All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008

Chp 4 More  Japan preliminaries by Aussie Greg


After the Tokyo preliminary matches in Shinagawa Tokyo ended we left and took the lift in the Tokyo Conference Centre up  to our 5th floor room. The young Indonesian ex servant, now my future goldmine and sexfighter, Annisa Kalalo was 18 years old, 4ft' 9  and 77 lbs and stood 5 ft 3 in her heels. A pretty dark face, now heavily made up was framed by short hair. Her 29A 18 28 inch body was covered by a black transparent bib like front cover which hung from a gold chain circling her neck and which left her back and sides bare. A micro mini which started half an inch above her slit was skin tight for the top 4 inches and then was flared with pleats for the remaining 2 inches.  We opened the lift door to be greeted by the 18 year old Japanese Hitomi.  She was one of the 10 Japanese greeters dressed identically in black school shoes, long white sox bunched at the ankles, ultra short navy blue pleated skirts, and transparent white sailor top blouses who had greeted us that evening. 

"I've got unfinished business, bitch, a sexfight". I can only assume she must have got my room number from the piece of paper I slipped down her sox as she had sat with us andfinger fucked Annisa during the first match of the evening when she had introduced herself as follows: 

"I am Hitomi Asoaka. I am 18 and the youngest and number 1 sexfighter in the 18s and 19s  I represent the Saitama Prefecture." (A prefecture is what we would call a state and Saitama is immediately north west of Tokyo and includes several of Tokyo's commuter towns). "There are 47 prefectures and the next youngest is 3 months older than me. I am the only girl under 19 sponsored by Kansai Denki and next Dec I will be competing in the All Japan 19s for the first time. I will take you to your table and look after it for the night. 

Once Inside the room Annisa prepared for the fight by undoing the string connecting the small semi transparent bib covering her nipples and pulled, loosing the small coned brown breasts to the air. She bent over, sliding her thong over her hips and wiggling as she inched the flimsy material down her legs. She stepped out of the thong and stood up to find Hitomi flying through the air at her. 

Hitomi hit just as she had intended, her upper body covering Annisa's face as she wrapped her legs around Annisa's waist. Annisa overbalanced and fell backward. She hit the floor hard and I culd hearl the air rush out of the Indonesian.  Hitomi snaked her arms under Annisa's, locking her in a reverse nelson. She began humping Annisa's stomach with her legs, forcing the air out of the already oxygen deprived Indonesian.  Annisa's was not passive throughout this assault. Her body was trapped and her legs were out of position, but she used her arms to flail at Hitomi's back. Hitomi gritted her teeth and squeezed faster and harder with her legs as she pressed her tits even tighter against Annisa's face. Annisa could feel herself fading and used a different tactic. 

Hitomi smiled as the back slapping ceased, but then grimaced and stiffened as Annisa's right hand clawed at her tight arse allowing her other to slide between Annisa's stomach and Hitomi's cunt, her fingers penetrating Hitomi.  Hitomi could feel the fingers beginning their sctratching oh her cunt, but ignored the pain. She knew Annisa was a goner and her knowledge was confirmed as the fingers slowed their pumping and finally stopped. She held on a little longer to guard against a trap, then released her body scissors and sat up, brushing a strand of black hair from her face. Annisa's eyes fluttered as her small chest rose and fell almost imperceptibly in small, shallow breaths. Hitomi pulled Annisa's hand from her pussy and gloated. 

"I think I'll have a little fun before I win. Let's see how far over the edge I can drive you, bitch." 

She mounted Annisa in a schoolgirl pin and nuzzled into the prone teenager breasts, licking and sucking at them, feeding one, then the other into her mouth in turn. She bit at the small nipples until they stood hard and erect at the attention they were receiving. Quickly reversing her position to grab the Indonesian's ankles and pin her arm with her shins, Hitomi began a tongue bath down Annisa's toned, tight, torso. She stopped at Annisa's hairless pussy, blowing lightly across the folds, feeling the still dazed Indonesian shudder. 

She did not enter her, however, instead licking her way back up Annisa's midsection, leaving a wet trail crisscrossing the hard flat stomach on the way back up to Annisa's engorged puffy nipples. She took her hands away, again sucking at the swollen tits like a baby in need of milk. Her right hand lightly drew its way down Annisa's body, then Hitomi inserted a finger into Annisa's mound, wriggling up inside and again causing Annisa to shudder.   Annisa wanted to mount a comeback, but Hitomi was in control. She felt Hitomi withdraw, the climax Annisa felt building calming slightly, then Hitomi reentered with two fingers and continued sucked at her breasts. Hitomi could feel Annisa again begin to climax, and again withdrew. She heard Annisa softly wheeze, "p…p…please…please…end it….end it…now." 

Hitomi knew what she was feeling. She had once fought the open number 15 in practice and had drawn, but the older woman had taken her to new levels of pleasure. She had felt like she would explode if she hadn't finished her off just in time. She inserted three fingers into the wet folds of Annisa's box and again went to work, massaging Annisa's inner cunt walls. Annisa began to shake uncontrollably and Hitomi withdrew again. 

She decided it was time. Annisa was still shaking as Hitomi's fingers had brought her to the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm and held her there, the amount of pleasure almost turning to pain with its power and urgency. Hitomi traced her tongue down Annisa's body once more, coming to a stop at the wet, dripping lips. She blew across the red-hot snatch, Annisa's tremors increasing in intensity. Hitomi finally went in, her tongue, slowly at first then with increasing pressure and speed, whipped across Annisa's inner walls, lapping up her juices. It didn't take long. Annisa finally came in a long, draining release that showered Hitomi in white love gravy. 

As Annisa slowly recovered Hitomi undid my trousers and lowered my boxers leaving my cock standing at attention. 

"Look at it bitch. Greg approves." 

"You want to try that again, slut ? Maybe this time while I'm looking, bitch." Annisa slurred out, her eyes burning with fury. 

Hitomi shrugged, licking Annisa's juices from her face. "You must want to be fucked tonight". 

The two came together at the same time their mouths meeting in a tongue exploring kiss as their hands each grabbed a fistful of cheek. Their breasts pressed against each other, the aroused and hardened nipples digging into the other's tit flesh. The two bodies seemed to meld into one as they each tried to gain the upper hand. 

Annisa broke off the kiss first as she felt Hitomi's fingers slide into her arse, not penetrating, but delving in slightly. Annisa regained herself and went back to the kiss, trying to match Hitomi's move, but the Japanese's arse was just too tight and firm, her dark fingers not finding any purchase in the smooth rounded cheeks. Annisa stopped suddenly, coming again out of the kiss and stiffening as Hitomi's other hand inserted itself into Annisa's already wet box. 

Annisa dropped to her knees and Hitomi followed, still feverishly fingering the young Indonesian. Hitomi drew back to find Annisa already vibrating with sexual energy. Apparently the first orgasm effects hadn't completely worn off. Hitomi stood up, tripping the shaking Annisa onto her back, her small brown jugs jiggling. Hitomi grabbed Annisa's legs and turned her over into a Boston crab. Annisa's world snapped into crystal clarity as her back was wrenched horribly by the Boston crab. She screamed out in pain as Hitomi rocked up and down. 

Hitomi smiled as she pulled Annisa's legs up more, putting more pressure on the Indonesians' back and pressing her small tits into the floor. Then Hitomi strained and began to revolve in a circle, the Boston crab making the movement awkward. But it served its purpose. Annisa began to scream as her breasts were dragged savagely across the floor. Hitomi made two 360 degree turns before dropping Annisa's legs to the ground. Annisa lay sobbing trying to cover her abused breasts, but unable to touch the enflamed mounds of flesh. Hitomi spat on her in disgust. She pulled Annisa to her feet, placing her head between Hitomi's thighs. She picked Annisa up in a power bomb, but instead propped her against the wall, Annisa's open pussy beckoning the Japanese teen. Hitomi inserted her tongue again, probing Annisa and licking at the engorged clit. She could feel Annisa beginning to come and withdrew, spitting out Annisa's juices this time. 

"Not yet, bitch." Hitomi swung around, bringing the small girl crashing to floor in a crushing power bomb. She stood up, pushing Annisa's legs up to her head, leaning on the back of the thighs. She reached down, grabbing a swollen, red tit in each hand and beginning to twist viciously. Annisa, again at the edge of an approaching orgasm was brought painfully back to the real world as her already abused tits were twisted and clawed. Hitomi kept it up until the room was filled with Annisa's sobs. 

She stood, smiling maliciously. Hitomi bent and lifted Annisa over her head then down in an over-the-shoulder back breaker, bending the tiny girl over her shoulders and rested the Indonesian's feet and legs on the table. But it didn't end there. Hitomi used one hand to grab one of Annisa's enflamed breasts, the other forming a fist and plunging into Annisa's wide-open cunt. Hitomi bounced up and down, alternating hands: first twisting, drawing a scream of pain, then pumping the pussy, drawing a scream of pleasure. Twist. Pump. Twist. Pump. Twist. Pump. 

It didn't take long until Annisa was brought to screaming orgasm, racked on Hitomi's shoulders. Hitomi looked up, and with a smile and grunt of exertion, she lifted the defeated girl off her shoulder and over her head then dropped her on her front, drawing a final scream as the bruised, Annisa slammed into the floor. She followed with a knee drop to her belly exploding all air from her and leaving her rolling on the ground. 

Quickly she hogtied her as she lay on her belly arms and ankles tied at the small of her back, and applied a mouth gag of Anisa'a G string. She advanced to me. 

Now, Indoslut," she looked over at her while taking my cock in her hands, "pay attention. This is what a real woman does for her man." And with that, she opened her mouth and went down on me totally. Slurping away noisily, she made sure that Annisa had an unobstructed view from the floor. Momentarily she came up for air. 

"Greg," she stage managed whispered, licking my balls, "do you want me to take you in my throat?" 

I moaned a plea which she took to be affirmative. 

"Well then, I want you to say something for me. Say "Hitomi, you're the best cocksucker I've ever had.'" 

I said that....without hesitation. For some reason, looking over and seeking the tied Annisa bawling and gasping into her gag made me even hotter. 

"Now Greg, let's tell the bitch something. Tell her "Bitch, you need to learn to give head.'" To punctuate, she went down on me again, her lips gliding most of the way to my balls. 

"Bitch, you need to give head!" I moaned as the Tokyo teenager deep throated my rigid cock. 

She clambered up from her kneeling position and clambered on to my lap, grasping between her legs for my cock, to guide it into her pussy. As she did she looked back over her shoulder to watch Annisa's reaction. I put my hands on her firm young arsecheeks as my prick eased into her sweet snatch. 

"Aaaah, God," I groaned, "That's so good... so fuckin' tight..." 

By the fourth stroke of my cock burying itself to the hilt in my cunt, she was cumming. 

"Uuuuuuuuhhhhhh yeah, ohhhhhh!! your so....uhhhhhh....fucking....good!!!!! 

yeah fuck meeeeeeee, harder!!!!" I quickened my pace. 

"Unnnnnnnhhhhhh why didn't you tell so goooood....ohhhhhhhh......a sexless bitch….like you....ohhhhh....probably doesn't do 

it....uuuuhhhhh..... for him....iieeeeeeeeeee yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! cum inside me baby.....ooooooooohhhhhhhh yeah bitch..your man is going to cum for me.....oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......" 

She rode me hard as she moaned and bounced on my thighs. My eyes moved lower to her smooth flat belly and the tiny slight curvy bulge making it just sexy enough for my liking. I felt her body start to quiver and her arms and legs start to shake next as she began to groan. Her head jerked from side to side as she strained to catch her breath. I held her waist very tight as I felt her body violently jerk. Hitomi gasped out loud and tried to speak at the height of her orgasm but only a few sounds escaped her lips as her whole body trembled. 

"Gotta have it!" she cried, slamming her arse down against my lap. " Fuck me FUCK ME! CUM INSIDE ME!" 

She ground her arse against me, pressing for every inch of cock I could give her. I felt her pussy tighten as I pushed myself as far as I could up inside her. Her hips were gyrating around my lap as her head flew back with her mouth wide open. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vice as her hips moved. I arched my back sending a tiny bit more of my cock inside her smooth golden belly. 

All she did was keep her mouth wide open as she moaned and squeezed her own breasts while I held onto her waist as tight as I could to keep her from falling backward. Her pussy was dripping like a leaky faucet. I kept pushing my cock up inside her as she rocked back and forth with her head still leaned back. She gasped out loud and tried to speak at the height of her orgasm but only a few sounds escaped her lips as her whole body trembled. I thought for sure she was going to tear off my cock the way her pussy had tightened. 

"Oh God….. I waaant …unhgh.. you… inside me….ooooooohhh….when I…fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck….her. I want…uuuuuuuuuuuugh….you fuck…meeeeeee…when I…hurt her..real baaaaaad." 

I hate to say it but my cock got even bigger. 

"Ooohhhhhhhhh he…. wants it bitch…umgh. His cock… is growingeeeeeeeeegh .. really… filling… me. "Cum, baby, cum for me! I …gotta have… the Indo bitch's.. man's... nice… thick cuuuuum…pour it into..meeeeeeeeeeee" 

I grabbed her hips hard and pushed up. My body locked into position and I froze. From deep in my chest came a long, low, guttural grunting moan, that seemed to last almost a full minute, while Hitomi screamed and writhed like a banshee on the end of my dick. I could feel what seemed like gallons of hot, thick, steaming cum pumping rhythmically from my balls, up through the length of his cock, to spurt in hot, gooey jets far into the core of Hitomi's sucking cunt. 

She rolled Assina so she was facing upward like an astronaut ready to get launched to the heavens. Only it wouldn't be the moon and stars rushing toward her was Hitomi's wet cunt, filled and dripping with my sticky cum 

"Lick me clean. Suck his cum out of my cunt'," she instructed her, grinding her cnt into her face. 

At first Annisa refused but when it became evident that she must either lick, or suffer real pain, she chose the former, licking and sucking my sperm from her victor's cunt. Hitomi wrapped her legs around her defeated, tied victim, and humped her hard. She grabbed both of the Indonesian's ears and a fistful of hair and aided by the pain she was inflicting on Anissa she soon had her sucking and licking and coughing and kissing for all she was worth. 

Annisa slowed, but a vicious cunt jab and nipple bite soon had her licking ferociously at the thick, wet cunt lips. Hitomi's muted scream of pleasure as the tongue burrowed its way into her presented slit turned into moans of acceptance as the Indonesian's' slurping continued. 

The young Japanese raised her arse off the floor, pushing her cunt harder into Annisa's face, yelling, "Yes, bitch Yes. Taste your man's cum mixed with mine. Swallow it" 

She pulled away her cunt and the Indonesian's face still connected by thick ropes of my cum. 

She pushed back again. 

"Ooooohhhhh, here I cum! Aaahhh yesss, eat my pussy, bitch, suck my fucking clit for me. eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" 

Slurping noises filled the room as cum gushed from Hitomi's convulsing cunt, covering Annisa's face with hot juice. As the cowering Annisa continued to eat pussy her tongue constantly stabbed and prodded the Japanese's love tunnel. Hitomi could feel every twitch, every turn, of the tongue gnawing at her cunt canal. Hitomi was definitely getting off herself as she fucked the young face buried between her thighs and it was soon too much. She felt a small fire begin to build and bubble up from deep inside her and reached for my cock and sucked it semi hard again. 

"How many… times… has the bitch…. made you …cum …in a night, Grrrrrrrrrrreeeg"? 

"Three", I managed. 

"The bitch…..will… seeeeeeeeeee …you unggggggg flood meeeeeee ….more…times than.. that" 

"We, youuuuuueigh and….meeeeeeeeeee" (suddenly it was we not just her) 

…:unghhhhhh ….will… break… the…biiiiiiiiiiiiitch…toniiiiiiiiiight" 

"In the arse, Greg. Fill my shitter", she screamed as she plastered her bunghole with the cum oozing from her cunt. "Fuck my arse, Greg, oh god, it's wonderful!" she moaned. 

"Keep watching bitch". she hissed, and pressed the head of my dick between her soft buttcheeks, scooting her arse back until the tip of my prick rested at the little puckered browny-pink ring of her anus. I watched my oozing precum paint a little wet trail in the crack of her arse. Before I knew it my cock head was stretching the elastic flesh of her hole and suddenly sliding inside her arse. Her arsehole was slimy with her cum that she had fingered in. All I knew was the pleasure as my cock slid deep into her arsehole. The hot greasy tube of her butt seemed like the tightest, most alive cunt in the world. 

"Oooooooooohhhhhhh, yeahhhh!" I groaned, feeling my cock sink deep into her arse. 

"Yeah, ohhh, fuck my arse good", Hitomi moaned. She shook her arse in a trembling movement, and pressed back against me, kneeling on all fours. She began ramming back until her arse was firmly pressed against my thighs and my cock was six inches up into her wide-stretched butthole. She clenched her rectum and sent me into heaven. God, the sweet way her anal canal gripped and squeezed my cock made me want to cum immediately. I just groaned and lay my chest across her back, stroking slowly back and forth in her butthole as I reached around and fondled her swaying, naked firm little tits. 

Hitomi rocked and made oval motions with her hips as I filled up her arse and fucked it harder and harder. In no time at all I was orgasming. "Ohhhhh, god Hitomi , I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your arse!" 

"Me too, unnngggg!" she panted, "I'm cumming too! Yeaaaaaahhhhh cum in my arse". She had two fingers in her twat as she supported herself on one arm. I went rigid and poked my cock deep into her pussy-like arse orifice. Then I was spurting squirt after squirt of sperm into her guts; and she was whining and moaning and orgasming as I shot. 

Thrusting my cock deep into Annisa's mouth she demanded "Wash it good, I want that tongue to suck all this shit off of it. Get him hard again slut, I know he can go again." 

As I fed the cock into her gagging choking mouth Hitomi went down on her cunt, licking, sucking and fingering. Soon a war raged within Annisa, over-whelming ecstasy from her cunt, and crushing, cringing pain in her previously abused tits; combined with the foul taste and putrid smell of my shit covered tool in her mouth - her orgasm was mounting by the minute, totally consuming her whole body and shaking her to the core. 

After I withdrew Hitomi continued, squeezing her mauling her; raping her pussy and arse with her fingers. Sucking her with her tongue, licking that juicy pussy--straddling her face, and forcing her to clean her own soggy cum dripping arse. 

Hearing the tiny girl scream, beg for help as Hitomi fucked me in every position imaginable the rest of that night, right before her eyes was part of the arousal. We decided to leave the gag off, as we found that her angry threats, pleas to be let go, and "How could you two do this to me" sobs got us very excited. 

But I get ahead of myself. That was only part of the 24 hours. Hitomi was young but she had the mind of a 40 year old prison warder. 

Strapping on an 8 inch dildo Hitomi threatened as she untied Annisa "Listen, don't resist me if you value your cunt. I'm going to have you totally bitch. Greg and I are going to take every fiber of your being. I going to do things to you, things you have never imagined. Now spread those legs". 

No!" she said. "I won't. Greg stop her, she's crazy", she wailed 

Before I could answer Hitomi cut in, "Did I beat her in the fight"? 

I nodded. 

"Do I get the 24 hour victory rights"? 

I nodded again and Hitomi smiled as she saw my cock give a twitch of life again. She picked up her belt. 

"You can't" Assina whispered her voice trembling. 

"I won't if you give me your left ankle" she replied. 

She stared back for a moment then spat. "No" 

"Mistake" she said and brought the belt down across her breast. 

Both the sound of the belt biting into her flesh and Annisa's scream echoed around the room. A flash of pain streaked across her eyes and contorted her face. Five more slashes followed and though her body had no whelps it was crimson all over and twitched violently. Through out the whipping she screamed and struggled but in the end her body lay curled in a totally submissive position. 

Four hours had passed of the allotted 24 and the young Japanese was a sight to see. Naked the 5 ft 2 Japanese stood astride Assina on her high heels, her 30A 22 32 body glistening with sweat with the strap-on protruding menacingly. Her firm manarint sized tits stood proud with the thick stubby nipples hard and erect; her thick black cunt hair was matted with cum and more cum dribbled from her arse down her strong thighs. 

Lifting up Annisa's face by her hair she looked deep in her eyes and said, "I am going to fuck and hurt you and split your arse in front of Greg". 

Walking around with her strapon swing in front of her she took a plastic bottle of oil that had been suspended over candles. 

She worked the heated oiled bottle between Assina's arse crack and forced it deeper till it was wedged half way into her arse. The she lay on her back with her face between the kneeling Assina's split legs and lifted her head up to the Indonesian girl's cunt and went on the attack. Soon you could see Anissa's belly heaving as steady convulvsions starting at her cunt worked through her muscles. I knelt down and undid Hitomi's strap on. She tensed but then relaxed and widened hr legs as she felt my tongue working her cunt. 

Suddenly Anissa screamed as Hitomi took her over the top. She was silent at first, her body merely vibrated then 

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Eiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" 

It turned into a deep primal scream of pain as her orgasm clenched her arse and cunt muscles so hard that the plastic bottle was squeezed so hard the sticky tape top blew off and the heated oil hit her like a 40 ton truck. 

A smiling Hitomi slid from underneath her. 

The tiny Japanese produced a bottle of lube and a very special set of anal balls. It was a strand containing 4 large balls, each stainless steel and about the size of a bocce ball. At the end of the strand was a special anal plug to lock the balls in place 

She positioned the first ball to the Indonesian's anus and with both thumbs, pushed hard. A deep guttural groan escaped the kneeling Indonesian girl's lungs as the ball slid roughly inside her arse with the aid of the heated oil. To make things better each ball had counter weights inside that cause them to vibrate with the slightest movement. Her bucking around only increased the effect. One by one she fed the balls to her twitching arsehole until only the plug remained. By now she realized the true nature of the balls and as desperately trying to remain still. Her breathing had grown quick and shallow and her body was on fire. She looked up past her own pussy lips and split arse cheeks to see the final piece of the puzzle. 

"It will tear me apart." she wined. 

The plug was a solid 8 inches long and 3 inches thick at the base. It was designed to push the balls deep down her chute to her bowels where they would reside near her belly. 

Hitomi positioned the tip of the plug at her darkest hole and slowly worked it in. Annisa was gasping and bucking now as the tip of the plug started to push the balls in deeper causing some of the hot oil to spray from her pussy and splatter the far wall. When that happened the Japanese used the palm of her hand to slam the rest of the plug completely up her arse and the resulting contortions lifted Annisa 6 inches off the floor. 

With the anal preparations complete she returned to the bag and pulled out two 13 inch black latex dildos one of which had a metal rod along its length. Walking over to her she grabbed a fist full of her hair and kissed her hard on the lips. 

"Open you mouth. You should be glad I'm giving you a chance to get this nice and wet. Soon it's going be planted in that cunt of yours and if your arse is any indication I'm going to need every inch to get to the bottom of that deep fucker." 

She slapped her arse hard and she screamed as the balls rearranged her insides. 

"Open your mouth", she commanded. "Trust me you are going to want something to chew on for what's coming next." 

She opened as wide as she could and Hitomi inserted the thick member. "That's it. Breathe through your nose and relax you jaw. If you swallow it all I won't strap it on and force feed it to you until you pass out." 

To my surprise despite gagging and choking she finally inhaled the entire 13 inches as she retched. 

"Now it's time to eat!". Hitomi's arm moved forcing the thick dildo in and out her mouth and deep into her throat until finally Hitomi stood, leaving the dildo embedded in Annisa's mouth and handed me the second dildo and shivered with anticipation as I slid it into her cunt. Then she mounted the Indonesian teenager grabbing her hair like a rider grabs the horses reins. In one motion she impaled her. I then realized the purpose of the metal insert on the dildo. It was a magnet and as Hitomi fucked the writhing Indonesian the metal balls were dragged backwards and forwards along her arse channel. What would have been screams to holy hell came out as muffled grunts and snorts because of the dildo. It took every inch of the dildo the find the bottom of her cunt. Her hands and arms failed willdly. 

She directed me to straddle Hitomi facing her and guided my cock to her mouth as she fucked the kneeling Indonesian. Annisa spat out the dildo and howled as Hitomi fucked her, jack hammering her cunt which grew wetter and sloppier with each thrust. For two full hours she subjected her to the most violent doggy style fucking you could imagine, stopping only to transfer my cum from her mouth to Asssina's. As she resumed fucking her the Japanese teenager became more and more aroused. 

"Can you see me fuck your bitch, Greg. Am I fucking her good? Fuck me as I fuck her", she moaned as she spread her arse cheeks. 

I couldn't resist and slid my cock in her arse for the second time. She came so violently I thought she would bury the entire dildo inside Annisa . We continued to fuck. I would thrust. Hitomi would scream and rock in ecstasy as she drove 13 inches into Annisa who would scream as the dildo filled her cunt tunnel and the tomato sized steel balls moved and jerked inside her arse chute. 

Finally I came again and Hitomi wrenched the dildo out of the Indonesian's pussy with a wet sloppy pop and laid it aside. By the time I recovered and looked Hitomi had buried four fingers completely in Anissa's quim and was actually playing with the anal plug holding the balls in her arse. I watched in stunned horniness as she spread the Indonesian's cunt hole wider and wider. Grouping the fingers of her right hand together she plunged wrist deep into Annisa's pussy. With steady pressure her fist worked deeper and deeper into her twat. 

Her forearm came to a stop a half-inch from her elbow. 

"I can feel the balls in her arse", she screamed and with sheer euphoria from her dominance she started to pump in and out of her cunt like a plumber searching for a clog in a drain. Annisa started to scream louder and louder as Hitomi punched the insides of her cunt with one hand and violently twisted the anal plug with the other. The young Indonesian's screams were deafening. 

"AhhhhAAAAAAa nooooooooooooooooo no mooooooooore". 

With one deft move Hitomi popped the butt plug from her arse. When the last ball exited her slick arse she picked up the dildo, thought twice about it and then threw it across the room. With her other hand she added two, then three, then four fingers. With a blood-curdling howl Annisa's anus closed round Hitomi's other wrist. Standing over her, her wrists completely buried in both holes she fucked the Indonesian. Her fists and arms pumped in and out of my girl's holes in a wet sticky blur. 

Finally another huge orgasm started to build deep with in the Japanese as she enjoyed her control of the other girl. The sexual shockwave hit her like a force of nature. So violent was the orgasm that she couldn't even scream. Her breath had actually been taken away. All she could do was gasp for air, and with a final spasm, pull both forearms out. 

There was no respite as Hitomi manipulated the buckles and straps of the thickest dildo I had seen until it was securely fastened about her slim waist and its butt embedded in her own cunt. Her massive cock jutting straight out she stepped right in behind Annisa's raised, jutting arse and placed the huge knob directly onto her glistening pucker hole. 

Hitomi weighed only 105 pounds, but since Annisa's arse-hole was now so slack and still slightly gaping, a semi- hard initial thrust was all that was needed to overcome any resistance and send the whole length of the imitation one-eyed monster deep into the flat- titted Indonesian's squirming bowels. Due to the extreme soreness and tenderized state of her arse tube, and the extent to which the huge girth of the thing and was stretching her rectal walls, within seconds Annisa was bucking and crying as her slack arse stretched painfully to accommodate the incredible thick monster that was plowing deep into her arse. At first using short, shallow strokes to begin with, then Hitomi switched to longer, deeper shafting of the proffered arse. The slim young 14yr old brought her cock all the way out of Annisa's tortured anal sleeve, until the base of the crown of the mushroom head appeared, then slowly shoved it all the way home 

For the next hour or more, she fucked her unhurriedly but thoroughly, with intense enjoyment. She slid her dick slowly and deeply into the writhing, crying Indonesian, fucking her with measured, hard, and rhythmic thrusts. She arse-fucked her without respite, groaning and panting as her own hot, tight cunt convulsed and cramped around the stubby end of the strap-on buried within her. 

Then she picked up her pace and began ramming her thick rubber dong in and out of the squirming, convulsing Indonesian's arse. The pace was brutal and despite the kneeling girl's efforts to clamp her weakened anal muscle down on the thick intrusion plowing through her thoroughly-loosened fundamental; her inability to do so meant that she had no control over the speed and depth of the brutal thrusts of the truncheon-like slab of rubber meat, or its withdrawal. 

Beginning to tire a bit, Hitomi upped the pace, anal-fucking Harriett in a series of mind boggling savage attacks for the best part of five minutes before yanking her greasy wang from Annisa's blown-open anal port and shoving it into Annisa's open mouth from crown to balls, forcing the long, thick latex poker into her gullet. 

I unbuckled the dildo at its the base and she seemed almost panic stricken when I took the toy away from her. But then I pulled the fuck stick from Annisa's pulsating throat, put it in her hand and guided it to Annisa's arse again while I spread the Japanese's legs and my tongue sought her clit. Within seconds she was bottoming the monster in Annisa'a bowels while I ate her. When I finally came up for air Hitomi had been reduced to a trembling ball of flesh trapped in a state of perpetual orgasm. Though it all I had been rewarded with a constant stream of Japanese teenager cunt cream.

This was the pattern for 24 hours solid but even so I had not seen it all. At least five times Hitomi inserted a funnel into Assina's arse or mouth and while I arse fucked her she pissed into the Indonesian. 

Finally the 24 hours ended. Annisa couldn't move. Her tiny body was wracked with pain, but she was too exhausted to even groan in agony. Piss bubbled out from between her arsecheeks. His legs were coated with Hitomi's cum which had flooded from her as she came when doggy fucking the beaten Indonesian. There were pools of fuckslop under her body that had oozed from Hitomi after I filled her onto Annisa. A mixture of my cum and Hitomi's spit, piss and shit dripped from her lips down her chin and onto the floor. The same mixture ran from her nose and ears and clotted her soft silken black hair. Her body looked broken. 

We looked down the length of her bruised fucked body and saw her toes twitch. She barely moved. Her long eyelashes fluttered, but the eyes stayed closed. Hitomi reached down and took one small arse globe in each hand and spread her arse: the arsehole itself was stretched grotesquely and was red and swollen and bleeding. It was open to about the size of a fifty cent piece. Hitomi smiled, and reached down and held her hand under the hole; her own piss poured out of it into the palm of her hand. She then brought the hand up to Annisa's face. 

"Here bitch, open your mouth for a minute." 

Annisa stirred, "Huh?" she groaned. 

"Open your mouth, bitch... we don't want to waste any of this." She held the Indonesian's caked covered face in her hands and pried the mouth open, before she poured the piss from her hand into the open mouth. 

"Good bitch, such a good bitch. Now lick my hand." 

Annisa groaned and extended her little tongue and licked the Japanese girl's hand. Hitomi dug her fingers into the gaping arsehole. Annisa tensed and groaned with pain. 

"Oh Greg, its nearly time. Fill me more the last time as I fist her." 

Reaching out she somehow made my raw cock quiver into hardness again as she lowered her body onto it. Already my mind was preparing an explanation. How, if I hadn't cooperated she Hitomi had far worse plans for Annisa. Hell I had practically saved her. But deep down logic prevailed. Hitomi would be my sexfighter and future gold mine and as for Annisa, welI I was sure she could survive on the steets of Tokyo.