All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008

Chp 5 The Seeds and Draw by Aussie Greg 

The 2008 All Asian Sexfight Championship rotated and this year was being held in Jakarta at the Mercure Convention Centre Ancol, its only international resort hotel, complete with a private beach. Despite the companionship of my Indonesian 14 yr old future competitor and passage to the gravy train of the Gold Brick Road, Anissa I felt out of place in my cargo pants and T shirt as I soaked in the amosphere courtesy of my lifetime Gold Pass.

Money, power and people reeking of sexual magnatism. I had none of them but I could look and dream. Rich Asians. Hong Kong Gangster types with their multiple girls; thick, gold chained successful Chinese businessmen flaunting their wealth, with their plain peasant wives from the time before they were rich (now expensively dressed), in attendance to stop their husbands finding a young gold-digger; sleazy looking Thai with their thin high cheeked slutty wives; uniformed generals with aviator sunglasses and young uniformed "girlfriends", trendily dressed Vietnamese men and their dressed to kill female company; Filipino middle aged men with their very under age, scantily clad, still puffy nippled girlfriends, sophisticated European dressed Singaporeans and Taiwan Chinese with their surgery enhanced partners, Japanese corporate types. They were all there..

If you haven't read click HERE for the history of the Championship, otherwise read on

The final 32 contestants had been decided.  The first 28 competitors were based on world rankings and automatically seeded.   If a sexfighter did not want to or could not compete the next world seed would be selected until 28 places were filled. The final 4 places were decided by a feeder competition from the next world number after the 28th chosen to number 128 in a knock out competition and the seed of these 4 in  the main event was based on those results.

For photos and penpics of the women who would be be meeting in the first round of 16 matches, then with the winners progressing to the quarter finals, next the semi final and then the long grand final click on the links below

Seeds 1-8    Seeds 9-16    Seeds 17-24    Seeds 25-32

From my prospective It looked like an interesting competition due to the questions it raised.  Would Nha Trung who became the youngest winner ever last championship defend her title, or would the Hong Kong past champion Zhang Wu be fired up with her defeat by Nha in the previous Grand Finaland being seede at 2 would not meet Nha if both won till the Grand Final.  

Then there were several interesting contestants in the top ten where logically the winner would come from.  Of the newcomers how would the 19 year old Thai sensation Jasmine perform.  Many see her as a future champion and she is already ranked 5 in the world.  Would the World 6, the Chinese Wang Fei, live up to her hype based on becoming the woman to reach the top ten in the shortest time.  Would the huge Japanese financial investment and dedicated training bring their top contestant, the World 8 Saomi Aiwaza, to her peak for the Championship. 

Of the top 10 would the two Vietnamese, the Australian raised Trang Vu and the North Vietnamese Lien Nguyen have a breakout event.  Both have been established in the top 10 for a few years but Have never reached higher than 3.  Could this be the year for one of them, or are they destined to be very good but not great sexfighters?

From 11 to 20 It would be unlikely for any of the women to have the recuperative powers and consistency to win the necessary 4 matches in this knock out competition.  One loss means elimination from the event.  However on the day and in a specific event there are some very dangerous competitors.  For example the Singaporean Wan Lay Chen is very experienced, has won the championship, and although she has dropped out of the top 10, may still upset some ranked higher.  Kim Nguyen  with her huge sex drive, the Indian Keerthi Kapoor and the Filipina nun Sister Remedios Geolen are not well rounded enough to be top ten.  However in certain events that favour their talents any competitor would fear them.

So in reality it would be unlikely to get a winner from outside the top 6, and after the top 10 with the addition of a few new faces it is really just a reshuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic. 


Seed, World Rank, Name, Country 

S1, W1 Nha Trung Vietnam versus 

S3, W125 Arfah Jalil Maysia 

S11, W11 Nozomi Kimura Japan versus 

S19,   W22 Mizuho Nisimura Japan 

S16,  W17 Sister Remedios Geolen Philippines versus 

S21,   W26 So Savoeun Cambodia 

S25, W37 Wening Wulandari Indonesia versus 

S8,   W8 Saomi Aiwaza Japan 

S5, W5 Jasmine Thailand versus 

S28, W49 Ardina Ratri Indonesia 

S12,  W 12 Huong Do Vietnam versus 

24,  W35 Megumi Nejiki South Korea 

S10,  W10 Xuan Nguyen Vietnam versus 

S29,  W82 Nga Nguyn Vietnam 

S22,  W31 Hsu Chong Taiwan versus 

S4,   W4 Tang Li-Yen Taiwan 

S3,   W3 Trang Vu Australia/Viet versus 

S30,  W95 Yang Chen Ling China 

S13,  W14 Wan Lay Chen Singapore versus 

S18,  W20 Suvanant Siripongpreeda Laos

S9, W9 Lien Nguyen Vietnam versus 

S23,  W33 Kim Mi Ji South Korea 

S14,  W15 Miyu Watase Japan versus 

S6,   W6 Wang Fei China 

S7,   W7 Ronielyn Chavez Philippines versus 

S26, W40 Shen Yu China 

S15,  W16 Kim Nuyen Australia Viet versus

S20,  W25 Phayvanh Douangphoumy Laos 

S26,  W39 Nurul Huda Hitam Malyasia versus 

S19,  W22 Keerthi Kapoor India 

S31,  W122 Fu Hai Shoon Singapore versus 

S2,   W2 Zhang Wu Hong Kong 

Aftter the first round it would proceed tennis event style. Eg the winner of Nha Trung and Arfar Jilil to meet the winner of the next listed event between the 2 Japanese, This ensures that 2 high seeds do not meet in an early round, and if all went according to seeds Number 1 would meet Number 2 in the final.