfight rematch    CLICK HERE
  6. Japanese Revenge:    The Shiratori Clan finish their business with a Vietnamese in a BDSM bestiality lesbian rape    CLICK HERE