All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 18 More Distraction, Hitomi's Mother's First Sexfight  

Returning to my room I had some luck. I had left money everywhere in messy piles and a quick look at my spy camera memory card showed a maid taking some. Fifteen minutes later and presenting the evidence to her I had the 26 year old Vietnamese woman agreeing to be Kurumi's sexfight training partner in return for the memory card.

30 minutes later the three of us were in the room and the maid was undressing. Hitomi's 45 year old mother Kurumi was almost beside herself as she stripped before the Vietnamese hotel room maid. The black semi transparent camisole showed the shape and colour of her 31B tits and her thick rapidly growing nipples, her bony clavicles, her sinewy throat. Twenty four hours before she had been too shy to lie naked and now she was reveling in stripping before the 27 year old countryside bred, dark skinned, ugly faced Vietnamese Khan Ly.

Smiling she raised the camisole off her body and her tiny lemon sized tits slowly came into view. Her large dark nipples were swollen and stiff. Because her skin was not as dark as the Vietnamese's her nipples seemed darker by contrast: round, puffy, bulging. She cupped her naked breasts in her palms and ran her thumbs across her nipples. After two or three times, the centers sprang up even larger, stiffer and harder.

She was quivering with excitement and anticipation as she let her tight short skirt drop to the floor and ran her hands down her belly to peel off the white lace thong stuck to her cunt with pussy juice and present her pussy with the recently shaved v shaped matt of hair above it.

I arranged the Maid on her back and let the Japanese mother loose. She lay down and kissed the Vietnamese's neck, moving down further and then sucking on her nipples. She worked on each tit in turn before finally sliding backwards, parting the maid's legs and lying there with her head between her legs to allow her access to her damp center. The 27 year old Vietnamese's slit was only average, a smallish seam enclosed by dark, unexceptional flaps. But her clit was big, a thick nubbin that was now swollen to twice its normal size, glossy and throbbing.

Carefully, she opened the maid's cuntlips with her finger and began to lick the woman's hot, glistening pit, slowly, not knowing quite what to do on her first woman. She sucked and licked at her cunt, working her tongue into her moist interior. She slurped noisily, reaching round and clenching the Vietnamese woman's buttocks, licking hungrily and delighting in the way the Vietnamese's legs quivered as she became excited.

"That's so good. Suck my cunt. Lick it, uuuh. Shit that's good", the Vietnamese moaned though I felt deep down she was acting to please me and Kurumi, spurred on by the thought of gainng the incriminating memory card.

As the musky, heady scent of her sex reached her nostrils for the first time the Japanese grandmother instinctively placed her hands under the maid, lifting her to her mouth. As her tongue penetrated her, she could feel the slick juices smearing themselves against her face. She probed her deeply and slowly, enjoying the sensory show of taste, feel, and smell. Hot and pungent, she tasted her sex, feeling the tremors which ran against her invading tongue.

Quickening her pace she had success. An orgasmic tide swept over her the Vietnamese without warning. One moment she was enjoying tongue fucking the Vietnamese in front of me: the next moment found her suddenly caught in an explosion as the maid squirted jet after jet of tangy fluid into her mouth as her hips thrust savagely against her face.

Perhaps Khan Ly had not been acting.

The older Japanese bore the orgasmic onslaught as she fought to keep up with the jets of love juices, now spilling from her mouth and flowing down her already slick chin before continuing. For the next 3 hours she worked the unresisting maid learning to eat, tongue, suck, finger, fist, and G spot the strong bodied Vietnamese peasant.

With her black hair dishevelled and cunt juice slathered on her lower jaw the 45 year old Japanese turned to me and boasted.

"This is sooo easy. I'll fuck anyone same as I'm fucking this slut".

She was too overconfident and, when the maid bridled saying anyone could make someone come if they had no opposition and she could take her in a one on one, Kurumi pleaded for me to let it happen.

The two women embraced, rubbing their naked breasts together in a smooth, sensual, luxurious motion, the large melons of the Vietnamese dwarfing the older Japanese woman's.

"Oooooooooooh!" Kurumi gasped as the Vietnamese took one of her nipples into her mouth and clamped it lightly with her teeth.

"Unhhh! Oh . . . yes!"

The maid was devouring the Japanese's tits with intense mouth-attacks before the Japanese could even get her hands on hers and soon her throbbing nipples were erect, wet, and excited. With her mouth fastened on the small tits, completely swallowing the Japanese's thick, gleaming dark nipples, she brought tight squeals of delight from deep in Kuruni's throat

"Easy isn't it bitch" Khan Ly said sarcastically, holding both little tits in her hands, squeezing them, watching the stiff, saliva-wet nipples expand and point upward so that she could attack them again with her tongue.

As Kurumi sought to pull the mouth away from her tits the maid rolled her over, pinned her with her body and slid her tongue out to make contact with Kurumi's cunt. She seemed to know every nook and cranny and every ultra-sensitive spot. Kurumi shuddered, feeling the rasp of her tongue against her inner lips, probing her defenses momentarily before stiffening and plunging into her inner folds. She inhaled sharply as Khan Ly sucked her clit into her mouth.

"Oh, Yes! Ooh, I love it!" Kurumi moved against her as the Vietnamese 26 year old lapped her juices driving her tongue into her cunt making wet smacking and sucking noises.

Only a few strokes of the tongue against her swollen clit would make her explode. But she prolonged it, and she knew just how to do it, varying her timing bringing the writhing Japanese so close so many times.

"Ohhhnnnn . . . yes! Oh, it feels so good Make me cuuuuuuuuuuum" Kurumi moaned, twisting and biting her lower lip, cupping her own tits in her hands and squeezing them.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Cummmmmmmmm gotta cummmmmmmmm" she whimpered, now driven crazy with need by the maid's tongue.

"Unngghh! Oh god"

Her warm, tangy juices began to flood the maid's tongue, but the Vietnamese managed to slow her down by kissing the smooth insides of her thighs, teasing the Japanese by inching her lips closer and closer to the inflamed slit, making the mother gasp and shudder from a pent-up excess of lust.

The maid's eyes kept darting up to the older woman's contorted face as she controlled her, her fingers, busily pinching and twisting her thick dark nipples as the grandmotherJapanese woman writhed and moaned in sexual need, pumping and gyrating her pelvis, pushing her pussy up into the Vietnamese's eager mouth.

"Oh . . . you want to come for me, don't you," she hissed, slithering the tip of her tongue into the folds and crevices of Kurumi's shiny wet cunt.

"Oh! Oh yes! Oh . . . Unghhhhhhhh . . . yes, do it harder, please! I . . . oh, I'm so close!

Oh please . . . Moooore ! Ungghhh!"

She had reduced her to complete helplessness. The Japanese was totally hers now, desperate for release, her body undulating and flexing, her face grimacing with sexual tension. Her eyes implored the Vietnamese. Her hands clawed at her own small breasts and stiff, pointing nipples. Her breathing was labored and scratchy, and her clit seemed to swell up even further.

The maid looked at me. "$100 and I let her off"

I shook my head

She raked her tongue up the inflamed, oozing trench of Kurumi's open pussy until the broad, flat middle of it drew across the bulging ball of nerves, continuing until the tip of her tongue only was touching it. This entire tongue motion was nearly enough to make her come without another touch.

"Annngghhh!" she groaned, her pelvis shuddering wildly as the tongue came to a 


"Oh, you like that?" the Vietnamese murmured.

"Oh, god, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees"

She pressed the flat of her tongue to Kurumi's throbbing clit again, then sucked the entire spongy swollen, purplish marble of her erect clit ball into her mouth. Kurumi came

seconds later, a fierce, explosive climax that buckled her body and almost flung both of them off the bed.

"Aunnggh! Ohhnggnnmiiieeee!" she cried out, flipping, surging, her hips bucking frantically as each killing spasm wrenched her.

The Vietnamese went for the kill, not using her fingers, but employing her mouth like a mechanized suction device, devouring the Kuruni's aching pussy so hungrily that it took 2 minutes for the Japanese to finish cumming.

And then she got her first taste literally of the Vietnamese victory ceremony as the maid goldenshowered her face from close quarters spreading her cunt lips to direct a seemingly unending torrent of piss to bounce off the Japanese grandmother's face. Finally it ended, but the maid reached between her legs and played with her cunt entrance. Her face screwed up with the effort but with a groan from deep inside her first a dribble then a trickle and finally a stream of piss hosed into the Japanese grandmother's mouth which the Vietnamese had prised open.

Between her tears Kurumi cried out to the departing Maid. "$300 to go again".

The 26 year old Vietnamese spun around.

"You must like piss, bitch", she hissed as she quickly stripped and roughly grabbed the back of Kurumi's head, and pulled it up towards her cunt as she rolled them into a 69. But this time Kurumi was prepared as the Vietnamese went on the attack and flicked out her tongue and took a long, slow stroke up and down the Maid's pussy lips. Kurumi let out a soft moan as the maid's tongue fluttered over her soft outer lips of her vagina but the Maid was also reacting.

"Get your fucking tongue in me bitch!" said the maid grinding her cunt down hard on Kurumi's's face. "I want some pleasure this time".

The Japanese thrust her tongue into her before reaching up to grab at her breasts twisting and pulling her nipples as she devoured the sweet taste of a woman's cunt. She shuddered as the more experienced Vietnamese explored her arse with her fingers but continued to eat Vietnamese pussy.

They remained locked in 69 for over ten minutes writhing and moaning as they fought for ascendancy.

"Unnnnnnnnghh unghhhhhhhhhhhhh unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

The maid let out several gut wrenching groans, as Kurumi pushed her tongue in deeper and deeper before pulling it out trailing along her slit to come to rest on the maid's throbbing clit. She moved her tongue up and down her clit sucking it into her mouth then rolling the 26 year old's clit in circles, making her grind her crotch down over her face.

"Eeeeighhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooo",screamed the maid gyrating violently over the Japanese grandmother's mouth. I watched as the cheeks of the maid's arse clenched and her body shook with her climax as she gushed her cum all over Kurumi's face.

The maid was lying on the floor as Kurumi straddled her body and pulled open her pussy lips and let fly a stream of warm golden piss. It bounced off the study Vietnamese tits, and run down her stomach, and then she aimed it at her hard nipples and I heard her moan with pleasure at the sight of the stream hitting them.

She opened her thighs and pulled apart her cunt lips and pissed directly onto her clit. She moaned again triumphantly and finally aimed at her wide-open mouth, which she filled with her shower. She lowered her cunt to the Vietnamese's tits, wanting to feel one of those hard nipples against her clit as the last drops of piss dribbled out of her.

"I don't stop bitch, I don't fucking stop. The next one is the decider", spat Kurumi as the Vietnamese jerked and trembled under her long tongue which was already deep inside the maid's sex. The maid responded sinking her face deeper between the outstretched legs and her hands clawed at the Kurumi's thighs, pushing them wider and wider apart to give her space to let her mouth and tongue and lips get to work feverishly licking and sucking on the Japanese's clit.

Kurumi reacted to the onslaught on her pussy by crying out, trying to turn her body from side to side, until the Vietnmese rolled on top and held her down, grasping her tits in both hands and squeezing and pulling her stiff nipples as she continued to eat the bucking Japanese. Kurumi's mouth was clamped round the maid's clit, her fingers now plunging in and out of her cunt and arse,

Both women were near to cumming. They couldn't help it, the excitement and pleasure of being continually sucked and fucked and fingered were too much for them.

Kurumi was whimpering, "Oh God, please don't make me...," she sobbed. "Please don't...  no, please... please.."

Her mouth was hanging open and her oriental face was screwed up but her hands were still working the Vietnamese's cunt and arse. The Vietnamese was clutching the bed cover but her tongue was still fucking the older woman.

"Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooo" . 

The sound echoed around the room as her body started to shudder, and suddenly she arched her back high off the bed, still frantically thrusting her pussy against the four fingers inside, as a huge orgasm hit the maid.

Kurumi's fingers were formed into a cone and she was firmly pushing her rocket head shaped hand into the Vietnamese's cunt. The maid gave a shriek of discomfort as the sweat from the contests had lubricated her hole but not enough to allow unyielding entry.

"No, no you mustn't! I ..uhhhh!"

The Japanese was smiling as she used her fingers to twist inside the younger woman's sex.

"Oh God!" She gave a despairing cry as she looked down. Kuruni's hand was moving inch by inch deeper and deeper her pussy wall.

Uggggg oh god no no uhhhhhhhhhhh!"

She arched her back as Kurumi's hand had opened her up almost to the knuckle, but not enough.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh no no ugggg It won't go oh God stop!"

"Is the Vietnamese bitch too tight? Will I push harder, put some of my cunt juice on my hand? Don't fight it, relax your body. We have all day; by evening you will have learnt how to take my hand."

Kurumi reached up and stroked my prick as her hand twisted and probed at the weeping Vietnamese's hole.

"Uggggg stop, I'll eat you every night what ever you what uggggggg there's has to be…uggggggggggggg!"

Kurumi gave an triumphant grin as the Vietnamese's pussy lips relax just a fraction allowing her hand to enter almost to the knuckle. She screamed again as Kurumi tried to push again, but her lips wouldn't open any further.

"Oooooooooh stop! Stop please uhhhhhhhhhhhh", she wailed and Kurumi slowly removed what hand she had managed to bury inside the woman.

The 26 year old Vietnamese gave a pant of relief and was about to speak when she saw what Kurumi was doing. She had opened a large jar of hand cream and was carefully drawing the slimy mixture into a pump type hand dispenser you keep in the bathroom.

"Some extra lubrication Miss Saigon," she laughed.

The Vietnamese writhed as the thick point was pushed into her slit. A second later she felt the surge of liquid inside her canal the syringe plunger forced every last drop into her cunt.

Kurumi greased her hand and started her mission again.

The maid in front of her was drenched head to toe in sweat as she lay on her back with her legs bent back from the hips so her ankles were secured to her neck by a belt. The defeated Vietnamese looked down at her abused hole seeing her oiled lips slurping and yielding slowly. She realised this time the grandmother's hand was going all the way in.

"No please, you uggg don't ugggggggggg. Its not ugg right I..I..can't ugggggg!"

The maid gave a series of high pitch grunts as the older Japanese's knuckles disappeared slowly into her cunt. Kurumi gasped with the effort and twisted her wrist a little and…Pop!"

The maid screamed as her lips suddenly yielded, the bony hand sliding past the widest point into her tunnel with her lips closing tightly around the greased wrist. She could see her belly bloated with her skin moving as the hand twisted inside her body.

"Oooh God nooooooooo!"

The hand felt enormous, like a creature, a mole or something wriggling inside her body. It was like some fucking alien, groin seeming to move with the motion of the fist.

Kurumi with her right hand inside the Vietnamese woman was pouring a vial of lubricant onto her wrist and as she pumped into the maid she delivered the oil along her tight tunnel.

"Ug, ug, you, you ugggggggggggg filthy ugggg ohhhhhh!" the maid gasped through clenched teeth. You could hear her pussy squelch and she grunted over and over, Kurumi listening to decide where to press and twist the most.

"She's going to split her open" I thought as the rhythmically pumping hand continued making slurping and belching noises as it pistoned in and out, the maid's dark skin accentuated the lighter colored arm buried in her.

Kurumi ordered me to undo the belt and the nurse felt her legs ache but was thankful that they were no longer bent double before taking my rod in her mouth. But it was not an act out of kindness as she almost instantly realised her pussy shaft had now straightened allowing Kurumi's hand to push deeper without restriction.

"Ohhhhhhhh God no uggggggggg!"

Kurumi was now touching the maid at the top of her slit with her free hand. She could feel her fingers searching for her bud.

"You're going to cum as I fist you bitch".

"Ugggg no, no!" the maid gave an animal groan of refusal shaking her head, hair flying everywhere.

The fisting went on for what seemed ages until the Vietnamese 26 year old's pussy felt numb with the slime of juice and grease dripping from her slit as the wrist twisted. Kurumi knelt and bent over the Vietnamese's spread fisted cunt arse in the air, lowered her mouth and slowly but inexorably started on the journey to bring the cursing woman to near climax. I may be slow but I'm not dumb and the deep long

"Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", as I entered the presented cunt of Kurumi told me I had made the right choice.

The climax kept building but Kurumi seemed to sense when the maid was on the brink and removed her lips or tongue and momentarily stopping her buried wrist always at just the wrong time for the Vietnamese.

"Ohhh God! Do it, finish me for Gods sake I can't take anymore."

She moved his fingers opening her palm and the maid bit her lip, her eyes glazing over. She pressed her mouth and tongue onto her clit once more and began to pump in and out; the maid's tunnel lips bulging as her hand tried to remove itself but just as her pussy hole parted she pounded back to her cervix.

Her juices were running down the Japanese's arm dripping at her elbow as the Vietnamese maid arched her back thrusting her tits out shrieking in sensation overload.

"Yes you bitch come on my hand, I want to feel you come." Her walls seemed to be tightening as her back arched more and more.

"Ukkkkkkkkkkkk ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh awwwwwwwwwww!"

The Vietnamese maid began to buck; her calves flailing her butt bouncing on the floor. The cunt convulsions were squeezing her hand so much Kurumi felt it would go numb. She was thrashing and screaming in orgasm, her pussy so wet that even the burrowing began to slip, and as she jerked her hips in a disgusting thrusting movement she ejected Kurumi's glistening hand along with copious amounts of frothing juice.

Kurumi exploded in an orgasm that almost cut my cock in half and when the pressure subsided I flooded into her.

The next step. Kurumi was convinced she was a sexfighter, but all she had done was narrowly beat two to one a Vietnamese hotel maid who she had fucked for 3 hours before their matches.   Howver over the years I have found the most important facor is a hatred of defeat, burning desire to win and ruthlessness , and she certainly had those.