All AsianSexfight Championship 2008

Chp 7 Round 1 Vietnamese Conflict Seed 10 and 29

by Aussie Greg


On the surface a one sided contest; the experienced 10 versus newcomer 29 seed.  But I liked watching Vietnamese women sexfight and with the winner needing to draw 3 cums in a row without conceeding one it maybe wouldn't be over quickly.  Plus I had seen Xuan compete in Bangkok and the quiet, petite attractive 45 was a like both a tiger and a vicious snake when she competed and worse when she won. Very few who "enjoyed" 24 hours with her were the same when they met again. In Xuan's 24 hours victory ownership of an Indonesian Dewi she had so brutally fucked Dewi that she had both torn her cunt walls and perforated her bowels, causing a reaction similar to a burst appendix, and hospitalized her for 2 months. 

Every Vietnamese woman is not a sexfighter but all are competitive as women. Visit a Vietnamese wedding. Their heads are constantly swiveling, digesting and evaluating the other women; waiting for a chance to be noticed themselves at Karaoke, dancing; pushing forward at a photo to be the centre of attention while forcing another to the back. Especially valued are those weddings that have a best dressed contest. Looks, clothes and jewellery.  So tonight Xuan didn't just want victory, she wanted to be judged the better woman before they started especially as the other woman was a Vietnamese newcomer she did not know. The two entered the hall and preceded to the stage their eyes seeking each other and dissecting their opponent. 

They reached the stage both trying to be second knowing that the audience applause subconsciously would be louder in their enthusiasm to get the event under way. Xuan paused with an admirer to shake hands both forcing Nga to enter the stage while half the crowd was watching Xuan who bent so her split dress opened showing the full length of her leg. This was what the closed circuit TV watchers and half the audience saw; not Nga's entrance. Reaching the stage she condescendingly motioned for the crowd to applaud Nga, and a polite ripple quickly died as the crowd now wanted action not applause. I was watching a consummate professional in action. 

She smiled icily at Nga. "Welcome to the Big Time", she hissed 

Suddenly music blared as prearranged by Xuan. She tossed her mane of soft permed hair back and the 45 yr old 32B 23 30, 84 pound 5ft 1 sexily gyrated to the beat on her 5 inch heels. Her black crepe dress was skin tight around her arse and had a split on the left that started about level with her cunt and at the end point mid calf was 10 inches wide. She finished legs wide apart arms upraised and her 23 yr old daughter Loc, a coarser younger version of her mother (and the other member of the team undefeated in team sexfighting in Bangkok for the past 5 years and internationally for 4.) moved forward to remove her mother's flimsy transparent black camisole. 

But before she could Nga had stepped in front of Xuan blocking the audience. One year older and just as young looking and attractive she had spent like Xuan, over an hour in the hands of a make up artist before the event. Her tight black skirt was just above the knee and she undid the hidden front seams and removed a front panel. She widened her stance till she stood legs apart with the front of the skirt open to the waist and  yet the remainder still molded to her by invisible to the eye transparent elastic. 

There for everyone to see was her jacketed 46 yr old 5ft 4 34C 25 33, 95 pound body proudly presenting her black stocking legs, garter straps and transparent black butterfly shaped thong. As the crowd rose in applause she turned to Xuan. 

"I learn quick, bitch". 

Gritting her teeth in frustration Xuan continued and her daughter Loc removed the camisole from her mother. Despite being a 32B she had one of those body types that some would argue was too skinny, but slight was a better word. All her thinness did was show off her small but firm tits. Even at 45 she was still high breasted, with nipples that stood out even when not aroused. And now as the camera zoomed in she aroused them to their full size. So firm were her tits that even at 45 her nipples still pointed up at an angle of about 15 degrees. 

"Match that slut", she hissed 

Nga undid her jacket. No blouse, just her breasts supported by an undercut bra. Larger natural 34C not quite as firm as Xuan's but in better shape than most 20 year olds. She rubbed her nipples and they swelled not reaching the length of Xuan's but noticeably thicker than Xuan's. 

As an aside I've always been intrigued by the size of Asian women's nipples, usually far bigger than what you expect and bigger than the average westerner, and I believe its because they have had larger families more recently than Westerners and evolution has not yet rendered large nipples as unnecessary. 

The two removed the remainder of their clothes to the music maneuvering for best position till they wore only garter belt stockings and high heels. They showed their assets, Nga cradling her larger tits and emphasizing her longer legs, Xuan concentrating on her firm tits with their long erect bullets and her trim waist when suddenly Loc removed her halter top and skirt and stood in front of Nga in a black bra masturbating her naked cunt blocking Nga from the crowd. Suddenly Nga's daughter 24 yr old Lynh rushed from the front row and launched herself at Loc. 

Pandemonium, but order was restored and it was agreed that while Nga and Xuan competed Loc and Lynh would settle their difference on the secondary stage. 

Xuan with two fingers beckoned the naked Nga towards her. Both women engaged in a passionate embrace their bodies rubbing against each other, the kissing becoming hotter with tongues meeting in a sensual dual for dominance. Both women's breasts pressed against each other, their still hard nipples pushing into the others tit-flesh. Xuan's longer thinner nipples and firmer tits finding strong resistance in Nga's slightly shorter but thicker nipples and larger but still firm tits. Nga was the first to break away from the kiss, letting out a long pleasurable moan. 

"Oh no, slut I'm not finished with those lips yet " Xuan said as she pulled Nga back. Although most of the crowd wouldn't know what was happening, Nga like all Vietnamese was unable to lose face to another Vietnamese woman. So she closed lips for another kiss, feeling Xuan's tongue pushing hers aside and fucking her mouth as though preparing her for what was to follow. Nga started to go weak at the knees and the experienced sex fighter took control. Xuan sensing her dominance, pushed Nga down onto her back to the awaiting bed, and straddled the taller woman's curved belly, and then began to reach for both of Nga's tits. 

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" Nga gasped as Xuan started to suck expertly on her erect nipples. 

"Your soooooo easy..." Xuan cooed between nipples "...soon you'll back in Vietnam a round 1 loser" 

Xuan continued to suck on Nga's nipples, as Nga mouth closed on hers. Again the experienced Xuan led the way slowly starting to kiss and lick her way down Nga's trembling body to the waiting love box, finally arriving at her destination. Xuan began to lick and suck at her pussy, as Nga played catch up on the World number 10's love box. Nga could feel her orgasm beginning to build as Xuan continued to work her lower lips, and continued to lick and suck on Nga's box; sure she could get her opponent to release her love honey first. Nga began to fondle her own breasts, biting down on her lip, sweat glistening all over her body, as she continued to resist the urge to cum. 

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Nga released her first cum. Xuan moved quickly shifting her weightto bear down on Nga restricting her access to Xuan's love box and relentlessly Xuan's tongue strokes worked their magic again. 

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooo", a second orgasm was wrenched from the lower seed. 

Just before she came again which would have meant a loss, Xuan stiffened, jerked and spurted her first cum into Nga's mouth. But she quickly upped the ante fingering Nga's pussy, teasing her clit, sucking her nipples with Nga following suit. They continued for 30 minutes attacking each others cunts and arse with up to 3 fingers with Xuan holding the ascendancy, always close to the 3 unmatched orgasms necessary to win. But she couldn't put the dogged Saigon beautician away by obtaining a third cum in succession. 

Loc appeared on stage dragging Lynh by the hair. She knelt Lynh beside the entwined dominant Xuan and resisting Nga. From the corner of her eye Nga saw Loc start her victory rites: The Vietnamese Piss. From a distance of 2 inches Loc unloaded on Lynh's face. Her fierce golden stream splattering off Lynh's skin for 30 secs before opening Nga's daughter's mouth and directing the final 20 seconds down the choking 23 yr olds throat. 

Distracted Nga again only managed to avoid defeat by seconds. What would have been her third cum in a row came only 5 seconds after she dragged one from Xuan. But then the pendulum swung and Nga fought back so at the hour mark they were swapping orgasms and 45 minutes later it was Xuan who was desperately fighting to drag an orgasm from the newcomer before Xuan's third in a row finished the sexfight. 

Meanwhile Loc was banging doggy style into Lynh with a 7 inch strap-on. 

Desperately, Xuan tried everything and finally success. She speed fucked Nga's clit with  her tongue and simultaneously finger fucked the beautician's arse while thumbing her cunt. As she thumbed her she used her fingers in her arse to stroke the thumb through the thin membrane. Xuan drew an orgasm that seemed endless from the 46 year old. Again the pendulum swung and soon Nga was merely holding on, staving off continuous 3 cums. 

At the 3 and a half hour mark against the run of things Nga managed to coerce an orgasm from Xuan so strong that it enabled her to get her 4 long fingers into Xuan and start searching for her G spot. 


Xuan bucked as she came in her most intense cum of the night. With Nga in control it wouldn't take long and 15 minutes an almost distraught Xuan was staring defeat in the face. She spread and stiffened the 3 fingers in Nga's arse and hooked them and then raked them along her arse channel. Illega,l but unnoticed and effective. Nga stiffened and relaxed her cunt muscles and Xuan took advantage driving her 4 fingers and palm into Nga's cunt. 

She found her G spot and it was on. Both women were massaging, kneading, and probing the others G spot as they came themselves. 

After 20 minutes they were lying side by side hand fully inside the other, their bellies heaving, hips bucking and thrusting, sobs and whimpers escaping from their lips. At the 4 hour 40 minute mark they passed the longest match time and at 5 hours 10 minutes Nga was able to pull an unresisting Xuan's hand from her cunt and devote all her energies to Xuan's G spot. 

"Eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Xuan came once 

40 seconds later, "Noooooooooooooooooooooo" 

Nga rolled the semi conscious Xuan into the Filipina control position and toyed with her, eating her to nearly cumming before stopping. Bent double and restrained by Nga's body she could only accept Nga's tonguing of her inflamed raw cunt and her teasing of the final orgasm. 5 hours and 48 minutes after they started Nga put the World number 10 Xuan both out of her misery and the championship with a third unanswered orgasm.