All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008

Chp 6 Round 1 Japanese War Contact Sexfight by Aussie Greg 

A first round match made in heaven, and one I was not going to miss. A Hue sexfight between the 2 youngest Japanese in the rankings. Hue sexfight got its name from the one area in Vietnam where the women were prepared to use force in their sexfights. A rarity in Vietnam where most women valued their looks too much to catfight. 

Both girls were 19. Physically they were the 2 different Japanese builds. Nozomi Kimura was a long bodied short legged 5 ft 2, fleshy at 120 pounds 33C 27 37. Expelled from 3 schools for fighting and bullying she was a shop assistant at a Sex Aid shop. Her parents worked on the assembly line enjoying their mass group factory 1 week, 6 country annual tour. Round faced and long haired, most of her pre sponsorship salary had gone on cosmetics and clothes. She was sponsored by Mitsukoshi, Japan's largest retail chain who owned at arms length the shop she worked in. 

Mizuho Nisimura was the opposite. Tall and lean at 5ft 6 31B 21 31, the daughter of a wealthy company director was an honours science student at Tokyo University and was sponsored by several Govt. bodies associated with trade and research. Unfortunately for her, her face was covered by old acne scars; otherwise I would have rated her highly as a Japanese beauty, not being taken by the chubby wide eyed small girl look of Mizuho. 

But it was not just their social background that gave fuel to the fight The 2 were not just rivals for the no 1 Japan spot with the 41 yr old ex Toyota worker Saomi Aiwaza and the former top ten 32 yr old Miyu Watase but bitter enemies. At present the Mizuho led 4 to 3 in their closely fought contests, but the shop assistant had won the last 2, and both had agreed to extend the victory rites for all future contests to 1 week. They had already been separated in a dressing room cat fight that evening and threatened with disqualification for the night's event if they did not stop. 

They stood facing each other in those micro bikinis only the Japanese make. Mizuho's was a lurid pink1 inch square nipple covering and 1 by 7½ inch cunt covering. Nozomi's lime green was 1 inch square with a 1 by 3 cunt covering. Mizuho face had a cut swollen lip while Nozomi's ballooning tits had new scratch marks on them.  Both a result of the dressing room scuffle.

As they awaited the official's signal Nozomi exposed her short but thick and stubby nipples. The 19 year old Uni student reluctantly did so as well revealing her small nipples before triumphantly pulling her cunt covering to the side with one hand displaying a thick black muff shaved into a 1 inch strip 5 inches long. She pointed to the shop assistant and the crowd bayed like a pack of wolves for Nozomi to display her sparsely covered cunt: a disgrace in Japan. 

Nozomi Kimura spat out, "You're going down, bitch!" She cracked her knuckles meaningfully. "And you'll spend all of next week going down....going down on me, that is." 

"Don't start planning your celebration just yet," the 19 year old University of Tokyo Honours Science student Mizuho countered. "I've beaten you four times and I can do it again. 

"I've won the last 2 against you and fucked you bad. That's why I'm 11 in the rankings and you're 19". "I haven't been to Uni but I'm more than a match for you, slut. And if you don't believe me just ask any of the 50 women I beat and abused last year. You didn't have near as many matches and you lost 2 of those!" 

"But I didn't fight beginners like you to get your ranking up. Remember the time you had to bow to me, your stores customer, when you opened the Department store doors the morning after I had you squealing like the pig you are." 

Nozomi opened her mouth to reply, but just as she started to speak the bell rang and the Uni student charged forward. Her reply forgotten, Nozomi ducked under a sweeping hand slash aimed at her throat. Slipping around behind her opponent, Nozomi grabbed hold of Mizuho's micro thong and broke the tiny string, letting the remnants drop down around the taller teenager' ankles. A quick shove to the back sent Mizuho stumbling forward, tripping over her own thong and crashing to the ground. Nozomi knee bombed her belly winding her. 

Oooooooooommmmmmmphhhhhhhhhh", the air exploded from her prone opponent. 

As she curled in pain, Nozomi rolled her on her back and. dropped her knees into Mizuho's kidneys. Already gasping from the first attack Mizuho next airless scream was silent as Nozomi straddled Mizuho's waist, sitting facing her legs. 

"Idiot," she spat out as she slid her hand between the student's legs and underneath her to finger her slit. "This is a sexfight, not a wrestling match. This is how you're supposed to do it." 

She worked several fingers into a writhing Mizuho and began to pump them back and forth, but Mizuho violently twisted her torso up enough to get her arm up and behind her, and grabbed hold of Nozomi's black hair. A hard yank pulled Nozomi from on top of her and sent her tumbling to the ground with a shriek of rage. Mizuho was up and on the heavier shop assistant in a flash, pinning Nozomi's arms to the ground with her hands as she lay on top of her rival in the missionary position. Writhing and struggling, the shop assistant was able to get a finger in the side of her mouth and yanked, once, twice three times until the pain forced Mizuho to roll off. 

Although on the floor they both attacked, hands grabbing hair, pulling and scratching as they rolled on the floor. First one had the advantage, then the other but after five minutes Nozomi could feel Mizuho begin to struggle and when she felt Mizuho's efforts weaken further, she used the momentum to take control, rolling them so that she was on top of her opponent. And that was where she stayed. She finally broke Mizuho's hair pull, her sweaty body easily sliding farther up until she controlled the Uni student in a schoolgirl pin and started choking her. Mizuho's thrashing became even more desperate as her air supply was cut off. 

After 40 seconds, her struggles ceased until she was just twitching. Nozomi slowly sat up on Mizuho's stomach. She slipped her hands under the pink micro bikini top, massaging and kneading the pliable tit-flesh, rolling the quickly hardening stubby nipples around between her thumb and fingers. With a quick upward jerk, Nozomi ripped the pink top off, allowing the Mizuho's small conical twin mounds to stand proud, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Nozomi stood, gloating over the semi unconscious nakedness of her opponent. Finally satisfied, Nozomi pulled the slowly recovering Mizuho to her shaky feet. 

"You know, I was going to make this a complete and utter pleasure for you, take you to places you've never been before," Nozomi's lips formed a triumphant smile as she gloated. "And since this is best 3 of 5, I still will, but with pain, bitch. Going to Uni won't help you here" 

With that, Nozomi turned Mizuho around, slapping her in an Abdominal Stretch, baring the 19 year old for the crowd to see as she was stretched out. The move snapped Mizuho out of her stupor into a blaze of pain. Her screams echoed around the arena as Nozomi jerked back and forth, wrenching Mizuho's abs to the breaking point. Nozomi slowed her assault and then snaked a hand around to squeeze and knead Mizuho's exposed breasts. She fed the topmost melon into her mouth, still pulling and wrenching Mizuho's abs as her hand dove into the tortured student's vulnerable mound. Nozomi didn't take the time to slowly bring Mizuho to a head. She viciously and savagely shoved her fingers in and out of the open pussy, faster and harder until her arm was like a piston, in and out, in and out. 

Mizuho's screams of pain mixed with moans and screams of ecstasy, the strange collaboration of pain and pleasure quickly bringing her to a screaming, sobbing orgasm as her juices gushed out around Nozomi's pumping fingers. Nozomi left Mizuho in a heap on the ground, licking the juices from her hand in a lewd display that had the crowd on its feet. Mizuho writhed in a broken pile, sobbing and shivering as the orgasm passed and the pain reasserted itself. She tried to curl into a ball, but her tortured abs caused her to scream in pain whenever she contracted them. Nozomi smiled up at the official as he awarded her the first cum. Mizuho's sobbing had abated to a low groaning as Nozomi walked slowly back over to her opponent, and rolled her onto her back. 

She started fingering Mizuho till she had her four fingers in her, and again ruthlessly pumped her hard. As she drove her four fingers in the base of her thumb smashed Mizuho's clit and her semi conscious body reared in pain. After about five minutes of pain she pulled her fingers out and again applied her choke hold until the Uni student was unconscious. She lifted one of Mizuho's arms, released it and it fell to the floor. 

Nozomi then dropped to her knees, spread Mizuho's legs wide and surveyed the awaiting love lips. She lowered herself down and began to slowly lick. As her tongue probed deep into Mizuho's pussy, the unconscious Japanese teenager started to instinctively moan in pleasure. Mizuho began to stir, her moaning slowly getting louder, as Nozomi's tongue strokes got faster, but too late to stop Nozomi's relentless feast. Mizuho's love juices exploded over the awaiting tongue and chin. The official seeing this signaled the second cum as Nozomi continued to eagerly lap away at the flowing cream, before raising her cum drenched face from Mizuho's muff. 

"Two cums, only one more she boasted. "I've got a list of sick perverts who will be fucking you every painful way while you eat me. Enough to last a week. I thought I had to wait till the Japanese Nationals to fight you, because our sponsors won't let us challenge another Japanese between International meets. So meeting you in Round 1 was better than a Christmas present". 

She rolled Mizuho on her belly and deliberately, slowly forced her whole fist into Mizuho's cum wettened, slick cunt till she had half her forearm inside her. 

"After tonight, you'll never have kids", she hissed and prepared to fist fuck the Uni student as she toyed with her clit till she orgasmed. 

But Mizuho did something I had never seen. She rolled on her back and crossed her legs trapping Nozomi's forearm inside her. Quickly she measured the distance to the tits straining the top of Mizuho's lurid lime green micro-bikini. Mizuho raised her head up and clamped her mouth on the shop assistant's left tit. A split second later Nozomi cried out as the Uni student's teeth sank into the soft, inviting flesh. Then Mizuho yanked her head back, tearing the micro top away with her teeth. She paused just long enough to spit the ripped top out, and then she returned her teeth to Nozomi's now exposed breast. 

Nozomi screamed in pain once again as Mizuho worked over her nipple with her teeth and attacked with her hands. One grabbed Nozomi's free arm, the other started raking her clit. Minutes passed as she inflicted pain before using her tongue instead of her teeth, licking at Nozomi's tiny nipples until they were hard and erect. Then she rolled the shop assistant under her and began to suck eagerly on them as she started to grind her cunt against the teenager under her. With only Nozomi's barely there micro-briefs between their rapidly dampening pussies the two were soon moaning in pleasure as Mizuho continued to suck and hump her opponent. 

"Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Eiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhh" 

Nozomi screamed loudly as she came, her juices quickly soaking the tiny patch of cloth not quite covering her pussy. Mizuho was close to an orgasm of her own so she stopped her grinding as soon as she sensed Nozomi's climax starting. 

Still straddling Nozomi's waist Mizuho smiled down at the shop assistant. "Thanks! Too easy". 

Then her smile broadened into a vicious grin. "But you can bet that'll won't be the last time you scream that to me this week!" 

Drawing her arm back she backhanded Nozomi across the face. Nozomi cried out over and over as Mizuho's hand whipped back and forth, rocking her head from side to side and smashing it into the floor. When Mizuho finally paused to catch her breath Nozomi was half-unconscious and in a mire of pain and confusion. 

Smiling in satisfaction Mizuho climbed off and rolled Nozomi over onto her stomach. A quick tug ripped away her thong and Mizuho used it to tie Nozomi's hands together behind her back. Then she flipped Nozomi back over and stood, leaning over to grab hold of her ankles. She dropped down heavily on Nozomi's tits, squashing the shop assistant's larger 33Cs and used them for a cushion as she pulled Nozomi's legs back and hooked them under her arms. 

Now helplessly bound, bent double with her legs spread apart and her gaping pussy directly in front of Mizuho, Nozomi groaned as her head started to clear and she stared defeat in the face. She could see the student's head dip down forward and a moment later she felt Mizuho's hot, wet tongue run along the length of her slit. Unable to do anything else she just moaned as Mizuho ate her out; her body responding against her wishes as her opponent's tongue plunged inside her and then paused to flick across her clit. All too soon she felt another wave of pleasure wash over her, her body trembling as she orgasmed for a second time. 

Despite her helpless condition honour dictated she couldn't surrender. Plus if she did then she had nothing to look forward to but a week of pain and misery. But if she held out for a little while longer perhaps some sort of miracle would happen. Not fact barely even possible.... 

Nozomi barely heard Mizuho gloat, "Fine, we've still got plenty of time. Let me show you why it's called 'eating pussy'..." 

Mizuho's words were just starting to register when Nozomi let out a loud scream as the student's teeth snapped shut on her sensitive lips. She squealed even louder as Mizuho tugged at her fleshy chew toy and then it stopped. 

But only temporally as Mizuho stood and deliberately scientifically ruthlessly kicked and stomped on Nozomi's belly. Eventually she sank her hand into Nozomi's tortured belly, tightening it into a vicious claw, twisting and punishing the already bruised tissue. 

Nozomi's pleas for mercy once again filled the arena as Mizuho clawed deeper and deeper, destroying Nozomi's belly bit by bit. Mizuho flexed her hand once more, bunching the agonized flesh into one little ball of agony. She leaned her face over Nozomi's, smiling at her opponent's pain. 

"Now listen to me very carefully. If you promise to do exactly what I say, I'll stop destroying your belly and we can finish this. Do you promise?" Mizuho tightened her grip oh-so-slightly, drawing one more sigh of pain from Nozomi's raw throat. 

Nozomi's eyes closed as tears ran in streams down her face. Broken and defeated she nodded. "Y…yes, yes. I'll do anything you say, just, please, let go, please." 

Mizuho smiled at her victory, raising her claw from the red and bruised belly of Nozomi. "Tell me I'm Nihon's best and that you are nothing beside me. Say it." Mizuho's claw hovered over Nozomi, awaiting a wrong answer. 

"You, you are the greatest Japanese sexfighter and I…I am…am nothing beside you," Nozomi sobbed. Mizuho's claw receded. Mizuho went further down until her face hovered over Nozomi's wet mound. She pulled Nozomi's legs over her shoulders, raising her up slightly. Mizuho rolled onto her back, pulling Nozomi on top of her. Nozomi cried out as her waist twisted, following it painfully until her face was pressed to the floor. She felt Mizuho's hands pushing her belly and followed the motion until she was kneeling above Mizuho's face. Mizuho had to support her as her punished belly muscles could barely keep her erect. Mizuho smiled up at her. 

"Now, you cunt, you are going to ride my face to your own orgasm. Understand? You are going make yourself climax and lose, or I am going to tear your belly apart. When you feel me squeeze your arse, rise up, if you don't, well, you know what will happen. Now get to it." 

Nozomi lowered herself, slowly humping Mizuho's face and probing tongue. She began to go faster and just as she was about to explode, she felt Mizuho squeeze and half pull her up. She pulled her cunt off and looked down. Mizuho gloated triumphantly up at her, licking a bit of love juice off her lips. Mizuho motioned and Nozomi went back down, repeating the humping. She could feel the juices begin to flow freely, and again, Mizuho forced her up. Nozomi didn't know what to do. The pain in her belly was almost being overridden by the building pleasure in her dripping pussy. If she didn't climax soon, she felt she would literally burst. Mizuho signaled her and she again lowered herself. She felt Mizuho's tongue gently, but firmly probe every inch of her inner walls. She reached the breaking point again, but Mizuho did not force her off and she did not climax. The pressure kept building and she began to see spots as the pleasure flashed white-hot in her cunt. Finally, when she though she would surely explode, she hit a mind-blowing orgasm, the release of sexual energy throwing her clear of Mizuho. 

Mizuho relaxed. She was into the second round. The bitch Nozomi would be fighting for position 17 to 32 tomorrow morning, not in front of an audience but in various rooms of the hotel.