All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 21 Quarterfinal 2  

Seed 5 Jasmine v Seed 29 Nga Nguyen

The second quarter final of the 2008 All Asian sexfight Championship had an age difference of nearly 30 years. T

Nga Nguyen the World 82 from Vietnam was 46 years old and 5ft3 95 34 C 25 33 and very attractive in that slim attention to detail way older Vietnamese women have. The 3rd oldest competitor in this year's competition, she had to pinch herself to make sure she was not dreaming. Seven months earlier the Vietnamese, Saigon based Beautician went to see her daughter in a local district sexfight event. She entered herself to make up the numbers because there was one vacancy and in her first event won the 32 woman event taking her daughter in the second round and beating a 32 year old, ranked 56 in Vietnam 5 years earlier, in the final. During her victory rights she "encouraged" the 32 year old to enter the National Vietnam Tag Team Contest that month where a 2nd place there gave them a wildcard into the Vietnamese Individuals. A top 10 finish there enabled her, after having mortgaged her house and business, to finance her challenge in the Internationals. She made it into the top 128 who can try for a spot in the final 64 of The All Asian Sexfight Championship, and after the eliminations she had gained her spot as the fourth highest ranked competitor at world 82.

And not only gained a spot: she was into the quarterfinals and the record books as winner of the longest sexfight since the championships began in 1968 at 5 hours 48 minutes over fellow 45 year old Vietnamese World 9 seed Xuan Nguyen. Then there was the money. Her prize money plus the slings from happy gamblers who had bet on Xuan not making the quarters had more than repaid her mortgage. And finally her seduction of the defeated Xuan's daughter Loc, who with her mother was the World champion Tag team for the past 4 years, and her future teaming together with Loc as a tag team. First to hit the pay dirt in the lucrative home sexfight market against wealthy wannabes and their champions. Then, and her clit gave an involuntary twitch, to fuck Xuan with Loc's help over and over until they broke her and turned her into their sex slave, and then, and her juices started flowing, fuck her to death as her own daughter ate and pleasured Nga as she made Xuan the first victim of their house of pain in Cambodia.

Getting to this point was a dream but she was now facing the 18 year old Thai teen sensation Jasmine.

Jasmine was 18 years old on her passport, short and solid for a Thai, full breasted and with a smallpox scared face. She wore platform high heels so high that they had to be strapped around her ankles to keep her balance. Long garishly painted toenails and fingernails immediately caught the eye. Strong legs with chunky thighs that rubbed together as she walked ended in a micro mini, so tight that the shape of her G string could be seen, unnecessary in fact as the black colour was clearly visible through the cream material. Her open blouse displayed her 38C tits, as firm as a grapefruit: the large thick nipples clearly visible through the sheer black material of the bra. Despite her pockmarked face she made every effort to look good. Eye liner and lipstick outline were permanently tattooed and complimented by heavy makeup which together with her tousled hair made her look even more sluttish. She radiated confidence and pride in herself. Seeing Nga she thrust her shoulders back forcing her tits out so they strained against the thin material of the bra accentuating her nipples. She gave Nga the world wide universal salute of Fuck you.

She was a freak of nature. As Jasmine proudly undressed displaying first her tits which despite their size displayed no sag at all, and took a thick nipple and rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger causing immediate reaction as both nipples stiffened and grew. Tracing her fingers through her jet black thick yet silky pubic hair that had been shaved into a v shape, Jasmine proudly spread open her cunt for the onlookers. There, like a small dog's excited penis was her clit, pink wet and huge. Even those who had witnessed it before or those who had seen most things were taken back as Jasmine opened her legs wider and rubbed her thumb and fingers along the full length of her extreme clit shaft, held her clit between two fingers and rubbed the still exposed tip with her other hand. Catching Nga's eye Jasmine sneered with contempt and continued to hold it between two fingers while using her other hand to rub the tip that still extended past her fingers. Transferring her juice to her nipples the 16 year old stretched and massaged her nipples to their full glory. Her cunt oozed juice onto her thighs as her eyes remained locked on Nga.

Taken in at a Temple run by Nuns near Phayoo in Northern Thailand as an orphan she spent most of her 18th year there working 12 to 18 hours a day satisfying the Nuns in every imaginable way after she became their choice of sexual satisfaction. A change of Head Nun ended the practice and Jasmine was banished sold for $100 eventually to earn her living in the lowest Level 3 rigged and fake sexfights.

There she was discovered by Darunee Sarawadee who ran the Thailand operations of the Dragon Businesswoman's Club virtually as a franchise. She was an independent operator rich in her own right, but who gained benefits from Mei Ling's Asia wide operations and who was both a customer of and supplier for Mei Ling. Aged 47 she was a far distance from the  country girl sold by her parents to the local brothel. As usual she was in attendance immaculately dressed, still possessing stunning long legs that her extreme high heels and short black skirt with a slit at the front of her left thigh displayed to its best. If she was to remove her jacket, a cream camisole would show the shape of still firm breasts and her extremely dark areola. Her face was still eye catching with the wide Thai features emphasized by the high prominent cheekbones the Chinese do not have, and her browner rather than paler Chinese skin. Her eye makeup, expensively and tastefully done and permed hair added to her natural features. What stood out was her jewellery. Each ear had a diamond stud, a large gold hoop and a longer gold thread. A thick gold bracelet watch, necklace made of 4 rows of diamond with a row of black onyx in the centre, gold rings on every finger and 2 toes, and visible on her flat stomach due to the camisole not reaching her mini skirt a gold waist chain was flaunted. If she was to strip no-one could not take their eyes off her cunt. Incredibly long inner and outer lips were pierced with 10 diamond, ruby and sapphire studs below her personalized tattoo of full membership of the Dragon Club: a tattooed dragon anally taking a naked woman.

Jasmine was the next big thing: unbeatable in the 18s and 19s , and was already in the open top 10, ranked 5.

Within a second of the bell the two were at it. The 30 year older Vietnamese's finger was slowly moving over the Thai's nipple, teasing it. It already was up three quarters of an inch and rising. A gently squeeze and pull and it was out past an inch.

"God, that's huge. They make mine feel so small." She thought, her eyes hard on her tits.

She moved a little closer and began to stroke. The nipple stretched further and poked out past the finger and thumb that were rolling it back and forth slowly. Her other hand moved up and touched the tip of the still extending nipple. Now almost full length, it extended almost and inch and a quarter. Nga looked in her face and stroked the tip of the nipple again. Jasmine moaned and her hand began to move down Nga's neck and across her tits. Nga's skin felt hot and her own brown nipples hardened like small pebbles. Jasmine's fingers traced the outline of her tit and moved lower, exposing a small breast the size of a half orange with a turgid nipple. Her finger went lower and Nga shuddered and closed her eyes. At the touch of the first finger nail on her clit she groaned and the finger tightened around the nipple and she felt an almost electric spark between her legs.

It seemed so natural as she leaned over and took the now throbbing nipple into her mouth and ran her tongue over it. It extended right out into the top of her mouth and she felt a wave of heat in her mouth.

Suddenly the languid opening exploded. Jasmine went on the attack, fingering Nga's cunt, using the meaty base of her thumb in a circular motion on Nga's clit. Nga was taken by surprise because every expert had stated Jasmine loved a long slow match to dominate and intimidate with her incredible sexual capacity. Her fingers of the other hand entered Nga's arse, and caught unprepared by this violent double assault and still aroused from her previous daydreaming Nga started to shake and came hard.

Jasmine pulled her down to the floor and hissed "I'm going do you, bitch", and starting sucking on her left tit as she continued to finger fuck the Vietnamese.

Nga groaned and groaned. "Shit. Crap. Oh, shit. Suck it. Oh, suck it."

She was on fire. Jasmine kept her on her back and kept sucking, moving from one tit to the other. Nga began tossing her hips and moving her head from side to side but managed to slip a hand between them and began to stroke Jasmine's pubic hair while trying to go lower. The smell of hot cunt filled the room and Jasmine began to moan. A finger had slipped inside her inner fold and found the monstrous clit. But Nga was going under; she arched up off the floor and came, groaning loudly and grunting as the waves of pleasure gripped her stomach and interrupted her breathing.

Luckily her bucking pulled them apart and recovering she managed after some trouble to get them into a 69 and like a drowning man grabbing a life buoy held on for her life. Jasmine needed one more orgasm from the Vietnamese to finish it in their 3 unanswerd cum contest and her tongue was on a blitzkrieg like the Nazi's in France.

Nga had Jasmine's slug sized clit between her lips and took the tip in her mouth. Jasmine jerked and gasped. Nga took the full length into her mouth. She could taste the Thai's juices and had her nose buried inside her cunt. She ran her tongue over the length of it and began to suck. It was a race and both slurped and sucked and tongued.

Jasmine cracked first and shuddered and climaxed.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooo", she wailed over and over as her hips thrust again and again at Nga's face.

Her clit grew even larger and was poking Nga in the back of her tongue. A flood of cunt juice was pouring out of Jasmine and down Nga's throat. She could taste juices and something else: herbs. Jasmine was using herbs to protect her clit after the mauling it had taken in her previous match. It all clicked. The different tactics, the herbs, avoiding 69.

She slid her tongue inside and played with Jasmine's clit with her left hand, squeezing it and pinching it in regular patterns. Suddenly, she pulled away and before Jasmine understood what was going on, her mouth clamped down on her clit, sucking it lashing it with her tongue, before scraping her teeth along its full length, again and again.

Jasmine's screams were enough to waken the dead.

Nga Nguyen slid her hand up between Jasmine's thighs and she began rubbing. First one, then two, and finally three fingers were inserted into the teenage Thai's slick hole as she quickly manipulated the walls of her vagina with her long, fingernails, pressing her huge clit with the palm of her hand, bending it, forcing it back into her clit, keeping it trapped inside, bent down. The sensations on Jasmine's raw clit were like bring hit by a tazer gun's electric shock.

And then she started on Jasmine's clit which was already red raw from her Round 2 epic contest. With her huge raw clit trapped inside her own cunt, the effects of the herbs wearing off, she felt Nga's long fingernails go to work. Out of sight of the judges she scraped scratched and sawed at the inflamed raw hunk of meat that was Jasmine's clit.

It took two minutes before a panting sobbing shrieking Jasmine pulled the plug and quit the contest.

Nga stood up. She was through to the semis.