All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 10 Cock Sucking Contest

Spurt, swallow; spurt, swallow; spurt, swallow; dribble, dribble, dribble, swallow, swallow. So Savoeun of Cambodia, the 49 year old, 5ft7, 116 pound, 36C 27 38, Phnom Penh (the capital of Cambodia) Brothel owner and World number 26 and 21st seed in The All Asia Sexfight Championship 2008 swallowed every drop that the masked man's prick had shot into her mouth, and kept on sucking until his prick was shrunken and soft. That was the 9th man in a row she had drained and she turned to look at her opponent, a 43 year old Filipina Nun from the Sisters of Lady of Consolation, an Augustinian order, Sister Remeddios Geolen, who now resided in Australia. 

She was naked, kneeling on her cum stained habit, two cocks in her mouth. Both men were groaning as she rapidly sucked the full length of the two rock hard lengths touching the back of her throat. Suddenly the shorter man screamed, Sister Remedios quickly pulled his cock from her mouth as his jism spurted out, the Filipina nun directed it into her face. This sight sent the other man over the top and his cum short out in short savage spurts as she withdrew his cock, covering the sagging tits and portly body of the 5ft1 130 34 D 31 36 nun. 

They were her 9th and 10th unemployed Indonesians enticed from the streets by the cash on hand. The longer they lasted the more cash they received. She turned to the older Cambodian smiling in triumph as she had blown her ten in the shorter time. The Cambodian So Savoeun slid her wet hand along her 10th man's cock and took the engorged prick in her mouth. Her cheeks pursed as she turned her mouth into a Hoover vacuum cleaner and went to work. She was interrupted by the siren and had to release the still rigid tool from her mouth. 

It was a triumph for the 16 seed Augustine nun, not only putting her one up in the best of 3 to win this round, but it meant that in 15 minutes time when both women blew the men the other woman had made cum to orgasm again, the Cambodian had to tackle 10 who were drained, while she had one who had not yet cum. 

God she loved cock. Ever since the priest in her village near Banaue on the island of Luzon had taken her sexually: at first monthly, then weekly and then completely besotted, two or three times a day as she single handedly, proudly replaced his previous harem of 18 and 19 year olds whom he had installed in his religious classes at the seminaries replacing the traditional boys. This was in the period of liturgical experimentation following the Second Vatican Council, where some dioceses allowed females to act as altar servers. For example, the practice of altar females started as early as 1965 in Germany so religious classes for them made sense to the parents. 

Then she accompanied the priest to a conference in Manila where some other priests walked in on the two of them one night and after her priest succumbed to some friendly blackmail from his colleagues she had her first 8 man gang bang. Word spread and the next night she enthusiastically satisfied 19 of the men of the cloth and on the next and last night 37. From then on she was a permanent and willing fixture at all Philippine Catholic conferences. 

At 20 she joined the order of the Sisters of Lady of Consolation, an Augustinian order as a novice, and leant so quickly she wasn't a novice but the undisputed sexfighter of all the orders in the Philippines. Then she was posted to Australia and found heaven. Not only were there more conferences than in the Philippines, but Westerners had larger cocks than the Philippine men she had fucked so far; plus she was given access to the Seminary and priests in training. Then there were the Parish fundraisers instigated by Bishop O'Ryan where she fucked on stage with the top 10 male bidders. Woman wise, she suffered her first setbacks in her life at the hands (and tongues) of the 10% of Vietnamese who were Catholics not Buddhists. But these losses introduced her to a completely different level of competition and variety of techniques to the Filipinas she had known, and though it took some time she was able to match if not dominate the best Vietnamese. Plus they introduced her to the All Asian Sexfight Championships where she has been a consistent top 25 for 12 years and the undisputed no1 in any event involving men. 

So Savoeun came from a wealthy Cambodian family with her father doctor to the wealthy, and she was 18 when Pol Pot seized power and set out to eliminate the educated and wealthy as he started Cambodia again at year zero. Fortunately or unfortunately, So Savoeun was spared to satisfy the urges of the Khmer Rouge soldiers during the day and the ruling clique at night from 1975 to Dec 78 when the Vietnamese ousted Pol Pot. Her reward was to become the woman of the victorious Vietnamese 307 division (one of the 8 involved in the short 2 week war against Cambodia), available to any soldier. Eight years later she was lost in as bet by the division commander and ended up in Vietnamese brothel. 

Ten years later she escaped back to the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh where she, with no living family drifted into prostitution again. By 2005 she owned the largest brothel in Cambodia with close links to and funding by the Government. A late starter to sexfighting she had her first fight in 2006, but using her girls as training partners she has reached her second All Asian Sexfighting Championship. Both last year and this she was the oldest competitor. Her aim, of course, like all of the women was number 1, but more specifically she had her sights on the Thai businesswoman Durudee Srisai's record who at 57 years in 2001 was the oldest competitor, hoping to raise it eventually to over 65, and Zhang Wu's current Best Body over 40 title and Sister Remeddios Geolen unofficial title as best man satisfier. 

Although I suspected the draw may have been rigged to match them, it still meant the two women who had extracting cum from men as their number 1 contest were matched and when 15 minutes later the naked Filipina nun knelt before the unblown 10th man to start round 2, the 43 year old Filipina was the favorite to blow all 10 men and get her second result and overall victory in the best of 3. 

After teasing his cock head for a short time Sister Remeddios opened her mouth and started swallowing his cock. When she had about three inches of his cock in her mouth, she stopped and started bobbing her head up and down his cock, using her tongue to lick all around the shaft and cock head. She directed another man to start eating her pussy opening her finger thick lips and trench for him. In the mean time she kept jacking the original man off with one hand, while using her other hand to fondle his balls. After she had done this for a while she took his cock out of her mouth and started to talk dirty to him. 

"Come on; give this slut your juice. I want to taste your sperm first. I want to swallow it like a cheap whore and put it in my belly where it belongs before I start on the others." 

This was too much for the unemployed Indonesian. He groaned and started to shoot his cum into the 43 year olds face. She immediately put his cock back in her mouth and started to swallow his cum noisily sucking him dry. Her enthusiastic performance had its effect and already two of the remaining 9 were hardening. 

So Savoeun faced a harder task with all 10 men already having cum at the hands of her Filipina opponent so she paraded naked in front of them on her high heels. And what a body and face for her age of 49. A hard but attractive face framed by soft permed neck length hair, make up messed up by cum, her 37C tits straining outward with thin blue vein lines emphasizing their fullness, a thinnish waist with just a small belly, tight arse and sensuous legs. She started to masturbate rubbing her juices over her body before sliding up against the men. 

Finally she felt a slight movement in one of the men's rod. She handled his cock and played with his balls with her left hand and his cock in your right. She squeezed it gently down toward the bottom of the shaft and got ready to suck. So Savoeun ran her tongue over her lips to get them good and wet and looked into the man's face knowing all men want to watch a woman sucking them off. Next she opened her mouth just slightly to tease and excite the man and came very close to his cock. 

She breathed on him, blowing on him with her hot breath, then stuck her tongue out again and reached for him, teasing him. Then making sure her tongue was dripping wet, the Cambodian began at the bottom of his shaft and slowly licked upwards. She turned her head sideways and pretended to take a bite of him, gently setting her teeth into his flesh. She wet him again with her tongue and used her hand to spread her spit knowing that a wet cock looks and sounds a lot sexier than a dry one. Her left hand continued massaging his balls, scratching them lightly with her fingernails. She reached behind and underneath the balls to get to that ever-so-sensitive area just before the anus, and ran her fingers over his arsehole very lightly. As the muscle that causes erection originates back there, this soon caused a reaction in his cock and he was quickly squirming. 

So Savoeun followed up by running her tongue and lips up and down his shaft, making it come fully erect and assume an unusual curved shape. She opened her legs wider and one hand sought her cunt and two fingers began to self fuck herself as she sucked on his cock. She was interrupted by Sister Remedios's second man cumming but continued till she was swallowing her man's cum. 

So Savoeun went into the "cork screw" method of sucking (twisting her head from side to side on the down stroke, trying to make her 2nd cum while Sister Remedios simply sucked her 3rd man's entire dick from tip to base with her large lips and fat tongue, bringing him closer and closer to jetting his load and her to victory. 

Sixty five minutes later So Savoeun had caught up slightly and was only 1 minute behind the Filipina as they were both working on their 9th. She churned number 9's dick around in her throat; the head of his fat 7 inches was nestled deep in her throat, her nose smashed in his pubes. She pulled back her lips dragging along his thickened shaft. She could feel the heavy veins all along the root. She pulled back until only the head was in her mouth, and sucked hard on it. She looked up at the Indonesian's face, seeing his satisfied smile as she sank back down on it, taking him in all the way to the balls hearing him groan as he came less than 5 seconds after Sister Remedios 9th man. 

The crowd yelled and howled as all the contestants spent everything, both driving towards what they hoped was the climax that gave them the 10yth and victory. So Savoeun could feel her man's cock start to jump and jerk in her mouth. It made her suck even harder, determined to take the match into a third and final contest. 

Sister Remedios's man began breathing hard. Even I could hear his heavy breathing as the Filipina between his legs devoured his tool like it was her Christmas dinner. He started to whimper, and then yelled as if someone had just stolen his wallet. At the same time So Savoeun's man started bucking his hips forward, shoving his dick in and out of her throat with every stroke. She just opened her throat, and let the full length of his cock slide in and out of its own accord. As he shoved forward, she would press her face into his groin, causing his rod to punch down her throat. 

"Uhhhghhhhhhhhhh...." Sister Remedios's man moaned, causing the judge to draw closer. 

"Nearly there?" he asked, pushing the mic into his face. But he was too close to cumming to talk. 

"Oooohhhhhhhhhh..." So Savoeun's man moaned, causing the judge to race over to his side. 

Both women went right on sucking dick like their lives depended on it. Sister Remedios's man was now standing upright on his toes. His hands were still resting on the Filipina's back, but his hips were bucking his straining hard-on so far down her throat, I was looking to see it come out her arse. So Savoeun was still doing that wild cork screw thing that had her man so close to spurting. 

"Shit... shit. I'm neeaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.." Sister Remedios's man suddenly stuttered. I could see the thick spit from the back of her throat seeping down her chin soaking her sagging tits. 

" Shit!......Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk!!" So Savoeun's man yelled, shoving his hips forward one last time. She felt his dick head plant itself in the recesses of her throat, then felt the head burst free its first thick spurt of rich salty cum down her throat. So Savoeun ground her face in his groin, instinctively gulping his massive load down into her stomach. She pulled him out; the thick creamy goo spilling from her mouth as he pulled back, wrenching himself completely free of her sucking lips and spraying her face and open mouth with the rest of his load. 

Almost simultaneously Sister Remedios's man had started cumming too. She pulled back just as his cock started erupting. His watery load showered her hanging tits and heaving belly with his juice. 

"Its close," the judge said over the mic. "Looks like we may have a tie!" 

The judge looked at the tapes, then came back with a winner. 

"And the winner is So Savoeun!" 

She was still in it. 

Almost immediately 6 Negroes were brought on stage. The Asian women in the crowd gasped and almost swooned and the men gritted their teeth at the size of the black snakes slapping against their thighs as they walked. Reaching the stage they massaged their tools into 10 inch semi hard rods. 

The Filipina nun closed one hand around a hard, pulsating cockshaft and rubbed it down, turning them both on all the more. She jacked the negro off harder. His prick lengthened and grew rock-hard in her hand. Drool oozed from the corners of her mouth as she watched her man's prickmeat growing in her hand as she continued to stroke and rub it. 

"Ohhh, your big cock makes me feel sooo horny!" she cried. "You're turning me on so much that I can hardly stand it, Let me suck your cock!" she demanded as she lowered her head and slid his cock into her mouth. 

Her lips descending over the throbbing prick. Her lust-filled eyes widened as she took more and more of his prick, licking it and loving it with her mouth. The nun opened and closed her mouth about the man's prick, up and down its hard length, sending jolts of erotic pleasure through his loins. While she sloshed her tongue all over the negro's cock, she moved her head up and down its full 12 inches 

At the same time So Savoeun's man was groaning, "Ohhhh, yeah, baby, that's it. That's great! Suck me off! You're doing great!" 

He ran his hands through her thick, black hair as she continued to suck his cockmeat. So Savoeun moaned. She loved the way the huge cock felt as it pulsed against the walls of her mouth. Her face was tense and she began to suck his cock harder moving her mouth rapidly up and down the full length of her negro's cock as she sucked him hard, each time burying her nose in his prick hairs. He concentrated on So Savoeun's tits, scooping up the firm mounds with both hands and stroking them with hard, demanding fingers. 

Her nipples were swollen and hard. The negro groaned with lust as he moved his fingertips across them, feeling them pulse against his fingers. Meanwhile, So Savoeun's cock-stuffed face moved expertly up and down as she gave the negro the best, most exciting blowjob of his life. 

The Filipina's man blew and she held as much as she could in her mouth before spitting it into the bowl beside her and using her hand to jack any remains from his now limp cock into the bowl, before turning to her second. The bowl was wide mouthed to receive the cum, then tapering down to a narrow thin tube which was marked to show how much had been deposited in the bowl. So Savoeun's man then shook and strained and she took as much of his cum in her mouth as she could before spitting it into her bowl and hand draining him of any residue. The Filipina nun moved to her second and knelt down in front of her cock. She grabbed it in her hand and slowly raised her mouth. Her hand began to stroke it so fast that no one could see it. It was just a blur. She closed her mouth over the man's cock and swallowed him balls and all. It looked very much like she was going to rip the man's wedding tackle right off of his body. The man groaned and Sister Remedios, grinned letting his sperm pour from her mouth to the bowl. So Savoeun drained her second negro into her bowl knowing the greatest amount of cum in the bowl would win and the measurements showed 

Sister Remedios 62 

So Savoeun 54 

Both proceeded to their third and final negro 

The nun's man's foreskin lay in thick and heavy folds surrounding the neck of his prick. The Filipina's soft fingers moved the heavy folds of wrinkled skin up to almost cover the glans, them back slowly over the neck of his cock until the head was uncovered and throbbing in her hands. Each time she covered and uncovered his throbbing cock with his foreskin, a small seepage of precum honey oozed from the slitted opening. For all the length of his cock, the glans head was small and almost flat, tapered at the bottom but straight at the top. Rounded and spongy to her touch, responsive to the suggestive caresses her tender fingertips traced over the smooth slick surface. 

It was much larger than her previous two monsters. This one beat them all in length, maybe even a little in thickness. The hole in the head was a long slit instead of the Asian dimple she was more familiar with, seeping precum that oiled the slippery glans beneath the foreskin as she pumped on it. Softly running her hands over the massive organ, Sister Remedios weighed and marveled at the weight, hefting the hairy testicles hanging with bunched wrinkled skin below the hardened shaft, slowly moving her fingers from testicles to glans, tracing the blue veins swelling and pulsing under the skin. She squeezed harder at his shaft, milking it and bringing a soft groan from the negro stud's lips. Each time the cum covered naked Filipina nun pumped the heavy foreskin on his prick, another small pearl of precum emerged to perch on the slitted opening. 

Her pink tongue, slipped from between her red lips, pointed at the slit as she brought her face closer and closer to his cock. Her tongue darted into the slippery slit at the head of his cock, into the precum pooling there, to retract back into her hot mouth with the thin liquid clinging to her tongue. Savoring the wetness clinging to her tongue, the Filipina scraped her teeth over the head of his purple headed rigid prick, letting him feel the edges of her sharp white teeth on his organ, bringing another groan from his lips as his hips moved slightly trying to slide more of his cock into the nun's willing mouth. 

Kneeling between his splayed-out legs she slid his full length out, using every skill and trick at her disposal to coax it ever larger. Wrenching it in circles, yanking it up and down and all around in endless unpredictable directions, she pulled and pulled and pulled on it, as though trying to rip it out by the root. Then she let up and quickly, vigorously pumped it through her tight, molded fist, amusing herself by seeing how hard and hot and hugely swollen her iron grip can make it. Then, squeezing it between her hanging boobs and taking the tip into her warm wet mouth, she proceeded to simultaneously eat and beat and flog and fellate his burning meat until it felt like it wanted to explode. Continuing till it reached such a massive, pounding, painful rigidity that it throbbed like a rotten tooth, and finally she relented. She moved her mouth quickly over the swollen head of his cock, her flickering tongue covering the head, laving the smoothness of his pounding cock with her tongue, and with one more deep penetration she applied even more suction to the slitted opening, till with an scream like a tortured animal he blew. 

Sister Remedios moved her head quickly, allowing his cock to slip from her questing lips still slick with the excess saliva from her mouth which coated his glans and all of the shaft of his oversized 13 inch organ and directed a seemingly never ending stream of cum into the bowl taking the measurement to a staggering unheard of 108 on the scale . She looked triumphantly at the Cambodian. Fuck the fact she the whore was better looking than her: she had just proved she was the best with men. 

Having witnessed this, the Cambodian returned to her man's cock. She spread his legs and sat between them. She grasped his scrotum just above his swollen balls in her left hand, squeezing just hard enough to extend them away from his body. She hooked her left index finger around the base of his cock. The negro didn't know then why she was doing this, but he soon found out. By gripping with her left hand and slowly stroking his cock with her right hand, the 49 year old Cambodian was able to sense when semen was beginning to enter his cock and to feel the involuntary contraction of his balls as his orgasm neared. By stopping her stroking at just the right moment, she could bring her third man excruciatingly close to orgasm. 

She slowly swallowed his 13 inches and stroked his cock with her tongue until she felt jism begin to enter the base of his cock, and his balls tighten up. She stopped sucking immediately, keeping her left-hand grip. One small drop of cum oozed from the tip of his cock as the negro groaned in agony to be devoured by the Cambodian. 

"All you have to do is move your hand to your penis and stroke it, and relief is yours in seconds, big boy" she taunted. "How about it?" 

Desperate for the money and bragging rites that went with the man who held out the longest all the negro could do was make a guttural sound like "No." His tension was nearly unbearable, but the negro was determined to provide a contest and not lose face in front of the other 5. 

"OK, then let's try it again. Let's see how much pressure you can stand." She repeated the procedure, until one more drop of semen emerged, her left hand sensing the exact moment for to stop sucking. The negro writhed in agony, thrusting his thirteen-inch cock helplessly into her mouth, desperate for one more tongue caress. 

"Well, big boy, it looks like you've got willpower. But your reward will be when I decide.. I'll let you have a complete orgasm, but you won't know exactly when." 

With that warning, So Savoeun repeated her teasing several more times over the next 15 minutes. Each time, the negro hoped desperately that this would be the time of his deliverance. Suddenly in the middle of one agonizing squeeze on the base of his cock she suddenly released the pressure. 

"EEEEIghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhUnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" The negro screamed like a wounded pig as she pulled him from her throat and directed his load into the bowl. It came in short sudden spurts splashing up from the pool already there from the first two negroes. The magnified scale from the throat of the tapered bowl rose steadily with each burst of cum that arced from his tortured cock to the bowl. 

62, 70, 76, 84, 89, getting closer to Sister Remedios's 108. 96, 103, 111: VICTORY 

She continued stroking slowly as the negro continued to ejaculate, plunging his cock deep into her left breast, rubbing it on her nipple as the negro still unloaded spurt after spurt of hot semen directly at her nipple until he was totally spent. 

She smiled triumphantly at the despondent Filipina nun. To paraphrase Shakespeare "The queen is dead. Long live the queen". She knew she was now the acknowledged number 1 at making men cum and would go on to the second round against the winner of the 8th seed , the 41 yr old Japanese Toyota worker Saomi Aiwaza and the 37th seed, and 19 yr old prodigy from Indonesia Wening Wulandari 

"It would have been different if it was real fucking. I'm better at cunt and arse fucking", the Filipina sourly said. 

"So am I", was the reply. Winners are grinners.