All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008

Chp 2 Japan Preliminaries by Aussie Greg

The  18 year old Indonesian servant was a long way from her countryside upbringing and shipment to Jakarta as an unpaid servant.  Sent there so she did not have to be fed by her family and with the hope she might find a husband . Now she was my future goldmine and sexfighter. Annisa Kalalo and I entered The Tokyo Conference Centre Shinagawa in Tokyo. She was 4ft 9  and 77 lbs  and stood 5 ft 3 in her heels). A pretty dark face, now heavily made up was framed by short hair. Her 29A 18 28 inch body was covered by a black transparent bib like front cover which hung from a gold chain circling her neck and which left her back and sides bare. A micro mini which started half an inch below her slit was skin tight for 4 inches from the top and then was flared with pleats for the remaining 2 inches. Two months ago she was living in a small Javanese village in a hut with dirt floors. Now she was entering on 5 inch heels, a property that featured 18,632 square feet of meeting space with ten state-of-the-art conference rooms, including a boardroom, eight breakout rooms and a large hall accommodating up to 1500 guests; ergonomic chairs; continuous refreshment breaks; as well as Benchmark's signature audiovisual services. It was located adjacent to Shinagawa Station, serviced by both Tokyo's world-renowned subway and JR train systems. 

We were greeted by 10 Japanese dressed identically in black school shoes, long white sox bunched at the ankles, ultra short navy blue pleated skirts, and transparent white sailor top blouses. A parody on the loose sox school uniform pics everywhere on the internet. Instead of bowing like in the department stores, they lifted their skirts to display tight white cotton briefs with a red sun on them. The centre piece of the "Hi-no-maru" (Japanese national flag) 

What was it with the Japanese and their fixation on putting adult women in those school uniforms? Yet the Japanese men couldn't stop looking, pointing and lingering at the lineup. 

Tonight was part of the private sexfight and catfight circuit based mainly in Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore, with Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila and Saigon and Kuala Lumpur smaller centres internationally, though still strong locally . I flashed my gold card to gain entry to the night's competition and after the card being passed up the chain till it eventually met a person who could make a decision, was then passed back down the chain and we gained admittance to the vast hall. 

Gold pass you say. Well if you've read about the history of the All Asia Sexfight Championship (Chp 1) you know how it came into my possession. 

With the resurgence of Japan in the last few years due to  sponsorship from the 10 largest Japanese companies, Toyota, NTT, Honda, Nissan, Tokyo Denki, Sony, Canon, JR East, Mitsubishi and Kansai Denki, tonight 2 of the final top 10 seeding fights involving Japanese were on the menu. 

Miyu Watase aged 32, ranked 9 and who had carried the flag for Japan as its sole top 20 international sexfighter for the past bleak years was facing a challenge from Wang Fei, a 22 year old Chinese from Shanghai, while Saomi Aizawa at 41 who, although old to be starting her career, was sponsored by Toyota where she worked and had been first selected and then trained with Japanese single minded purpose and science. She was undefeated, now ranked 14 and was challenging the 45 year old number 10, the Bangkok based ex Vietnamese boat refugee, Xuan Nguyen, current world team champion and number 2 in the 45's. 

One of the uniforms in a long line at the entrance door lifted her dress and flashed her white cottons at us and took our ticket. 

"I am Hitomi Asoaka. I am 18 years old, number 1 and best sexfighter in the 18s and 19s in Saitama Prefecture." (A prefecture is what we would call a state and Saitama is immediately north west of Tokyo and includes several of Tokyo's commuter towns). "There are 47 prefectures and the next  rank holder is 3 months older than me. I am the only girl under 19 sponsored by Kansai Denki and next Dec I will be competing in the All Japan 19s for the first time. I will take you to your table and look after it for the night so you can enjoy our Japanese victories." 

She lifted her skirt again and if she was size 6 then the white cotton briefs were size 2 and were stretched and molded against her prominant box. If she was a man you would not only have seen if she was big or small but what religion. 

"You can take a picture", she said. 

"Why"? sneered Annisa 

It was a Japanese TV event. Half the seats were Japanese public, 25% Toyota employeees and the remainder the normal clientele for this event: rich Asians. Hong Kong Gangster types with their multiple girls; thick, gold chained successful Chinese businessmen flaunting their wealth, with their plain peasant wives from the time before they were rich (now expensively dressed), in attendance to stop their husbands finding a young gold-digger; sleazy looking Thais with their thin high cheeked slutty wives; uniformed generals with aviator sunglasses and young uniformed "girlfriends", trendily dressed Vietnamese men and their dressed to kill female company; Filipino middle aged men with their very young, scantily clad, still puffy nippled girlfriends, sophisticated European dressed Singaporeans and Taiwan Chinese and Koreans with their surgery enhanced partners. 

Before the real stuff started, we had to enjoy the usual Jap fetishes. First young pop starlets and TV presenters mock fought in mud, flashing their tits and arses, squealing and laughing. A Filipina would have nearly killed them in a minute. Next all the number 1s open and 19s from the 47 prefectures dressed in maid or nurse outfits were presented by the dinner suited announcer as future international number 1's to the roared approval of the crowd. Hitomi wasn't bullshitting as she strode on stage as part of the procession. 

Second the bizarre. At the start of the mock fights a competition between 3 generations with an attempt on the 1995 Annabel Chong world record of most men in 10 hours.  An 18 yr and 19 yr old, their respective mothers, and their grandmother 53 were all naked on a second stage to the side kneeling doggy style with 5 rows of naked Japanese men each with a number on their back. Of coursre Lisa Sparxxx in 2004 set a new record of 919 but the Japanese were going by an Asian record. Teams of the ubiquitous schoolgirls were eating the first men in the line preparing them for the five women on stage. A siren rang and men ran on stageand pumped the arse or cunt or put their cock in a mouth or kneeling woman's hand and fucked till they came to be replaced by the next. The school girls worked on the next men and so on. Above each of the 5 women were giant Seiko digital boards, listing time passed, men cum and Annabel's changing target. 251 men in 10 hours. 1 every 2.390438 minutes. Plus a new world record no matter what. Most men by a daughter mother and grandmother. Why? Because even 1 would give a record. After an hour the board showed: 

Annabel Chong record pace 25 

18 yr old Daughter Meguru 41 

19 yr old Daughter Ayano 32 

35 yr old mother Madoka 36 

36 yr old Mother Reiri 37 

51 yr old Grandmother Usagi 29 

It was to be expected that they would take more in the early hours but Meruga was setting a real pace. 

And even more bizarre. A donkey was brought on stage by "scientists" wearing white coats. Women played with its cock till it started to drip precum when the scientists made a cast, a mould and then a rigid copy. 25 women then took turns to straddle it and worked as much as possible into their cunts at which point the "scientists" made a mark on the cast to determine the depth taken and record it on the clipboard. All this complete with non stop talking Japanese men equipped with mikes questioning and interviewing the contestants 

All the time accompanied by the amplified sounds of the men in the attempt cumming and the high pitched wails of the mother Reiri and the animal grunts of the two daughters. Two hours had passed and the clock showed the results of Reiri's last hour surge: 46 men in an hours work with hands cunt and mouth. Cum dripped in a puddle beneath her cunt, her face and hair was plastered, as were her hands, arms and sides, but the clock showed 

Annabel Chong Average record pace 50 

18 yr old Daughter Meguru 69 

19 yr old Daughter Ayano 60 

35 yr old mother Madoka 61 

36 yr old Mother Reiri 85 

51 yr Grandmother Usagi 57 

Only in Japan. And they continued their record assault as at last the real stuff started and Wang Fei, a 23 year old Chinese Sharebroker from Shanghai entered. Dressed stylishly in the latest European fashion house garments, she was one of the Nouveaux rich in China now entering the circuit. She had made serious money from her own dealings on the first sharemarket established in China at Shanghai. She was 2 years older than the 21 year old Number 1 Vietnamese Nha Trung and at 5ft 7, 34B 23 32 105lbs, and confidently attractive. She was one of the few who would not be intimidated by Nha's height and beauty. She had smashed every record in charging into the top 10. After defeating a number a Thai numbered 132 to gain entry she had accepted and defeated 8 challenges in 20 days. Then with this number of matches ensuring her acceptance as challenger as per rules she targeted the woman up to 15 above her who had the least time left to accept a challenge. From number 120 (a 26 yr old Filipina), 112 , 99, 87, 80, 68, 55, 49, 38, 27, to 19 ( a Taiwanese 28 yr old). All had been defeated and now she was challenging the 9th ranked woman. It had taken her 57 days, 19 sexfights and 19 victory rights. No person had managed to gain entry and challenge a top 10 before the 6 month championship had arrived. 

She waited and waited as the crowd chanted for their sole Japanese representative in the top 10, the 32 yr old Miyu Watase, confident that after tonight there would be 2 Japanese in the top 10. She finally entered surrounded by 6 geishas in traditional Kimonos and she was dressed like an Empress from 500 years before. As the 6 geishas undressed her the crowd went berserk. I am sure every Japanese had at least 4 cameras to record the event , but at last they were both naked and the dinner suited white gloved (why white gloves?) male MC spent 10 seconds on Wang and a good 5 minutes introducing the shorter 5 ft 4, heavier 120 pounds 36C 28 39 Miyu as she played up to the crowd. 

The first random event was a double dildo. Both women were handed their 9 inch section and worked them into their cunts. Red for the Japanese, blue for the Chinese woman. They sat on the raised stage floor facing each other and arranged their legs with care, right over left and extended a right arm back for balance. A schoolgirl, who else, attached a 4 inch white centre piece so they were joined by their dildo umbilical cord. 

Meanwhile the clock showed 3 hours Annabel Chong Average record pace 75 

18 yr old Daughter Meguru 109 

19 yr old Daughter Ayano Retired 85 

35 yr old mother Madoka 82 

36s yr old Mother Reiri 115 

51 yr Grandmother Usagi 85 

Meguru was going flat out to catch her mother. 

The Japanese MC started 

"On the count of five, wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun", twoooooooooooooooooooooooo, threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, four five."

I won't say it was cheating, but Miyu was ready for the short count and drove deep into Wang as she was still flexing her grip so only an inch of white was left showing. A quick regrip by Miyu with her cunt and another thrust and she had most of the double dildo in Wang and started fucking like a small dog humping a visitor's leg. Usually this match was more a test of endurance and knowing when to use your hands to arouse tit, arse or clit to climax the other woman, so the opening minutes were for searching out of the opponent at a steady pace, but with her initial advantage Miyu was going for broke. Her round 36Cs were bouncing up and down as her ample hips drove the dong into the Chinese 23 year old. 

"Umph, Umph, Umph, Umph, Umph, Umph,". Her loud expelling of air at each thrust were like a Harley's exhaust note as she forced it deeper into Wang who was flinching and wincing as Miyu tried to destroy her cunt. 

"Aaaaaaaaaiiiiehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". A scream escaped from Wang as the dildo reached her uterus. Miyu pounced rolling the Chinese on her back like a turtle. She was in total control, able to not only drive with her hips but with her powerful thick thighs. Angling her attack she was intent on causing as much damage as possible. Push, twist, a scream, pull out then repeat. There could be no escape and four minutes later Wang surrendered. Incredible. A win not by orgasm but submission. 

I nearly drowned in the sea of rampant Japanese nationalism. You would have thought Miyu had won the world title, not a first of 3 events. A proud MC auctioned off the double dildo as Miyu waited and Wang lay slumped on the raised stage. 

The MC and another Japanese official conferred before announcing, "Second event. Strap-on". 

Again, it may have been coincidence, but the smile on Miyu's and dismay on Wang's face showed the result. It couldn't be better for Miyu. A rarely used event that suited her low centre of gravity and strong thighs and with Wang's abused pussy needing a strap-on like an Eskimo needs an ice making machine. 

The door to our gold pass booth opened Hitomi Asoaka entered and slid beside us at the table and spoke to me. 

"Is she your Filipina servant? She's too ugly to be your Fuck Slut" 

"I'm his Indonesian woman, you lesbian bitch" 

"Indonesian. We might be related. Your mum might be my Aunt because my Grandfather was a colonel in our army when we took Indonesia. He used to take 10 to 20 a night. They were all Mikosurihan (three strokers that came quickly), not like a Japanese woman, though after one night they fought each other to get Jap cock. A lot better than the dog cock or Indo men they usually had". 

Turning to me she said, "Where are you from"? 


"Good, I haven't had an Aussie cock yet." 

She put her hand on my cock. "Do Aussies like it different? A threesome with the Indonesian dog fucker here and after you pick the best fuck. Or maybe you like to watch a Japanese girl show you different ways to fuck her. Maybe you like me to discipline her or teach her pain. I can do it all". 

It was too much for the Indonesian, who lashed out, only to have her blow blocked by one arm, while Hitomi's other sped out to grab her tit through the thin material, twisting it viciously. Hitomi grinned as Annisa writhed at the end of the clawed fingers digging in her tit. 

"Fuck, They're not even proper tits" as using her tit claw grip she maneuvered her so Anissa was kneeling on the chair, face flat on the table. From behind her hand slid down Annisa's stomach, a flat, hard, youthful stomach, under the elastic band of her thong. . Feeling her hairless cunt she exploded in derision. 

"What, she's got no landing strip as well. I had my woman fur and was on the rag at 11" 

She pulled Annisa's thong to one side and started moving a finger around Annisa's cunt entrance. Annisa struggled but the tit grip controlled her and she inserted a finger into the Indonesian's pussy and began pumping it in and out. She twisted her around and lifted her top. With Annisa's tits right in front of her face, she tilted her head slightly, took her free right nipple, sucking on the teat like a tasty wet treat. Annisa's moans grew louder as Hitomi fingered her and sucked her nipple with the threat of pain in her clawed left tit if she resisted. It was clear she was nearing orgasm. 

Annisa wailed, "Oh, God, I'm coming cuuuuuuuuuuuuming." 

Annisa bucked violently on the chair, and Hitomi removed her finger, reached up and sucked it into her mouth, tasting Annisa's juices. 

"What an easy slut. If I took off her thong I could wring out at least a 3/4 whiskey glass of pussy juice out of it". Hitomi's fingers lightly brushed over the Indonesian's clit, sending shrieks of joy between her moaning. Attacking Annisa from behind again her hand ripped the micro skirt aside and thrust deep under her white thong before sliding two fingers deep into Annisa's sopping wet snatch. Annisa screamed. 

"O fuck, I'm going to explode," she cried as her whole body tensed, her thighs squeezed together and she came riding endless waves of pleasure. I did what any male would do. My hand reached out and slid under Hitomi's panties and gently played with her slit. She turned around and smiled and then adjusted her hips till I was gently skidding my fingers along her slit and playing with her clit. As I gave her pleasure in a leisurely controlled way she parted Annisa's legs and began exploring the folds of her cunt, first with her fingers, then with her mouth and tongue all the time controlling her with the claw grip on her tit. 

Forcing the Indonesian onto her back the Japansese ate her ruthlessly. Annisa ground her pussy into the face of Hitomi until quickly, without warning, she flooded Hitomi's mouth with her cum. Hitomi did not stop. She continued eating the Indonesian's pussy fucking her with her tongue while I kept the Japanese teenager at about 80% arousal. Meanwhile the action in round 2 started. 

Wang in her first dildo fight , began to strap on her fake cock harness designed to expose the cunt and mount the cock about 2 inches above the top of the slit, but Miyu, a veteran, knew that there would be time for that later. While Wang Fei fumbled with the latch, Miyu rushed her and landed several hard punches to her head. Wang went to her knees and Miyu grabbed her hair and pulled her to the center of the ring where Wang kicked and screamed trying to get free, but only received a foot to the ribs for her effort. 

While she lay in pain on the mat, Miyu strapped her dildo on, and positioned herself between the Chinese stockbroker's thighs. Miyu plunged in with a vicious thrust catching Wang off guard. The scream of agony and pleasure revealed it all: Wang was now at her opponent's mercy. A little overconfident after the first event and now having the upper hand, Miyu slid in and out of the long haired Chinese's cunt intent on causing her to cum not brutalizing her. The brutalization would come later. As much as Wang fought, she couldn't get free from the pounding 8 inch tool, and soon found herself getting very wet. The sound of bare flesh slapping as Miyu Watasi systematically fucked Wang in the center of the ring was echoing through the centre. Wang was moaning loudly, on the verge of cumming. Sensing this, Miyu pulled all the way out and prepared for one final thrust to end the match and give her overall victory. As the head of the fake cock popped out of her, Wang rolled sideways. The down thrust that came, would have easily sent Wang over the edge, but instead of hitting the soft flesh at the end of her love tunnel, Miyu's dildo met the hard floor. The sudden pain in her lower stomach caused Miyu to curl up on the mat. 

Taking full advantage of this opportunity, Wang readied her own cock and moved towards her prey. Taking her from behind, the Shanghai stockbroker grabbed her round the neck and slammed home her 8 inch dildo directly into Miyu's untouched snatch and began to pummel her. Miyu, though very sexually experienced competition wise, was soon sopping wet and the 8 inch cock stroking in and out of her was urging her to the verge of orgasm. Wang reached under her victim and began to play with her large round melons. Miyu was moaning loudly, bucking back against Wang, and it was obvious about to orgasm. 

With only a moment to spare, Miyu's fighting senses took control, and she slammed back into her opponent, knocking Wang backwards. But Wang recovered quicker and a hard roundhouse kick to the side of the older woman's head sent her crashing to the stage floor. Wasting little time, Wang quickly pounced on the shorter Japanese, landing a knee to the stomach. As she curled up in pain, Wang positioned her self behind Miyu, dildo at the ready. Before the Japanese number 1 could move, she felt half of a hard saliva wettened rubber phallus penetrate her arse hole from behind. 

Slowly the less experienced challenger began to work the cock in and out of her arse, as her helpless victim yelled in agony. Then -success- her opponent's arse was completely full of dildo, her tight ring hole stretched far beyond its limits. Sensing victory, Wang began pounding into her doggy style, causing the Japanese to writher in pain. Wang undid her opponent's strap-on, and folded Miyu up, legs pressed under her shoulders. She continued to take her up the arse. Unable to do anything but cry, the helpless Japanese wailed in agony. As tears streamed down her cheeks, Wang reached between her trembling legs, and finding her hard clit, massaged it before using the strap on she removed from Miyu to fuck her cunt manually. 

The scene was interrupted by a scream, half pain, half frustration. It was too much for the daughter Meguru who was forced to withdraw; her trembling body prone on the second stage. The clocks showed 

3.45 hours Annabel Chong Average record pace 87 

18 yr old Daughter Meguru Retired 132 

19 yr old Daughter Ayano Retired 85 

35 yr old mother Madoka 105 

36 yr old Mother Reiri 130 

51 yr Grandmother Usagi 107 

Miyu was helpless, the mixture of pain and pleasure was too much for her, and soon she was cumming violently. Her spasms and twitching continued as Wang continued her assault. The dildo in her arse along with her own prick in her cunt caused Miyu to cum in what appeared to be a continuous orgasm. Wang Fei unhooked her fake cock, leaving it in Miyu's arse. Left lying in a heap of sweat and cum, Miyu crawled to her corner, desperate to find a way to turn the final round around. 

Still sliding her cunt along my fingers, lingering sometimes so I could roll her clit Hitomi had raped Annisa the entire round. Now she gloated, "I'm going to fist you this round, bitch, before you eat the Rising Sun". 

She started to work three fingers into Annisa but an announcement calling her to sit at the official table as the youngest prefecture title holder caused her to stop and hiss as she left. 

"I'll be back to finish you". 

Miyu and the taller Wang Fei were starting the final event a 3UP. One competitor had to make the other cum three times in a row without cumming It was often chosen by the defender as it gave them time to establish their authority: an early sudden unexpected setback or cum did not end the event. 

After a couple of minutes they were locked in a classic 69 with Miyu on top. She was expertly licking and sucking Wang's cunt. Simultaneously Wang was working Miyu's very wet, very aroused pussy. Miyu's head was tilted forward and down, her hair partially obscuring the view of her tongue darting around and into the pink labia. She was tracing random patterns in the Chinese woman's sex, patterns that centered on Wang's swollen clitoris. While Miyu was licking the stockbroker's outer lips then plunging her tongue into her depths, Wang was slowly, methodically tonguing the World Number 9's sex. She had found that Japanese, once aroused, oozed copious amounts of girlcum. She some time just licking the outer lips before shoving her tongue in the Japanese's vagina to sample the pooling essence of her opponent. 

Wang licked the insides of Miyu's cunt exploring before going for the prized clit. Miyu moaned as the Chinese ate her while fingering the entrance to her back door. Wang flicked Miyu's clit, who screamed and did the same. Wang bit down on it, Miyu screamed louder and almost rolled off her. The orgasm took control of her body, her body began convulsing rapidly and without control. Wang knew she had her as and bit down as hard as she could on the throbbing clit. Miyu screamed, her body shook. She screamed again and sent her second load of cum flowing into the 23 yr old Chinese's mouth. 

It was over. Wang had rolled on top and the World number 9 lay on her back writhing her hips slowly back and forth. On top of her was her challenger, Wang. The Japanese woman's hips were moving involuntarily back and forth. She was there for the taking. But Wang reached down and played with her own snatch till she came her self before attacking Miyu again and quickly drawing 2 orgasms from her before driving her self to cum. Fifteen times she did this, the last 6 of which the distraught beaten semi conscious Japanese was pleading out for every one to hear. Humiliated in front of her home crowd 

"Make me cum Finish it". 

After an hour and an a half she put the crying, distressed humbled and mortified Japanese out of her misery, stood and pointed at Nha and screamed, 

"I coming for you" 

The clock read 

5.15 hours Annabel Chong Average record pace 130 

18 yr old Daughter Meguru Retired 132 

19 yr old Daughter Ayano Retired 85 

35 yr old mother Madoka 105 

36 yr old Mother Reiri 148 

51 yr Grandmother Usagi 139 

Saomi Aizawa at 41 5ft 4 who, although old to be starting her career, was sponsored by Toyota where she worked and had been first selected and then trained with Japanese single minded purpose and science. She was undefeated, now ranked 14 and was challenging the 45 year old number 10 Xuan, who had so brutally fucked a previous champion Dewi that she had both torn her cunt walls and perforated her bowels, causing a reaction similar to a burst appendix, and hospitalized her for 2 months 

Shocked by Miyu's defeat the crowd was less raucous in their support of Saomi Aizawa as the 41 yr old ex Toyota factory cleaner, now Toyota sponsored sexfighter teetered onto the stage on her high heels, her mincing steps caused by the extreme tightness of her black mini. You can take the cleaner out of the factory but you cant take the factory out of the cleaner. With her barrel like 34B 29 35 125 pound 5 ft 4 body and bespectacled plump face a sex symbol she was not. 

The first random event was called and both Saomi and she and the now stripped still very attractive World number 10 Bangkok based ex Vietnamese boat refugee, Xuan Nguyen, petite at 5 ft 1 32B 23 30 84 pounds. Both were having their inside legs measured and the foot supports set at that distance apart by the same white coated scientists. The two women stood facing each other and had their feet restrained in the supports and inserted their dildos into their pussies, the hanging trays were attached to the dildo and the first weight attached 500 gram. 

Gradually extra weights were attached until they reached 2.5 kilo. Xuan was struggling. The 8 inch dildo had slipped a couple of inches, she was sweating and her neck muscles stood out like whipcords. Saomi smiled at her, gave a deep long groan from the depths of her guts and actually sucked a half inch of dildo into herself. Xuan just held on at 2.75 but at 3 kilos despite her straining screaming efforts she couldn't hang on for the 30 seconds as the weight pulled the dido from her to clatter to the floor. 

Despite winning Saomi called for 3.95 kilos, .05 above the 28 year old record held by Shreya Bapai, one of the few Indian competitors the competition had seen. Saomi despite her wide stance caused by her tethered feet actually went into a sumo like squat. She nodded to the scientists. A schoolgirl passed the extra weights to him and he carefully placed them on the tray hanging from the dildo. Saomi's belly muscles rippled as she clung to the dildo embedded in her cunt. The crowd chanted the 30 sec countdown, Soami roared her effort and Japan had a new world title holder. 

6.0 hours Annabel Chong Average record pace 150 

18 yr old Daughter Meguru Retired 132 

19 yr old Daughter Ayano Retired 85 

35 yr old mother Madoka 138 

36 yr old Mother Reiri 162 

51 yr Grandmother Usagi 158 

The second event was the Passive cum. Xuan took the Japanese in the classic Filipina control position. Saomi lay on her back, her legs draped over a sitting Xuan's shoulders, her cunt vulnerable to Xuan. Who instantly buried her face into Saomi's swollen mound. She held her cuntlips open and began darting her tongue in and out. Xuan clutched Soami's arsecheeks squeezing tightly and rhythmically each time she drove her tongue in. Soon she was getting right into it, twisting her tongue around and working on love button, holding it between her teeth and sucking and lashing it with her tongue. 

After 3 minutes the Japanese was moaning continually. At 4 and a half minutes her fingernails were scratching splinters from the floor but she held on for another minute and 54 seconds giving her a time of 6 min 24 secs. 

Saomi lay on her back and had Xuan straddle her face trying to get into her as deeply as she could with her tongue before moving up to her clit. She pushed 2 fingers into the 45 year old Vietnamese's hole before adding a third finger which made Xuan shudder and shiver. Frantically Saomi pumped her 3 fingers in and out of her opponent while continuing to lick her clit with the tip of her tongue. Soon Xuan was wailing uncontrollably and the Japanese rolled her into a reverse Filipina control so Xuan was lying on her tits, face to the floor, thighs resting on the Japanese shoulders whose mouth was quickly working on the wet Vietnamese twat. Xuan squealed with delight when she felt the bespectacled Japanese woman's tongue slide up between her arse cheeks and probe her anus. 

At six minutes she was screaming, tears running down her cheeks as the Japanese fisted her and ate her arse. Her legs were flailing behind Saomi's back like she was having an epileptic fit. Xuan came first with an eerie guttural kind of scream and her body just stiffened and seemed to hold still for Saomi to continue licking and push her over the edge for a second time. She quivered and relaxed and then stiffened again. No scream just a surrendering moan of defeat from her throat. 

Japanese officials rushed to congratulate Saomi and a giant Sumo wrester was bought on stage to celebrate her victory with a ceremonial fuck. 

Then before he could start. Silence. Xuan had lodged a protest and despite many slomo reruns of the video the clock showed her cumming at 6 minutes 25 seconds. Too close to call so it was declared a draw. Win to Xuan or a draw were the same for the Vietnamese. She had to be beaten by the challenger and if she won the next they would be equal with one win each and she would still be number 10. But she had to win the last event the 3Up. 

7.0 hours Annabel Chong Average record pace 175 

18 yr old Daughter Meguru Retired 132 

19 yr old Daughter Ayano Retired 85 

35 yr old mother Madoka 149 

36 yr old Mother Reiri 178 

51 yr Grandmother Usagi 176 

They went into a 69 and started kissing, licking, sucking, biting and fingering each other Saomi knew she could get the Vietnamese to spurt if she ate out the number 10's arse. She wanted that cum badly. Her tongue tip traced the small wrinkles of the pucker, occasionally pushing at the center. Slowly, Xuan's sphincter relaxed and ex Toyota factory cleaner was able to shove her tongue into her opponent. Locked in their 69 Xuan was desperately licking and fingering the Japanese woman's cunt. 

"eiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Xuan came followed by the deeper "Uunnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhh" of the Japanese. 

"Eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", then two minutes later "Eeeighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" again before the grunting "UUuuuuuuunnnghhhhhhhhh" from the Japanese saved her. 

The two women were a sight to behold, one I never tired of, as the rolled on the stage each striving for top position and control. Camera angles changed several times to show close-ups of Xuan's tongue sliding around the Japanese's twat alternating with shots of her tonguing the Vietnamese woman's arsehole. After several close-ups of tongues in wet holes, one camera zoomed into Xuan's cum covered face and you could see the fear in her eyes. Other closeups showed Saomi's cum-slick fingers working into Xuan's pussy while she continued to eat her arse. 

"Eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", then shortly "Ohhhhhhhhhh "Eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", then "Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" followed by a third "Eighhhhhhhhhhhh" only 7 seconds later. The Japanese was nearly there. 

They continued on, having multiple orgasms, intensity increasing, juice running all down their faces, bodies glistening with oil and sweat mixed all together. Screaming as they came they were bucking back and forth between the mouths on pussy or arse and oily fingers in their arse or cunt. Again she drew two unanswered orgasms from the weakening Vietnamese who was desperately finger fucking the Japanese. And then she found it. Saomi's G spot. Although it had been illegally desensitized by an injection before the evening, it had worn off with the length of the program. 

She shuddered as she came; her long orgasmic grunt deeper and louder. Her body looked like it was holding onto a live electric cable as she went rigid. Xuan kept her long fingers on the Japanese woman's G spot and against the run of the previous 40 minutes she quickly drew 2 more unanswered orgasms from the shuddering screaming Japanese. She was still number 10 as Saomi had drawn but not beaten her and she immediately turned her attention to the shattered Japanese who had had victory plucked from her grasp. 

8.5 hours Annabel Chong Average record pace 212 

18 yr old Daughter Meguru Retired 132 

19 yr old Daughter Ayano Retired 85 

35 yr old mother Retired 161 

36 yr old Mother Reiri 197 

51 yr Grandmother Usagi 198 

The grandmother and her older daughter were probably too tired and sore to better 251 but were locked in a bitter struggle with 90 minutes to go to win the money. 

Meanwhile Xuan's daughter Loc bought a strap on to Xuan and after attaching it she laid Saomi on her belly, opened and lifted and held the Japanese woman's legs at hip level and proceeded to fuck her challenger. Each savage thrust drove Saomi's face into the floor. 

We left and took the lift to our 5th floor room. We opened the door to be greeted by Hitomi who stood in front of us. 

"I've got unfinished business, bitch". She must have got my room number from the piece of paper I slipped down her sock.