All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 16 Round 2 Extreme Contest Jasmine v Megumi Nejiki  

The 27 year old Japanese born, now Korean based, World 35 Megumi Nejiki walked on stage. She had left school  to live with a Korean gang member who make up 15% of the Yakuza in Japanand had a child at 18. The ex Inagawa-kaï Yakuza gang communal property, now wife of its Korean branch head was a solid 5ft4 107 pound 34C 26 36 woman whose back was covered by a large dragon tattoo. Her black mini was stretched across short powerful thighs and a tight see through body hugging blouse and high heels completed her outfit. There was nothing else. She waited for the 18year old Thai.

Incredibly Jasmine had outdone her self; she pirouetted on stage; her strong legs with their chunky thighs rubbing together when she walked. Her chunky, over ripe, 5ft, 110 pound, 38C 29 34 body was covered, if that's the word, in two lurid pink latex painted arrows pointing to her cunt, paired with long garishly matching pink painted toenails and fingernails and platform shoes. Parading around so the crowd could see her huge clit, as usual permanently exposed by her open slit and the hood that failed to cover it fully, even before she was aroused, beneath her jet black thick yet silky pubic. To complete the picture a smallpox scared face on which eye liner and lipstick outline were permanently tattooed and complimented by heavy makeup which together with her tousled hair somehow made her look even more sluttish

They faced up inches from each other, eyes locked, throbbing with meaning and sexual promise. The pre match undressing was a ritualized formula. Normally they would both slowly remove their clothes, kicking them aside until finally, they would be facing one another naked, building the sexual pressure in the venue to an almost palpable level.

But Jasmine took the initiative. Her fingers came up to the top of the Yakuza woman's blouse, and she began unbuttoning it. "I want to," she hissed in a low menacing voice, "fuck you and humiliate you in front of the crowd", as she first unbuttoned Megumi's blouse, then removed it completely. She jutted her obscene tits out in a challenging manner. They were a freak of nature, 38C grapefruit sized but as firm as a teenager's small 32s and with the largest nipples imaginable.

She had been bought for USD$100 from a country temple run by nuns where she had been fucked 8 to 12 hours a day and was semi trained and enjoyed it in the level 3 competitions, but a wealthy Thai business woman Darunee now owned/sponsored her. Combined with her incredible sex drive it was little wonder she had such a meteoric rise in the seniors and was unbeatable in the 18s and 19s and  was Number 5 in the opens, only the second after the present World 1 Vietnamese 21 year old Nha Trung to be a top 10 in both the open and under 19 simultaneously, but Nha was  months older at 18 years 10 mths when she achieved this. Many think she will make no 1 in the next couple of years and it's ironical a former level 3 could be replacing a thoroughbred with Nha's pedigree, who had been trained (similar to Tiger Woods in golf) for the title  by her mother, a former Vietnam number 1 and World 3.

They stood there breathing heavily but not touching, their eyes locked, swirling and hungry until Jasmine could wait no longer. She took Megumi's round face in both hands and kissed her large, sensual mouth, slowly at first, but then more insistently, sliding her tongue inside, meeting Megumi's, trying to dominate from the first kiss. Megumi quickly responded, kissing her back, running her hands up and down Jasmine's body while her tongue invaded Jasmine's mouth.

Jasmine's eyes were burning with competition fever. She pressed their bodies together tighter, their tits fighting for first ascendancy. They kissed very aggressively this time, pressing their naked breasts together and devouring one another. Megumi was no slouch with her 34C round melons but after a couple of minutes she broke off the duel to finger the Thai prodigy. Both slipped their hands into the other's slit, clutching flesh hungrily.

Jasmine bent her mouth to one of Megumi's aroused dark nipples and sucked it deeply inside her mouth.

"Unhhhh! Oooohh".

Slowly, still sucking passionately, Jasmine pushed Megumi back until they both fell onto the bed. The she scooped the Japanese born woman's tits up in both hands and devoured her swollen dark nipples, first one, then the other, sucking and tonguing and pinching them until Megumi was twisting and whimpering, watching Jasmine's mouth on her breasts, then throwing her head back and moaning, arching her back to push them harder into Jasmine's face.

But she was not about to let Jasmine take the upper hand completely. Still lying on her back, she pulled Jasmine up her body with her powerful arms until Jasmine's breasts were dangling over her mouth. Then she opened her lips and lowered Jasmine until her nipple slid between them. She sucked a large chunk of Jasmine's breast into her mouth.

"Oh . . . Yeeeeeees Unhhhh!" Jasmine gasped, feeling her whole body light up with the hot sexual fires of competition.

Megumi turned Jasmine over, and kissed the nape of her neck, the rounded backs of her shoulders, the shallow groove between her shoulder blades, while from behind, she brought her hands up under Jasmine's arms and clasped her huge swaying naked breasts with both hands, squeezing the firm globes sensually, feeling the huge bulbous nipples pressing into her palms. She pressed her body against the Thai's naked back, and suddenly clamped Jasmine's arms above her head with a one arm through nelson and wrapped her strong legs around her opponent's thighs separating them and spreading her open. Her other hand reached around and went to work on her monstrous clit stroking it like she was giving a man a handjob. For the remainder of the 15 minute warm up she continued to control the young World number 5 Thai, drawing 3 orgasms from her.

After 10 minutes they were separated, Jasmine furious at underestimating her opponent and being upstaged, and were then let loose again. They swarmed over each other, whimpering and gasping and panting, kissing and sucking and biting, probing, rubbing, devouring each other in a fierce, all-consuming passion. The bed shook and squeaked as they coiled around one another, moaning softly, then more desperately as each approached a fast, unstoppable orgasm. They had no time to lick or eat each other. Instead, in their urgency, they wrapped their legs around each other, squirming, pushing their hard, flexing thighs into each other's wet, open pussy.

They fucked each other wildly with their thighs, and suddenly erupted in a torrent of coming, straining together and whimpering, then crying out as the spasms wrenched them.

Ohnnn god. . . auungghhhh! Oh shit! Ungghhh!" Megumi cried out, feeling a sharp explosion of cumming deep inside her pussy, feeling it respond to the thick, hard muscle of Jasmine's thigh. Jasmine climaxed at almost the same second. She pushed her face into the Korean based 27 year old's neck, grinding her sopping wet pussy into her thigh and groaning in a wild outpouring of ecstasy.

"Awwonnggg! Ohnngg oh oh yes yes! Oh god yes oh oh Jesus sweet fucking Jesus!" she moaned, undulating as the shockwaves passed through her. But deep down still confident in her legendary ability to cum often and not be worn out.

As the intense spasms waned, they glared at each other. But both knew it was not enough to advantage them and they began kissing passionately again, almost immediately. The siren blew to signal the start of the real competition: most cums in 3 hours.

Jasmine quickly slid down between Megumi's now wet thighs and pressed her mouth to her wet, shaved slit, sliding her tongue in deep. Meanwhile Megumi slid both hands under Jasmine's buns and squeezed them as her tongue and lips devoured her flowing pussy. Megumi moaned and swirled her hips, rhythmically undulating her pelvis as the Thai hungrily mouth-fucked her cunt. Jasmine's large, firm breasts rolled and jiggled, and Megumi could easily see them when she lifted her head, watching as her fingers clipped and twisted the bulbous, swollen, gleaming dark nipples.

The Thai was fingering as well as eating, while Megumi was just working her mouth on the slug sized clit the Thai possessed. Soon the Thai upped the ante. A thick forefinger wormed up into Megumi's warm, buttery channel, probing for her G spot, while she caressed the 27 year old mother's clit at the same time with the tip of her tongue.

Megumi went wild. Her flexing, twisting body glowed with a thin film of sweat, gleaming like polished gold, her bursting thick nipples shiny and huge, her face contorted with sexual tension. She whimpered and panted, and screamed.

Jasmine hadn't found it yet, but she knew she would. She turned her finger, pressing the outer, spongy wall of Megumi's tight pussy, kissing her clit and spitting out to her.

"You're going to come so hard, slut, so hard. I'm going to make you come so hard!"

Just then the Korean competitor's body stiffened totally. The dam was about to burst. Jasmine raised the intensity by sucking her whole clit into her mouth, tonguing it frantically while swirling her fingertip around on the spot inside Megumi's pussy tyring to bring her to a super explosive orgasm early in the match..

Megumi's body began to shudder involuntarily, and she simply burst with cumming, one fierce climax following another as she thrashed and moaned and quivered through a long series of orgasms. She was groaning so loudly, pumping frantically with her pelvis, and coming in successive shockwaves of intense pleasure that her body flexed and clenched as each wave struck her.

I counted seven mountains, reaching a peak of excruciating power with the fourth one, then two more tailing off from that, the last one a long, orgasm that left Megumi weak and barely able to keep her mouth on the Thai teenager's clit.

Continuing without a break , Jasmine scooped up Megumi's tits in her short, stubby fingers and teased Megumi's nipples with her tongue before searching for, and again finding her G spot. She proceeded to give the 27 year old a thorough, exhausting fucking that came very close to rape. Megumi came another eight times in quick succession as the youngster enthusiastically fucked her hard, raping her pussy with two fingers while she assaulted her clit with her lips and tongue, even sliding one long finger up into Megumi's arse in the middle of her second orgasm of the second set, and keeping it there for the next 6.

Jasmine was ruthless and she flung herself back into a heated fucking frenzy, screwing the older woman completely, making her come again and again. She rolled Megumi onto her back, rubbing their naked bodies together sensually. For the next hour and a half, they fucked almost steadily, the confident Jasmine allowing herself to cum through enjoyment as she wrung orgasm after orgasm from the Japanese/Korean. After 2 hours the score was Jasmine 5 Megumi 38.

After another 10 minutes it was 6 to 43 and the match was effectively over when the exhausted Megumi struck gold. She had steadfastly sucked Jasmine's clit the entire match to the exclusion of anything else, using her tongue like a rasp and her lips and teeth like a scraper on the unreasonably oversized clit as she slid it in and out her mouth, and she again extended her tongue until it grazed the swollen labia of Jasmine's open pussy. Her tongue slid across the sensitive clit, and Jasmine's face contorted into a tense grimace of sexual tension and pleasure.


Her scream echoed round the room. Her body convulsed. She whinnied sharply into the pillow, her hips churning and quaking as the spasms rocked her. The constant clit sucking and scraping with her teeth had so sensitized Jasmine's clit she had no control. She turned her head, flailing with one hand and pulling the pillow closer to her face. Megumi made her come quickly again. It was another violent, gut wrenching orgasm.

Megumi feasted on the unresisting Thai's flesh, sucking her huge pulsating, inflamed raw clit inside her mouth, hearing Jasmine whimper, feeling her squirm. She then attacked coldly and deliberately, luxuriating in Jasmine's wet cunt and bloated, swollen bursting clit. She started using her fingers at the same time, moving them in and out of the open, oozing pussy before frigging her red bruised clit as furiously as she could. Both her tongue and her fingers were pleasuring the wet, swollen labia until her tongue slipped down over Jasmine's protruding clit and into the glistening trench below it.

"Ohhhhnnn . . .Unghhhhhhhhh" the Thai moaned over and over, twisting excitedly as Megumi's tongue invaded her pussy and her fingers worked the brutalized clit. She hand-fucked her rapidly, bringing her to another fast, excruciating climax before Jasmine even realized what was happening. Jasmine came in sharp, violent convulsions, unable even to cry out as the deep, shattering spasms rocked her body. Megumi crouched over her, fucking her again as she came, then covering her cunt again with her mouth and working on her clit as Jasmine's breath finally returned in long, agonizing moans.

Jasmine was sobbing rhythmically, and gyrating her hips frantically as she came.

"Auunngghh! Oh . . . Noooooooo--" she gasped. "Unngghhh! Auugnniieee!" she wailed, coming and coming as Megumi continued to pump her.

18 cums to 43, then 24 to 43, then 33 to 43, and next 37 to 43 with 15 minutes to go. The gap was closing. With 4 minutes to go the score was 40 to 43. Megumi was in total control, sliding her tongue deep into the unresisting Jasmine's pussy, then drawing it out and up, across the teenager's engorged clitoris, until she was quivering and moaning uncontrollably.

"Oooooooohhhhnnn . . . oh Jesus, you going to make me come again, " she panted, twisting her body, looking at Megumi. "Oh god . . . I'm gonna come! Oh . . . Noooooooooooooo!"

41 to 43 with 3 minutes to go. Desperately Jasmine started ripping her nails along her tits, drawing blood, trying to make her self inflicted pain stop her from cumming. She bit her lips till they bled but held on, her 44th orgasm coming just after the bell.

"Auunnghh! ANNNGGHIIIIEEE!" she screamed out, convulsed by a sharp and long-lasting orgasm, much more powerful than any she had previously had.

She arched her back, flexing and shuddering in the grip of a final fierce, ravaging spasm. This orgasm was so strong that the aftershocks were still shaking her and as the defeated Megumi held her down she quivered and jerked from the tremors of coming. It lasted over a minute and like a knockout punch left the Thai unconscious but the winner as because they were tied at 43 all the lower seed proceeded.

 As I walked away after event I turned around when I was tapped on the shoulder. There was Hitomi Asoaka. The 18yr old number 1 sexfighter in the 18s and 19s in Saitama Prefecture of Tokyo. (A prefecture is what we would call a state and Saitama is immediately North West of Tokyo and includes several of Tokyo's commuter towns). I had met her when she beat and fucked my hope for the Under 18s and the accompanying money pot, Annisa, in Tokyo 3 months ago.

"Hi Greg, I'm now number 5 in the Japanese 18s and 19s". Modesty was not one of her virtues. "And you owe me".

Indeed I did because if she had not interceded after I accidentally insulted one of a Yakuza gang, parts of me would still be floating in Yokahama Harbour.

"This is my mother. A thin birdlike like woman bowed to me. My mother bought me up as a single mother. It was hard for her because she had been raped by the local Yakuza gang when she was younger and after that because she testified in court no one would marry her or give hera  job. So she works as a street cleaner and is very poor. Now I get good sponsorship money I brought her here for a holiday so she can have a man fuck her for 45th birthday. First time since she was raped. You are the man"

I backpedaled. "I'm here with Annisa".

"I'll fix her".

"Maybe your mother doesn't want me."

"You not as good as Japanese man, but she has no other choice."

Thanks for the endorsement I thought.

Just then Annisa turned up. Always late due to her makeup.

"What's going onnnnnnnnn". Her voice trailed off as she saw Hitomi and she cowered behind me.

My stomach sunk and felt like it was gripped in ice, I knew then that my plan to ride on her coattails and get rich from betting on her in the 18s and 19s was doomed. Fuck, the money I had spent. Well technically spent as it wasn't mine but others but you get the picture. The beating she had received in Tokyo from Hitomi had mentally scared her and it was confirmed when she cringed when Hitomi spat out at her.

"Greg is going to fuck my mother tonight and if you interfere I'll tattoo my name on your face"

My heart sunk further. All the time invested. All the money. Wasted.

So that night I morbidly approached the bed. Hitomi's mother Kurumi had switched off the light and lay as stiff as a mummy on the bed wearing flannelette pyjamas. Groaning to myself I thought. Its only one night and Hitomi did save my arse from the Yakuza gang.  plus getting the mother onside might help me pry Hitomi away from the Japanese machine and into my management