All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008

Chp 8 Axis of Evil by Aussie Greg

When Loc entered the breakfast bar the next morning she felt a tap on the arm and the 23 yr old turned around to see Nga, the 47 yr old who had beaten her mother Xuan in the competition as she fucked Nga's daughter beside them. 

"Your daughter challenged me and I beat her fair and square. So piss off". 

"I'm not interested in that", Nga replied. "Its about respect and money. I want you to leave your mother and in the future team sexfight with me". 

"You're joking. Why would I leave. We're the champions and world undefeated for 4 yrs. So piss off." 

She turned away but was intercepted by  a Japanese who handed Loc a camera and blurted out. "Please take photo of me with the woman who beat the champion". 

"She's no champion, Nha Trung is", Nga answered the man. 

"Oh yes, She is the greatest Team sexfighter ever. World champion for ever." 

"What about her partner"? Nga questioned. 

The man shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know her name. I think she is a niece. Any way she is lucky to get the champion Nga for partner. She is a very lucky woman that one". 

Loc caught up with Nga. "I'll listen". 

As they walked to a eating booth , Nga said, "Respect. My partner gets equal rights. Everyone will know us the same, not the champion and I don't know her name,  It will be Loc and Nga". 

Sitting she crossed her legs and her wrap around skirt separated showing her long shapely legs almost to her groin. Loc glanced at the thin blouse noticing first the nipples rising like salt and pepper shakers on a table then the dark outline of her areolea. How could she look so composed, fresh and attractive after defeating her mother Xuan the night before in the longest match ever in the history of the competition: 5 hours and 48 minutes. Her mother was still lying in a fetal position on the bed, naked and woman juice covered, her hair matted and tangled,  cramping and sobbing. Just as she had been brought in 5 hours earlier after her defeat by the women stting beside her. 

"Then there is the money. When I was in the International qualifying 5 months ago I asked questions. There is swag of wealthy teams in Vietnam who compete privately: mother/daughters, sisters, cousins, friends willing to sexfight but not risk the Victory rites and not wanting to compete  in the international scene. So they compete for money, minimum of USD20,000.  They have their club called the Câu Lạc Bộ Dồng Tính Nữ (the lesbian club). " . 

She laid a sheaf of papers on the table. 

"Contracts to compete against me and my daughter. Over USD250.000 and there's more to come. "Plus", she paused and smiled, "after the communists I survived as a 9 yr old by playing cards on the streets.  The old 3 card find the ace trick.. Its not winning that gets you money but winning so they think you were lucky and try again double or nothing. Then when they lose are they going to tell their friends they were beaten. No way. They will keep quiet and we will be richer.  Also i believe there must be similar groups in every country and I think there is a man here who would know and for a % line us up so we will sweep through Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong like a vacuum cleaner.  Six months. Ten percent expenses, remainder split 50, 50. What's your mother give you now from your prize money. 40%"? 

Loc shook her head and turned red.

"30%"? Nga queried. 

"20"? Her voice full of incredulity. 

"5%", Loc mumbled, but she buys my clothes and I pay nothing for accommodation". 

Embarrassed, she changed the topic. "Why don't you just compete with your daughter? You'd still get the money". 

"First, Nga replied, "I've studied the tapes. You are the best team sexfighter. Your mother gets the attention but you're the engine room. I'm 46 but fresh. I only had my first sexfight 11 months ago. I'm giving 2 years to be number 1 in the women then I will be only competing in teams. I want to be the first who is Number 1 in singles and doubles.  I reckon I've got minimum of 10 years hopefully 15 and that means you would be longerst run as World Champion for up to 15 yrs with me and also second longest continuuous run of 4 with your mother. We would be household names in the industry but you would be a legend.  Plus, do you think your mother will recover properly and be he same fighter after last night"?

Loc shook her head.  "I think she wont even fight in these Doubles events". 

Nga continued, "Second, I want my partner to have sexual presence. My daughter Lynh is pretty, no make that beautiful, but she lacks being a real woman.  I want something else and I see it in you. And so does your mother. That's why she dresses you in the wrong colour, style. Last night I saw the bra she buys for you. She's scared your tits look better than hers. Why you don't have a makeup artist before an event, why does she do all the interviews? She uses you to make herself look good and doesn't want you taking attention away from her. Me, I'm different. I want other women's heads to turn that fast they almost fall off to size up my partner. I want them catty jealous. I want their men stare at her when they are with their women, jerk off when their girlfriend is not looking.  My daughter is beautiful but can't make this happen. With my help I know you can. 

Her hand rested on Loc's knee. "Plus, you know older Singapore women same as Vietnamese. Looks are very important. There is a kinky event for mother and daughter. Now it's big time. All Asians come to compete. First round teams dress sexy, second the best 10 mother/daughters nude pose down, then 5, then 3 to decide 1 2 and 3. I want to win with you. Last year a Thai and her 3 yr old mother won. Your mother and your sister Thuyet were second. She competed with your younger sister not you.. Did you know that?" 

Loc shook her head, anger and resentment growing within her. 

" It makes me so horny imagining you oiling my body in front of the crowd, me sucking you nipples huge or flicking your clit while you shave me," Nga continued .

Withdrawing her hand she reached into her bag, took out her cheque book and wrote 2 checks and put them on the table. 

I know you're sexy. This is a cheque with three quarters of my winnings from last night. I see the real you. Despite how your mother makes you dress If you wearing anything bigger than a thong return the cheque. This other cheque is the other quarter. You can keep it if you are wet 

Loc reached down and took the larger cheque and then she picked up the smaller and drew it to her before smiling and asking, ", What would you like me wearing"? 

"This", and Nga opened her split skirt revealling a miniscule black open crotch G string and matching garter strap 

"But I'm not your daughter". 

"Show me your passport". 

Nga read, "Family name Nguyen, Given names Loc Thi Date of birth 20/10/1988 

She waved the contracts all had signed for Mother N T Nguyen, Daughter L T Nguyen. 

"90% of all Vietnamese girls middle name is Thi and here is an official birth certificate" 

She placed the document on the table and read, "Name Nguyen, Loc Thi, Date of Birth 20/10/1989, Father Unknown,  
Mother Nguyen, Nga Thi.  This says you are my daughter and will be enough evidence. And here is the proof what I have been saying here is the truth. My body can't lie". 

Nga took Loc's hand and placed it on her cunt spreading the butterfly thong apart with her other hand.   Her slit was sopping wet, oozing love juice and Loc could feel the 46 year olds clit twitching uncontrollably. She slid her finger up the slit to the throbbing sex organ and Nga gripped the table, shook and shuddered and came in pools in Loc's palm.  

Recovered she said "I would also want my daughter to share my bed. I don't care how many men she fucks, how many women she fucks but I would want her to only lhave emotional ove with her mother Nga". 

She cut short Loc's answer and grabbed Loc'scum covered hand and stared into her eyes. "The number sticks at the temple predicted you would come into my life. Take your time before you tell me your answer". She collected her papers and left.

Loc's naked black body writhed as she carefully tongued Nga's long, glistening wet pussy.  Nga's face, as she came yet again, was seized with ecstacy, sublimely beautiful, contorted in a grimace of nearly unbearable pleasure. The two women had been fucking for nearly 3 hours without a break since that afternoon when Nga answered her door and Loc had entered.   Nga had slipped Loc out of her skirt and panties while Loc unclasped her bra, filling her hands with Nga's perfect breasts, then devouring them as passionately as Nga devoured hers. Withinin seconds they were writhing naked together on the bed, almost unable to control their arrousal.  That was 3 hours ago and now they kissed hungrily, panting and talking through their kisses. 

Nga reversed positions and slid down between Loc's tonned, hard thighs and slithered her tongue up into Loc's soaking waiting pussy. 

"Oh! Anngggghh!" Loc gasped, her body clenching as yet another fierce charge of sexual excitement gripped her. 

Both of them were consumed by urgent, feverish hunger, and now Nga was determined  to show Loc that she could be tender and skillful as well as brutal and perverted. She slid her hands under Loc's  hard round buns and began to make love to the girl's pussy with her tongue. 

She went slowly, taking five agonizing minutes to bring Loc to a state of uncontrollable need. The 23 year old body was a masterpiece of clenching, straining, rippling, gorgeous, gleaming light brown flesh as Nga coaxed her closer and closer to a rapturous climax.  Between eating her she raised her head and described to Loc how they would dress: slutty exhibitionist. But always identically, just as their slit hair wuld be shaven the same, their clit jewellery and tattoos would be identical. It made Loc even more horny.

"Oh god, Nga . . . oh god . . . please! Oh please!" she whimpered, twisting, pumping with her hips, churning her pelvis, quivering and shuddering helplessly as she approached a killer orgasm. 

When Nga finally let it arrive, she curled her tongue around Loc's erect clitoris and flicked it into a fierce seizure of ecstacy. Loc arched, shuddered, and exploded in a wild, convulsive fit of cumming. 

"Auungghh! Oh! Oh god Nga oh god yes! Auungghhiieee! Ohnnggmmnnggg Mother, mother,!" she moaned, her cries quickly stifled by Nga's lips over her mouth and her tongue seeking the back of her throat, as her fingers now prolonged Loc's orgasm. 

Arching her incredible back and tightening her fantastic muscles, she came in torrents. Finally it was over, and Nga held her while she caught her breath, which took about a minute.

The lay spent together,  then restarted their conversation from the breakfast table.

"But Xuan will know, the documents I am your daughter are false. She will make trouble",  

"Last night I not only beat your mother, I broke her. This week I will see her and challenge her to a private fight with the maximum allowable victory rights of 7 days. She can't refuse and lose face because I would spread the news she backed down and believe me before 7 days are up she will be my sex slave and do what I want. And I want you as my daughter   I enjoyed watching you fuck Lynh and I thought you might enjoy complete ownership of her". 

"How can you make her"? 

Nga opened a drawer by the bed. " here are copies of genuine police files showing her and her boyfriend importing heroin. Punishable by death in Vietnam. These documents are missing but could reappear whenever i want." 

"I repeat she would be yours, but there's no hurry as there are many different sorts of pain. What if Lynh's boyfriend was seduced by a totally sexy 23 year old Vietnamese sexfighting champion, What if her boss was so infatuated with his new 23 yr old mistress he sacked Lynh. There are 66 different sexfight contests. What if a 23 yr old was to contest all 66 with Lynh to please her new mother".

"She's your daughter. What if I want to brand my ownership on her"? 

"How far would you want your new mother Nga's tongue up your slit when you brand her. She would be yours to do anything to without limit and I would be privileged to be there and see and if necessary participate in so you know and believe you are my daughter and lover".

"Second, since starting sexfighting 11 months ago I've discovered something about myself. The Japanese are right when they say 'There's a fine line between pleasure and pain". This morning I woke up cumming dreaming about using my nails to slice through the separating membrane as I fingered a woman's arse and cunt".  Part of my winnings will go to buying a house in Vientiane the capital of Laos. Its only 2½ hours flight from Saigon and to help the economy the Govt. has a prison that keeps political prisoners from the bordering countries of Burma, Thailand and Cambodia. For a small fee you can borrow prisoners and return them, What's the term, Dead or Alive.   I believe that 2 could conduct this journey of exploring pleasure and pain on others better than just me alone." 

"My grandmother was Chinese and a member of a small Toaist Religious group that belived in sexual energy.  The knew that sex in special ways gives you more energy.  They had ceremonies that increased hornyness. I believe it but most civilised people say its nonsense.  But look at me from no sex fights to beating your mother who is number 10 in less than a year.  I followed my grandmothers advice.   They even believe in certain circumstances you can take anothers persons sexual strength and add it to your own".

"How"? queried Loc, "because I was born in the country not city and know the power of the temples".

"Well they say you must completely defeat someone sexually, and eat their clit". 

She looked Loc in the eye. "You know I am going to fuck your mother to death in Vientiane. 

"No you are not. WE are going to fuck her to death and WE are going to fuck Lynh to death and get their sex energy". 

That statement sent Nga over the edge and her cum squirted out of her covering Loc'snaked  body beside her.  Nga reached under the bed and found the coil of rope.  Working very slowly she wrapped the rope around Loc's ankles. First she pulled one down to the right corner bedpost and tied it there. Then, looking deep and meaningfully into Loc's eyes, she pulled her other leg wide apart and tied that ankle to the other bedpost.    Loc was totally trapped, her strong legs spread wide, her wet, gleaming pussy open and vulnerable. And the look in her eyes was far more complex, a swirl of sexual excitement and fear and thrilled anxiety. 

Nga swarmed all over her, rubbing their naked bodies together, running her fingers along Locs 'body.  Loc began to squirm and quiver. 

"You're my daughter now," Nga kept whispering to her as she kissed and caressed Loc's tits and nipples. "If you think you have fucked this afternoon, wait until I've finished with you." 

"Oh!" Loc gasped. 

And Loc was truly a feast. Nga explored every inch of her body, kissing Loc in places where she had never been kissed before, kneading and licking and sucking her hard flesh, tonguing and sucking her thick strong nipples, breathing in her ear, and every now and then returning to her flowing pussy to tease and tongue-tickle it until Loc's back was arching, her muscles clenching, and the breath catching in her throat. 

Something about all that sleek, coiled, tensile strength arching and squirming and flexing as she caressed Loc aroused Nga wildly. 

"And now, I'm going to tie up the rest of you," she murmured. 

The rope was very long, and there was plenty left. She began by pulling it up over Loc's shoulders, then looping it under her breasts, pulling the coils tight, but not too tight. Loc's small, hard breasts bulged, her large nipples flaring and swelling. A look of muted terror came into her eyes. 

"I didn't know you were going to do that," she panted, still so sexually excited she could barely speak. 

"Oh . . . I'm going to do much more than that, daughter," Nga said softly, alluringly, looking at Loc from beneath her eyelashes. 

"Oh mother . . ." 

Before continuing, Nga bent her head and tickled Loc's bulging, protruding, glossy hard nipples with her tongue, driving the  Vietnamesecrazy. Loc squirmed and whimpered. When her nipples were wet and excited, Nga proceeded to draw the rope down through Loc's crotch, then around one hip, then through her crotch again and around the other hip, trapping Loc's swollen cuntlips between the strands of rope. 

Next she crisscrossed the rope over the hard ripples of Loc's belly, finally knotting it in the small of her back. Now Loc was tightly bound, and somehow even more desireable than Nga had anticipated.  She was helpless, and the look of fear mixed with pliancy in her eyes showed it. 

"You're not going to hurt me?" she whimpered softly.  "Don't hurt me. Just fuck me." 

Nga kissed her, a scorching kiss, rubbing her naked body against Loc's and the ropes. She slid downward and tongued and sucked Loc's inflamed pussy for about three minutes, until Loc was writhing and groaning uncontrollably with need. She was almost where Nga wanted her. Nga slithered up and dangled her own breasts in Loc's face, letting her suck them.  And Loc tried to swallow them, tearing at Nga's nipples with her mouth. When she got one between her lips, she sucked it so hard that Nga yelped with pain and excitement. 

"Aiiyyee!" she cried out, feeling a sharp squirt of wild sexual pleasure surge through her body. "Oh god, you really want me to fuck you hard, don't you," she chanted to Loc. 


"Are you going to scream? Do I have to gag you?" 


Quickly Nga reached under the bed again. Loc's eyes widened further as she saw the gag. "Oh god!" she said.   Nga dangled it threateningly in front of her eyes. Then, slowly, for maximum effect, she wrapped the straps around Loc's head. "Open wide," she teased. 

Loc gulped as the ball filled her mouth. Her eyes watered with fear as Nga fastened the clasp. Now she was ready.   Nga took both of Loc's small, throttled, bulging, hard breasts in her hands and began sucking and hinting at biting her thick, glossy nipples, doing it now more roughly, passionately than before, making Loc mewl and squirm. Next she slipped down between the girl's , roped thighs and turned her attention totally to Loc's entrapped, squeezed pussy, swollen and bulging between the two strands of rope that ran through her crotch. 

With her fingers, she opened Loc's pussylips, exposing her clit, then began sucking and tonguing it feverishly. In just seconds, Loc was thrashing and writhing, whimpering hysterically. Her phenomenally strong body was clenching and straining, her sleek muscles gleaming and flexing. 

Now Loc's pussy was inflamed and wet and puckered, and Nga could hardly prevent herself from just devouring it on the spot, bringing Loc to a quick, sharp orgasm. But she knew she had to do more than that. Slowly, letting her own naked breasts brush Loc's tightly-trussed body as she moved up, she brought her own thigh up between Loc's huge thighs, until the skin of her leg gently brushed Loc's runny, open pussy.    She pushed her thigh muscle into the wet groove of Loc's pussy and drew it up and down. Loc's eyes rolled up, and she strained at the ropes, making hot, frantic gurgling noises. 
She decided not to wait any longer, but to deliver the full force of her loving rape all at once. She dropped her mouth to Loc's breasts, and slid her hands down the 23 year old's body to the hard, round moons of Loc's arse. 

Now she began to move her thigh muscle up and down in Loc's groin, mashing Loc's cuntlips and clit with it, rubbing it more and more vigorously as she sucked one of Loc's big nipples into her mouth. Her fingers bit into the hard flesh of Loc's arse, and her teeth ringed Loc's nipple as she jammed her thigh up into her pussy again, and again, and again. 

"Unngghh!" Loc moaned, writhing wildly, groaning and flexing as she approached her climax. "Ummggn! Auungghhhh!" 
"Oh baby . . . oh my daughter!" Nga panted, grabbing Loc's other nipple between her lips, her teeth, sinking them into it just as she drove her thigh harder than ever into Loc's pussy. 

Loc spilled over with coming, whinnying deliriously and thrashing around, straining against the ropes as a fierce orgasm ripped through her body. But Nga was after more than one, and she swarmed all over Loc, sucking her breasts, and ramming Loc's cunt again and again with her thigh, quickly bringing on two more convulsive orgasms.  Then she slid down and did what she had wanted to do earlier, devoured Loc's oozing pussy with her mouth. At the same time, she fucked it with two fingers, getting them so juicy and slimy that sliding them up into Loc's ass was no problem and in another thirty seconds she had the womancoming again, violently, the bed quaking under them as Loc rocked and strained through two more orgasms. 

And now Nga knew she had Loc where she wanted her. Oh my daughter, now you're really going to come hard, she thought. She knew Loc thought it was over. She had already come five times since being tied, sharp, rending climaxes that left her panting from her nose, wincing and quivering as they passed. But Nga knew the big one was still there, waiting for her to bring it forth. 

Again she swarmed over Loc's body, scooping up the small hard breasts again in her hands, bringing her thigh up again into Loc's groin, feeling the wet cleft of Loc's pussy against her muscle. Now was the real rape.  She rammed her thigh muscle up into Loc's vulnerable pussy, fucking Loc as hard as she could, biting Loc's thick, swollen nipples at the same time, raping her, jamming her crotch, ramming the thigh into Loc's mashed clit over and over again. 

But Loc was an undefeated sexfight doubles champion, and had wild strength and stamina. Even though tightly bound and gagged, she pumped her hips and pushed her pussy into Nga's crushing thigh, writhing and groaning and whinnying, strangled yelps coming from deep in her chest as Nga's teeth sank into her nipples.   And when she finally came again, it really was the cataclysm Nga had been trying to bring off. She knew Loc had never come like that in her life. Loc was strong, and she bucked and surged off the bed, nearly ripping the ropes apart. They bit into the skin of her wrists as she shuddered and flexed in wild, hysterical abandon, her body wracked by fierce, shattering spasms of coming. Her magnificent back arched, her stomach rippled fiercely, her thighs clenched, and her pelvis shook with the fury of a stupefying rapture as she came and came. 

Finally, it was over. Loc collapsed. Nga drew herself up to the head of the bed and untied the ropes, kissing the blood away where the skin had broken. Then she unwrapped the ropes from Loc's body and untied her ankles. Finally she removed the gag. 

"That was your bonding fuck, my daughter".

"Yeah. my mother, and when we bring your daughter and my mother  to Vientiane we can compete them with the looser knowing we will rape the looser, an do that every day".

"Of course, my daughter, and practice on the prisoners too to increase our sex".