All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 19 Round 2 Summary


Because of my involvement with Hitomi and her grandmother I had missed all but one second round match.  It had been successful on 2 fronts.  The grandmother proved to be a revelation sexually and was also helping to convince Hitomi that I should manager her.  In fact I had managed to extract Hitomi out of the clutches of the Japanese camp and off to a holiday resort at Dalat in the hills so she could continue to push my case of managing Hitomi.

However I managed to catch up from some acquaintances the early second round results.

The Saigon based second round had seen a relatively easy victory by the 21 year old Vietnamese World 1 Nha Tran over the 19 year old Japanese Uni student Mizuho Nisimura.  It was  a return to form after her disappointing first up victory over the bottom seed and newcomer Muslim Malaysian surgeon Arfah Jalil.  She took only ten Mizuho orgasms to establish the necessay three unanswered cums, but Mizuho still had a good tournament establishing herself as the equal best Japanese.

Trang Vu, the Vietnamese Australian lawyer and 3 seed was just as impressive with a second easy victory. This time she beat the experienced Singapore socialite Wan Lay Chen in a Hue sexfight, controlling the 40 year old implanted 42D  sexfighter with a hook grip in her arse as she fingered her to the necessary 3 orgasms. Every time the Singaporean tried to move Trang increased the pain from the 2 fingers in the Chinese woman's arse immobilizing her so she could pleasure her clit. With the upset of the previous champion and 2 seed Zhang Wu in the first round she was well placed to challenge the present champion Nha and overcome her reputation of being in the top 5 but just short of champion status.

The 26 seed and oldest competitor at 49, So Savoeun of Cambodia after outfucking the Filipina Sex Machine and 17 seed, the Filipina nun Sister Remedios Geolen in a man fucking contest and claiming her title as man eater took on the top Japanese seed 8 Saomi Aiwaza in a dildo fight. The 49 old Cambodian brothel owner showed incredible stamina to come back from a 2 zip deficit to win 3 to 2 pumping the exhausted Japanese doggy style to her third losing orgasm.  It was a victory that, despite her age, showed she could be a force in the next couple of years.

Having seen Hitomi and her mother off at the railway station I returned to the hotel and entered the dining room.  I scanned the room because you can't be to careful.  Creditors are everywhere. My eyes fastened on the single woman just settling down at a table.  It was the seed 30,, the World 95 Yang Chen Ling who had been bundled out in the first round by the perpetual top five seed, the Australian Vietnemese Trang Vu.  The Cantonese Guangdong based factory owner was 34 5ft2, overweight at 112 pounds, 33 A 29 37, short legged, short haired with severe glasses framing her round face.  She was reputedly the most wealthy contestant here, which of couse had nothing to do with my decision.

I approached her table and motioned to the spare chair and enquired if I could share the table. She turned to face me and her tits nearly fell out of her mini lycra boob tube and her fluorescent lime thong was visible between her chunky thighs, so short was her skirt.

"Why"? she enquired, looking at the many vacant tables.

"Well, I replied, "It is an honour to sit with the competitor I had bet on to win her first round, plus anyone who enters the dining room will be jealous of me sitting with a woman like you".

If she was a cat she would have purred.

"So you like the way I dress, but everyone here dresses sexily", fishing for further praise.

"Yes, but they do so because it is part of the image.  It is expected of them.  You do so because you want to.  Being a woman is ingrained and burnt into your DNA.   You are not playing a role.  It is what you are".

She smiled and motioned for me to sit beside her.  "Yes you are right.  Ever since I was young growing up in the countryside I dreamt of being sexy. So you aprove of what I wear", she said as she preened and stroked the tight lycra boob  moulded to her tits.

I nodded and continued, "It's perfect for you and totally appropriate for attending a funeral, but if you were my woman then I would want you wearing something more revealing.  Cothes that shows people the real woman you are". 

If she was purring before like.a cat it was now the rumble of a contented lion

Luckily I had witnessed her defeat by Trang Vu in the first round so was able to comment on her dress pre fight: the extreme high heels and the two sizes too small micro lurid pink monokini which was disappearing up her arse and cunt cracks and didn't even fully cover her areola.  Of course my words were far, far more flattering than that description.   This gave me the chance to move on to the fight itself.

It had been a debacle with the long time top 5 seed Australian Vietnamese lawyer taking just twelve minutes and twenty five seconds to win. It ended with Trang Vu  kneeling between the Cantonese's wide spread legs eating her to her 3rd and losing orgasm as Yang Chen lay on her back thrashing her arms into the floor and wailing and screaming in Cantonese, English and unintelligible sounds.  "Diu, Diiiiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (Fuck, Fuccccccccccccccccccccck), Shitttttttttttt, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

"Who was your manager/coach"? I enquired, "because they gave you bad advice and obviously knew nothing about Trang Vu's style.  You tried to match her from the start instead of being defensive, frustrating and tiring her, and letting the pressure of a top seed not putting away a newcomer build on her.  You may not have won but you would have had a chance".

Her face reddened.  " I don't have one".

"And", I continued, "who was there in the crowd to support you.  You know, that one person you trust that has faith and belief in you and gives you confidence".  I noticed that she had not started on her food yet but was giving me her full attention.

Again she shook her head and I struck while the iron was hot.  "A pity we had not met ealier.  Then you could have seen a supporting face at the fight".

She nodded her agreement and said, "Why are you at the Championship"?

I pulled out my gold pass and explained how I had started the event years before, somehow relegating my co partner Four to a minor role.  I am sure he would forgive me.  Somehow I wove my Accounting business with its emphasise on Asian firms into the conversation.  Still her food lay untouched.

"You are very experienced and you understand everything about me.  I am thinking that I should finish up and just concentrate on my clothing factories.  What do you think"?

I pretended to contemplate deeply. "Well in a short time you have broken into the top 100. What are you? Number 95, then you competed in a knock out competion from world 29 to 128 and obtained one of the 4 spots available in this competition.  4 spots from 100 competitors of whom 70 odd were ranked lower than you.  All without an advisor or trusted supporter.  Yes you were defeated in the first round, but by the World 3 who preyed on your inexperience who tricked you into sexfighting the way she wanted, not a way which played to your strengths.  For me, with the right guidance you will only improve, and with what I know and suspect about your sex drive I can only see  one path ".

I laid a hand on her bare, exposed, chunky thigh.  "You should get an advisor, find a true suporter who really believes in you and continue".

I could almost feel the heat radiating from her cunt only inches from my hand.   "And would you be my advisor?  I am very wealthy and can pay you very well.   No, that's a crazy idea. You probably have others that you manage"

Nodding I replied, "A top Japanese junior wants to leave their system and have me manage her".

She interrupted, "I can pay you far more".

"But there are two problems with that",  I continued.  Her face fell.  "First, I cannot accept payment.  It would be a labour of love for me.  And second, I have never heard of anyone being both an advisor and close supporter.  I want both but don't know which is best for you."

"We can do both", she replied, the relief and joy showing on her face.  "I know that it will be best for me with you advising and giving me confidence as well, and we will work out the money later".  Her hand rested on mine on her thigh.  Her fingers intertwined with mine.  "We can do both, can't we"?

I could hear the cash registers already.  With no fixed amount I would bleed her dry. 

" I have to go back to Guangzhou tomorrow because I arranged some meetings with Government officials after I lost.  I can buy a first class ticket and you can fly with me and we can work on the details of what I need to do".

First class travel. Inside i smiled.  But I had my.other card Hitomi and her decision to consider. I made a sad face. "I would love to, but if I don't attend all days here I lose my Gold card and its influence for any future decisions that may effect you.  But we can discuss the basics here before your plane leaves, if you have the time".

Of course she had the time and I followed the chunky Cantonese out of the dining room staring at how much of her arse cheeks were exposed by her micro mini.

That night and next day 3 more contests were held.  46 year old and world 128 Nga Nguyen in her first championship and who had surprised world 10 fellow Vietnamese Xuan Nguyen in the first round in the longest match ever at 5 hours 48 minutes took on Taiwan Former world 3 Hsu Chong, fresh from her victory over the current World 4, fellow Taiwanese Tang Li-yen. It was another marathon for the newcomer Vietnamese who this time triumphed in just over 4 hours of eating and fingering.  However these 2 long matches must have surely drained her and she would be unlikely to feature in the deep end of the competition.

Even more impressive was another clinical performance from World 40, the 22 year old newcomer and IT expert from Beijing, Shen Yu who was up against the 39 year old Laotian from the capital Vientiane, a 36 28 36 5ft3 115 pounds attractive mistress of Drug Baron Si Ha Het. She posted the quickest victory time in the round of 8 minutes wringing 3 orgasms from the veteren of 10 years competiton as they lay locked in a 69.  The 2 Chinese women's sucess could only mean a flood of competitors from that country as more and more had acess to money.

In the final match the Singaporean veteran of the amateur circuit there, first timer Fu Hai Shoon, 43 years old and world 122 had an easy victory after her titanic struggle and defeat of the world 2 Zhang Wu in the first round. Round 2 Indian ex Bollywood actress Keerthi Kapoor was exhausted after her lucky victory in Marathon cum fest with the Malaysian 45D 158 pound heavyweight Nurul Huda Hitam and provided little opposition in their fingering contest.

So after the unexpected exodus of seeds in the first two rounds we had an influx of fresh blood and were left with:

The 21 yr old World 1 and favourite Nha Trang, who after a poor round 1 was back to form.

World 3 and perpetual semi finalist 42 year old Vietnamese Australian Trang Vu, clinically impressive so far.

World 5 and Thai teenage sensation Jasmine 18 yrs old, who just scraped through a brutal second round against a Japanese/Korean.

World 6 and quickest rise through the ranks, newcomer Wang Fei, the 23 year old Shanghai stockbroker, untroubled so far.

World 26 and oldest competitor at 49, Cambodian brothel owner So Savoeun, who has already defeated the Filipina Nun Sister Remedios to claim the most men title.

World 40 and first timer, the Chinese 22 yr old IT expert Shen Yu, who has been a revelation in beating the World 7 and 25 in her 2 rounds.

World 128 and first timer 46 year old Vietnamese Nga Nguyen, who in 2 long matches has disposed of a fellow Vietnamese World 10 and a former World 3.  But had she exhausted herself with those 2 long sexfights, including the longest championship contest on record?

World 122 newcomer 43 yr old Fu Hai Shoon from Singapore who has only been competing outside of the Singapore local scene for 10 months but who beat the world 2 and former world 1 in the first round. 

While all of that was happening I was leading a life of luxury. One I had never experienced but could quickly become used to.  We didn't leave Yang Chen's penthouse suite in the Reverie Saigon, reputedy the most expensive in the city.  Yang Chen was a woman whose cunt flowed with her fuck juices and even though we had fucked 4 times since the evening before  I was again drinking her hot sex as she cried out and writhed on the bed.

 "Play with your cunt", I pleaded as I came up for breath.   She spread her thighs, hooking her legs over the edge of the bed and put both hands to her drenched, red raw fuck hole and spread her fat pussy lips, shoving her fingers into her cunt, spasming in pleasure as she jammed her large clit and masturbated herself as I watched.  I let her continue to work on her fuck box and went back to kissing and fondling her tits.  Her nipples were as hard as rocks, and I could smell her hot, wet pussy juices as I  slid down her belly and removed her hands.  I began once more to lick her hot, wet slit, and she screamed out in carnal passion, shoving her sopping wet cunt against my face.

'AHHHHHHHHHHHH", She cried out, mashing her cunt into my face, smashing her legs around my head as an orgasm raced through her body.     "Fuck me now... Please fuck me!" she moaned and writhed, hot and out of control.

I stood up and lifted up the wet globes of her arse, and knelt on the huge bed, forcing my cock into her slippery wet cunt in an instant.  As I entered her, she groaned again in appreciation.  I slammed it all the way into her fleshy dark hole and we both moaned in sexual pleasure.   She wrapped her legs around my waist and I more or less stood up,
holding onto her hot arse as she thrashed and shuddered on the bed as I bounced her hot hips up and down on my throbbing cock.  She continued to hold her legs tightly scissored around my arse as I staggered back, dragging her off the bed, her head sliding down to the floor, forcing me to almost fall on top of her.

We ended up in a naked tangle of hot fuck flesh, my aching cock still trapped inside her hot cunt.  I began to pound her pussy as her legs, still wrapped around my ass, pulled me into her harder and harder.  She began kicking her heels against my arse, urging me to fuck her harder and faster.  Our bodies were slick with fuck sweat as we both pounded our crotches together.  This was sex at its sluttiest.  She wanted my cock so badly; fucking me as she babbled in mindless ecstasy.

"Fuck me!  Cum!!  FUUUCCKKK!" She cried out between gritted teeth.   "Fill me with your cum...  Shoot inside me...  Now...  Fuck me...  Cum!!!  AHHHHHHHHH!!!"

She cried out again in a massive orgasm, thrashing about on the floor and squeezing me even harder.  My thrusts grew more frantic.  I could feel my hot pounding cock
swell as I burst forth with a flood of my hot semen that triggered yet another mind wrenching climax as Yang Chen continued to shudder on the floor, her pussy convulsing around my cock like a pumping vise, milking my cum as I shot wad after wad of sperm into her hot, wet fuck womb...

We finally lay there, still moaning and twitching, our naked bodies awash with sweat allowing the moaning Cantonese to slide me off of her wet flesh where I rolled over onto my back, groaning with disappointment as my semi rigid cock slid out of her hot love tunnel.   Then, as we lay together, our breathing labored, she moved down to taste
the cock that had just fucked her again.  Her tongue moved over my cock, and I groaned in mindless sensuality as she tasted our cum and fondled my balls.  She lazily cleaned off my cock and balls, licking up our sweat, tonguing off all the mixed juices of our fucking as I laid back exhausted.

Then, she moved up my still wet body and put her mouth to mine.     We kissed and I tasted our fuck fluids as she began sensitively stroking my cock again with her hand.     She gently kept me hard, kissing me and nibbling on my neck and chest until I began responding again, my hands moving to her small tits. I  massaged her tits, paying particular attention to her nipples, rotating them between my thumb and forefinger, pinching their hardness to elicit another moan of pleasure from Yang Chen.  My dick was hard and pulsing again and I rolled her over, onto her stomach without protest.  I straddled her legs and moved her to her knees.  In a second, I again pressed against her swollen cunt and fucked inside of her once more.

 "Ooohhhhhhh, yess," she wailed as I slowly began fucking her again.

She started moaning again with fuck lust as I increased my tempo, fucking her harder and harder until she once again began crying out, "YESssss, yessss, Ahhhhhh, I love your cock...  Fuck me...  Fuukkck me." 

  My cock pistoned in and out of her hot twat like a pile driver.  My balls slapped against her cunt box, hitting her fat clit as I drove deeper and deeper into her body.

 "AAAAAHHHhhhhhh," she screamed again, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming...  I'm cumming...  Fuck me...  Fuck me...  Fuck me!"

I felt a searing heat in her cunt as she shuddered once more in orgasm and it transferred itself to a burning fire in my cock as I again pumped out my semen into her lush, sex crazed body.

"AAAhhhhhhoohhhh," I cried out  as my throbbing meat sent more jiz into her already saturated vagina.

 I collapsed on top of her, our sweaty bodies once more sliding together as we drifted off into fucked semi conciousness.  Later on, I woke up to Yang Chen, still naked, sleeping besides me on the floor.  I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began sucking it back to hardness as, although half asleep ,she smiled and softly moaned as I switched to the other nipple.

 My cock was aching from use in the last 18 hours, but I was hard as I let my mouth trail down again between her legs, opening up her pussy, smelling the pungent raunch
of her used sex as my tongue once again lapped at her shaven cunt.  A spasm
of thrilled lust shot through me as I drank her stale cunt juice and my used sperm out of her dank box.

   "Noooo, please, I can't, uhhhhhhh... ohhhh yes YEEESSSSSSS" she moaned as I attacked her sore, used cunt.     "Uhh, Uhh, uhhhh, uhhhh, ooohhhhh, fuckkk!" she cried as I refused to stop and began licking her still protruding clit.     Abruptly, she rose up and pushed me off of her, rolling me onto my back.  She quickly lowered her hot slit onto my jutting penis and impaled herself,  making my cock disappear into her cunt.

"I need it,  need it bad" she grunted as she slowly moved up and down, rising up
until only my cock head was in her and then down again until she was fully more fully impaled.  I reached up and began to rub and knead her tits, pinching her nipples more savagely, pulling on them as she began to moan again in carnal lust.  She began to fuck my hardness furiously, fast and as hard, slamming her cunt up and down on my groin as we both cried out in the pain-pleasure of our third round of used sex in this our fifth session since the meeting in the dining room.

 "AAAHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed out in orgasm, grinding her hairless, thick lipped cunt against my groin as I pinched her nipples hard.    She screamed out again and again, convulsing on top of me, finally batting my hands away from her breasts, massaging her own abused tits as she continued to cum again and again.

I rolled her over onto her back and began fucking her furiously once more, slamming my poor cock into her hard and fast as she screamed unintelligibly in continuing spiralling orgasms.  My fuck pole rammed her spasming cunt again and again while she screamed with tears of pleasure and pain.  I finally collapsed again without cumming, so sore was my dick, but the Cantonese factory owner continued to burble and moan beneath me, mindless with sexual overload.

We just lay there, motionless and exhausted again, my hard cock pulsing inside of her as we discussed her future.

"But I use my factory workers as training partners".

"Yes but with fear of loosing their jobs.  They are too scared to try and win.  We need to encourage and motivate them.  Contests between them with bonuses for the winners to find the best.  Then those workers will have the chance o win money against you.  Say a years salary if they beat you,  other amounts if they last a certain time or make you cum a number of times.  Real practice, not what you have had so far".

She finally agreed, but then was upset by my two year plan wanting it quicker, but after I explained my reasoning she agreed with my plan.   We would avoid identification and publicity by slowly moving up the rankings.  Most tried to get quick changes by challenging the maximum 15 rankings above that was permitted.  They either lost because the jump  was  a bridge too far, or became a threat and they were analysed and worked out.  Yang Chen would slowly progress, a couple of ranks each contest.   We wouldn't attend the 2009 Championship so in everyone's mind Yang Cheng would be unknown: a steady performer who lost badly in 2008.  The fact that the longer I was needed equalled more moey for me never crossed my mind.

2010 would be our year because as well as her training partners in Guangzhou, and her 2 years of contests on the circuit, I was going to unleash her on the wealthy amateur groups,  These were women who for whatever reason: inability to travel, family concerns, fear of publicity , or whatever competed in their own city or sometimes country circles for money bets.  Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Bangkok, and Saigon all had large underground contests.  A one month visit to say Singapore would give say 50 to 70 fights if she did 2, 3 or sometimes 4 a day.  A fighter on the circuit would have about 20 fights a year  She could easily have  300 to 400 in a year and pack 30 years experience into the 2 years and also gain real detailed knowledge of the slightly different strengths of each nationality.  I pointed out that the Singaporean Fu Hai Shoon at 43 had had over 10,000 fights in the Singapore Inner Lotus Club

I mentioned how we would target our challenges, ignoring fighters on the way down trying to target rising stars or those with reputations.  When she queried why, I replied, "The victory rites.  Have you employed them"?

"I've pissed on a couple of loosers who annoyed me", she replied, "but often I've got a plane to catch or why do it after I've just beaten them.  Maybe if it was a few hours later or a longer period I would".

"Exactly.  But we are going to claim the mandatory 2 hours and pre fight push for 4 or 8 because we have targeted our challenges as they may be future threats, and after you take your victory rites and fuck them so bad, they will never mentally be able to fight you again.  Its not well known but its what the top seeds do to keep newcomers at bay.  They all have their speciality".

Her body writhed as an orgasm surged through her.  "Like you fuck me while I fist them so they know my man is proud of me, or you split their arse while they eat me".

She was totally onside and on the way to the airport my ears pricked up as she said by the time I got back to Australia she would be arranging my flight to Guangzhou (first class of course) so we could discuss more of the plans and also ways of getting her money ou of cHia, specifically the Crown Casino in Melbourne I had mentioned