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Stories sent to me from authors, or authors I have chased or stories found on the net

  • Kitty Yong stories:   Direct from Singapore  Click here
  • Rival's Rapture:   Some outstanding Interacial stories from my friend and the owner of my number 1 recomended site Click here for the stories on my site
  • Just looking 9000:   An author from the freecatfight forums site   Click here
  • From the net:   Stories I have found   Click here
  • From Readers:   Stories submitted by readers like you   Click here

Kitty Yong

  1. Secret World of Madam Poh 1:   Catfighting in Singapore   Click here
  2. Secret World of Madam Poh 2:   A chance for redemption   Click here
  3. Secret World of Madam Poh 3:   Final fight   Click here
  4. Gamblers Wager:   A big money bet on the island of Bintan  Click here
  5. Having What it Takes:   Mixed sexfight   Click here
  6. Careful What You wish For part 1:   Mixed sexfight   Click here
  7. Wish List part 1:   Mixed sexfight buildup   Click here

Rival's Rapture

  1. Parent Teacher Confluence 1:   Indian mother confronts her child's racist teacher   Click here
  2. Breast is Best:   Indian Neha and caucasian Holly see who has the best milk filled tits  Click here
  3. Prom and Thereafter:   It started with the same dress at the prom, then the caucasian mother and daughter  visited the Indians and domination occurred   Click here



You can contact him up under the above member ID at freecatfightforums or

  1. Battle for Azuma's Bed 1:  Two girls compete to get Azuma to cum   Click here
  2. Battle for Azuma's Bed 2:   The looser tries again   Click here
  3. Battle for Azuma's Bed 3:   The final contest   Click here
  4. Battle for Azuma's Bed 4:   An alternative ending   Click here
  5. Room mate Fight:   A Shanghai and Beijing girl fight for westerner Jason's cock   Click here
  6. Boss Fight Triangle 1:  A wife, secretary and ex  all fight for Boss Deng's cock   Click here
  7. Boss Fight Triangle 2:   The pecking order changes   Click here
  8. Boss Fight Triangle 3:   The contest continues   Click here
  9. Boss Fight Triangle 4:   All 3 at the same venue and the final fight starts Click here
  10. Boss Fight Triangle 5:   Conclusion with a 3 way catfight   Click here
  11. The Duel Room Universe: The universe in which the Duel room series exists   Click here
  12. The Duel Room 1:   Nine days build up to the sexual contest   Click here
  13. The Duel Room 2:   A trashy bride versus a slutty maid   Click here
  14. The Duel Room 3:   The two meet again   Click here

From the Net

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Reader Submitted

  1. Julie's Ordeal by Fred Jones:   Asian Suzy joins in   Click here
  2. bbbb