All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 15 Round 2 Chinese New Sensation Versus Experienced Vietnamese


For the second round of the 2008 All Asian Sexfight Championship the venue shifted from the Mercure Convention Centre Ancol Jakarta to Saigon, and the match I really wanted to see was the Chinese 23 year old Wang Fei and World 6 who in 57 days, 19 sexfights and 19 victories had gained the fastest entry to the top 10 by a staggering 204 days, and the experienced, ruthless 24 year old North Vietnamese 9 seed Lien Nguyen who has been in the top 10 for 3 years. Lien in the first round had completely destroyed the 32 year old internet pornsite owner/performer Korean Kim Mi Ji who had been ranked at 30 or lower for 8 years in just 15 minutes dragging 3 orgasms from the 32 year old world 23. Wang Fei had been just as impressive winning her fisting contest with the 32 year old Japanese veteran and World 15 Miyu Watase well known for her illegal bending of the rules especially in an event like fisting.

In a typical Vietnamese move to put inferiority and doubts into their opponent's mind the 5ft4 106 pound 32 B 24 32 Lien was barely dressed in a see through baby pink doll, matching micro G string and 8 inch heels with 2 inch platform soles, and motioned to the Shanghai stockbroker to join her. The attractive Wang Fei was one Chinese who could withstand this challenge and she was wearing a tight black camisole laced at the front and a butterfly black thong. At 5ft7 105 34 BB 23 32 she was one of the few Asians that could match the Vietnamese in the beauty stakes, although Lien's heels being 3 inches longer than Wang Fei' s minimized their height difference. The two stood with their bodies pressed together tightly and kissed long and deep. Lien took the initiative and without undoing the front ties half lifted Wang Fei's camisole over her head, covering her face and immobilizing her arms above her head with the tube like garment, and then slid out of her own baby doll. All the crowd could see was the slim, naked Vietnamese standing tall on her heels as Wang Fei awkwardly tried to wriggle the tight camisole over her head.

Lien went on the attack kissing her way down Wang Fei's neck until she was at her bare breasts. She kissed, sucked and licked them, quickly drawing her nipples erect. As Wang Fei struggled, arms pinned upright beside her head, to divest herself of the camisole, Lien reached up with her left hand and then grabbed and held one of the Chinese 23 year old's arms. Her other hard slid under the butterfly thong of the Chinese and she smiled as her long fingers parted her opponent's cunt lips and went exploring. Four minute later her smile was a yard wide as her thumb rotated a pulsating clit and three fingers were in a wet sloppy cunt as the Chinese responded to her fingering. Finally Wang Fei broke free of her camisole restraint, her pussy and thigh wet with her glistening juice looking for payback action to find Lien had already turned her back on her and was examining the dildo.

The dildo itself was a 24 inches long black silicone rubber double ended weapon with a 2 inch curve in the middle. At each end was a 6 inch long, 1.5 inch wide twisted section which swelled to a 3 inch long 2.25 wide smooth section, which in turn morphed into a 2 inch long 3.5 inch wide section. At the junction of the centre curve and each tapering extension was a ring of clit teasers.

Lien placed one of the realistically shaped heads at the opening of her deep hole and twisted as she pushed herself against it. The black dong disappeared further and further into her as she moaned to the crowd,

"Ooooooooooh, Watch me fill myself with this thing. Deeper, deeper, deeper".

Slowly but surely the head and body of the thick rubber cock inched its way into Lien's accommodating twat. Once the first 6 inches of thick, vein-studded cock were deep and snug in her hole she swung around, the free end hanging loose and heavy between her legs, and used her cunt muscles to make it twitch and jump to the screams of the crowd. In the space of ten minutes she had humiliated Wang Fei on stage.

Treating Wang Fei like a beginner she motioned her to lie down before straddling her and prepared to feed the other end into the Chinese woman's still wet trench. Wang Fei tensed with anticipation as she felt Lien fitting the fat knob of the artificial cock into her cunt lips, stretching them slowly. The Vietnamese held back stroking the Chinese contender's cunt and clit with the bulbous head as she controlled the entry to a slow pace and used her hips and cunt muscles to move the dong around the Chinese cunt as it entered. The low moan, coupled with her gripping and pulling on the bed sheets told the crowd that Wang Fei was rapidly becoming more and more aroused. Lien worked more of the fat dildo up the Chinese stockbroker's cunt. Three, four, five inches slid in, slowly stretching and reaming her cunt. She groaned again as she felt the dildo flex and move inside her, responding to Lien's control of the entry until the first 6 inches were fully in her.

Finally united by the dong they moved around a bit, trying not to get their legs all tangled up and ended up in the classic position sitting on the floor facing each other, legs extended right over left and joined by 20 inches of thick black dong. They gripped each other's hands and began working their hips. Immediately it was obvious Lien was in control: as Wang Fei thrust she rocked her hips back and her cunt muscles held her six inches like a vise. Then drawing her hips further back she pulled five inches of dong from the Chinese woman's wet slippery cunt and thrust her hips forward to slide it home again.

She was in control and increased her pace plunging the double dildo harder and harder. Each thrust was stretching and widening the Chinese competitor's cunt opening; her cunt lips extending and opening to wrap around and accept the wider 3 inch long 2.25 wide smooth section. Relentlessly Lien split her open inside till she was fucking her with short thrusts only using the 3inch long wider section.

Wang Fei's efforts had virtually ceased as the Vietnamese speed fucked her. Her cunt was oozing juice and she couldn't grip the smooth part of the dildo Lien was rapidly pistoning into her. Finally Lien let go of their hand grip and placed her hands on Wang Fei's waist and slammed her hips forward, driving the rubber and latex 2 inch long 3.5 inch wide last section fully into her pussy. As Wei Fei screamed Lien began powering in and out of her helpless cunt like a battering ram.

Then she forced Wang Fei back onto to her back, knelt between her legs pinning her arms, and fucked the Chinese. Each time she bottomed out in her cunt she wriggled and twisted her hips using the clit arousers on the hilt that joined the dong extension to the flexible centre to tease Wang Fei's quivering clit. It was only a matter of time.

"Nooooooooooooo Unghn Unghn Unghn Unnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggh"

Wang Fei bucked uncontrollably as she came but still had the presence of mind to strike like a cobra. The controlled fucking had started Lien's juices flowing and she had momentarily relaxed as Wang Fei came and her cunt muscles squeezed, but too late as Wang Fei thrust upwards. Wang Fei had buried the first two sections into her.

A setback, but not catastrophic as she still had three sections in the Chinese and was on top. She forced Wang Fei back and recommenced her fucking of the Chinese when suddenly


Wang Fei had reached out and picked up one of Lien's 8 inch heels and rammed it home up her arse. As she writhed from this invasion the Shanghai champion drove the final 3.5 inch section into her opponent so they were joined cunt to cunt; their wet pubic hair meshed together. As Lien writhed Wang Fei had managed to get on top and fasten her lips to Liens nipple. Being on top she could rock and move her body to control and use the ticklers on Lien's clit.

Short guttural breathes from the Vietnamese were followed by such an incredible deep wail from the petite woman as she came.


For the decider the two women were first separated and then eased into the classic starting position, clasped hands and began fucking. Both were soaking wet and neither could grip the dong to stop the others thrust. Sometimes the thinner end was inside, sometimes the thicker middle section, but most times the full 11 inches for each woman was forced into the other with the secondary effect of the clit arouser coming into play. Both girls were panting and moaning heavily

Gradually Lien took control often thrusting two or three times to Wang Fei's reply. A smile spread across her face as she sensed victory. Wang Fei desperately pounded into the Vietnamese in a one final effort and, success. She had managed to embed the tip into Lien's uterus and immobilize her. Any movement caused pain and it gave the Chinese time to recover and then roll Lien onto her back still with part of the dildo inside her uterus.

She grabbed Lien's waist and began fucking her even harder than before. She was a lot rougher than the competitors were normally, slamming that dildo in and out, as though she was trying to pay her back for her earlier suffering,. but after ten minutes of roughly pounding the huge cock in and out of her pussy, she pulled out.

Forcing the panting, exhausted Lien into a kneeling position she moved behind her. Lien didn't have to wait long to feel the thick, bulbous head of the fake cock poking at the entrance to her pussy and after a moment, it was slowly making its way inside. Despite its size, Wang Fei's controlling position and grip in her hair forced her to accept inch after inch, section after section until she could feel the trimmed hair above Wang Fei's pussy tickling her arsehole and she could feel the spikes of the central ball teasing her clitoris.

Wang Fei still pulling on Lien's mane of hair rode the wailing, sobbing Vietnamese to her early exit in the second round.