All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 

Chp 3 Annisa's First Sexfight by Aussie Greg

We entered the room to see Annisa Kalalo, the 18 year old, short haired tiny Javanese servant lying on the bed, her tiny 4' 9 and 77 lbs body spread wide. One hand played with her 29A puffy nippled tits, long fingers twiddling her small dark brown nipples. Her 18 inch waist heaved and tossed. A direct result of the naked 37 year old Balinese servant Rissa who was eating her out. 

She caught sight of Dewi Surawata the wife of the Police Commander whose house she was a servant in, sat up wide eyed pushed the Balinese woman aside. 

"I'm sorry; I thought you said she was my personal servant. It won't happen again. It's all her fault", she stammered out her apologies, excuses and accusations. 

Ditsani Pratawi stepped past Dewi. Ditsani, a 44 years old Indonesian newsreader: 5 ft 1 145 pounds 40C 35 44 inch was dressed in a severely cut blue serge suit whose below knee length straight skirt was board tight across her thick thighs and arse and jacket encased her tits and allowed only a slight amount of her buttoned to the chin, white blouse to be seen. Her round face was framed by short hair cut in an unfeminine style and her eyes were magnified by thick glasses. "Its okay, you're not in trouble. We're here to talk to you. Finish what you're doing as we talk." 

Suspiciously Annisa reached down and tentatively pulled the older woman Rissa who was almost dead with fear back to her hairless cunt. 

"The charges against the Police Commander will be dropped in a month. When he comes back here, we think you should challenge Dewi to be his wife" 

"What", the girl replied incredulously. The old Amah says she's been his wife since she was 19 and when she outlasted and replaced his 23 year old wife in a 32 hour marathon involving the two of them, 20 Ayam (Indonesian for chicken or slang for prostitutes), 60 policemen, various dogs and the Commander. She's seen it all since then, and says since then Dewi had seen off 41 challengers in the 25 years of marriage. All sorts: young servants and policewomen trying win the lottery to older more sophisticated high ranking Government officials and politicians. 

"Yes, but this is different. I've beaten the bitch, fucked the bitch and broken" Annisa's moaning caused by the nervous Balinese interrupted her explanation, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss", 

"the bitch and own her", Ditsani continued. "She's not the same woman as before." 

Annisa started to think but the ministrations of the Balinese was too strong. "Unghhh Unghhh Unghhh Real fast, use that tongue. Eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuuming. I killed your daughter in a fight and now you have to make me cum." 

Recovering slowly the Balinese servant asked in gasping breaths, "So what does that mean"? 

Attaching a gold chain to the jeweled dog collar sized collar round Dewi's neck, Ditsani ordered "Drop that skirt" 

Dewi undid, dropped, and stepped out of the black skirt. 

She stood there. No panties. A black garter belt encircled her slight pot belly bisecting the 6 or so stretch marks that stood out on her dark native skin. Short straps led from the garter belt to the top of the black stockings which encased her short chunky thighs and surprisingly shapely lower legs. Above her stockings dangled the longest dark brown inner cunt lips I had ever seen with another set of inner lips plainly visible. Four 24 carat gold chains hung from her lips, each with 2 gold letters, which spelt out DITSANI her new mistress. 

"Play with yourself". 

Shamelessly she reached down and spread her cunt lips and began fingering herself so her juice oozed wettening her inside thighs. 

"Let us see your clit, slut". 

She made a Vee with her fingers and opened the top of her cunt to present her pink pulsating clit. 

"Give us all a taste". 

She slid a finger in deep swirled it around and offered it to Ditsani who licked it dry, before repeating the procedure with me and the Balinese who nervously, quickly licked, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her. Dewi advanced to the young servant. 

"Kneel and ask her to lick it off" 

Dewi knelt before her servant, dug deep, extracted a glistening finger and offered it to Annisa. "Please lick my juices." 

Slowly savoring the situation a smiling Annisa licked the finger dry. 

"Every finger", Ditsani ordered and 9 more times Dewi asked her 1 servant to lick clean her juice covered digits. 

"As you can see I've broken her, but I can't order her to lose a fight. I can pass ownership to you 8 hours a day for the first 3 weeks except when I need her, and then 24 hours daily for the last week. No-one has replaced her in 2yrs, but no-one has had the chance to dominate her for a month before the event. Think of it: The general's wife, power, money, plus he's 60 and has a dodgy heart and no children." She offered the leash. 

Annisa took it and turned to Dewi. : Take your top and bra off." Dewi did and stood there, 5 ft 3 inches, her 34D 29 37 5ft 3 125 pound rounded body naked except for her heels, stocking and garter belt. Her tits defied gravity, not needing any bra as the top surgeons in Jakarta had enhanced them. Dark thick stubby nipples stood to attention in the centre of 2 inch diameter aerolea. Her face was rounded, coarse featured, rough skinned and full lipped, framed by short black hair and exquisitely made up: tattooed stenciled lip outline and eyebrows, heavy mascara and eye shadow. 

The tiny Annisa 8 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter examined her like a horse trader. She smirked as she felt the hard silicone breast implants, and flexed her own small pointy cones, grinned as she grabbed Dewi's belly and wobbled her belly flesh and traced each stretch mark before taking Dewi's hand and placing it on her firm muscular belly. She opened her mouth and drew out Dewi's tongue which was quite long before she put her mouth close to Dewi's and extended her tongue, It was like a lizard's and seemed to have no ending. She drew their lips together and withdrew laughing as Dewi chocked after her tongue slid down her throat. She had Dewi bend over and open her cunt and arse for display. Then she compared she reached down and worked Dewi's clit from its hood before spreading her own cunt. 

Inspection over she turned to Dewi. "Cum in front of us". 

Dewi started teasing her clit and finger fucking herself. Gradually she started groaning as her fingering went deeper. Her belly convulsed and she played with her tits as her finger frigging speed increased. Her face contorted. She was going to cum. 


A howl of anguish issued from Dewi as she glared at the servant. Slap. Slap. Annisa hands moved like lightning. "You didn't stop quickly enough and never look at me like that again." 

"First lesson. Lie on the bed and spread". 

Annisa ran her prehensile tongue along Dewi's body, across her soft belly over her tightly cropped pubic hair and then slowly along her still aroused pouted pussy lips. Dewi let out a whimper as Annisa's tongue parted her long outer and inner lips and glided along with ease tasting her juices, her tongue discovering Dewi's protruding clit and finally concentrating on it. Her tongue flicked across it , Dewi grabbed at the bed sheets, her knuckles white from the tension, trying to hold on to as much of the moment as she could. Annisa sucked Amy's hard clit with her puckered lips. The tiny girl grabbed Dewi's arse cheeks spreading them pulling her closer and as she buried her face deep into Dewi's wet cunt. She kneaded her breasts and rolled her thick nipples between her thumbs and fingers pulling at them as her tongue darted across Dewi's aching clit. Dewi's knees started to tremble as she could feel the intensity building deep within inside her, and she screamed, "Gotta cum gotta cum". 

Annisa sucked hard on Dewi's clit till her orgasm erupted causing her to throw her head back as she let out a wild scream as her orgasm exploded through her body and bite down on her bottom lip as her body convulsed with each spasm. Ever so slowly the 18 yr old servant released her hold on Dewi's pleasure button and grabbed Dewi's face held it close to own sneering said, "Too easy, even Rissa here can last longer." 

An hour later we were in Dewi's bedroom. The 37 year old Balinese Rissa was being pleasured by a kneeling sucking Dewi while Annisa languidly fingered Dewi from behind, sometimes stroking rolling or rubbing her clit, sometimes fingering her singly, sometimes with two, sometimes quick, sometimes slow. This had gone on for the last 14 minutes, a complete contrast to the first 45 minutes when the two had ruthlessly and remorselessly double teamed her cut arse and tits to have her cumming almost continually as evidenced by the sodden sheets. 

"So how does the contest work"? Annisa asked. 

"Normally the Police Commander wants it until one can't go on. About 70% of the time will be one on one, the other 30% a mixture: a lot of one versus many women, some bizarre men stuff and animals."I heard the challenger can ask for a specific. Like I could ask for a fight. Would you like that because I would"? As she spoke she rammed two stiffened fingers into Dewi's arse causing her to rear in pain. 

"Have you had a man Annisa"? Ditsani asked. 

For the first time she showed her age and blushed and shook her head before getting her bravado back. "But I know I'll fuck real good"

"The Police Commander will try you before he lets you fight. He's vetoed a couple of girls who were no good in bed. Greg here will teach you". 

I was real surprised but her look quietened me. Annisa looked at me for the first time in detail. 

"Weren't you the one fucking Dewi when I killed Rissa's daughter in the fight". 

I nodded. "Would Dewi like to see Fred ("Greg", I corrected) fuck me" 

"Most definitely not. She didn't when I did", Ditsani replied 

Annisa momentarily looked incredulous as though bewildered by the thought of anyone wanting to fuck Ditsani before turning her attention back to Dewi. She again zeroed in on Dewi's cunt before swapping with Rissa and face fucking Dewi as she described me fucking her young tight body instead of Dewi's. 

"So in summary in the next month I can do anything to her as long as there's no permanent disfigurement." 

That night in the bedroom despite her apparent air of toughness I could sense Annisa was apprehensive, even a little scared. Despite controlling the female servants she had never had a man. 

Nervously she asked, "Will it hurt? I've heard the others say it hurts bad. What if I'm no good? The general won't want me" 

Yes it hurts a little, a lot if its not done gently and a lot of Asian men like to do it quick and hard because it makes them feel a man. But we are going to be long and slow and gentle." I stroked her head like you would calm a small frightened pet soothing her. 

"I loved watching you fuck Dewi and Rissa. You very very good and we're going to make you fuck a man just as good". 

She perked up a little, "You really think I fuck them good. You think I can beat Dewi"? 

Oozing confidence I reassured her. 

"But men won't like my tits. There so small and the nipples are tiny." 

"You're so small that they stand out good and you're lucky. Even in 30 yrs you still look good not like an old cow". 

She giggled and relaxed, "Like Ditsani or those hard false rocks of Dewi" 

"Anyway I love them", and I slowly gently suckled her right breast feeling the small nipple harden and her puffy areolae swell. I took her hand and placed it on her cunt letting her tease her clit. She moaned and I took her hand to my lips and sucked her juice off it. She shivered. 

"You guide me", I said and she tentatively proffered her other tit to me. Slowly deliberately I kneaded it as I sucked her responsive puffy nipple hard. She was writhing and groaning as I felt her fingers searching for my mouth and her juice covered finger enter before taking my hand down to her love box. Continuing to suck her nipples I rubbed her clit, stroking elongating it before slowly kissing my way down her belly to her cunt wide open as she spayed her legs. 

My tongue gently opened and explored her flicking and teasing her clit from its sheaf, slowing learning what made her react. 

She was moaning completely when I placed one of my hands on my cock and she traced her fingers along it, encircling it with her extraordinarily long fingers. 

"Whose making it hard"? 

"Annisa", she said proudly. "Annisa's making your cock big. I want to make it biggest you ever had." 

"You know when I fucked Ditsani last night it didn't get big, so I thought of you fucking Dee" 

"Ditsani", she interrupted. 

I was going to say Dewi, but I quickly said "Yes, Ditsani while I watched" 

Suddenly she grabbed my hair. "Faster, faster, please" 

I obliged as she screamed "Did I fuck her good" 

"Yes real good" 

"Annnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". She bucked and came. I could now taste the tang of her juice on his lips, and then burying his face in her cunt, I devoured her, tongue swirling up and down, round and round. Hooking Annisa's legs over my shoulders, I got full access to my target, and alternated long, deep licks with delicately lapping at her prominent clit. She tasted salty, with a hint of vinegar, and the subtle but distinct scent of her arousal was as potent as any stimulant. 

"Oh god yes, lick me out," Annisa gasped, lost now in the sensations. "Lick it Greg, suck my cunt...oh yeah, you're so good at this...did Ditsani's cunt taste as good as mine?" 

By now Annisa was thrusting her hips into my face, chasing her own orgasm, and I grasped her slim hips to control her movements. For a while we moved in unison, Roger's mouth clamped to her cunt and Annisa rubbing her pubis against his reaming tongue until she could take no more.. 

"Make me cum, Greg, make your lover cum!" shrieked Annisa. 

Releasing her hips, I peeled apart Annisa's lips and slid my soft tongue into her as far as I could. Moving my tongue around I rubbed his thumb over Annisa's engorged clit until the sensations overwhelmed her. 

"Aaarrrrhhhhh!" screamed Annisa, her cunt rhythmically pulsating around my tongue. 

As her orgasm died away, Annisa opened her eyes. I rolled into 69 and started praising her bald cunt, the taste of her juice, the size of her clit, how big her orgasm was. She responded by opening it up and finger fucking herself and instinctively her lips moved to my cock. At first hesitatingly but the n with greater confidence she licked its entire length and ball sack. As she licked me, she managed to work a steady string of precum out of my cock, and kept a sliver strand between her lips and my cock between licks. I explained this was the first step for me to cum. 

I had been steadily eating her and suddenly she was fucking my tongue. She screamed as she came before taking me in her mouth and trying to devour me. She immediately and eagerly engulfed his cock head with her mouth, and applied suction like an industrial vacuum pump. She sucked my cock head as if her life depended on it. Her lips gripped the head and worked their way over the crown to the band of pleasure that surrounds a man's cock 

Between sucks and orgasms she screamed. "Am I doing it good? Do you like Annisa sucking your cock"? 

"Oh Yeah", I groaned 

"I want it all" she begged. I couldn't stop from penetrating her mouth deeper, violating her mouth, and as she came again and choked as my cock hit her throat and flooded her. You always wonder what a woman will do when you've come in her mouth but she swallowed and licked my cock and base clean. 

She was going to shower but I held her tight said after making love you lie together and if you just fuck you separate quick. She spoke. "You want to stay and hold with me. It makes me feel good. Its different. When Rissa sucks I want control, you suck and I want to receive. Its good. I like make you big and swallow you". 

She reached down and gasped. The Viagra had kicked in and she was holding an artificially made but still stiff rod which she thought was natural and her own work. 

"The other servants say only young boy get hard again. And you big again quick" 

"Who made me big like this again"? 

"Annisa" she said squeezing the cock. I want Dewi and Ditsani see this". 

I gave her a cock ring and showed her how to attach it and after kissing her she guided my manhood to her cunt. 

My cock was aimed at the entrance to her pussy, ready and waiting for the ride and the final explosion. Heating up the passion by our kissing again (explaining and reinforcing that was the difference between fucking and making love) to take her mind from the pain she would experience, I slowly and for the first time entered her virgin folds. My cock was penetrating the cunt of this sevant for her first time . The erotic nature of it all and the knowledge that what we were doing was completely against Ditsani instructions (fuck without commitment), only made it more erotic in my mind. 

Annisa winced as the head of my hard shaft reached the virgin barrier. I paused, holding my cock still within the tight confines of her pussy, letting her adjust to it. "This is going to hurt baby. I won't lie to you about that. But our love makes it a pain of pleasure and it will quickly subside. Are you ready? 

A moan and a nod of her head told me to go ahead and break the barrier. I drew back till only the head of my cock rested in her pussy, wanting to make this as quick as possible so that the pleasure would return not long after the pain came into existence. With one quick, hard stroke I thrust forward shattering her hymen. Annisa's pussy seemed to go wild; squeezing my cock like it had never been squeezed before, as she herself cried out from the shock. I stopped, not pulling out, but not continuing either. She would need to get adjusted to it first. 

When it seemed as if the pain was mostly gone, I very slowly began to stroke my cock with her pussy, gliding in and out of the glistening tunnel of love. I continued like this for a while, steadily increasing the speed and depth at which I thrust my hard cock into her over and over again. God I was ready to explode inside her but the cock ring was doing its job. Suddenly she wrapped her pound body round my shaking as he. It didn't take her long to really get into our lovemaking. She wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck and her hands combing through my hair. Her moans had turned into incomprehensible mutterings of love, lust, and pleasure. 

Only a little while latter and at a frenzied pace it finally came, a strong orgasm coming first, squeezing my cock tightly followed by smaller orgasms about 2 minutes apart. After 30 minutes or so Annisa groaned and lay back prone, her arms spread crucifix wise, her body convulsing every couple of minutes. My cock was feeling completely raw after another hour as I pulled out of her. With some difficulty we managed to get her semi dazed body kneeling and I entered her doggy style and for the next 15 minutes rammed into her, the force lifting her bodily off the bed before she collapsed prone and struggled to her knees to take the next few hammer blows that left her prone on the bed, only for her to struggle to her knees gain and present her upraised cunt for another volley of hammer blows. She was constantly crying out t in pleasure and I could hold back no longer. I asked her to reach back and release the cock ring. She did and three deep thrusts later I too gave a loud groan as I shot 3 hours worth of cum into her pussy. The intense pleasure was almost too much to bear. I collapsed to my elbows, my cock still inside her pussy, slowly returning to its normal size. The two of us lay there, sweating and panting. Slowly I slipped out of her and moved to her side, taking her in my arms and holding her tightly to me, caressing her and whispering to her how much before we both fell into a deep, peaceful, and sexually satisfied slumber. 

I awoke next morning to find my cock deep inside the short haired tiny Javanese's tiny 4 ft 5, 72 pound body. I managed to stop her before I came despite her protestations about wanting to swallow me and slipped the cock ring on for a slow, leisurely fuck. There was no frantic movements and I showed her the 5 normal ways I would fuck her. Gently like this as I lay beside to talk, Missionary position for faithfulness (and yes I didn't smile when I said these hollow words, Annisa on top when I praised her, Doggy style to let her know she was a woman and eating her to show equal closeness. 

As we lay side by side barely moving she said. "I am going to beat Dewi but I want Ditsani more. Want to beat her fuck her bad, and you see." 

I explained about Dewi and Ditsani and the private sexfight and catfight circuit based mainly in Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore, with Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila and Saigon and Kuala Lumpur smaller centres internationally, though still strong locally, and the history of the All Asian sexfight Championship I had set up years before. 

As she listened she trembled and started to cum. Then I mentioned the quite rare private grudge fight such as between Dewi and Ditsani which had culminated in Ditsani's black magic ownership of Dewi. 

She knelt doggy style and guided me in her doggy style and pleaded "Teach me, train me to be a champion. Say yes by fucking me hard". By now she was literally sliding her small body along my shaft. I grabbed her hips and started driving into and reached around and found her clit. 

"You want me to make you the best sexfighter"? 

"Eiighhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssss, Annisa love beating other woman fuck them in front of Greg all night" 

"You want be best catfighter"? 

"Eiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Again she came. "Yessssssssssssssssss love beat and hurt woman for Greg. 

"You swear to do everything I ask. No questions" 

"Uuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes Greg know how to make me best champion. Fuck or fight woman. I win because Greg teach me." 

"When do you want to start" 

"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh want to start now. Make Rissa my first bitch tonight" 

"What do you want"? 

"Want to be best sexfighter Jakarta, Indonesia. Everywhere in Asia. Want to be best catfighter Jakarta, Indonesia. Everywhere in Asia. But most want private grudge match with fat bitch Ditsani. I see the way she look at me like shit. I want Ditsani and me sex and catfight mixed up together, only you watch. Then watch see me fuck hurt, torture her. Maybee 1000 different ways. Hear her squeal like a pig. Ever night I tell you new way I hurt her. Do you want."? 

For the first time in memory the cock ring could not hold my cum and it pulsed in thick long hot spurts deep into my new fighter's cunt.   Later that day as she we sat chest to chest with my cock embedded in the mound on my lap, I explained the first steps to change her from an uneducated village girl to a person who could face a woman of privileged upbringing and not feel inadequate. How she would "lose" to Dewi in an arranged ending that left Dewi stiil with the Police Commander but in return unlimited funding of her career as it was far above what I could afford. Of course this was to be after a private fight between the 2 in front of me with the Commander not knowing of Dewi's defeat. The clothes we would get, the makeup knowledge, small things like hair, fingernails. And her number one insecurity: her tits. As well as reassuring her that she was a late developer I told her about vacuum pumps and their effect on nipple size. 

Her reaction was swift. She wanted one, no six different models so she could see which worked best, and then she asked, "Will it work on my clit. Its bigger than any of the servants and today bigger than Dewi. I want it not small when I fight that Thai girl you talk about." 

The only thing she was less enthusiastic about was learning to read. 

One month later tottering on her high heels Annisa was memorized by the Jakarta airport: there were more people there than within 20 km of her village. She, who had finished school at 10, was now traveling to on a plane, something she had only seen high in the sky, to Tokyo. And her adrenalin was running high thinking of the treat that lay ahead. 

Seven hours into the journey it was 3.30am and the plane was dark and quiet. Even the most avid movie buff had tired of seeing the same movie twice. I pressed the buzzer and a stewardess approached, her skin tight skirt forcing her to sashay down the aisle like a model on a catwalk. 

"Could I speak to Inul Sukaesih the head stewardess". A couple of minutes later the 44 year old immaculately made up. lion maned haired, head stewardess was leaning forward, She was about 5ft 2 inches, slim at 7 stone 2 with a 32B 24 30 figure. Her uniform was tailored and just that little bit different: 2 inches shorter, the slide slit 2 inches longer, the first button of her blouse that bit lower, her heels an inch higher. 

"Is there a problem, sir"? 

"No problem, a challenge", I replied and Annisa flicked on the overhead light . She sat illuminated: her short skirt bunched around her waist, her legs spread and her fingers prying open her cunt. 

"Are you insulting me? Has she ever fought"?, and turned away. 

I grabbed her arm and placed a traveler's chequefor $5000 USD in her hand. "This is yours if you win". 

She glanced at the cheque and did a double take. "And I still get victors rights"? 

I nodded.

"In 5 minutes come to the supply door past the toilets at the rear and I'll keep this cheque to save you handing it over again".

She turned, and the sexfighter who at her peak 20 years ago was number 4 in Indonesia and 36 in all Asia, and who lasted in the top 10 in Indonesia till she was in her mid thirties and was still a consistent winner at the Indonesian regional level walked down the aisle high heels clicking. 

Five minutes later we were at the rear and we slipped inside the storage room and Inul locked the door behind her. I looked around as she arranged an inflatable mattress on the floor. 

"Its in case of emergency sickness", she explained. "I've notified the crew and we wont be disturbed". Seeing the look on my face she laughed. "What, you think I'd do it in a toilet. You know how tiny they are. Despite what you read there's hardly room for one in there, let alone two." 

"Standard rules. Loser first to cum twice. Turning to Annisa she said, "You better take those clothes off because otherwise I'll rip them off and you'll walk off the plane nude and defeated. This way you'll just walk off beaten and ready to be fucked all night but with your clothes on. 

Annisa stripped quickly taking off the 2 things she wore: a tight semi transparent top and short skirt. Inul removed her jacket and blouse and stood before us in a white quarter cup bra, tiny transparent thong which was crutchless allowing her cunt lips to protrude and matching suspender belt and stockings and spread her legs wide apart. Annisa stared at her sleek, shapely legs, admiring the symmetry smoothness of her thighs and calves. Inul took her time showing her body and lingerie as she stripped. 

Women are naturally very competitive. Very quickly they size each other up. Their choice of shoes, hours picking the right outfit, doing their hair and makeup are ostensibly done to attract men, but really guys couldn't care less about the finer details. They mostly just want to see some curves. The real reason, I believe that women spend extra time on those details, is for the sake of other women, not to attract them, but in an unconscious way, to intimidate them. If two single women are going out to a club to meet some men or worse, if they know there will be competition to win the attention of a particular man, they take special care to look just right. Very quickly the competing women will size each other up, and most often they back down to the woman with right look. 

"This is how a woman not a girl looks", she said and looking directly at Annisa's small 29 A cones with their hard but small nipples on her puffy mounds she turned to me. 

"The girls not even developed yet, but I'll still be able to tease my clit with her tits tonight." Sarcastically she continued, "What a pretty little pussy," she whispered, "So young and so moist. And so very tasty, I bet. It will probably tear when I fist you tonight" 

Although intimidated and feeling inadequate my sexfight pupil put on a brazen front, "Have a taste and see, there's more juice than you can swallow" and spread her legs apart. 

Inul moved so they were body to body, Annisa had to raise her heels while Inul opened her legs a little wider to get a better balance. Her high heels dug into the carpet. They grabbed each other's heads around by the hair, puling their bodies closer. Slowly, the 44 yr old and 14 yr old brought their other breasts into contact. Their tits mashed together methodically as they angled their shoulders. For a long moment these two naked women combatants stood their ground, arms around each other, leaning into each other touching only breast to breast, cunt to cunt.. 

I can't say how sexy this looked. Naked in high heels; these hard bodies were sexy enough alone; seeing them both like this doubled the effect. But now that they stood pressed together in this unique kind of feminine challenge, the sex allure was multiplied. 

It was like a slow dance, they stepped around the small storage room touching breast to breast. But they pushed hard. Annisa breathed in quickly, as if in reaction to a shock, and Inul gave a confident smile. This was a slow methodical contest. It occurred to me that they were literally feeling each other out. Inul shifted her weight and bring her chest down, causing Annisa to react by bending her knees to position her tits a little below Inul's. Then, as if in agreement, they would both pause and push, looking very carefully into the other's eyes for any sign of weakness. After assessing the result, they would reposition their breasts again, pause, and push.. I realized that beyond this breast challenge the girls were engaged in a deadly staring contest. They were looking deep into the other's eyes, into each other's souls, measuring each other's commitment to this fight and trying to implant doubt into the other's psyche. 

But there could only be one winner in this area. Inul had initiated the contest in an area she knew she could not be beaten. It was obvious that Annisa's small nipples and tits were getting the worst of it. Inul's nipples jabbed directly into the teenager, and seemed to actually push Annisa's nipples and surrounding puffy mounds back into her breasts. Annisa loosened her grip but just as quickly, Inul pulled her back in causing their breasts to mushroom together. This time Annisa let out a squeaking sound. 

Inul was jabbing her nipples in over and over again. Annisa tried to maintain her composure, but now I saw a tear in her eyes. Inul pressed the matter and pulled Sarah's tits into hers again. This time she let out an involuntary squeal. 

"Fuck!" Annisa yelled. 

Inul acted quickly and brought her right breast under Annisa's left and thrust her small cones up. Then she pushed Annisa's breasts to the right and left who desperately tried to catch her breath with each of Inul's assaults. I could see Annisa's grip loosen around Inul as Inul's grip tightened. Annisa's eyes were red and watery with tears ready to fall, but everything about Inul said, victory. There was an intense look in her eye while Annisa's face revealed a sense of desperation. 

Inul looked deep into Annisa's eyes. 

"Can you feel that, bitch? That's the feeling of my tits beating yours."

She released Annisa and pushed her back onto the mattress quickly mounting her pinning her arms with her knees. They were in 69 except that the young girl pinned as she was could not lift her head to reach Inul's cunt. Slowly Inul lowered her head towards Annisa's cunt. She began to gently kiss the inside of her thighs, slowly bringing her lips upwards towards her pussy, teasing the young girl. Then her slippery tongue was pressing against Annisa's cunt arousing her membranes, licking her sensually. 

Inul kissed and licked every inch of her inflamed cunt. She was very good at it, and quickly attuned to all the exquisitely delicate refinements of giving Annisa pleasure. A less experienced competitor would have taken her quickly to show how easy but not Inul. For 30 minutes she ate her easing off when Annisa's legs were beating a drum roll on the mattress or her fingers were clenched white tight. 

Then unexpectedly it happened. She took Annisa over the top. The young girl howled and shrieked announcing to the heavens all the deep carnal joy surging through her body. Inul arose and after the spasms of my orgasm had subsided Annisa tried to stand but collapsed, a spent force. Wild, quivering, pulsating climax rushed through her heated loins as she exploded in a convulsion of pleasure. 

Three minutes later Inul wrapped them up in a true 69. They ended up lying on Annisa's left and Inul's right side. Annisa's eyes focused on Inul's pussy. It was so perfect, nesting in a downy bush of silky straight jet black hair. The lips of her vulva were clearly defined and her shiny pearl of a clit stood at the junction of her labia, like some proud sentinel begging for attention. 

She brought her lips to her pussy and kissed her. At the same time Inul slid her deadly tongue deep up her cunt, tasting her fragrant juices. Annisa was surprised when Inul's left hand expertly flickered her finger over her slippery, still engorged clit. 

Taking her mouth away from the girl's cunt Inul laughed. "So he taught you to trap the right side. Well I do it with both hands. Both used hand and tongue and I was surprised to see that Annisa didn't cum quickly. Maybe Inul had prolonged the first round too long and her tongue was tired. Annisa was shifting her hips not allowing Inul to control the contest and after 10 minutes Inul's nipples were as hard as rock and her juices were flowing as freely as the Annisa's. 

Annisa pulled her tongue out from Inul's vagina and, before returning it to her clitoris she stuck a finger in her mouth. Wet now with my saliva, she brought it into the crack of her arse, searching for her anus. She quickly found the tender little rosebud and, as she encircled her clit with her lips, slid her finger up her arse. 

Inul moaned, pressing her arse excitedly against the probing finger. 

Hearing that inspired Annisa. She rolled Inul onto her back. Inul's clit felt hard and slick against Annisa's tongue, and her sphincter tightly gripped her finger. Inul's thighs beginning to quiver, and then her anus started pulsating. She lifted her head away from Annisa's cunt, neck tendons strained to the limit as she fought to control her oncoming orgasm. Unaffected as Inul was no longer eating her Annisa tongue went into overdrive licking, probing while her finger arsefucked the stewardess. When she tried desperately to suppress a long, drawn-out ecstatic sigh, we knew she had climaxed. And it was one all. 

There was no subtlety in the decider. Annisa had been worked over longer, but Inul had just happened. Inul tried a repeat of round one encircling the standing ex servant with her arms trapping the girls arms and using her greater reach to reach down her palm along Annisa's arse as her fingers sought and fondled her cunt and clit. Within a couple of minutes she had Annisa humping against her body as she held her imprisoned. It was all over I thought, but Annisa's tongue found Inul's mouth and her incredibly long snakelike tongue worked its way around her mouth, over her teeth; licking her lips, then back inside to connect with my tongue forcing it aside as she slid it to the back of the stewardess's mouth and the start of her throat. Her tongue was fucking Inul every bit as much as her fingers were fucking her. Inul reared back and Annisa shifted her tongue and mouth to Inul's nipple. She nibbled and sucked, alternating with the tip of her tongue, and lips, as she sucked at the hardened ripe sensitive teat. She used her arm to fasten her fingers on Inul's other nipple and rolled and pinched it relentlessly. 

Denied her encircling hold Inul slid her hand between them and entered the teenagers pussy while her other hand grabbed her hair to pull Annisa's mouth from her tit. Annisa grabbed both erect nipples with her digits, this time pinching them vigorously between a thumb and forefinger. Inul squealed, threw back her head and moaned. Fingers tugged downward on her nipple, leaving Inul no choice but to slide down the wall moaning anew as she rested on her knees. 

Annisa half fell on the bent over Inul forcing her to the floor on her belly, her legs bent at the knee and trapped against the wall. Lying on Inul, Annisa was in control. Her body weight was on Inul, Inul's legs were trapped tight against the wall, and her head was locked in Annisa's headlock, Her cheeks between Annisa's thighs and the back of head pressed against her cunt. 

Leaning forward she proceeded to part the cheeks of Inul's arse and tongue her anus. Annisa ran her fingers up Inul's perineum, scooping some of her juice back to her arse. Inul moaned and squirmed in delight against her fingers, as Annisa lubed up her clenching anus. Then she replaced her tongue with a wet finger, and started fingering my arse-hole. Her other hand opened Inul up with the tips of her fingers and explored wet hot pussy 

She was very good, I thought detachedly to myself, and this her first real fight against a pro. There was a lot of money to be made from this investment.. 

Inul's moans were now beginning to get louder, as Annisa continued fingering her, one hand deep in her vagina, while the other rhythmically fucked her arse. Then, she reached up high inside Inul, and squarely hit her 'g-spot' with the tip of her middle finger, pressing and massaging it with tiny motions. She shifted her other hand from arse to Inul's throbbing clit, and she finally went over the edge into the abyss of orgiastic pleasure. 

She screamed, but no sound came out of my open mouth as her body spasmed and heaved, and the floodgates opened, and cum flowed from her. And then I knew Annisa was special. Not only had she defeated an experienced former highly ranked sexfighter in her first event, she had the x factor. 

"No sound yet, so you haven't cum", she screamed knowing full well she had already won. In the next forty minutes she more than repaid her first round loss not allowing the drained cramping 44 year old to cum as she ate, fingered, g spotted, and arse fucked the stewardess to a massive forty minute third and therefore illegal orgasm. Never will I forget 2 things from this day. First, the sight of this the younger Indonesian arse fucking her defeated opponent, then playing with Inul's G spot as she forced Inul to lick the finger clean before driving it into her arse again. Second as we were the last passengers out of the craft she stopped at the lineup of Inul, once again dressed and in full make up and the other 5 stewardesses and said, 

"Winners rights start now". 

She stripped Inul in the galley and made her kneel lifted her mini skirt and presented her naked pussy to Inul who extended her tongue and stated licking. As she came Annisa exploded hosing and spraying the kneeling woman with her piss in the traditional Vietnamese victory ceremony I had told her about in front of the other incredulous stewardesses. 

Turning to them she said, You are welcome to watch and participate in the rest of my Victory rights tonight in her hotel room".