All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 25 Semi Final 2  

So Savoeun Seed 21 World 27 v Nga Nguyen Seed 29 World 82

 The second semi final didn’t have great support as a lot of the high rollers were still pissed off with the top 2 seeds and seed 5 Jasmine all eliminated. What they didn’t take into account is that all three had been eliminated by these 2 contestants.

The 49 year old Cambodian brothel owner and World 26 So Savoeun had knocked off Nha in the quarter finals, while 46 year old Vietnamese Nga Nguyen had accounted for the other 2 on her progression to the semi. Along the way she had also defeated world 10 Xuan Nguyen in the longest match ever at the Championships

Now one of these 2 would be in the final. The match was to feature dildos and double dongs. After a 1 hour normal session the woman with the least cums could use her dildos and hands on the other unresisting woman for 90 minutes before they reversed roles. Winner was least cums from the 90 minute rounds.

Stripped both had great bodies for their age with the Cambodian a little bigger and noticeable for her hard face framed by a permed mane of dyed blond streaked hair. She oozed sex as she paraded nude before the audience and the 3 TV cameras covering the event displaying all ass he paraded and strutted around the stage. By contrast Nga looked demur, but her results in her first contest showed the newcomer must have a steely resolve in her make up.  

So Savoeun twisted, embracing Nga, pushing her breasts against Nga's. Nga raised her hands between their bodies, filling each one with one of So Savoeun's large, firm tits, feeling So Savoeun's large thick erect nipples rasp against the skin of her palms. So Savoeun's eyes were throbbing with battle lust, never leaving Nga's except when Nga’s were lowered devouring either the Cambodian’s neck, or her gleaming bare shoulders.

Nga kissed the valley between the Brothel owner’s tits and held the ripe full melons squeezing them as she sucked on the quivering nipples. Nga was all over her, and despite the fact she had had 3 long contests in the competition it was as if she hadn't had sex for weeks, drinking her, running her hands all over So Savoeun's responsive, smooth tits concentrating on their prominent nipples She was sucking the thick dark nipples rapaciously, with an almost maniacal hunger that made So Savoeun whimper and moan softly.

She held So Savoeun’s rubbery, throbbing nipple in her mouth, clamping it between her upper teeth and her tongue, as she sucked the plump, wet nipple back into her mouth. But it was not one sided. The Cambodian manoeuvred Nga so she could attack her pussy, first with her fingers and then, as she responded, with her tongue.

"Oh yes!" Nga had cried triumphantly sensing her opponent’s first cum but her eyes rolled as the 49 year old slid two fingers into the slit of Nga’s cunt. "Unhhhhhh!"

Aroused she could not keep still and was writhing on the bed in the sunken stage, as So raised Nga’s pelvis to give her more easy access. Nga’s sleek, glossy thighs yawned open before her. The inside of her pussy was glistening and ruby-red, the raw, now wet flesh clinging to the Cambodian’s fingers as she eagerly probed it, lowering her tongue to Nga’s smallish clit now fully emerged from its darkish hood. So Savoeun stabbed excitedly yet expertly with her tongue, making Nga mew and quiver as she came.

Next Nga was churning her hips forward, and arching her back, her sleek body tense and stiff with need, her breath gurgling in her throat, as the 49 year old ate her, controlling her as her hands reached up to her tit, squeezing them rhythmically, twisting her nipples. Nga's frantic arousal spurred So Savoeun on, fuelling the fires of her own sexual excitement. Meanwhile Nga had recovered somewhat and she was now fingerfucking the Cambodian as well as slowly, kissing the damp, taut, smooth skin of So's inner thighs, inching her lips closer to the swollen outer lips of her gaping cunt, flicking them with the tip of her tongue, causing sharp whimpering and helpless shudders as the Cambodian went wild, feeling Nga's mouth on her flowing hot pussy. She too came loudly and strongly.

The 2 mutually settled into 69 and stayed that way for the remainder of the hour using tongue and fingers on each others soaking wet love box. The only time their mouth wasn’t eating pussy was when they screamed their cum so strongly that they could not cum and stay eating. The hour ended and they both looked to the scoreboard. So Savoeun 9 cums, Nga 10 cums.

The Cambodian shrieked her triumph and carried away knelt over Nga and hosed her with piss.   

“Its starting bitch” she screamed to the audience

But she had enough sense to quickly move on to her 90 minutes of unrestricted control of the still highly aroused Nga where she could use dildos, dongs and fingers to make her cum. The advantage was hers and she reached for her 24 inch double dong which had an unusual guard halfway along with various spiked ticklers on one side


Although the double-dildo appeared almost unbendable, once the 49 year old had 9 inches of black coloured thick, vein-studded cock deep and snug in her hole with the guard spikes facing away from her, the close up provided by the TV cameras showed it was not. As So Savoeun advanced towards Nga the audience could see that its free end swinging around, hanging loose and heavy between her legs, just like a real man's cock. 

Meanwhile, the half she had stuffed up her pussy fitted perfectly, almost seeming to swell inside her to fit the muscular channel of her vagina and to the audience’s amazement she settled it even deeper inside herself. She reached Nga and arranged her on the bed doggy style on the bed on the stage. 

So Savoeun got behind down between Nga's thighs, and slipping the free tip between the Vietnamese’s labia. Nga gasped. The bulb felt huge at the mouth of her pussy and she looked back fearfully as So Savoeun slowly split her open inside, then quickening her thrusts as she forced half of the dildo up to its hilt inside her. 

"You like that, don't you, slut? I’m going to break you bad." So Savoeun yelled, as she fish hooked Nga’s mouth and starting pumping her opponent.

Again and again Nga gasped as So Savoeun doggied her with the double dong. Between gasps she looked back at the brothel owner with her blonde tipped hair hanging past her shoulders, her breasts swaying back and forth as she fucked her, straining to bury 12 inches in her. Nga felt her cunt muscles contract around the steely-hard invader. The hard bulb, she now realised, was nudging her womb, even as the spiked central divider rubbed and prodded her clitoris. And she came screaming 

“Eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, her high pitched wail reverberated around the auditorium.

So Savoeun grimaced, even as she felt a wave of pleasure washing through her having drawn the first cum from Nga. clearly, the cock was tighter in her pussy than it was in Nga' as she could hear it starting to slap and slurp in the 46 year old Vietnamese’s wet hole 

She varied her attack placing Nga on her back and fucking her missionary style crushing the spiked divider into Nga’s clit, drawing more cums from her. Just as Nga was getting used to it So Savoeun changed tactics again and soon Nga had an 8 inch thick inflated dildo which has been expanded to about 4 inches diameter in her vagina. It was completely inside her and the pressure was clearly seen on the close up on TV screen stretching her labia and the erection it's caused to her clit. In her arse was a Doc Johnson's large ace-of-spades butt plug. It was 3½ inches in diameter, with a one-inch diameter stalk and a wide flat base to prevent it disappearing up her entrails

Then the Cambodian went to work on Nga’s clit which was stretched to its maximum by the inflatable dildo and she wrenched cum after cum from the writhing Vietnamese. The buzzer sounded and the scoreboard showed So Savoeun had dragged 21 cums from her rival in 90 minutes. The brothel owner stepped back her arms raised in triumph accepting the applause for her domination of Nga..

“Its over, bitch”, she creamed in Nga’s face before confidently she lay back on the bed waiting for Nga.

 Nga still lay on the bed her body shaking from the aftershocks of her orgasms. Even when the buzzer sounded to start her 90 minutes use of So Savoeun it took 4 minutes before she could start.

Nga struggled to her bag and retrieved a ball gags, the one with the single strap that went behind the head. While reaching for it, she saw the other one lying next to it, the full-face harness. It looked so medieval with its eye holes and straps that crisscrossed every which way over the face, with an obscene red ball for the mouth in the very centre. Later on if I need it, she thought. 

She put the white, gleaming ball into her opponents mouth, clamping her teeth down on it, and fastened the leather straps at each side. She rummaged in her bag with one hand and drew up a long coil of rope.. The Cambodian's eyes widened yet again as Nga went to work.

When she had three loose coils encircling each breast, she began to pull them tighter so they were cinching the tits painfully. She wrapped the excess rope around So Savoeun’s shoulders and back, then around her stomach, crisscrossing it again between her breasts and knotting it behind her neck.

Nga pulled out another coil of rope and tied one of So's wrists to one corner of the headboard, then the other wrist to the other corner. 

Next Nga got out the harness and the Double Penetrator. This was comprised of two cock-shaped dildos linked together at the base, both pointing forward, clearly one for the cunt and the other for the arse. The one for the pussy was fat and thick, and looked to be about seven or eight inches long, while the other one was even longer, though thinner, with a more pronounced curve. Nga slipped into the harness easily, and with a little more effort, she snapped the Double Penetrator into place. The final step was to spread the Cambodian legs apart with a leg spreader.

Nga looked down at the two joined, monstrous appendages bobbing from their anchorage on her pubic bone, both of them pointed toward So Savoeun’s open, vulnerable groin, Her shaved pussy was wet and puckered, he arse hole a dark, tightly shut aperture between her two round and bulging buns. 

Working quickly, she uncapped the bottle of oil and spread some on her forefinger. She slid the finger between the Cambodian's firm arse cheeks and up into her arse watching her grimace, hearing her whimper softly as Nga’s finger invaded her body. The brothel owner knew this was only a hint of the invasion to follow.

"Get ready bitch. Get ready to be fucked." Nga hissed at her, twisting her finger, trying to open the tightly shut orifice enough to permit the Double Penetrator, or at least a second finger. "Your pussy is all wet and hungry, but this little back door is closed tight. We have to try to open it up a little."

"Umnnggpphhh!" the 49 year old grunted, her eyes watering as Nga quickly widened the entry with her fingers.

She had got two fingers in by now, and the arse hole was slowly yielding to them as she slid them in and out. She worked efficiently, quickly entering into the frenzy in which she would take her rival , She removed her greasy fingers from the opened arse Then, without another word, she took the Penetrator in her hand and began to guide it home.

So Savoeun’s gaping, juice-slick pussy was now prepared and ready for the top dildo, which slid in easily, but it was painful going inching the lower, well-lubricated prong into her arse. Finally she thrust violently , feeling So’s body clench and tremble uncontrollably as it penetrated further and further up her rectum. Tears appeared in her eyes as Nga fucked her until the Penetrator sunk completely in her rival's body. The Cambodian was totally impaled on both thick stalks, and Nga settled down to fuck her efficiently, ruthlessly and totally.

"Ungh ungh ungh Unngghhhhhhhhhh," she groaned continually, as Nga drove her hips in and out relentlessly fucking her Even though So Savoeun was the one being penetrated and fucked, Nga knew she would come herself. She felt her whole body, and her mind consumed with sex fire, especially her cunt, which oozed and throbbed and jangled like relentlessly, pulsing and aching underneath the two giant stalks she was ramming in and out of the brothel owner’s body Holding the base with one hand to prevent slippage, she raped So Savoeun 

"Umnnggh! Ohnmmgggnn . . . ummnngghh!" she grunted loudly into the gag, her eyes rolling up, then gradually regaining focus.

"Oh yes . . . oh yes!" Nga panted, now holding her opponents's squirming, undulating body with both hands, embracing her, mashing her breasts into the brothel owner's, pumping her harder, fucking her roughly with the huge stalks that sprung unnaturally out of her own groin and sank deep in So Savoeun’s quivering body with every sharp thrust.


The crowd was wondering what was happening. Sure, Nga was brutally raping her opponent but she needed to make her cum and that wasn’t happening. Maybe she had accepted defeat and this was her form of revenge. But I had it figured out. After the pain the arousal would be greater and So Savoeun would cum and cum. Still she was cutting it fine to get 22 cums  

Then she withdrew. I smiled knowing know she would arouse the Cambodian to cum and cum as she first arranged her doggy style on the bed.

Wrong wrong wrong. She made no attempt to arouse the Cambodian instead after Nga removed the dildo with a sucking pop she collected her own juices for lubrication and added a little KY Jelly just to be sure. Then she easily inserted three fingers into So Savoeun fully to the knuckles and swirled them around. Then she put her little finger and thumb in and shoved in hard, her opponents pussy lips disappeared inside her as Nga’s knuckles tried to slip past. the Cambodian groaned into her ball gag as her body shook

Nga twisted and pushed for a few minutes, then suddenly with a slopping sound her hand slipped in to the wrist. So Savoeun gasped and her arms collapsed, her face mashed into the bed.. Nga twisted her hand around and pushed some more, sinking a little deeper. She pushed some more and her rival moaned in response. The Vietnamese’s arm sank into her. Watching closely I figured about 8 inches in total. Nga continued to twist and pump, loosening her up for some purpose. 

She pulled her hand back to the wrist, the knuckles forcing the pussy lips out as they hugged the near 3 inch diameter of bunched up knuckles. Her hand slipped free and her pussy stayed open slightly. She pushed it back in, this time more easily, and pulled it back out without much resistance. Nga continued this action for about 10 minutes, meaning 45 minutes of her 90 had passed .Each time pushing her hand all the way into her and then viciously pulling it back out, twisting it as the pussy lips snapped back into place. 

The room filled with slurping noises as Nga fist fucked her enjoying the panting and moans and screams from the Cambodian. Each time her pussy took Nga’s arm half way to the elbow. Finally she made a fist and pressed it to her gaping hole and with the fingers bunched up she got 3 more inches of her arm inside her. 

She pushed my fist hard, the pussy lips giving way slowly to the extra width. With one final thrust it slipped in. So Savoeun screamed with pleasure and then Nga pulled it back out half way, making sure the pussy lips stretched wide at the thickest point of her fist. She twisted it around, making sure she would loosen up to take the whole fist again and again. As Nga did this each ch time her pussy lips hugged her fist on exit and snapped back into place. She picked up the pace, her fist smacking So’s pussy each time it entered, and pulling her pussy lips a good 2 inches from her body with each exit. 

The Cambodian’s entire body moved with the force and a continuous moan was dragged from her as she bit on the gag. Nga’s arm protruded from her pussy like a tree trunk. She half pulled her arm out and twisted her fist around and pushed it back in, slowly pumping her, pulling her fist almost all the way out each time. Her pussy adapted quickly to the stretching. 

By now Nga had her fist 10 inches into her body. At this depth the diameter of her forearm was greater than her wrist, stretching the now loose pussy even more. The slurping noises were getting very loud now as Nga’s fist continuously slapped into her pussy and slopped back out again. 

So Savoeun’s cunt was red from the vicious fisting when Nga slid four fingers of her other hand inside her pussy beside her fucking arm. She slid her thumb in along side, twisting her hand until it clutched the other wrist buried inside her pussy. Nga pushed them in to the knuckles and encountered resistance as her pussy got real tight real quick. She withdrew, lubed up her hand with some KY jelly and continued her assault. She pushed his first fist deeper into her to allow more room for the other to enter. Slowly her pussy adapted , adjusting to the huge intrusion. Her knuckles slipped past her lips and the fingers poked the fist already inside her. . 

She forced her first fist deeper, toward the 10 inch mark again. stretching the pussy to both sides so wide that it looked unnaturally deformed. the 2 wrists must have been forcing her pussy open at least 4.5 inches side to side. Nga pumped one arm into her slowly, while she pulled the other in the opposite direction. 

Nga withdrew on hand removed the ball gag and then forced it back in the abused pussy to join its mate. So Savoeun screamed out, " Nooooooooooooooooooo OH my god it hurts! Pull them out!", but Nga continued pumping into her. prying her arms apart, stretching her more. She managed to separate her wrists by about 1/4 inch. Then Nga screamed in triumph as she began to lift her arm upward, applying pressure to her G-Spot and clit with his arm. On the big TV screen I could see the shape of her fist bulging in the 49 year old’s abdomen. Guttural pained moans escaped from So Savoeun in response. Nga rested her arms on her knees for support, as tears trickled down the brothel owners face.

Incredibly So Savoeun’s body was raised by the two arms in her and now cleared the bed and only her shoulder blades and face touched it now. Nga pushed one fist deeper into her to get more leverage on her upper body. Her fist began to really bulge out of her abdomen. It looked like it had to hurt as we could almost see the shape of his knuckles pressing against her insides. So Savoeun began moaning loudly her body thrashing around uncontrollably. The wailing Cambodian was clutching the bulge where Nga’s fists were pushing out through her abdomen as Nga’s fists continued slamming into her depths . Her pussy lips stretched more and she screamed out. 

NOOOoooooooooooooooo I give Stop ittttttttttttttttt. I give

Nga grinned in triumph. She had won by a forfeit.

She wrapped one hand around her fist inside her pulled. Her pussy lips stretched out from the huge girth of her two hands. As we exited her pussy lips So Savoeun screamed and writhed until both fists popped out, and her pussy lips snapping back to her body, still gaping a good 2 inches diameter. . 

Of course So Savoeun’s camp protested but as the rules stood she had forfeited and Nga was into the final with a result of Nga 21 cums So Savoeun 0 cum but forfeited after 76 minutes

Afterwards debate ensured as to whether Nga’s assault was a spur of the moment decision response to the large number of cums So Savoeun had drawn from her or a planned pre match tactic. Only Nga would know but I fully believed it was her intention from the start, after Jasmine's forfeit to her in the quarterfinal, to take advantage of the forfeit rule . It also meant that she deliberately lost the first 60 minutes so should would take the Cambodian second and unleash her new tactic not have it exposed by going first.