All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 17 Distraction, Hitomi's Mother  

Older Japanese women come in 3 groups.  Good looking sophisticated but who wouldn't look at me since I wasn't a wealthy captain of commerce,  chunky dowdy houswifes, and thin skin and bone skeletons.  Hitomi's mother was in the last group

So that night I morbidly approached the bed. Hitomi's mother Kurumi had switched off the light and lay as stiff as a mummy on the bed wearing flannelette pyjamas. Groaning to myself I thought. Its only one night and Hitomi did save my arse from the Yakuza gang.  Plus getting the mother onside might help me pry Hitomi away from the Japanese machine and into my management.  It wasn't lie back and think of England, but lie back and think of the money.

When I lay down beside her, she rolled onto her back and opened her legs slightly. I think she had the submissive Japanese wife idea of how to "do sex", not the liberated modern one and assumed I'd get straight on top of her and penetrate her at once. I gave her a light kiss on the lips. It topped off a bad day.

"Slow down," I told her gently. "I want to make you feel really good first."

She looked up at me, eyes half-closed. "I already feel really good," she slurred. Obviously she had to drink to go through with this.

"I mean really really good," I said.   In for a penny, in for a pound I thought.  Do it right and  her daughter Hitomi might become my goldmine .

I pulled her tenderly but firmly towards me. She leaned against me and hid her face in my chest. The feeling of her small, yet still taut for her age, breasts pressed against me and slowly gave me a hard on. I put my finger under her chin and raised her face. I kissed her face, cheeks, ears and her lips tenderly. I took her lower lip and then her upper lip in my mouth and slowly sucked on them.

I turned her around so that her back was leaning against my chest. I slowly put both my hands on her small tits and pressed them. I took her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and rubbed them. In the mean time I kept kissing her. I then put my hands one by one under her pajama top and caressed her tits. The feel of them in the palm of my hand was great. My hard on became harder and so did her tits. I stroked her tits and tweaked her nipples. She moaned with pleasure.

I switched on the bedside light, "Kurumi, your tits are perfect. Let me see them".

"No, no, they are old and small" she whispered, but let me raise her pyjama top above her tits. I continued to caress them. She continued to protest mildly but I paid no heed to her protests. Again she crossed her arms across her tits.

"I feel embarrassed, I'm so old".

Slowly I pulled her arms away from her breasts. She lay there half-naked with her eyes shut tightly not knowing what is going to happen next. She lay panting, her breasts hard, nipples taut and moaning softly. I kissed her face all over then worked down her throat to her chest. She started to pant heavily out of control as I kissed her tits and slowly moved to her nipples and took them in my mouth. I spent some time sucking, lapping and nibbling at those small tits and their out of proportion, thick, thumbnail sized, erect nipples. I kept kissing her and handling her tits and she kept moaning. Her breath was getting shorter. After a minute or so her hands caught my head and pressed them on her nipples guiding it to the places she enjoyed most.

She kept muttering, "Oh oh oohhhhhhhh" as I kept kissing her tits and rigid dark nipples. Her breathing was getting deeper, shorter and more rapid.

She began to moan and wriggle; and, when I left her tits to move further down, she groaned,

"Noooooooooooo, don't stop."

I lifted my head for a second and told her, "Trust me, you won't be sorry."

My hand traced down the contour of her abdomen and into her thick matt of pubic hair. Stroking the hair with my fingers I found her slit and the swollen bump of her clit. I pressed her clit between my fingers.

With a start she caught my hand and whispered, "Oooooooh tooooo muchhhhhhh. You'll kill meeeeeee"

Ignoring her protest I continued to massage and lightly pinch her knob of pleasure. Soon her grip on my hand relaxed. She started to moan softly. I put my hand under her back and lifting her slightly slid her pajama bottom off her hips.

She again protested loudly, "NO, NO don't look at me naked. I am too old".

"Quieten down. Relax and enjoy" I said as she allowed me to slip her pajama bottom completely off.

Hitomi's grandmother lay naked on the hotel crisp snow-white bedspread. Her eyes tightly shut with her arm covering them, her mouth slightly open, her hard tits pointing towards the ceiling, her small breasts heaving up and down. Her clit hard, erect and fully visible busting out of her thick cunt lips.

I pressed and massaged her swollen clit and ran my finger up and down the furrow of her slit. She was wet with the hot flow of her arousal and I started my downward journey. She had a thin, almost a gymnast's body, with virtually no excess fat. Slowly I moved downwards and when I got to her navel, I sucked on it and stuck my tongue in it and fucked it. She nearly went wild. I went back to her tits, her face before easing her legs a bit wider and planting my first kiss on her prominent fleshy pussy lips.

At the first contact, she bucked and yelled.

"Nooo. It's too yucky for you. You can't want to do that."

I pulled my mouth away, reassured her and proceeded.

After a minute I stopped.

"No, don't stop, do it against, please."

So I returned, to begin licking lightly around her cunt which was below one of the thickest pubic mats I had seen. Kurumi was tossing and writhing, her breath coming in short gasps. I let my tongue open up her lips, and she gave a long wail. Juices were pouring out of her cunt-hole, and I lapped them up eagerly, amazed at how each woman tasted different.

I put my mouth to her clit (standing as proud and as disproportionately sized as her nipples) and sucked and flicked it with my tongue. She moaned loudly and her hips moved up and down and gyrated in a circular motion. Tremors ran through her body and she moaned softly, unable to resist the pleasure waves mounting higher and higher.

Suddenly she clutched my head and pressed it to her clit. A few seconds later with a loud "AAAHHHhhhhheiighhhhhhhhhhhhh" she gave a scream and started spasming out of control, floods of her pussy-nectar pouring into my mouth. She must have flopped around for at least two minutes, moaning raggedly, before her convulsions died down and she went limp.

I slipped up the bed and took her in my arms. Her small, frail body felt like a rag-doll, except that I'd never known a rag-doll so soaked in sweat. After a bit, she raised her face, damp strands of hair stuck to it, and managed to focus dazed eyes on me, and then let her head fall back into the crook of my shoulder.

I let her lie there, although my stiff cock was begging for attention, until she was sufficiently recovered to sit half up.

I was aware of her eyes carefully scanning every inch of my body and when they reached my erection, her eyes shot wider, her mouth opened and her tongue started nervously moistening her lips. "It's huge, how can I take you", she commented?

That felt good. My cock's a decent size, but not exactly in the super-stud league. One of the advantages of being with Asian women is they think you are huge. Lucky I don't know any Negro women.

She reached out a tentative hand to my erect cock.

"It's all right," I reassured her. "You can touch it."

Fascinated, she ran her fingertips over my cock, then flinched back as it twitched in response.

"It's OK," I told her; but she looked dubious, so I kissed her and very gently took her hand, placing the palm against my shaft. "Put your hand round it and rub," I said.

She did as I suggested, tentatively at first, then a smile came over her face as she began to get the feel of how she could make my cock respond. We kissed and I was aware that she was still breathing heavily, and that her pussy-lips were wet and open; just as I was aware that my cock was completely stiff and oozing precum as Kurumi's hand drifted absently down and began rubbing it again. Our kisses grew more insistent as we became aroused, grinding our bodies together. She had one leg thrown over me, so that her cunt was stretched wide, rubbing against my body and cock.

I pulled myself over her and between her legs, shuffling into position. Instinctively she reached down with one hand, and helped the shaft between her wet, puffy lips. She rubbed it up and down a few times, and she squealed each time it flicked her clit. Then, when she'd found the exact position, I slipped my hand under her and pulled her bottom up, as I pushed my own down. The knob of my cock slipped her narrow, wet hole, and she yelled and bucked as if it were buried to the hilt.

Glancing down, I saw her rigid, her face contorted, and her eyes were watering.

"It's been 34 years" she cried. "I'm no good at fucking, I can't take you", she wailed

My face was getting wet, and I knew she was crying. At last, her eyes turned to look at me. "You... you can't want me. I'm no good," she whimpered.

She didn't attempt to pull away from me, though.

"Feel my cock. Who is making it hard".

"Me", she whispered, "me", she repeated almost in wonderment.

After a moment, she nodded. "OK," she said faintly.

So I rolled her onto her back again and began thrusting into her, slightly harder each time, so that, at each push, my swollen cock-head opened up another half-inch of her unused cunt. At least two-thirds of it was buried in her, when I felt her arms seize my buttocks, thrust up with her hips and pull me fully into her tight passage of bliss.

"AAAYYEEEIII, UUUIIIII OOHH AHHH! AAAYYEEEIII" she screamed as I plunged my rod in and out of till it was buried with the hilt in her tight love tunnel with our pubic hair tangled together.

I pulled my cock back to the tip of her slit and slowly inserted it back. Sometimes I gave quick short strokes and sometimes long slow ones. I kept varying the length and the pace of my strokes. It was not long before her hips started to move in rhythm with the in and out movement of my cock. As I continued stroking my cock in and out, getting gradually faster and harder, she started jerking her hips to meet my thrusts, giving incoherent animal squeals and grunts.

"Oh yes," she managed to speak at last, "That's great, Greg, that the best. Do it harder, please, please... Fuck me, Greg, fuck me hard, fuck me with your big cock, fuck me till I come ..."

And she babbled on and on, getting the word fuck into every phrase, as though it were some sort of sexual mantra for her. Suddenly she clutched me and pressed me hard to her body. Her hips moved in a feverish motion and a wild look came into her eyes. I knew she was very close to coming and I was also not far away. I began to thrust viciously into her, ramming her so hard that her tits rolled back and forth. She began to gasp, then to moan. She arched her back and thrust her head back her eyes clinched tightly close.

"I'mmmmmm cuuuuuuuuuuuuummingggggggggggggg", she wailed as she writhed beneath me, "Oh God, I'mmmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuming".

She exploded, shrieking and convulsing on the end of my cock as we continued fucking, both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. She came down a little, but not very far, and almost immediately began building again. I managed to get to my knees and kneel up on the bed, holding her small body and thrusting it up and down my aching shaft.

With a loud scream she came again and that was all I needed to set me off; and the world went fuzzy as I spurted a seemingly endless torrent of sperm into the 45 year old Japanese grandmother's cunt. Gradually our motions slowed and my cock became soft and her juices poured past it and soaked the bed.

She reached out for her pyjamas and prepared to leave the bed.

"Whaaat", I queried.

"You've cleared the debt with Hitomi, now I leave you so the Indo girl can sleep here. Thank you. I always will remember".

I pulled her back and we collapsed in a sticky, soggy heap onto the bed, me on my back, her spread-eagled across my chest and belly, legs spread wide. She was beyond words now, and just mewled like a little kitten. I stroked her hair as her ragged gasping gradually died down, until her even breathing told me she was asleep. Lying there, sticky and exhausted from fucking, her hand cradling my cock I went to sleep.

Duty done, but two hours later I awake with a raging hard-on. I traced my hand down her slit and her wetness started. She was still half asleep as I brought her near to orgasm but was awaking as I lifted her legs and pressed her knees to her breasts. I looked at her cunt hole. It was very wet, oozing her juices. My cock was all sticky with pre-cum. Sleepily she reached up and gave it a couple of up and down strokes with her hand and spread her legs apart and I got on top of her. She slid my cock up and down in her slit before I pressed it into her. The head slipped easily into her well lubricated cunt and I leisurely fucked her in a to and fro motion. She started to feel the pleasure coming over her and began to moan.

"Oooohhhhhhhhhhh, you want me. You want to fuck me. You want to fuck me You want to fuck me YOU WANT TO FUCK ME", her voice getting louder and louder

We moved so she lay across me with me inside her from the rear and we lay there as I reached around to fondle her tits and clit. Slowly we moved and I was in for the long haul as I had cum once and wasn't a teenager any more.

"My tits are too small for a westerner. I'm too old. I'm too skinny. My face is ugly".

As I reassured her, her arousal increased as she kept me hard inside her.

Soon she became more confident.

"Feel how you make my nipples so big and hard. Do you like? Look my love bud is still wet and huge for you".

Suddenly among all the talking she slipped in the question, "How do I fuck compared to the Indo girl"?

"Better", I groaned.

Interesting, because ten minutes later she brought it up again saying she didn't believe me and then very interesting later for the third time when I explained why she was better she moaned like an animal as she clutched the sheet beneath even harder in her tightly balled hands. She might be better value than I thought. She was so close she could taste it as I drove in and out of her

Noooo!" she screamed as she felt the pressure within her fade as I withdrew again. I pressed deep inside her once more.

"Yesssssss, I going to cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm".

She screamed in ecstasy as I drove my cock deep within her, burying its full length. Our bodies became one. Face to face, our lips met, our tongues intertwined even as our bodies quaked in anticipation of the final explosion. With my last vestiges of control, I continued to pump away. Kurumi wrapped her legs around my waist, as if she feared I would play a cruel joke on her and again withdraw. . 

"Fuck me!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, loud enough to wake the devil. One final thrust and spasm of her cunt and we were there. Both our bodies shook as we came.

I went off for a crap and as I passed Annisa's room on the way back I saw the naked Kurumi letting my cum fall on the sleeping girl's clothes and whispering how she had made me cum. I was enough to make me more certain of the tentative plans I had and I sneaked back to the toilet and when I reappeared Kurumi was tucked up in bed waiting for me this time making sure her tits were on display.

I awoke as she bent down and planted a kiss on the purple glans, pulling away quickly with a worried look on her face when she saw I was awake.

"Is that okay. I've never done that before. Can I do it again?"

"As much as you like," I said. "It's as good for me as having your pussy licked was for you?" She raised an eyebrow, as if to say she doubted that; but she put her mouth back, and gave the head of my cock a long, lingering kiss.

"Try sucking some into your mouth," I suggested; and, after a moment's hesitation, she opened her lips to slide them around the glans, getting the whole head in.

Stroking her hair, I used the slight pressure of my hand to encourage her into sucking back and forth, and she got into this very quickly. I must confess, I've had far more expert blow-jobs, from women who've got more into their mouths; but her clumsy, determined enthusiasm with which she sucked me made them all pale into insignificance. A short time of this treatment, and I felt my balls tighten and my cock begin to throb with come ready to spurt.

Sensing this she tried to take me deeper so my cock was banging the back of her throat as the short savage bursts of jism shot out. She did her best to swallow but the sheer quantity left her with cum trails from her face.

"Thank you for the night. I will always remember how we cum, how you make me feel a woman. Now I must go", she said sadly.

"Not so quick", I replied. "We have some shopping to do if you are going to accompany me to the fights tonight. What have you got to put on"?

She opened her case. Sensible Japanese two piece suits and flat shoes. I picked a black skirt, the tightest and shortest (about her knee level) and a cream jacket that only had one button at the waist. She looked mystified as she searched among her conservative blouses.

"They don't match", she queried before her eyes widened as I produced one of Annisa's black semi-transparent camisoles and laid it with the skirt and jacket. I took the bra from her hands and put it back in her suitcase and handed her one of Annisa's thongs.

She shuddered as she slid the thong on and felt it between her arse cracks. Looking down she could see her black thatch through the white thong lace. She put on her skirt and jacket and looked in the mirror. With the jacket open her 31B tits were straining against the custom made 29A camisole and as she looked at her tits through the semi transparent material her nipples swelled and protruded against the thin material.

"You want me to dress like this", she said proudly.

"Only when you have to be conservative".

Three final steps. I oiled her legs so they glistened, took her necklace and turned it into a double ankle chain and had a pair of Annisa's high heeled slut shoes on her.

Three hours later I knew I had a natural. She had 3 long dangling ear rings in one ear and one stud in the other from her new piercings, her hand held her bag full of thongs, suspender belts and stockings while I held her 3 pairs of high heeled shoes. She pressed her arse now covered in a shorter skirt of thinner material back into my groin as we stood in the lift grinding it against my hard-on. She had been better than I hoped: standing proudly beside me as we paid for the lingerie, and willingly standing only in heels and thong while she was measured by two women dressmakers for her new outfits.

Over lunch I started my pitch. to my surprise she was fully on board.  She felt she could use her influence to get Hitomi out of the Japanese system by planting the seeds that they were favouring and giving extra help to others.  She warned me about Hitomi, saying that the Japanese had their fighters on a modified form of Ice and we would run the risk of Hitomi's withdrawal or her turning to full on Ice.  That the Japanese were doing this made sense and explaind their abnormal agression of late during contests.  But Kurumi felt WE could control her. 

Then she said, "I think we cn make money from her, but there are two things.  You must never fuck Hitomi".

Relieved, as I was. worried about having to fuck her after her frenzied fucking over the defeated Annisa, and hoping to earn me more brownie points I replied, "Its good to see your concern about her". 

She looked at me qizically fow a few moments, before smiling and laughing.  " I see you are joking with me.  I am not worried about her.  I am jealous to see her fuck you.  I don't want my daughter thinking she is better than her mother because she fucks my man.  Not fucking someone else.  That is ok because no emotion involved just physical and everytime I win a fight you will arse fuck the looser while she eats me. Let her feel the cock I get all the time".

I promptly agreed I hd been joking, and made a mental note about separating physical and emotional.  It would come in handy in the future when i had some other woman.

Kurumi contiued, "And the second thing is i fight and fuck the Indo and kick her out".

This time i had learnt and quickly said, "I was just going to suggest that', which earned me a big smile.

We discussedthe finer points of what to do until we could get her and Hitomi to Australia and she reluctantly agreed until I said that I would be visiting often that they relocate to Bangkok. There, they would compliment the "Ownly Pussy" Club which I part owned (see The Ownly Pussy Club series) and which was catering to Japanese businessmen and tourists.   I planned to have her cater for the wives who were left behind at the hotel and Hitomi could use the bar girls as cannon fodder in her practice. At the least we would make enough to cover costs from Tupperware like Sexaid parties she hosted but at the other end we would make real money from catering for any of their desires. Male strippers, gigolos, young boys, women, orgies, catfights, sexfights for them to watch while their husbands partied at the club. .

Returning to my room I had some luck. I had left money everywhere in messy piles and a quick look at my spy camera memory card showed a maid taking some. 15 minutes later and after presenting the evidence to her I had the 26 year old Vietnamese woman agreeing to be Kurumi's sexfight training partner in return for the incriminating memory card.