All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 23 Quarterfinal 4


Seed 27 Shen Yu China v Seed 31 Fu Hai Shoon

The last quarter final of the All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 was between World 40 Shen Yu of China, 22 years young, a tiny 5ft1 80 pound, 30 A 24 30 and World 22 the long necked unattractive Fu Hai Shoon of Singapore 43 years old, taller at 5ft4, heavier though still scrawny 98 pounds 32 A 23 32. For a history of the All Asian Sexfight Championship click here and it will open in a new window. Both were at their first All Asian championship but had vastly different backgrounds. The diminutive Chinese was a wealthy IT expert from Beijing, and if it wasn't for the incredible speed of fellow Chinese Wang Fei's progress to World 6, people would be talking in amazement of Shen Yu' s rise and her record breaking progress which had had totally overshadowed her efforts and that pissed her off badly. But Shen Yu had been a standout at this years competition, completely toying with and destroying the highly regarded World 9 Ronielyn Chavez of the Philippines in round 1, then quickly efficiently disposing of the Laotion Phayvanh Douangphoumy in the second round.

The Singaporean Airlines clerk, double her age had scrimped and saved for over 10 years to finance her venture. At age 18 she had been taken for her birthday to the Inner Lotus Sexfight Club for Singapore amateurs and was hooked. With over 300 bouts each year since then she had competed, according to her diaries 10970 times and lost 6 times: the last when she was 25. Despite her naive looks she was addicted to the Singapore submission where the winner humilates the loser in front of the loser's family or closest friends esp taking the husband in front of the beaten wife. This was her first taste at a level above her amateur parttime competitors at the Club but in a marathon first round she had come from behind to defeat World 2 and previous Champion Zhang Wu of China.

For fourty minutes the Beijing and Singapore women had gone at each other in this last quarterfinal, and at the end the younger, smaller mainland Chinese had drawn 4 orgasms from Fu Hai Shoon while only coming twice herself. This gave her the opening rights and she elected to let Fu Hai Shoon start first on her. In this event a competitor had to eat her defenseless opponent to 3 orgasms, receive 3 herself, do the same manually, and finally extract 3 using a dildo. The woman with the longest cumulative time for all 9 orgasms was the winner, and each round winner could elect to give or receive.

Lying on top, head to toe and looking down at the 22 year old's almost titless tiny body and her darkened, exposed shaven slit, Fu Hai Shoon could see the gleaming sweat and growing wetness it secreted, left over from their previous 40 minutes. It had come as a shock that the Beijing woman had extracted double the orgasms from her in that time, and she knew she was in for a real battle. Moving forward, she opened her mouth and, expertly using her tongue, she licked the young Beijing It expert's shaved pussy from top to bottom. Upon contact, Shen Yu squirmed in delight as the older woman's tongue, now joined by her hands, caressed her bare slit and arse cheeks. Fu Hai Shoon drew her long, skinny thighs up and back against the small mounds of Shen Yu's small breasts, their tiny hardened nipples tingling and burning at the caress of her legs. She spread Shen Yu's young loins open wider, her shaven long lipped cuntal slit raised high, waiting for the naked Fu Hai Shoon's assault.

Knowing she had to wring 3 orgasms from the 22 year old and to do this she needed her at a constant state of arousal she started slowly, lightly brushing her tongue along her puffy lips ... the outer fleshy folds soon no longer clung snugly to each other and only the moistened, pink ribbon of inner flesh protecting the large clit inside. Her probing licking tongue, in the beginning, did little more than lightly trace the shape of the crevice, covering the slickened skin with her warm drool. Concentrating intently, she tongue-plunged the widening opening chasm, while Shen Yu beneath her moaned in ever mounting desire, squiring and gasping as Fu Hai Shoon expertly ate the desire flushed, spread-apart pussy lips and the smooth moist flesh within.

After 7 minutes 4 seconds Shen Yu, now in a state of feverish passion, whimpered as she ground her naked, obscenely spread cunt upwards towards the mouth lips and tongue that engulfed them then exploded.

"Fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccck".

Even as he came Fu Hai Shoon buried her face tighter into the heat between Shen Yu's splayed legs, her lips circled the Beijing woman's cunt lips, working them in a kissing/sucking motion. The full wet length of her wet tongue darted, and in plunging stabs, licked down to Shen Yu's raisin-like opening at her arsehole ... and then along her crease, before sucking the throbbing, erectile bud of the Chinese's clitoris until she could do little more than wail and twist helplessly beneath as she came again and then a third final time. Bringing herself to her knees, the older Singaporean, her mouth and face smeared with slick, rich, creamy fluid from Shen Yu's warm cunt oozings, looked up at the clock. 18 minutes 40 seconds. Her second had taken 5 minutes 18 seconds but Shen Yu had held on 6 minutes 18 seconds for her third. A good effort from the 22 year old.

Shen Yu knelt between Fu Hai Shoon's splayed legs and began to softly tongue Fu Hai Shoon's slit quickly getting her juices flowing. She worked her expertly, tickling her quickly engorged clit with the tip of her tongue, then sucking on it gently, working the older Singaporean towards climax. Her nose tickled the short silky black hair surrounding her cunt entrance as she seriously ate pussy. Releasing herself from within Fu Hai Shoon's aroused pussy lips, her tongue rapidly stroked up and down the full length of the older woman's outer depths before sucking her clit. Her lizard-like tongue moved deep inside. Exploring everything. Everything, before concentrating again on her clit.

"Ungh ungh unnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Fu Hai Shoon came shuddering uncontrollably.

It had taken 5 minutes 45 seconds.

She backed out momentarily, Forcing the Singapore Airline employee's legs wider apart. Then moving her face forward, her face touched the wet, hair fringed lips, and she again breathed deep into the musk and aroma that the older woman was releasing. In a wild frenzy, she secured the her cunt with her wide ovaled lips and worked relentlessly at the honey like cuntal secretions being offered by her opponent. Fu Hai Shoon came again and after Shen Yu rolled under her, her tongue entrenched deep inside the Singapore woman, shortly after for a third time. Opening her mouth fully, Shen Yu nearly gagged at the torrent of fluids being released. She sucked and pulled at the ripe prize above knowing her time of 14 minutes 3 seconds was a great start.

Finally, Fu Hai Shoon's orgasm subsiding, Shen Yu released herself from the pussy lips above. Drips of clear, milky liquid dripped down from the drenched black hair on to her face. Rolling off the younger woman, she watched as Fu Hai Shoon half-walked, half-staggered from the bed. She elected to take the older woman again immediately. The second round began and Shen Yu slid her hand along the inside of Fu Hai Shoon's thigh before moving to her waiting vagina and ran her long fingers between her lips.

"So hot and so Fucking WET!" she screamed as she began wildly rubbing her hands all over the older woman's cunt. Fu Hai Shoon let out a long groan as she felt her cunt being aroused. Her hips bucked about wildly as the woman's skill sent chills and waves of uncontrollable eroticism through her worried mind. Shen Yu stroked Fu Hai Shoon's inner fires to a raging volcano. Her hands flew in a frenzy, up around and inside her pussy lips, finding her already engorged clit. Taking the large nub in two fingers, she turned and twisted it one way and another.

Writhing on the bed uncontrollably, Fu Hai Shoon bit her lower lip as Shen Yu grabbed her breasts with one hand as the other continued to stroke her clit. Her hand had found its target as the Singaporean's bare, exposed clitoris was relentlessly assaulted by the her tireless fingers, Like a piano player using three finger to play the same three keys over and over again, her fingers oscillated across her dripping slit and over her ripe clit sending the 42 year old into a frantic wave of screaming, wiggling and bucking. No two strokes were the same. No two motions repeated. First smooth, then brisk, then rough, then teasingly soft. Her fingers were the perfect weapon as one, two, three times she came. It had taken 13 minutes 14 seconds for a combined total of 31m 54s.

In reply Shen Yu managed to last 15 minutes 45 seconds before the now deeply worried 42 year old had managed to get her to cum three times. Again she had won the round and her combined time of 25min 48 seconds gave her a lead of 7 minutes 6 sec. As the round winner she made Fu Hai Shoon receive again.

The naked, short haired Chinese World 40 returned to the bed, using her left hand to first caress the long, skinny legs of her opponent before she opened her legs wide to her sensuous, feathery touch. She quickly unlocked her cunt like a flower pedal opening for the morning dew, her thighs still damp from the thick creamy fluids she had squirted moments before. Shen Yu held a long, double-sided plastic dildo and moving rapidly, she spread the older woman's fleshly pussy lips apart, moving the larger end of the plastic weapon into her wet inner sanctum until she was stuffed full.

Moving beside her, the Beijing IT expert inserted the other end of the dildo within herself, rapidly opening herself to the device until, she too, was filled. Then, taking the aggressor position above, she began to slowly rotate her hips.

Forward and back.

Forward and back.

Like a child on a rocking horse, her short black hair flapping, she gripped the 42 year old woman by the elbows and continued fucking her. Fu Hai Shoon began to respond to the rapid deep strokes. She arched her back, pulling her long tapered legs back and around the waist of the Chinese. The fire that had been momentarily quenched was reignited Shen Yu's movement and sexual frenzy. Shen Yu pulled the older woman forward, thrusting herself forward as she glued her opened mouth and lips to her opponent.

NNYYYUU!!!! Can't... cannn'tt let... it climaxx.... No… No.... uughh... ughhhh!" Futile words. Fu Hai Shoon's fight was valiant, determined and feverish but, like a wildebeest cornered by lions, it was only a matter of time before the prey would fall to the predator.

Then, with a deep, heavy "UUUUUUUUUGHHH!" her hips collapsed to the bed as the implement reached its deepest insertion. Instantly she began writhing and bucking about like a wild, trapped animal. She was frantic, desperate and Shen Yu and the audience knew it. Violently, wildly she tossed and turned trying to fight for freedom but it was no use.

"Ungh, ungh ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

The dildo moved ever deeper, making Fu Hai Shoon moan and roll about in sheer sexual ecstasy.

Twice more, her hips moving at warp speed, Shen Yu took Fu Hai Shoon over the top. Shen Yu spun around and looked at the clock. 15 minutes 29 seconds for a total of 42 minutes 46 after 3 rounds. As she had lasted 34 minutes 25 second after only 2 rounds she only had to last another 8 min 21 to win. She looked downward through semi closed eyes at Fu Hai Shoon's discharging pussy lips. A flood of white, creamy liquid poured out of the older woman's body. Lapping at it like a cat at a bowl of milk, her tongue extended and engorged itself on the liquid feast.

She lay back confidently on the bed. This will show all those who could only think of Wang Fei the 23 year old from Shanghai as the future world and the only worthwhile sexfighter from China she thought. Well Wang Fei was out of the competition and she was about to win the quarters and be 2 matches from number 1. Then when she was back to China she would fight Wang Fei, beat her and fuck her till she bleeds.

Only have to last just over 8 minutes against this old slut from Shanghai. She thought about her short career as she waited. Her own first experience had been at University where a lecturer had invited the top ten female students to sexfight for top position on the course where your final grading meant a lot for your job prospects. Surprising herself she won and then when going for her first job and realizing she was number 3 on the short list and noticing the way the boss looked at the women she proposed to him a contest for the job which she won. On her second day the boss brought his mail order Thai bar girl wife in to work and Shen Yu experienced her first defeat but 3 defeats later she had rectified this and when she left 6 months later to start her own business the score with the boss's wife stood at 154 to 4 her way in their daily encounter. Financed by her successful IT business she had progressed almost as rapidly as Wang Fei to her first All Asian.

Shen Yu could feel the implement was that was being forced into her. She tightened up and used her pussy muscles as she fought to resist its advance. Fu Hai Shoon continued to work the wide dildo into her, inching it deeply into the 22 year old's still tight pussy. With her tongue, She licked and teased the Chinese's protruding clitoris, forcing her to loose control of her cunt muscles and weakening her resistance.

"Oh Yes, That's it Bitch! MMMMMMGGGLM!", Shen Yu moaned. "Make me feel good as I enjoy my victory. Its back to the office desk for you, slut".

Still using the hand held dildo Fu Hai Shoon leaned in deeper and continued blowing Shen Yu's gyrating pussy, driving the wealthy Beijing woman towards complete arousal. Her mouth covered and mercilessly sucked Shen Yu, her lips sucking and oscillating like someone sucking spilled milk off a table top. Shen Yu's moans and screams of defiance continued sounding out from under the frantically thrusting brunette as her cunt was worked over by Fu Hai Shoon.

"Oh Yes, You like it Bitch!

" MMMMMMGGGLM!", Shen Yu's response was less controlled than before.

She clamped her arm around Shen Yu's body as she increased her sucking and dildo work to a vicious, merciless pace. She pulled the vibrator back hard and the tightness of Shen Yu's cunt caused it to come back slowly. Then, with an intense effort she forced it back in, then back out, then back in. Over and over she plunged it in and out of Shen Yu's wide open vagina. Like a piston, the vibrator pumped the world 40 taking her higher and higher and closer to uncontrollable sexual fulfillment. Changing from mouth to hand Fu Hai Shoon began feverishly teasing and pinching Shen Yu's exposed now fully aroused clitoris as she plunged the dildo in and out. Her fingers pressed and pulled, flicked and rubbed the love bud sending Shen Yu's hips pounding about and twisting from side to side like a fish flopping on a dry beach

"Oh you're so BIG! Look how big that cunt is!" Fu Hai Shoon hissed as she began twisting and rotating the vibrator in ever widening circles inside her opponent's cunt. Shen Yu began humping and wailing as Fu Hai Shoon bent and deformed the dildo inside her.

"Oh yeah, so big. I bet I could fit two of these in there." she added. No sooner had the words hit Shen Yu's ears than a second thinner dildo began tunneling its way underneath the first. Shen Yu went absolutely insane. Her hips started convulsing wildly, pounding the king sized bed with each violent thrust. The whole bed shook and rocked as the she was fucked deeply by the two hand held vibrators. Fu Hai Shoon was raping her. Pounding her. Tearing away every part of her decency and dignity in front of an audience. Crying and screaming she fought to resist.

The climatic wave soared higher and higher as she tightened like a swelling balloon. Fu Hai Shoon knew Shen Yu was getting near and stepped up her onslaught. Squeezing, pinching, teasing, and masturbating. Every part, every erotic nerve of Shen Yu was stimulated beyond total limits. Shen Yu surged upward one last time in a final death throw of sexual ecstasy.


The scream echoed throughout the auditorium but still 5 minutes 40 seconds of the 8 min 21 sec were gone. Fu Hai Shoon glanced frantically at the clock as she pulled out the two vibrators, and immediately, with her right hand, plunged all four fingers into Shen Yu still orgasming, churning, swollen pussy and slid her hand about like she was molding the inside of a soft, clay pot. In huge, circular motions, she reamed the 22 year old 's cunt with her hand, sliding it around the inside of her slit like it was a vase.

Shen Yu surged and writhed about in shear arousal as the Singapore woman continued her frenzied, finger exploration.

"How's about this for size CUNT!" Fu Hai Shoon screamed as she withdrew her hand and pushed her fist into the frantic Beijing woman. Using her knuckles and twisting her wrist, she began burrowing her hand into her cunt. Her hand didn't go in all the way. Instead, her knuckles rode around between Shen Yu's lips as she twisted and rotated her fist trying to burrow it deeper into the frantic Chinese who was convulsing uncontrollably in a wild display of desperate resistance. But she couldn't stop Fu Hai Shoon's advance and she penetrated her fully with her twisting fist and sent her fingers on a search and destroy mission.

With her hand fully inside the Chinese her fingers found her G spot and 25 seconds later Shen Yu jerked and writhed as she came. It had taken 3 minutes 12 secs. Total time: 7 minutes 52 sec. Despite Shen Yu's bucking and convulsing she remained impaled on the Singapore Airline clerk's hand, and the fingers inside her were still working her G spot. Shen Yu's moans turned to crying wails of desperation. The sensations were too much, too overpowering. She was so helpless at the hands of such uncontrollable sexual arousal

Panting and screaming she was taken higher and higher until....


8 minutes 12 seconds. An overconfident Shen Yu had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.