All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 13 The School of Life Round 1


Ronielyn Chavez smiled triumphantly as she eased her middle finger between the soft, hairless lips of her 1st round opponent, the 27th seed Shen Yu of China. Then, slowly, expertly, the 23 yr old Filipina began to finger-fuck the younger 22 yr old Beijing IT consultant causing her to writhe and moan on the bed. Then, still finger-fucking Shen Yu's cunt, the ex Bagio City bar girl eased herself up on the Chinese girl's naked body and kissed her on the mouth. Their hot lips mashed against each other, their tongues fucking at each other like miniature cocks.

After a few minutes, Ronielyn broke off and slid her face down to her opponent's small 30A tits. She kissed and licked each tit in turn, then sucked the tiny, inverted nipples into her mouth so they grew stiff within their crater.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Shen Yu groaned, already half out of her mind with sexual excitement.

The feel of the Filipina's mouth on her small tits and the finger fucking in and out of her wet pussy combined to turn the younger girl on with a savage intensity. Ronielyn continued to finger-fuck the tiny Chinese as she bit and nibbled on her nipples which were now visibly throbbing with forced arousal. The tiny almost titless 30A Chinese was one of the new flood of wealthy Chinese women who had emerged in the last 18 months and whose potential and staying power in the major tournaments was still relatively unknown.

Suddenly, Ronielyn moved back down between the Chinese woman's legs and fastened her experienced predatory mouth on the Beijing woman's now fully wet cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhh, God," she screamed.

The Filipina raised her face from her opponent's cunt and grinned up at the younger girl. Too easy. She had started young, competing for the best position for foreign customers in sleazy Philippine bars, owned her own bar at age 20, and then sponsored by her 65 yr old businessman "uncle" had determinedly climbed the ranks in the Philippines. Now as the number 1 Filipina and number 7 in the world she had ruthlessly finished the career of many young hopefuls. And this was another, a rich Chinese bitch competing in her first All Asian tournament. It was too easy. It's the school of Life not University that helps you here, she thought.

"You like that, don't you?" she hissed at the writhing Chinese.

"Oh, yessss, lick my pussy!" Shen Yu cried as she threw her head back and forth from side to side on the bed.

Smiling confidently Ronielyn lowered her mouth to Shen 's Yu's pussy once again and rammed her hot, willing tongue between the 22 year old Chinese's swollen cuntlips and licked the small shaved twitching cunthole as hard as she could. She felt the Chinese girl writhing and twisting with pleasure on the king size bed arranged on the stage. Ronielyn clamped her soft, full lips around the tiny cunt hole and fucked her rigid tongue deep to the hilt.

"Oh, God,! Your mouth feels sooo good and hot on my cunt! Don't stop, Don't stop!" the Chinese girl cried, half-mad with fuck-lust.

But 15 minutes later something was wrong. Shen Yu hadn't cum. She was receiving and receiving the best the experienced Filipina could give but not cumming. Then suddenly without warning Shen Yu rolled them into a tight 69 and the Filipina felt the Chinese go on the attack for the first time and begin to fuck her with her curled stiffened tongue. In and out, in and out, in and out of her tight, wet cunthole with ever increasing speed. She could still feel the almost obscene, twisting movements of the younger Chinese girl on top of her receiving all that her sucking mouth could dish out and this combined with the Chinese woman's tongue was quickly getting Ronielyn aroused.

"Yessss! Yesssss, goddamn you! Suck my pussy! Suck it hard! Suck meeeee!" Shen Yu screeched, running her soft hands over her own small tits as Ronielyn continued to eat her out.

Despite her almost out of control arousal the Chinese girl fucked her tongue deeper and deeper into the Filipina's pussyhole, fucking it in as far as she could and licking the tight walls of the now twitching cunthole. She pulled her tongue almost all the way out of Ronielyn's cunt and started all over, fucking it all the way in again. By now, hot, thick pussyjuice was running out and dribbling down both pairs of slender legs.

As Ronielyn drove her fucking tongue deeper and deeper, feeling the younger girl's cunt-muscles tightening convulsively around her reaming tongue, Shen Yu moaned and reached up to press the Filipina's head even tighter against her cunt. By any measure she had to cum soon, Ronielyn thought as she increased her tongue fucking to a climax inducing crescendo.

Despite moaning with desire, Shen Yu pulled her tongue from the Filipina's pussyhole and turned her attention to her clit. She licked it. She sucked it. Then she nibbled the edges of the sensitive clitflesh.

"Aaaaaaaaaaarghhh! " This time it was the Filipina who screamed as the wealthy Beijing IT expert made love to her clit. The uneducated self made Filipina's arse was bouncing high up in the air now as she thrashed violently on the bed. She bucked her hips, grinding her cunt and clit against Shen Yu's hot sucking mouth, who quickly reacted, moved her juice-smeared face back and forth, first sucking the Filipina's pulsing clit, then plunging her cock-like tongue into her cunthole. Then she licked the entire throbbing cuntal area. Back and forth she moved, bringing the number 8 seed to orgasm.

"Ohhhh, Eiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'mmmmmmmmmmmmcuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming" Ronielyn shrieked.

Shen Yu's response was to roll under the Filipina and slip both hands under her opponent's arse and raise it high in the air, giving her even greater cunt control and increased access to her tongue. Still bucking from her first orgasm and with her hips up and raised, Shen Yu's mouth and Ronielyn's orgasming cunt were now slamming against each other violently

The sound of her eating Filipina's pussy turned Shen Yu on almost as much as the act itself. They were wet gurgling sounds, and she relished the sounds of her tongue raping of the Filipina. Her own first experience had been at University where a lecturer had invited the top ten female students to sexfight for top position on the course where your final grading meant a lot for your job prospects. Surprising herself she won and then when going for her first job and realizing she was number 3 on the short list and noticing the way the boss looked at the women she proposed to him a contest for the job which she won. On her second day the boss brought his mail order Thai bar girl wife in and ShenYu experienced her first defeat but 3 defeats later she had rectified this and when she left 6 months later to start her own business the score with the boss's wife stood at 154 to 4 her way in their daily encounter.

Ronielyn moaned over and over, her mouth slack, drool oozing from its corners. She looked down between her heaving tits and stared at the small Chinese head moving between her wide-spread legs as she was systematically eaten. The expression in the 22 yr old Chinese glazed eyes was a mixture of maddened lust and clinical coldness.

But you don't become number for nothing and Ronielyn arched her back and raised and lowered her arse, panting loudly and moaning all the while. At the same time, she clenched and unclenched her strong cunt-muscles around the Chinese woman's tongue just as if it were a big cock.

"Mmmmfffff," Shen Yu groaned she felt the Filipina's pussy-muscles clamping tightly around her tongue. Both of them were enjoying eating prime pussy. Hot pussy juice ran freely down their firm thighs, wetting the sheets below. Their tits were so hard that they threatened to explode any second. And, hot groans of lust and pleasure continued to pour from their wet mouths.

Over and over, the Filipina number seed's tongue fucked in and out of the 22 year old Chinese's dripping, swollen cunt while her cunt was invaded by the probing searching Chinese tongue until both of the girls were babbling and moaning with lust. But despite the event now being 25 minutes old the Chinese was still receiving, reacting but not cumming.

Ronielyn was busily licking the younger girl's clit again now, attacking the small love-button with her hard tongue. She licked her clit over and over again, harder each time, but despite her moaning and writhing the insatiable Chinese did not cum. And then Shen Yu struck bringing her teeth down and scraping into the Filipina's now sensitive clit-flesh. Ronielyn cried out in excitement and pain.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed.

She grabbed hold of Shen Yu's hair with one hand and tried to yank her away from her pain-ravaged pussy. But just then the pain subsided and pleasure took its place, raw, hot, pounding pleasure. Ronielyn found herself mashing Shen Yu's head back down against her cunt once again.

"Yessssss, , yesssss! Tongue-fuck meeeeee! Make me come! I 'm gonna cuuuuuuuuum" she babbled, raking her fingernails across Shen Yu's back in a frenzy of desire.

She was so turned on that she hardly knew what she was doing. She felt the muscles in her belly and loins tighten up and her tits heaved and broke out in sexual sweat. She went rigid from Shen Yu's ravaging tongue as the Chinese fucked her hot, hard tongue deep into the 23 year old Filipina's cunthole over and over until Ronielyn came for the second time. Her young body stiffened further, and she arched her back painfully, driving her soaking wet cunt up against Shen Yu's greedy mouth. A fresh flood of hot pussyjuices poured from her cunthole, drenching the Beijing woman's mouth. Groaning with pleasure, Shen Yu licked it up thirstily, swallowing it greedily as fast as it shot from her opponent's throbbing cunt.

It was over and the crowd started to move on to another match as the Chinese only needed one more orgasm. Two massive orgasms had racked through the experienced world number 7 Filipina and the 23 year old was lying flat on her back, arms askew, her belly heaving and ready for the coup de grace. Instead Shen Yu draped herself over the Filipina with her cunt covering Ronielyn's face and proceeded to face fuck her. Recovering, the Filipina's tongue went into action again and with a happy sigh, Shen Yu gave her entire body up to the pleasure of having her Filipina opponent's mouth sucking her swollen, demanding pussy.

Ronielyn rolled her onto her back, trapping Shen Yu's arms under her body, imprisoned her legs and went to work on the Chinese cunt. Shudder after shudder rippled through her thrashing body as her long-awaited climax neared her young, trembling body.

"Suck it good, baby, suck it real good." the Chinese girl screamed.

"Ohhhhh, yessssss!" she hollered as her body shook enjoying the Filipina's tongue.

It was embarrassing for the Filipina. Shen Yu was making no attempt to defend or attack, just receive and after 15 minutes of this and fourty nine minutes in total she had not cum despite the Filipina's best efforts.

Five minutes later Shen Yu tore her cunt away from Ronielyn's face and threw herself onto the table next to the bed andl stroked her own clit until a tremendous orgasm smashed forcefully through her entire body, leaving her shaken and trembling with sexual excitement. A statement had been made to the other competitors. She was insatiable

Then, as the last tremors of her climax passed through her, Shen Yu saw the Filipina moving toward her, snaking between her legs, and fastening her mouth again on the Chinese 22 year old's wet pussy. Quickly they entwined in 69 and Shen Yu began screaming with ecstasy as Ronielyn's tongue raped her hot wet opening, her voice grew louder with each thrust of the Filipina's educated tongue. Her own tongue jammed pointed and hard into the sweet trench of the world number 7's cunt, her lips hard against the nub of her clit, as she sucked and swallowed the slick offering of the Filipina's overheated cunt.

There was a worried, fearful, frenetic desperation in Ronielyn's efforts, far removed from the confident woman who had stepped on stage an hour ago. Shen Yu on the other hand was like she was from the start; screaming as her body convulsed but not cumming.

Fifteen minutes later Shen Yu felt Ronielyn's cunt spasm, as the juice shot out of the dark skinned, long haired Filipina's cunt to drench her face; the sweet cloying taste of pussy mixed with the salty perspiration from their combat and hot stage lights dripping from their bodies. Her cunt twisted and writhed around Shen Yu's probing tongue and her body shook with lust as she endured her 3rd and losing orgasm.

Her hot cunt squirted juice to spray the inside of Shen Yu's mouth, too much to capture and swallow, and overflowed to run down her chin and throat, leaving a trail to channel between her breasts and down her belly to drip from between her legs, to the floor. At each squirt of the Filipina's cum juice, Shen Yu renewed her attack on the pierced cunt and was rewarded by the world number 7, incapable of resisting the Chinese, squirting again and again, voice raised to a high wail.

Indeed a definite statement had been made by the Chinese woman. It may be my first All Asian Sexfight competition, but take me on at your own peril.