All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 19 Quarterfinal 1  by Aussie Greg

  Seed 1 Nha Trung v Seed 21 So Savoeun Cambodia

The first quarter final of the 2008 all Asian sexfight Championship matched the young champion and World 1 Nha Trung 21 years old of Saigon Vietnam, against the oldest competitor at 49 years old, World 26 So Savoeun of Cambodia.

Nha had claimed the title at the last championship beating Zhang Wu of Hong Kong who had beaten her in the 2 previous championships. At 21 she was the youngest title holder ever by 2 years. Daughter of a Saigon Banker and herself a recent Accounting graduate, she had been trained (similar to Tiger Woods in golf) for the title  by her mother, a former Vietnam number 1 and World 3. Incredibly pretty in that Vietnamese way with the high prominent Vietnamese cheekbones, thick permed hair and long (compared to other Asian nationalities) legs. Similar to Tiger Woods she had zero personality and was not a popular champion.

So Savoeun was 49 yrs old 5ft7 116 pounds with a still firm surgery enhanced 36 C 27 38 body.  She came from a wealthy Cambodian family with her father doctor to the rich and famous, and she was 18 when Pol Pot seized power and set out to eliminate the educated and wealthy as he started Cambodia again at year zero. Fortunately or unfortunately, So Savoeun was spared to satisfy the urges of the Khmer Rouge soldiers during the day and the ruling clique at night. From 1975 to Dec 78 when the Vietnamese ousted Pol Pot this was the life she knew. Her reward at being rescued by the Vietnamese was to become the woman of the victorious Vietnamese 307 division (one of the 8 involved in the short 2 week war against Cambodia), available to any soldier at any time. Eight years later she was lost in as bet by the division commander and ended up in Vietnamese brothel. 

Ten years later she escaped back to the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh where she, with no living family drifted into prostitution again. By 2005 she owned the largest brothel in Cambodia with close links to and funding by the Government. A late starter to sexfighting she had her first fight in 2006, but using her girls as training partners she had reached her second All Asian Sexfighting Championship. Both last year and this she is the oldest competitor. Her aim, of course, like all of the women was number 1, but more specifically she had her sights on the Thai businesswoman Durudee Srisai's record who at 57 years in 2001 was the oldest competitor, vowing to raise it to over 65, and at this years competition had already defeated Zhang Wu' to be Best Body over 40 title and in an earlier round Sister Remeddios Geolen to take her unofficial title as best man satisfier.

Maybe Nha Trung was already thinking of the final 2 matches away. Maybe she was thinking of her sponsorships and blossoming business ventures. Maybe she had underestimated the oldest competitor in the 64 woman competition and her opening Banzai attack. Maybe it was just one of those once a year off nights. Whatever it was the 21 year old was taken by surprise.

Expecting the usual slow build up in the 3 unmatched orgasm event which required stamina rather than a quick result she was taken by surprise, as ignoring her mouth, So Savoeun moved straight to her breasts, sucking one and fingering the nipple on the other, quickly making her respond, then fondling her pussy with her free hand as the other hand continued working on her left nipple while she maintained her titattack,  sucking like a newborn baby on the other. Her fingers were wet with Nha's love juice before Nha had laid a finger on her sex.

Still setting the pace, So Savoeun took her mouth off Nha's engorged nipple and worked her way down, pausing briefly at her navel and then lower quickly reaching the crevice between her pussy and her legs, leaving a trail of wet kisses from tit to cunt. Her nose nudged her pussy lips, making Nha jerk and stiffen as So Savoeun moved her lips up to her clit and sucked it as hard as she could and gave a gentle bite, making the Champion jump involuntarily.

Nha responded to the contest and they locked into 69 but Nha was far more aroused, playing catch up, still trying to make up ground on the Cambodian brothel owner who was going hell for leather. So Savoeun continued sucking Nha's clit and slid one finger inside her hole, and was rewarded by the moans that slipped out from the Champion. Inspired she increased her pace until she successfully slid not one but three fingers into her hole and had Nha writhing. She took it up another notch sucking and fingering at a ferocious pace. There was no way she could maintain this for long and all Nha had to do was hold on and then wear her down when she tired.

So Savoeun was sucking her pussy like a vacuum cleaner sucking up the dirt off the carpets in a cheap TV ad, and Nha's body was shaking from that and her rhythmical fingering. Nha lifted her head away from the 49 year old's cunt and groaned from arousal. Still sucking her clit and finger fucking Nha, So Savoeun felt Nha trembling under her, and worked four of her fingers inside her by now more than swollen cunt. It was time. Like a chef preparing a masterpiece So Savoeun added the final ingredient: her trademark, "the fiddler", a one finger anus-ring technique that successfully started a nuclear explosion inside Nha.

Like a newsreel of victims I had seen of French Foreign Legionnaires interrogating Algerian nationalists on a wire bed frame attached to electricity, Nha's body jerked and twitched uncontrollably and she flopped off the bed to the floor causing So Savoeun to tumble off as well. Accident or design. We will never know. But So Savoeun's knee drove into the prone Nha driving the air from her and winding her.

As she lay gasping like a fish on dry land So Savoeun went on the attack. She had one of her hands playing with her breasts and her nipples while the other hand was between her slightly spread legs, her fingers gliding up and down between her wet, dark pussy lips, circling her clit and finally disappearing deep into her cunt. So Savoeun's movements became faster and faster, Nha's soundless gasping became more intense, her legs were shaking and she tried unsuccessfully to close them against So Savoeun's hand. So Savoeun's fingers, no, her whole hand was covered with Nha's juices. After she had relaxed a bit So Savoeun brought her hand close to Nha's face. She let her smell her own pussy juice and then touched the champion's lips with her wet fingers as she frigged her clit with her other hand. Immediately Nha's lips opened. She let out a deep and long moan as she came.

So Savoeun pulled Nha onto her lap, put her legs between hers and forced her legs open. Her wet sodden cunt, with swollen puffy lips was displayed to all, the inside of her thighs glistened with wetness and she was desperate to come again. So Savoeun reached forwards and slipped a finger into her hole, pulled it out and then began to finger fuck her rival, the squelching audible to the audience. Her other hand skinned back the sheath of skin protecting her swollen clit and she began to strum it. For the third time that day, a wonderful tune was being played on Nha's cunt. So Savoeun stopped. Began again, stopped again.

Nha writhed under the assault, all dignity gone. She needed a release from the tension building inside her. So Savoeun gave it to her. With one hand diddling her clit she used the other to reach in and find her G spot. Normally Nha would have used her muscles to impede and restrict access to her G spot, but the winding and subsequent fucking from So Savoeun when she was defenseless had made her easy prey. Her climax washed over her, white light flashing into her skull and pleasure surged over her in waves, causing her to spasm and twitch with each one. It was the third and winning unanswered orgasm.

Her supporters rushed the judges calling foul saying the Cambodian had used physical force and turned it into a Hue sexfight but before So Savoeun was stopped Nha had experienced 6 more shattering orgasms at the hand of the 49 year old Cambodian. Eventually order was reinstated. The score was taken back to 1 zero in favour of So Savoeun, but her supporters had successfully argued that the match should continue from the point of a Nha orgasm. Nha had to lie back and let the older woman make her cum so the match could proceed.

Within a minute, Nha was very hot and could feel the beginning of an orgasm building up. Her back arched into it, her eyes closed to slits as she gave herself to the pleasure. After several minutes of constant friction and pumping, her pussy was making loud sucking and wet noises from So Savoeun's fingering, but Nha was beyond hearing or caring.

"Come on bitch; come for me like a good little girl," So Savoeun gloated, looking down at her as she plunged her cone shaped hand in and out, arousing but not taking Nha all the way. Working her over and over she decided Nha was ripe for the picking. Her fingers again found her G spot and Nha exploded and So Savoeun's hand was again covered in her pussy juices. The match could continue with the score 1 zero, So Savoeun leading.

It was no contest. In the space of 1 hour Nha had orgasmed, been winded, expertly worked over, orgasmed another 9 times, most from gut wrenching G spot orgasms, and she was now expected to claw back from 1 zero down. Clinically, efficiently So Savoeun wrung a 2nd unanswered orgasm from the 21 year old Vietnamese Champion and while she fist fucked Nha's arse ate the shrieking, wailing, twitching and quivering Nha to her 3rd in a row, defeat and elimination from this years title.