All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 11 Three For The Price Of One


I couldn't get to all the first round matches but managed to see the highlights that night of some matches which like most of the first rounds matched the seeds against lowly ranked competitors

Seed 3 Trang Vu versus

Seed 30 Yang Chen Ling 

The 34 year old Yang Chen Ling, a wealthy factory owner from Guangdou waddled on to the stage, a legend in own mind. Her 5ft2 112 33 A 29 37 body teetered on extreme high heels and her big hipped small boobed body was barely covered by a micro lurid pink monokini 2 sizes too small which was disappearing up her arse and cunt cracks and didn't even fully cover her areola. A country girl who had used her brain and blackmail to become one of Southern China largest clothing factory owners.

Her opponent the petite, no make that tiny 42 year old Vietnamese Australian lawyer and world number 3 Trang Vu paraded her 4ft11 84 32 B 21 30 on stage. Despite her flawless features and success having been in the top 6 for the past 5 years there was something about her that the put off the crowds and usually meant she lacked crowd support. Maybe it was her expressionless cold manner or her aloof haughtiness, but there were plenty of watchers and fellow competitors who would be happy to see her lose and continually decried her record stating she could never be number 1. Even if it meant that the buffoon from Guangdou was to win.

Twelve minutes and twenty five seconds later it was over. Trang Vu was kneeling between the Cantonese's wide spread legs eating her to her 3rd and losing orgasm as the rotund factory owner lay on her back thrashing her arms into the floor and wailing and screaming in Cantonese, English and unintelligible sounds.

"Diu, Diiiiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (Fuck, Fuccccccccccccccccccccck), Shitttttttttttt, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Trang Vu stood up, her face covered with cum and walked off the stage barely breathing hard as Yang Chen Ling still writing on the floor, a pool of cum between her thighs. A reality check for the Cantonese who thought she would do well at her first All Asian. She had done everything right blackmailing her employees into training partners, qualifying as seed 30, and now out in 12 min 25 seconds.

How did it go wrong? She had been sucker punched by the Vietnamese who had deliberately orgasmed after two minutes and when the inexperienced 42 year confidently relaxed, Trang Vu pounced and sent a shuddering orgasm through her using tongue and fingers. She then trapped Yang Chen Ling's arms under her body as she came and ate her prolonging the pleasure till the Cantonese rocked to a second thundering orgasm who then lay spent on her back as Trang Vu delivered the third and final orgasm that put Yang Chen Ling on the plane back to Guangdou.

Seed 5 Jasmine  versus

Seed 28 Ardina Ratri

The number 5 seed and youngest competitor, the 18year Thai Jasmine strutted on stage dressed even more outrageously than normal. She had painted on a micro bikini with a rubberized paint and wore clunky high heeled boots and it did nothing for her chunky 5 ft, 110 pound 38C 29 34 body. Similarly her thick make up and heavily mascaraed false eyelashes merely drew attention to her pock marked face. But all this paled in comparison to her huge bloated nipples and the monstrosity of a clit that throbbed between her permanently opened cunt lips. Many thought it would only be a matter of time before this insatiable sex machine became number 1.

Her opponent the 29 year old Indonesian relative of former Indonesian President Soharto, Ardina Ratri, the world number 49. She was a more refined version of the slut look: like Jasmine solid and meaty at 34D 22 35 and was wearing a sheer waist length negligee 4 sizes too small for her tits. An experienced competitor who had reached a career high of 28 she was unlikely to upset any of the top 10, but given the number of upsets so far in Jakarta in this tournament you wouldn't bet on it.

But even she was surprised when Jasmine lay back, spread her legs and beckoned the Indonesian to her cunt. Ardina went to work expertly; you wouldn't last as long as she had without having the skills and soon was fingering the teenager's cunt and arse while her tongue attacked the huge quivering freak of nature that was Jasmine's clit. Incredibly Jasmine's swollen nipples became even harder as she willingly pushed her cunt into the permed hair Indonesian's face.

At the 5 minute mark Jasmine was groaning uncontrollably. By the 10 minute mark she was humping uncontrollably and screaming, and Ardina's face was covered in love juice. At the 13 minute mark it happened.

"Oooooooooh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr", she screamed in pleasure as she arched her face and ground her sopping cunt into Ardina's face.

One Zip to the Indonesian as Jasmine moved into 69 with Ardina. The two united in 69 and ate and tongued each other as their fingers sought and explored each others holes. But gradually it became obvious that Ardina was tiring and Jasmine mounted her tired body and sealed their cunts, hers shaved, Ardina's hairy, together and started fucking the Indonesian with her huge clit rubbing it up and down Ardina's slit and arousing her clit with her stabbing thrusts. It was too much for the Indonesian.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk", she screamed and squirmed under the 18year old as she came. One all.

They reunited in 69 and the story was repeated. Ardina tired while the Thai simply couldn't get enough arousal. Finally Ardina's feet drummed the floor as she exploded with the Thai on top of her ruthlessly fucking her with her clit after Ardina could no longer maintain the 69 position. A rubbery limbed Ardina locked into 69 again, but you could see defeat in her eyes and it wasn't too long before she could no longer sustain the 69 position and rolled limply off to suffer the indignation in her home town of the 18 year old Thai and possible world number 1 fucking her prone unresisting body with one of her thick nipples till she came for the 3rd time.

Two hours after the event was over anyone near the changing rooms could hear Jasmine's almost continual chanting as she came over and over and again at the hands of her backer, the wealthy Thai businesswoman Darunee.

Seed 8 Saomi Aiwaza versus

Seed 25 Wening Wulandari

Both women were screaming as they thrust the 3 foot long double dildo that connected each into other. The 19 year old Indonesian general's girlfriend, Wening Wulandari, with pain and frustration as her efforts slowed and weakened while the overweight bespectacled ex Toyota employee, now Toyota sponsored World number 8 sexfighter growled like an animal as she thrust the dildo deep into the Indonesian.

"I fuck you good, you'll not walk for a week. You like the cock I'm giving you, bitch", the 41 year old Japanese ranted as her huge belly heaved and her thighs flexed with each thrust".

The flexible double dong was covered by cum and both women were using every bit of their cunt muscle strength to control it as they lay on their sides resting on one elbow facing each other with one arm around the others neck.

"Eiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Wening wailed as her efforts grew weaker and the 8th seed forced the 2 inch diameter lurid pink plasticised rubber deeper and deeper into the sobbing world number 37.

"I'll split you in two, bitch", the Japanese snarled at her Indonesian opponent as she increased her fucking speed.

Wening was almost gone but instead of allowing her a graceful exit the Japanese spun her around and doggy fucked her till the sobbing Indonesian screamed her submission. She relaxed but the smiling Japanese hammered home a final blow after the bell and withdrew the bloody business end of the double dong as Wening lay curled in pain on the floor and the medics rushed on stage.

It should have been a disqualification but with the financial power of the Japanese the judges acted like the United Nations. They did nothing but wait for an easier target like a Filipina or Cambodian when they would mercilessly use the rule book and pat themselves on the back as impartial upholders of the rules.

I smiled normailty had returned to the event and the top seeds were going through.