All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 12 The Top Seed Round 1

The world number one moved between the Malaysian plastic surgeon's legs and moved up and down scraping her body against the Muslim's legs, torso and the swollen nipples of her surgically enhanced tits. Then she revered her position. She led two zero and was now going to finish her first round opponent in classic 69 style.

Nha Trung from Saigon Vietnam was 21ys 5ft7 100lb 32 B 23 32 and the youngest title holder ever by 2 years. She had been runner up to Zhang Wu of Hong Kong 3 times before defeating her in their title match 6 months ago. She was incredibly pretty in that Vietnamese way with the high prominent Vietnamese cheekbones, thick hair and long (compared to other Asian nationalities) legs. The daughter of a Saigon Banker and herself a recent Accounting graduate, she had been trained (similar to Tiger Woods in golf) for the title by her mother, a former Vietnam number 1. She was also similar to Tiger Woods in that she had zero personality. Despite her model looks she was a ruthless and relentless opponent who once ahead never let her rival back into the event, and now she was going for the kill.

.Her opponent was the World 125 Arfah Jalil of Malaysia 31 5FT5 92 36 C 24 33, a top Malaysian plastic surgeon educated in USA and UK who was the bottom seed in this tournament. She was an enigma with her free charity work, but who charged like a wounded bull for her expensive plastic surgery procedures to wealthy Malays to finance her 6 month venture into sexfighting. And now she was writhing under the world number 1 in her first All Asian Sexfight Championship.

For the previous 50 minutes the two had used dildos and anal butt plugs on each other as they sought to gain control and work the other over to extract the 3 orgasms for victory. Despite the Malaysian in her first tournament not being the pushover that the crowd, and probably Nha Trung, had expected, finally after 18 minutes Nha had the 31 year old surgeon so aroused she was unable to fuck back when she felt the large dildo move into her twat and a pair of hips and pussy lips press down on her own.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", the Malaysian moaned over and over as their hips and bellies collide and she accepted the dildo moving in and out, swelling slightly from her hot pussy and the pressure from above. A good effort but not enough, as Nha Trung who was controlling the other end of the double dong rocked it in and out, up and down, controlling the speed of the fuck. After ten minutes, Arfar's body was bucking and thrashing back uncontrollably as she came.

Almost immediately a warm hand traveled up and down her arse spreading oil, stopping only to probe and stroke her arse. The hand on her arse was replaced with smooth pressure against her arsehole and the pressure built up until her arse was opened by the Vietnamese as she inserted a vibrating anal plug before she fucked her doggy style with the dildo from behind. The next thing she knew a hand was reaching round her hips to frig her clit as she knelt on all fours taking the flexible dong moving up inside her.

She came for the second time even harder shaking the Vietnamese from her cunt and rolled on her back where she now lay breathing irregularly and deeply and covered in cum and sweat; the anal plug still inserted in her arse. Her breasts taken from a 32B to a 36C stood upright unnaturally while her toned sleek belly, honed by hours in the gym, sucked in deep gulps of air through her open mouth. Standing above her was the slim 32 B 23 32 Vietnamese. You pays your money and takes your pick. American style artificial or slim natural Asian. I prefer the latter.

Nha Trung lowered her head and her tongue came out as she parted the wet cunt lips and began to probe. She found the very long clit inside, now standing upright and still quivering and her tongue worked lower and finally found the depths of the 31 year old's hole. She was leaking juice freely and the Vietnamese champ sucked down the nectar. But Arfar Jalil was desperate and now at least able to compete and put everything into a final effort. Perhaps Nha Trung was overconfident, already thinking ahead to the fact that another victory over Zhang Wu (if they met in the final) would finish the 45 year old Hong Kong resident as a challenger and the next big thing the Thai Jasmine was only 18 and still inexperienced.

Anyway instead of continuing her doggy fucking of the Malaysian Muslim she was now entwined in 69 and finding that Arfar possessed a tongue to rival Gene Simmons of KISS. Her tongue probed deeper and deeper into the Vietnamese. She had had an operation to both cut the fold under her tongue so she could extend it almost six inches and split the end in two for an inch so it resembled a snakes tongue. Almost four inches were up in Nha's cunt now and she was rearing off the bed as it probed in and out.


Five inches and the Vietnamese was clamping her legs around the Malaysian's head and then 6 inches as the Malaysian took control. Then Arfar stuck her tongue in as deep as she could go and began to move the two tips independently around searching for her G spot.


Nha orgasmed and her muscles gripped at Arfar's tongue, pulling it deeper inside, dragging it out of the surgeon to almost seven inches. She nearly came again immediately, the tongue-cock working around and around and pulling back; this time the two tips entwining around the champs clit, then to plunge 6 inches deep into the Vietnamese. Over and over she played this formula as the moaning wailing Nha reared and twisted beneath her. For the sixth time she trapped her clit between the two tips of her tongue and went to work only to have her tongue nearly pulled out by the roots as over 7 inches were sucked back in from Nha's second explosive orgasm,.

Arfar continued eating Vietnamese pussy, slowly, deliberately moving her lizard like tongue in and out of her cunt. Fighting for survival the number 1 backpedalled like a crab to break contact. Enraged the crowd booed, swinging from lukewarm acceptance of the champ to solidly behind the challenger, who stood, her unnatural tits pointing directly at Nha and her long split snake like tongue flicking in and out of her mouth, licking her lips, chin and cheekbones.

They entwined standing with Nha doing everything to avoid 69 and that tongue. Her fingers found the trigger of the large butt plug still in the Malaysian and flicked the trigger as they stood upright kissing. The mechanical extension and expansion started and caught the Malaysian by surprise as it began to move like a demon, slowly expanding and contracting and extending out to six inches and retreating in a never repeating pattern. Caught unawares she started to quiver as the Vietnamese's hand slid down and worked her cunt pushing her clit up and down and round in a circular movement.

Fighting back Arfar managed to bring the Vietnamese to the floor and roll them into 69. Despite constantly groaning and giving little squeals of delight, Arfar managed to ease four inches of tongue into the Vietnamese's cunt and she started to shake as the Malaysian's split tongue then withdrew and curled around her clit. But Nha was also eating pussy and working the anal probe. She forced it completely into the Malaysian so all of its expansion and contractions were now inside her arse.

It was a race to the final orgasm. Arfar's tongue versus the Vietnamese's tongue and anal probe. Nha's body was shaking and explosive gasps of air were coming from her nose and into Arfar's cunt, swirling around and caressing her clit as her own body reacted to the seasrching probing weapon of Arfar's tongue.

"Eiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nnnnoooooooooooooooooooo"

"Ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss".

The champ was into the second round, but the applause was for the Malaysian.