Other Authors Tribute: The Four Legends.  posted with their permission


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  • The Raven  Catfight Fever:    Gil and Trang pursue the dream. A long series from the original master of the 1990s   Click here
  • The Raven Corporate Catfight:   You need more than talent to get to the top.  Another long series full of rivalries and fights   Click here
  • Mr Cage:   A prolific writer of catfight stories, Brutal and graphic and as he warns not for the fainthearted.  Here are four stories specially written for my site. Not available elsewhere.  For his other stories here are 2 links........http://www.hostboard.com/forums/f299/176537-cage-story-index.html        and  http://www.seakingsfemfight.com/stories/storiesmrcagelist.html  Click here
  • Sega:   Romanian writer of long deathfights.  With his permission I have Asianised the stories and slightly tweaked the English to make them more easily read while still keeping the original feeling.    Click here
  • Rino:   She invented the concept of sexfighting stories   Click here



The Raven:  Catscratch Fever

  1. Prelude:   Gil meets Trang and she is introduced to catfighting   Click here
  2. Chapter 2:   They become obsessed with the cat lust and catfire  Click here
  3. Chapter 3:  Gil introduces Trang to Helen aka The Hellcat   Click here
  4. Chapter 4:   Helen's past   Click here
  5. Chapter 5:   Trang and Helen fight again    Click here
  6. Chapter 6:   Trang goes to the Phillipines and encounters Tara   Click here
  7. Chapter 7:   Trang fights Daisy in the USA   Click here
  8. Chapter 8:   Trang and Daisy, the Victors rites   Click here
  9. Chapter 9:   Trang and Daisy's second fight   Click here
  10. Chapter 10:   Trang and Helen's third fight   Click here  
  11. Chapter 11:   Trang and the Hellcat after their 3rd fight   Click here
  12. Chapter 12:   Trang and Tara fight with the looser ending up in a Mexican jail   Click here
  13. Chapter 13:   Back in the USA   Click here
  14. Chapter 14:   The plot becomes more complex   Click here
  15. Chapter 15:   Trang and the famous catfighter La Matador   Click here
  16. Chapter 16:   Trang versus Buri to the death   Click here
  17. Chapter 17:   The final chapter of Gil's journey   Click here

The Raven:  Corporate Catfights

  1. Intro:   Rose Chu   Click here
  2. Chapter 1:   Rose starts her upward climb   Click here
  3. Chapter 2:   Trouble for Rose, Nanette, Nannete's mistress Collette, sex nerd Mitch, Allison and Kimo   Click here
  4. Chapter 3:   Another player Kimo   Click here 
  5. Chapter 4:   Rose and Mitch   Click here
  6. Chapter 5:   Barry the big boss manipulates the women   Click here
  7. Chapter 6:   Bunny and Nanette prelude for Rose and Kimo   Click here
  8. Chapter 7:   Allison schemes   Click here
  9. Chapter 8:   Final fight   Click here
  10. Epilogue:   Tidying up loose ends   Click here

Mr Cage's  Catfights

  1. Road to Mayhem 1:   Thomas Williams introduces his 3 white daughters to the Asian catfight circuit in Manilla   Click here
  2. Road to Mayhem 2:   Another day, another city.  Bangkok   Click here
  3. Road to Mayhem 3:   Another venue for the sisters.  Hong Kong   Click here
  4. Aussie Challenge:   A USA biker family v Australian Vietnamese.  A long brutal no holds fight in a Melbourne laneway   Click here

Sega Deathfights

  1. Deathfight at Shanghai Docks:  Two families settle control of the docks in the traditional way  Click here
  2. Deathfight at Inle Lake:   Two Burmese fight to the death for money   Click here
  3. Deserted Island:   Two shipwrecked Vietnamese families fight for water   Click here
  4. Empress Wu's Court:  A Chinese and Japanese courtesan fight to the death   Click here
  5. The Dai Lo (Big Boss):  Two ex prison big bosses catfight to the death   Click here
  6. The Cruise Ship:  Two domestics on a luxury cruise ship catfight to the death   Click here
  7. 7 Kingdoms War part 1:  A deathfight in China in 234BC   Click here
  8. 7 Kingdoms War part 2:  A deathfight in China in 234Bc continued   Click here

Rino Sexfight Stories

  1. The Club Intro:   A sexfighting club in Singapore   Click here
  2. The Club 2:   Tao and Gong Shi - Outside the Club Build up   Click here
  3.  The Club 3:   Tao and Gong Shi  First Skirmish   Click here
  4. The Club 4:  Tao and Gong Shi to the finish   Click here
  5. The Club 5:   A newcomers first Ccontact   Click here
  6. The Club 6:   Organised match Li v Fu   Click here
  7. Avon Calling:   A sexfight with a housewife   Click here