All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 22 Quarterfinal Match 3

  Seed 3 Trang Vu v Seed 6 Wang Fei

 It was the third quarter final of the 2008 All Asian Sexfight Championship. IBoth women's slits were soaked in love juice as they competed in a dildo submission event. Both Trang Vu the 42 year old Vietnamese born, Australian domiciled lawyer and the Shanghai stockbroker Wang Fei had come twice; the next to come would would pay the penalty. Locked in a 69 Trang licked the love-tunnel of the 23 year old Chinese woman who had broken every record in making the top 10, Wang Fei, with a long extended tongue. She tensed as she felt the Shanghai Stockbroker, part her swollen lips with practiced ease, thumb pulling back her hood to reveal her erect stimulated clitoris. She squirmed again and did the same to the Shanghai stockbroker. Her activities were rewarded with a muffled "Aahhhhhhhhhh!" from Wang Fei.

She redoubled her efforts. Faster and faster they both licked and sucked, twiddling each other's pulsing clits with one hand, the other hand tweaking a nipple to ever-increasing hardness. Overcome by the sensations, the tastes, the fragrances, the 4 ft 11, 42 year old Vietnamese felt her senses whirl.

"Eighhhhhhhhhhhh.." she hissed between clenched teeth, Wang Fei had plunged her fingers deep into her inflamed vagina. "Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh" she moaned.

Wang Fei rammed her fingers fuirther into Trang's shaved pussy, steadying herself by placing one palm on the older woman's inner thigh. She felt her own orgasm mounting. The Vietnamese lawyer woman's persistent attentions were beginning to take their toll on her pussy. Absently as if in a dream, her peripheral vision caught the fine shape of the older woman's calves, accentuated by the dark stockings suspender belt and black heels.

"Oh! I'm going to ...", Trang's mouth worked spasmodically as she gasped, unable to continue aloud. She put everything into her efforts and felt the Chinese woman contract around her fingers, then grunted aloud as her own climax struck her.

"Ahhh! OhOhOhOhOoooooooooooooooooooh!" The Vietnamese woman cried out as she came first, her juices spilling over Wang Fei''s face.

Immediately Wang Fei bent Trang back over the arm of the sofa and held her down, legs spread well apart, and strapped on the dildo. This strap on had a 4" dildo on the inside to pleasure whoever was wearing it and a thick 8" dildo on the outside for the one they are fucking. And slowly, inch by inch, she fed the dildo into Trang's tight cunt. Trang was moaning loudly, making sobbing, gasping noises as she took the monster. And then Wang began fucking her with it. Faster and faster her hips thrust to and fro, ramming the strap on cock into her opponent's defenseless cunt. Each thrust made Trang gasp out, her 32B silicone tits shaking and her body jerking as the Chinese screwed her relentlessly for her three minutes before the two united in combat again.

Five minutes later.

"Unhhhh NNNooooooooooooooooooooo!" Trang punctuated Wang Fei's cum with a nip at her distended clit, sending her way over the edge.

This time it was the older Vietnamese who knelt in front of Wang Fei's spread legs and took some of the KY and rubbed it on the 4" dildo that was on the inside of the strap on. She pushed the 4" dildo inside herself and the started to rub the tip of the 8" dildo along the Shanghai woman's slick cunt. Within seconds Trang was fucking Wang with all 8" of the dildo. She held Wang Fei's legs up with her knees spread apart while she started fucking her faster and faster. Wang writhed under the brutal assault, moaning and biting her lip till it bled.

Fourty minutes later Trang had come again twice and Wang Fei had used the strap-on for first 5 minutes then 10 enjoying the lengthening time each orgasm gave her to fuck thre older Vietnamese. The first time Wang had taken the Vietnamese doggy style ,one hand entwined in Trang's hair pulling her head back, as she pistoned in and out of the kneeling older woman. She was not only fucking Trang in a frenzy but also rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples. She had then opted to fuck the older woman missionary style grabbing Trang's knees and forcing them wider, spreading the 42 year old's shaven pussy lips even further allowing her to fuck her even deeper. Wang had come one time herself but Trang after being taken three times hardly had the strength to fuck the Chinese in a damaging her alloted 5 minutes.

Both women were worse for wear but Wang Fei was obviously ahead. How much more punishment could the older, petite Vietnamese take? And with her next fuck Wang would be able to use the not the double dildo they had used but the larger black model placed menacingly beside them. Although weary they united in combat. Wang Fei clamped her lips to Trang's and they frenched each other hotly, hands running over each other's bodies. Soon they were moaning as they worked fingers into each other's slit.

Trang put everything into it. She worked on each tit in turn with her lips while fingering the Chinese before finally moving them into 69, their heads between each other's legs. She sucked and licked at her Chinese opponent's cunt, working her tongue into its moist interior. A sudden roll of their bodies and she was able to drive her fingers into Wang Fei's arse and her thumb into her cunt while still eating her. She slurped noisily, reaching under and fingering arse and cunt

"Fuck, I'm cumming," Wang Fei moaned, "I'm cuuuuuuuuuuumming. Shit, oh fuck oh fuck. Uuuuh!"

Trang waited until Wang Fei had finished cumming before she got up and attached the 8 inch double dildo and drove it into Wang Fei doggy style for the 3rd time, rithlessly using her 10 minutes. The next woman to cum would be fucked by the larger black monster lying beside them. Once it was in, to the surprise of the crowd she did not pump the Shanghai 23 year old. Instead she reached around the Chinese woman's hips and found her clit. She didn't fuck her, just kept the 8 inches buried inside the Shanghai stockbroker as her encircling arms allowed her to manually arouse her clit stroking it lengthways with the fingers of one hand as she used her other hand on its tip taking the 23 year old close to and keeping her on the verge of orgasm for her allotted 10 minutes of fuck time.

Time up and she quickly rolled Wang Fei and her back, and got on her knees and elbows between her legs. She ate out the still totally aroused Wang Fei's cunt driving her tongue into her cunt making wet smacking and sucking noises. Twenty five seconds later Wang Fei exploded for the fourth time.

With her long black hair disheveled and cunt juice slathered on her lower jaw the gleaming eyed Vietnamese reached for the 2nd dildo. It had to be at least twelve inches long, and thicker than any man's cock. At a quick glance apart from the size it was the real thing, completely lifelike, right down to the veins along the shaft and the balls hanging below. Around the base was a leather harness, complete with long straps which Trang used to attach it to her legs and waist. At only 84 pounds and 4 ft 11 and with her 32B 20 30 body it looked like a telephone pole the tiny Vietnamese had swinging in front of her.

Trang arranged Wang Fei doggy style but with her face and tits on the floor and her arse pointed high skywards. She lodged the head of the dildo between her cunt lips and began to push. Wang Fei gasped. It was impossible to have something this big pushed into her. The head was forced half in and Trang just kept pushing. Wang Fei's pussy was stretched further than she could imagine possible. Gripping the edge of the bed, her head was tossing back and forth as she started to lose control from the pain. It was beginning to really hurt and she was shouting now. Trang continued to force the 12 inch inorganic manhood into her and she continued to groan and swear. The head was almost in and Trang leaned on the end with her hand until wiggled it until it popped inside her now stretched inner lips. Wang Fei lurched and spasmed below the waist. She was stretched beyond breaking point and this mother of a cock was driving her crazy; her insides invaded like nothing she had ever endured.

Trang poured more oil down the shaft and pumped it into the Chinese, a half inch at a time, slowly moving the bulbous head up inside her, six inches, now seven. The raised veins pulled and pushed the taut wall of her love channel, every nerve reacting, giving her more pain. Eight inches. Trang's hips twitched and twisted the shaft as she slowly pumped it and out, in and out. Nine inches. In, out. In, out. Each time, a little deeper. Wang Fei was writhing. It felt like her pussy would explode from the pressure and stretching. The nerves deep in her body were sending shock waves to her brain. Ten inches. In and out. Waves of pain rippled up her belly. Eleven inches. The head pressed into the top of her cervix and could go no further without true damage. And that was what Trang intended. Real damage.

The pace of the pumping increased and, her hands gripping and holding Wang Fei's arms in a tight grip behind her back, her face pushed into the floor, the world 3 fucked the World 6. Wang Fei writhed, bent double her arse raised high as Trang brutally raped her. Trang seized the opportunity and slid a long oil slick finger smoothly into her arsehole, rolling it up until it was rubbing the thick dong through the thin wall tissue. At ten minutes the bell rang and Trang ripped the dong out until the head was at the entrance, pulling on the lips, trying to break free, before a final savage wrench pulled it free with an obscene slurp.

Wang Fei crumpled to the ground and Trang was over her like a rash fingering her, finding her G spot and quickly dragging an orgasm from her. She took her doggy style again. A savage thrust followed by two others quickly bottomed the dildo into the now sex juice prepared dildo. Trang withdrew it and thrust it in again, hearing a satisfying squelch as she impaled the wailing Chinese World 6 seed.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Wang Fei cried out as the Vietnamese behind her slammed her strap on cock deep into her once again. Trang moved her hands up and down Wang Fei's body as she continued to fuck her with increasing ferocity. Her fingers closed tight against the 23 year old's perfect breasts, squeezing them and stretching her nipples. Trang the lawyer always got off being in control, and there was no time she was more in control than when she was fucking another woman. For the next 5 minutes she fucked her doggy style her fingers hooked into the corner of the Chinese woman's mouth. It was incredible what she endured but she just lay there slumped and helpless after when time up Trang pulled the 12" dildo out of her wet, stretched cunt.

Ruthlessly the older Vietnamese straddled the prone Chinese, bent at the waist and lowered her mouth to her cunt. One minute later Wang Fei shuddered as another orgasm tore her apart.

This time the Vietnamese stood in front of an upright kneeling Wang Fei holding her upright by her hair and rubbed the head of the fake cock against her lips forcing them apart. She pushed almost 7" of the 12 into her mouth and started fucking her stretched mouth harder and deeper. Somehow she forced the tip of the cock past her throat and held the back of head with her hands and started fucking her face really hard. She started gagging immediately her arms flailing as the older woman face fucked her. After 4 minutes she passed out and a minute later Trang let her fall to the floor. It was over, but it wasn't. Trang went down on the unconscious woman and was slowly eating her as she regained consciousness and another minute later Wang Fei came again.

This time she slammed the dildo again and again into Wang Fei's arse, who was screaming in agonizing torture as Trang reached around Wang Fei's back to pinch her breasts. Her pelvis pumped violently as her teeth bit again and again into the nape of Wang Fei's neck as she drove the full 12 inches into her arse. Finally, Trang stopped pumping, but bore the full weight of her pelvis on the dildo, plunging it even deeper into Wang Fei's arse. Trang yelled in pleasure and raked her nails across Wang Fei's rib cage.

"Stooooppppppppp!" Wang Fei wailed signaling defeat.

Trang used her hips so the bottom of the strap-on was rubbing against her clitoris. She rocked her hips side to side as she started to come in victory. She rolled off Wang Fei, whose back was a river of sweat. For Wang Fei, it was even more pain as the dildo popped out and the defeated Wang Fei felt a raw burning in her abused colon as she slumped to the floor in a fetal position.