All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 14 The Final Round 1 Contests


 Seed 12 Huong Do versus Seed 24 Megumi Nejiki

Megumi's fake cock thudded into the kneeling Huong's spread legs, the 10 inch long, 2 inch wide jet black rubberized strap-on banging into the soft cushion of her open thighs as she humped the Vietnamese American's undulating arse doggy style, plunging the oversized dildo up her shaven channel to the hilt, faster and faster until her hips were a blur of motion.

The 24 year old 5ft5 105 32 D 20 31 Huong's pussy spasmed, clenching around the thickness of Megumi's driving prick, as her 2nd orgasm hit. Her body shuddered silently and her belly quivered and knotted with the srength of her passion as her wet cum surged to the opening of her cunt. Imprisoned inside by the huge dildo, her pussy filled with her juice seeking an escape path, to be blocked by the driving black inorganic cock.

The attractive face of the 12th seed was stretched into a grotesque mask and her silicon filled breasts (a legacy of her West coast nude modeling career) were swaying like a suspension bridge in a typhoon as she was systematically fucked by the Japanese born Korean based 24th seed.

Her lips parted and mouth opened wide as she announced to the world her second orgasm, and she spent her own orgasm writhing and moaning to the frenzied fucking of the tattooed woman and wife of the Tokyo based 7400 member Inagawa-kaï Yakuza gang boss's ten inch dildo up her cunt. She was defenseless and unable to retailiate as The Japanese Korean had torn her strap -on from her as she spasmed in her first orgasm and thrown it away.

"Aiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

Megumi threw her head from side to side in triumph as she impaled the Vietnamese American totally with a final brutal thrust leaving her like a piece of meat on a kebab.
She viciously pulled the semi flexible dildo from Huong's cunt, almost pulling the insides of her cunt with it and allowing her juices to cascade from the open mouth of her shaven slit to rain drops of cum on the floor.

Moving in front of the prone Huon she roughly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees. She bent at the knees and one hand reached down to plunge the fingers of one hand in and out of Huon's still flowing cunt while her other directed the now free cum covered fake prick into the 24 year old Vietnamese American's mouth. She proceeded to slowly fuck her mouth as she finger fucked the abused cunt of Huon.

"Ungh ungh unnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhh".

Huong came for the 3rd and final time in their strap on contest, her arse still undulating as her cum first spurted over Megumi's feet, then splashed over the 27 year old former Japanese street girl's shin , clinging with sticky tenacity to her golden skin. As she forced the Vietnamese girl's head and body back the second and third squirts arched high to splash onto Megumi's thighs until they too were wet with sticky cum.

Megumi went into frenzy as Huong continued to cum smashing the dildo repeatedly into her mouth until a steam of blood and a broken tooth joined the pool of cum on the floor. The experts and rumors were right. Huong with her rich USA backers had bought her way up the ladder paying women to lose and was out of her league, and it was payback time on the centre stage for attempting to take the integrity out of the competition.


Seed 19 Keerthi Kapoor versus Seed 26 Nurul Huda Hitam

Never before had there been a match like this at the All Asian Sexfight Championships and yet another, to me, suspicious piece of evidence to me that the Japanese were starting to have an undue influence in their search for the bizarre and outlandish by rigging the draw. It pitted the Indian 38 year old World 22 Keerthi Kapoor, 5ft7 138 38 D 27 40, wife of Industrialist in Calcutta and former ex Bollywood D not B grade actress against World 39, the 30 year old Malaysian Nural Huda Hitam 5ft2 158 47 D 40 48 a newcomer from the division 2 ranks of poor working women who were picked up by investors in the hope of getting rich.

The Indian had proved over the last 10 years she had an insatiable appetite for sex in any form and ability to repeatedly cum for a prolonged period of time. Although too one dimensional to be a number 1, given the right event she could beat the number world 1 more than five out of ten times and has had victories at times over top 3 competitors. But now she was challenged by a Malaysian newcomer who also had an insatiable sex drive for men, women, animals and toys and who had publicly stated she was chasing the Indian Keerthi's reputation as the most receptive woman.

Both women knelt nude facing each other, the giant 47D tits and huge belly of the Malaysian hanging like meat on a butcher's rail while the Calcutta woman was already fingering and tasting her own juices. As they waited they played with themselves while surreptitiously watching the other. The 30 year old Malaysian was rubbing cunt juice into her huge tits bringing the thick stubby nipples into full blossom. The older Indian was using a modified vacuum cleaner on her clit sucking her clit in and out until it was swollen to near double its size and so sensitive that it would stay erect for the entire contest.

Two double modified Sybian machines with the two dildos leaving the vertical saddle at an angle were rolled out and the two women enthusiastically slid the protruding attachments into their arse and cunts groaning with pleasure as they felt the penetrations.

When they were comfortable a Japanese made suction machine - The Arouser - was attached to their nipples and started them pulsing inside air tight cylinders. Finally each woman was given a dog and they were ready to begin.

It was simple. They had to take the two dildos of the Sybian in their arse and cunt, changed each 30 minutes to a larger size, accept the nipple arousal, and make a dog cum at least every 15 minutes. Oh yes, I forgot, they had to make themselves cum at least every 5 minutes. Failure on any of the above meant losing.

"Ready to go down, bitch, now and later on me tonight", the Malaysian Nural hissed as she reached for the dogs sheath and started rubbing its thin cock.

"I'm lucky to meet you in the first round, because no way you'd make it past that to meet me. Be prepared to swallow everything in your fat belly tonight, slut. Spit, cum, piss and shit; you're going to take all of mine", the Indian spat out as she pulled the sniffing dog's nose to her already wet cunt.

For these two the number 1 title in this competition was now irrelevant. Even if they were too fucked after this event to give their best in the next round, winning this match up was the most important thing for them in the whole competition.

Both took a dog's cock in their mouth as the machines started up. Nural's arse and cunt nearly swallowed both cocks to the machine shaft on the twininserter; her pussy and arse easily doing the necessary stretching. Soon the sweat was dripping off her flabby body and her juices were dripping off the machine.

Keerthi examined the remote, which consisted of two dials with indicator lights. The lights, labeled "vibration" and "rotation," illuminated when she turned the dials slightly and a low hum came from the unit beneath her. She began gradually increasing the intensity of both the vibration and the rotation. Her face began to contort -- first with mild pleasure, then growing sensual excitement, and eventually with complete abandon. Her litany of moans and screams, her nails digging into the floor, gave ample evidence that she was in the throes of extreme orgasmic excitation.

Both were making gurgling wet sucking noises as they attended to the dogs which were now howling and vigorously fucking their mouths. In front of each of them were 4 clocks: one showing total elapsed time, another 5 min countdown till they had to cum, another 15 min countdown for the dog to cum, and the final countdown till the larger dildo change.

At 3 minutes a low animal groan escaped from Nural as she came her fingers frigging her responsive clit. She smirked at Keerthi and sneered, "Do you have to ration yours or do you need me to make you cum. Tonight Ill have you drier than the Sahara".

As if to prove her point, "Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love it", and she came again.

Suddenly Keerthi pulled her dog from her mouth and turned the spraying cock into the fat Malaysian's face drenching her.

"Get used to it bitch, I'll work you so hard tonight you'll lose your voice from screaming".

Time passed and the sybian attachments would vibrate independently, and twist and thrust and just plain wiggle. All of this was controlled by the women via the controller pad, so that they could find the right combination of vibrations and movement to give them orgasms. Both also used their hands to help the process along, both on the dogs and their own clits

"Look how I enjoy it," Nural boasted as she simultaneously swallowed her dog's cum and came herself, her huge body shaking all over as she played with her hard nipples, and then at her erect clitoris. She had shaved her cunt so that Keerthi could easily see her clit and pussy. Noticing that Nural was staring at her pussy, Keerthi spread her lips an inch to show Nural the dildo plunging to its full depth in and out her pussy. The base of the plug was covered in her juices. She was fucking wet.

I returned 2 hours later to see the 2 women in the same position. They had been going 3 hours. Dishelved, their own cum dripping from between their legs and dog's cum from their faces, matted hair, breathing in gasps but still competing. I glanced at the boards that showed Nural had cum 62 times, well above the necessary 48, while Keerthi had cum 49 times. Dogs were about equal, Keerthi 19, Nural 17, both above the necessary 16.

I watched for a while as Keerthi touched the control pad, making the dildo hum at a different frequency. Another touch and it began to move in a circle, effectively massaging her cunt tunnel. She lent back and began to hump at the sybian dildo, fucking it with abandon as she slid the dog's cock in and out her mouth from base to tip.

"God, this is sooooooooo good," she gasped, followed by a little whimpering as she came, interrupted by a bellowing groan from the sweat covered 150 pound Malaysian . Nural was responding well to the challenge, shaking every now and then, but mostly softly moaning. Slowly, she began pushing back slightly taking and fucking the 2 dildos that were pushing into her. I stayed for 15 minutes or so and moved on to another match noting there was plenty of time left here.

I returned a few more times in the next 2 hours and to my eyes it appeared as though the younger Malaysian looked fresher than the Indian who was the acknowledged champion. 1 hours later the match between the 2 Taiwanese had finished and I returned.

I glanced at the scoreboard
Time 5 hours 15 min
Keerthi Orgasms 128, (103 needed), Dogs 26 (21 needed)
Nural Orgasms 158, (103needed), Dogs 52 (21 needed)
Cunt dildo 11.75 inches by 2.75 inches
Arse dildo 8.75 inches by 2.75.

It was obvious Keerthi was now labouring, frantically frigging an almost raw clit as she just made the 5 minute cut off. Her head was lolling, she was resting on her elbows, the dog was fucking her mouth, not her blowing the dog, and she was wincing as the sybian dildos plunged in and out.  Nural although breathing like a beached whale was in better shape, screaming at the older Indian as she came again with almost rhythmical precision.

"Ungh ungh unnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yes Agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. You're finished bitch. Tonight you are miiiiiiiiinnnnnnnne."

At the 7 hour mark they increased the size of the two dildos to 11.9 by 2.9 and 8.9 by 2.9.

Nural pushed back onto the Sybian allowing her cum to ooze out and drip on to its bulbous head and I heard her moan and groan with pleasure as the large dildo stretched her wider open than she had been before than night. She repeated it with the anal intruder and went to work.

"Oh God," she moaned to the machine as she adjusted the controls, "Come on, fill my cunt," she pleaded to the machine, "fill my cunt, fill my arse, I need all of it inside me, fuck me, fuck me hard."

"Are you watching bitch? I can take so much more it", she screamed at Keerthi who was too far gone to answer as she struggled to accept her new dildos.

Nural was still clearly enjoying the machine fuck on her arse tunnel and cunt and I watched in amazement as she increased the fucking speed of the dildo, her pussy actually frothy from the machine stirring the copious cum flowing from her. She spasmed for quite a while, coming down from yet another orgasm.

Meanwhile Keerthi had slowly leant forward so that she could spread her cheeks and lube her butthole. Then, it was time, and she pushed slowly back wincing and groaning in pain as both holes stretched and strained to receive their unwelcome guests. Warily she turned the controls and grimaced as the untiring machine went to work. Only pride was enabling her to continue.

Nural screamed again like a wounded animal as she came. If anything her orgasms were coming quicker. Fear and acceptance of defeat stood out like beacons in Keerthi's eyes. She looked at the Malaysian. She was oozing juices constantly, and was totally aroused directing another stream of dog cum over her face and huge wobbling tits. Then she was back to work pressing her butt back and sliding it up and down against the machine.

Oh oh oh oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned in pleasure, over and over as the machine relentlessly pounded her cunt and arse. "I will be the best, I am the best" she screamed, and as she reached for another dog's cock it pulled away slightly. She stretched further.


Nural writhed in agony and held her belly as pain surged through her.  She tried to move but couldn't. It was obvious she was in real trouble andI immediately thought she had caught the Jakarta version of Dehli belly.  Then I really worried. Perhaps I had eaten the same food at breakfast.   Each time she tried to move another crippling burst of pain surged through her immobilizing her.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, noooooooooooooooooooo", she wailed

Though semi dazed Keerthi worked on her almost raw bleeding clit and achieved her 135 orgasm, tears of pain running down her face. She looked at the clock. Nural had 1 minute 35 to achieve an orgasm. Twice the heavy Malaysian tried to move but each time recoiled as the pain from her belly refused to let her move. 25 seconds and she tried biting her lip till it bled only to throw her head back and scream,


The siren sounded and a semi conscious Keerthi was the winner. She slumped off the machine cradling her bleeding abused cunt and clit. She tried to stand but collapsed. A newcomer entering would have picked Nural as the winner, but despite being fresher, having cum more times and made more dog cum she was the moral victor only.


Seed 4 Tang Li-Yen versus Seed 22 Hsu Chong

Another, to me, arranged first round with two bitter Taiwanese rivals matched. Seed 4 Tang Li-Yen, a wealthy well educated millionaire Taiwan merchant Banker. Tattooed, with multiple cunt piercings. Along with Nha and Wang a most attractive elegantly dressed but a woman who when she took off her $5000 suit to reveal her slut underwear turned into the crudest whore imaginable.She delights in anal raping her defeated opponents and aged 34 and 5ft3 98 pounds 34 C 21 32 had just replaced her older opponent as Taiwan's number 1 10 months ago.

Her opponent was Hsu Chong. older at 41 5ft4 94 34 B 22 32, and wealthy from her investments in Mainland China. She too loves her victory rights and with the Japanese influence in Taiwan is a brutal victor. A long time Taiwan no 1 she has been replaced by Tang Li Yen and if she has no success at this tournament will probably retire.  And Tang Li was determined to retire her.

Given their hatred of each other both women chose a Hue sexfight whose name came from the one area in Vietnam where the women were prepared to use force in their sexfights. A rarity in Vietnam where most women valued their looks too much to catfight.

"Shit, fuck", screamed the older woman as she felt the 34 year old other Taiwanese woman's teeth sink into her tit. She smashed her elbow back into her opponents face gaining pleasure both from the relief from pain and the sight of blood that flowed from Li-Yen's lips.

For the 4th time the referee separated the two and warned they both risked disqualification as the Hue sexfight allowed forcible control not a catfight.

"Fuck the rules. I want to catfight her and hurt her", Li-Yen shouted as she kicked out at her rival.

"Yes, fuck the rules. Only one walks away", the former Taiwan number 1 Hsu Chong responded as the officials restained her.

The officials conferred and with that Japanese majority for the first time in the All Asia Sexfight Championship the rules were bent and a catfight was allowed with either woman allowed to do anything to overpower the other to enable an orgasm.

The younger Li-yen made a lunge at Hsu Chong but she easily blocked the punch and slapped her face driving her backward and as she stumbled she jumped at her taking her to the ground. Hsu Chong straddled her before she could do anything and raked her face with her talons. Li-Yen screamed and kicked out with her legs. shouting in pain as she tried to free herself, finally driving her knees up into Hsu Chong's back.

She winced but grabbed a handful of the younger woman's hair and violently pulled her head from side to side while still straddling her naked body. Li-Yen's arms weren't pinned so she managed to rake the older woman's face ending up with her finger in her mouth and pulled her lip violently to the side.

"Eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Hsu Chong screamed as she rolled off still managing to grip Li-Yen by her long hair. Li-Yen grabbed Hsu Chong's hair and they both stood in the middle of the stage floor tearing into each other's long hair snapping each other's heads back and forth.

Li-Yen managed to drive a knee into the older woman's belly who first gasped, then screamed as the Merchant Banker followed up by burying her claws deep into Hsu Chong's left tit. Hsu Chong pulled both hands up to try and pull Li-Yen's talon off her breast, but suddenly with her other hand Yi-Yen grabbed the right tit. Hsu Chong cried out in pain as Li-Yen went to work on her 34B tit until her long fingernails drew blood from the slightly taller Taiwanese investor.

With a desperate effort Hsu Chong wrapped Li-Yen in a bear hug lifting her off her feet and pushed her down to the floor, Li-Yen's head banging hard against the hard surface. Li-Yen tried to get to her feet but Hsu Chong was to quick for her slapping her face and grabbing her hair, yanking her forward then dragging pushing and forcing her back down so she was bent backwards over the arm of a chair next to the bed which was originally there for the sexfight.

Li-Yen's body was arched over the chair arm with her tits sticking up, almost demanding attention. She did not have to wait long as Hsu Chong mauled her tits matching her own still bloody scratches on her own her tits. The older woman was over powering Li-Yen; her hands raking, grabbing and punching her prized 34D breasts and pinching, squeezing then pulling her nipples. Li-Yen tried to hit back but the pain was weakening her efforts and Hsu Chong didn't seem to notice her attempts. Li-Yen screeched out as Hsu Chong reared backwards tugging on both breasts pulling them upwards, pulling her 6 inches off the chair by her nipples.

One of Hsu Chong's hands slid down between Li-Yen legs and she delivered a short savage straight fingered blow to her cunt. Li-Yen recoiled in pain and Hsu Chong forced her knees between Li-Yen's prising them apart. This time she delivered a longer blow, one knuckle extended in her fist straight into the 34 year old's cunt.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooo", she wailed as she tried to slither away only to have her legs grabbed by Hsu Chong who again opened Li-Yen's legs before striking again into her cunt.

Slowly, deliberately she repeated the process, once, twice, three more times.

"I'm going to hurt your cunt so bad you'll be begging me to make you cum and lose!" Hsu Chong yelled at Li-Yen as she lay splayed on the floor.

She parted her legs again and as Li-Yen pitifully tried to cover her cunt the laughing Hsu Chong smashed her fist into the Taiwanese millionairess's face. Blood poured from her nose

"You won't go out in public for 6 months after I beat you up", she gloated.

She reached down for Li-Yen's legs again and reeled back holding her face. Li-Yen had delivered a Liverpool kiss, her forehead smashing into Hsu Chong's face. Luckily for her just missing her nose which would have been broken, but still enabling Li-Yen's next wild round-arm to send her to the floor. She pounced on her back, facing Hsu Chong's feet and as Hsu Chong pressed her hands to the floor in a push-up motion trying to thrust her off, she suddenly screamed and flopped back down as Li-Yen had delivered a brtutal kidney punch .

Hsu Chong struggled desperately, reached back with one hand to try and stop her, but Li-Yen swatted it away and proceeded to rip punches into her kidneys. Hsu Chong screamed again as Li-Yen methodically worked over her kidney as she continued to ride her back. One punch followed another into her kidneys. Hsu Chong desperately reached back to try and claw Li-Yen's sides, but she raised both hands up and delivered a double kidney punch. She bellowed out in pain and jerked up, but Yen_Li kept her pinned to the floor, pressing all of her weight on her back. Hsu Chong was screaming and cursing at her kicking her legs out wildly as Li-Yen continued her kidney assault covering it with red marks.

"Every time you piss for 6 months you'll remember tonight", she hissed pausing to wipe the now semi stopped blood flow from her nose.

Li-Yen now in control looked at the crowd and smiled with a glint in her eyes. She grabbed both of the older woman's firm arse cheeks hard and pulled them apart. A large part of Hsu Chong's pussy was now on display to the crowd and cameras as she separated her buttocks, giving all a good look at her dark hairy bush. You could see her pubes trail right up to her asshole as Li-Yen stretched them apart with her hands; digging her fingers into her buttock's. With one quick movement of her hand she viciously thrust two dry fingers into her arse hole, preparatory to inflicting some of real anal pain she was both capable of and enjoyed dealing out.

Hsu Chong screamed with pain as she felt arse hole almost rip. Some how she managed to catch Li-Yen square on the chin with one of her feet as she kicked her legs out wildly.  It was the saving moment for Hsu Chong with Li-Yen momentarily stunned. She humped her body up throwing the younger woman off her. Li-Yen, still reeling from the kick, fell on her side trapping one of her own arms behind her back. Hsu Chong got to her feet.

"I'll fucking well kill you for this bitch!!" she screamed at Li-Yen as she leapt on top of her slapping her wildly and pulling her by the hair. Slowly in a long test of strength she managed to pin Li-Yen's free arm under her knee as she sat on top of her.

"I'm going to rip your tits off!!" screamed the 41 year old with a sadistic smile on her face, digging her nails into the firm flesh of Li-Yen's mounds. First twisting and pulling her nipples hard, then returning to scratch and tear at her tits till they were a bloody mess covered in a criss-cross patchwork of scratches.

Li-Yen screeched in pain as Hsu Chong tore into her tits concentrating on pushing her right breast up really high so she could claw into the soft flesh underneath with her nails. Hsu Chong then concentrated her attack to Li-Yen's long nipples pulling and stretching them before using a finger nail to deliver the equivalent of paper cuts to their tips. Li-Yen's screeching screaming writhing almost but didn't quite unseat Hsu Chong, but did allowed her to free an arm, reach up and latch onto her breasts. Li-Yen screamed in triumph like a Kung Fu fighter as she dug her claws into the older woman's tits. Despite her obvious agony Hsu Chong readjusted her grip digging deeper into her rival's tits.

They struggled giving and receiving pain until Li-Yen broke off and placed both her hands on the former Taiwan number one's wrists, and desperately tried to pull her hands off her ravaged tits. A high-pitched wail ensued from her as Hsu Chong applied even more pressure, her fingers almost meeting through the tit flesh. The grip on her wrists weakened, as she continued to abuse Li-Yen's bruised bleeding mounds.

Finally Li-Yen gave up tugging on her wrists, unable to dislodge them, as she shook her screaming head back and forth. A scream of utter agony ripped from her lungs. Hsu Chong smiled, twisting both tit's back and forth as the millionairess moaned and cried in sheer pain unable to do anything but buck weakly beneath her.

Suddenly she dug deep within herself. Maybe it was survival, maybe it was pride but she reach up with both hands, and latched onto Hsu Chong's dangling nipples. It was her turn to scream as Li-Yen started to pull her down by both nipples, stretching them to a obscene length as she attempted to pull them off. But before she could do any real damage Hsu released her right tit, and slammed an elbow into her throat , forcing her to gasp for breath and release the grip on Hsu Chong's reddened nipples.

Hsu Chong slid round on the floor to her side trapping Li-Yen's right arm beneath her as she placed her own left arm behind her opponent's neck holding her by her right wrist. She snaked her right leg around Yen_Li's right leg forcing her legs to part. Li-Yen was now completely at her mercy unable to move.

"Now, I'm going to hurt you and make you cum", she gloated.

"Fuck you!" replied the younger woman refusing to accept she was beaten.

Hsu Chong tortured each bleeding tit breast viciously, digging her fingers deeply into her proud assets. The pain was unbearable, as she crushed each breast with a powerful monkey grip, and shook them back and forth like she was trying to rip them from her body. Li-Yen desperately tried to pry herself free but the 41 tear old was too strong now; all she could do was cry out in pain as she mauled her tits. Enjoying herself Hsu Chong returned her attention back to Li-Yen's thick swollen rock hard nipples. She mercilessly tortured them between her thumb and forefinger, and pulled pinched and scratched her nipples so hard that I thought they would be ripped from her body.

Screaming at the top of her lungs and arching her body in a vain attempt to break free proved useless. Hsu Chong lowered her head down onto Li-Yen's left tit who cringed in fear of imminent pain as she felt her thick nipple fold under teeth. Hsu Chong bit down hard on her tortured nipple Searing pain surged throughout her breast. She excitedly bit and gnawed the number 4 seed's nipples while her hand pulled and raked her abused tit, her own cunt juice flowing like from a tap, so aroused was she by her dominance of her hated rival .

With one final effort Li-Yen pushed the heel of her one free foot down to the floor as she arched her body upwards from the sofa, the lips of her pussy spread wide as she struggled to break free from the woman torturing her. Hsu Chong had to stop what she was doing for a moment using her free hand she pushed it down between Li-Yen's arched legs.  Hsu Chong's fingers tangled in her thick dark pubic bush.

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiigheeeeeeeeeeeeee Li-Yen screamed as Hsu Chong pulled at her long black pubes, some being torn away in her fingers. She held up the loose hair and let it flutter onto Li-Yen's face.  She both chewed and bit her nipples and at the same time pulled and ripped her pubes.  Her fingers played at Li-Yen's cunt entrance.

"Now to destroy you inside", she gloated.

"P-please don't. Please!" Li-Yen begged when she felt Hsu Chong's finger enter her pussy lips.

"Are you ready to cum?" said Hsu Chong as she spread the Li-Yen's cunt wide with the splayed fingers of her hand.

"No! Please stop! I will..." Li-Yen begged.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss". Hsu Chong's whole body spasmed and a stream of cum sprayed from her cunt onto Li-Yen at the knowledge she had won. Technically Li-Yen led one zero in the best of 5.

"Spread those legs wide for me slut," said Hsu Chong kneeling on the floor between Li-Yen's trembling legs.

She opened her legs, "Wide bitch wide, don't let me have to tell you again," as she raked the scratched tits.

Li-Yen opened her trembling legs wider exposing the soft flesh of her vulva to her victor's face now only inches away from her cunt. Hsu Chong's mouth descended on her pussy, fingers peeling back the lips so her tongue could roam freely in the intimate caverns of her cunt. She used her fingers to spread the younger defeated woman 's pussy lips wide apart, making her gloat as she did so.

"Let me have some of that slut pussy," said Hsu Chong driving her tongue deep inside. Ten minutes later she was rewarded as the number 4 seed pleaded.

"Please! Please! Make me cummmmmmmmm!!" cried Li-Yen hysterically, and 30 seconds later "oooooooh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss"

One all.

Another 10 minutes and it was Two one.

She tried to fight back but teeth closed on her nipple till it bled.

Hsu Chong swung her shapely legs over Li-Yen and sat down on her belly. Still suffering the effects of her orgasm Li-Yen moaned involuntarily as she felt her victor's wetness come in contact with her bare skin. Hsu Chong took hold of her nipples again, and began playing with them, tugging them and letting them go, then grabbing them again. It was rough, but not like before when she was dishing out punishment as before. Hsu Chong was rubbing her pussy against Li-Yen's belly as she played with her tits. Every now and again a little gasp and moan would escape the 34 year old's mouth as Hsu Chong worked her tits nipping them hard from time to time. Li-Yen's nipples were rock hard as the older Taiwanese flicked her thumbs over them teasing and tormenting them.

Hsu Chong leaned over and kissed her fiercely on the mouth, pushing her tongue deep inside. Her tongue was everywhere rubbing gums, the roof of her mouth, overpowering Li-Yen tongue. She licked the roof of Li-Yen 's mouth, then under her tongue, then to the insides of each cheek. She tasted every inch of her inner mouth, before thrusting it down her throat. It was almost like she was raping her with her tongue. She sucked on Li-Yen's tongue so hard that it made her yelp.

She was grinding and humping her cunt down hard, as if she was fucking her with an invisible cock. She whispered in Li-Yen's ear as she maneuvered Li-Yen into a kneeling position and slid underneath her face to cunt. As the defeated Li-Yen knelt astride her Hsu Chong covered her hand with the slick juices from her cunt, reached up and steadily, methodically eased her wet fingers into the 34 year old's arse. One, two three, four. Then she expanded them, cupped her thumb into her palm and pushed and pushed. It took five minutes but she had her fist in the younger woman's arse.

She tapped her on the belly and Li-Yen lowered her body on to Hsu Chong's. Following the older woman's whispered instructions she slid an arm between their bodies and found her own clit. As Hsu Chong fisted her arse she started frigging herself teasing her responsive clit. She felt the tap on her back and her tongue dove into the wetness of Hsu Chong's cunt. And that was how she came for the third final losing time in front of the crowd, televised, tears in her eyes as her own fingers caused her orgasm while Hsu Chong arse fisted her and she ate her hated rival to her second orgasm swallowing both defeat and the 41 year old's cum.

Hsu Chong lay back ecstatic. Li-Yen was finished. After this humiliation she could never compete again.