All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 by Aussie Greg

Chp 26 The Grand Final  

Seed 3 Trang Vu  v  Seed 29 Nga Nguyen

The World 3 Trang Vu was on stage prior to the start of the final of the 2008 All Asian Sexfight Championship. Click here to have the history open in a new window. She was 42 years old, and now a successful lawyer in Australia where she had arrived as a 12 year old boat refugee in 1978. Her father had enough English on arrival to start a Phu (noodle) Restaurant, and his new found wealth from that put him ahead of those men on the dole or working for low cash or poor factory wages. This attracted other Vietnamese women like moths to a light and her early teenage years were full of her mother defending her marriage in sexfights against these women.

Eventually the inevitable happened when she was 14. A Vietnamese single mother Tu Lan, only 4 years older than Trang defeated her mother to move into the house as her father's lover and then in the next 3 weeks on a daily, often twice a day, and on one occasion four times, fought, beat and then fucked Trang's 40 year old mother in front of Trang's father; all the time pleading with him as she fucked Trang's mother, for him to kick them out. After 20 days as Trang's mother sucked their German Shepherd dog's cock into life again while a victorious 18year old Tu Lan's hips buried a double pronged strap-on into the defeated mother's arse and cunt while sucking him off, he did. Four years later aged 18 Trang had her revenge beating Tu Lan and fucking her so savagely she could no longer have pleasurable sex.

Her hand moved to her throat and a cloak of black feathers parted from the front and turned into 5 ft black fan which she slid behind her and swirled slowly like a peacock's tail. Her tiny 4 ft 11, 84 pound body was naked except for a black V of lace and 2 black sequin stars covering her implanted 32B tits. The rest of 32B 21 30 body was small, hard, beautiful, and her oiled skin glinted under lights. The strong bass of the Vietnamese music started and her naked belly slowly revolved in time, feathers moving to the pulsing beat. Her upper body was motionless as first her feet, then shoulders moved in synch to the music. Her lips were bared slightly as her tongue licked her white teeth before the long split tongue flicked out slathering her lips like a serpent's. Her nostrils flared and her eyes glinted like diamonds. She threw the fan to floor, ripped the sequins from her nipples and raised her arms above her head. Her body shivered as her belly and hips revolved in large circles and the audience panted for more, their eyes rolling and bulging at her performance.

Her body was on auto pilot, she loved displaying it, and as she tore the sequins from her nipples in her mind she thought that now she would be accepted as a real fighter not pidgeon holed as a level lower, a 4 or 5 at best a 3

Sweat now covered her all over, glistening on her skin as she shuddered and jerked, screaming softly as her hands snaked down her sides to tear away the lace black panties string and then her tiny G string so she stood naked legs apart, quivering to the beat. She reached between her legs and pulled a long string of anal beads from her arse and then, squeezing her cunt muscles, ejected 2 golden Ben Wah balls from her shaven cunt. Contemptuously she turned her head to look at Nga knowing she had upstaged the older Vietnamese and gained the majority of the audience support.

Nga stood naked, balanced precariously on her extreme high heels knowing she had been totally outstaged. In her first Championship she had hoped to emphasize her body advantages over the tiny Vietnamese lawyer: her long legs and open long lipped cunt and larger nipples but she had been blown out of the water by an experienced performer who wanted one thing: victory.

Unlike Trang who had 10 consecutive years in the top 10 , Nga Nguyen the World 82 from Vietnam was in her first All Asian Sexfight Championship. She was 46 years old and 5ft3 95 34 C 25 33 and very attractive in that slim attention to detail way older Vietnamese women have. The 3rd oldest competitor in this year's competition, she had to pinch herself to make sure she was not dreaming. Seven months earlier the Vietnamese, Saigon based Beautician went to see her daughter in a local district sexfight event. She entered herself to make up the numbers because there was one vacancy and in her first event won the 32 woman event taking her daughter in the second round and beating a 32 year old, ranked 16 in Vietnam 5 years earlier, in the final. During her victory rights she "encouraged" the 32 year old to enter the National Vietnam Tag Team Contest that month where a 2nd place there gave them a wildcard into the Vietnamese Individuals. A top 10 finish there enabled her, after having mortgaged her house and business, to finance her challenge in the Internationals. She made it into the top 128 who can try for a spot in the final 64 of The All Asian Sexfight Championship, and after the eliminations she had gained her spot as the fourth highest ranked competitor at world 82.

And not only gained a spot: she was into the final in her first attempt and in the record books as winner of the longest sexfight since the championships began in 1968 at 5 hours 48 minutes over fellow 45 year old Vietnamese World 9 seed Xuan Nguyen. Then there was the money. Her prize money plus the slings from happy gamblers who had bet on Xuan not making the quarters had more than repaid her mortgage. And finally her seduction of the defeated Xuan's daughter Loc, who with her mother was the World champion Tag team for the past 4 years, and her future teaming together with Loc as a tag team. First to hit the pay dirt in the lucrative Asian home sexfight market against wealthy wannabes and their champions. Then, and her clit gave an involuntary twitch, to fuck Xuan with Loc's help over and over until they broke her and turned her into their sex slave, and then, and her juices started flowing, fuck her to death as her Xuan's own daughter Loc ate and pleasured Nga. Xuan would be the first victim of their House of Pain that she planned to purchase in neighbouring Laos where she and Loc could experiment on women sexually and together explore the infinite art of torture.

To win the 2008 all Asian Sexfight title either woman had to endure a 2 hour session in the morning, a 2 and a hour session in the afternoon and a final 3 and a half hours at night with the winner extracting most orgasms from the other in the 8 hours. The first morning session was usually an exploration as each woman tested the other before applying the squeeze in the afternoon session to build a lead and then going flat out for the final session

The 2 stood facing each other and the experienced Trang took the initiative. She leaned forward and seized one of the older Vietnamese's erect nipples between her lips rolling her split tongue around the rubbery button. Subconsciously enjoying the feeling of the woman's soft lips on her nipples, Nga reached out and stroked Trang's hard silicone filled breasts, weighing them in her cupped hands. Then she slowly ran her hands up and down Trang's narrow back, thin waist, and over her hips. Trang responded as the fingers moved down between her arse cheeks, and down the insides of her well-toned thighs. Then Nga continued up the younger woman's belly, caressing her breasts, shoulders, neck and lips.

Nga's tits were being assaulted by the long tongue of Trang: her nipple trapped between the split tongue as each half of it worked independently but she still managed to take the younger woman's wrists and hold above them above Trang's head. Her other free hand roamed Nga's body with more force now. Trang trembled visibly and moaned as the older woman pinched and tweaked her firm breasts and nipples. Naked together on the bed she pressed against Trang, and gently kissed her mouth for the first time, running her lips over the Vietnamese lawyer's sensuous soft mouth before attaching her lips to her nipples like a limpet mine.

Trang responded by rolling onto her hands and knees and got directly over Nga. She pushed Nga's legs apart with her own, and arched down to slowly press and grind her hip, then her thigh between the older Vietnamese's open legs. Nga groaned at the sensation of Trang's hard muscular thigh pressing and sliding against her pussy. Trang settled her weight on top of the older woman, clamping her own pussy against the other woman's leg. Their breasts pressed and slid together, nipples stiff and pointy. The feeling of Nga's supple body trembling beneath her own felt great to the Australian Vietnamese.

"Only one victory from All Asian Sexfight Champion", she thought. She smiled as she sensed a slick discharge of love juice forming where her naked thigh rasped against Nga's swollen pussy lips. "Fuck all those who said she wasn't good enough to be number 1. Today and tonight was her destiny".

Nga groaned as Trang began a slow, forceful rocking-motion, rubbing her muscular thigh between the older woman's open legs as she continued to hold Nga under her, forcing her to hump her pussy against her leg while managing to endure the moving pressure from Nga's thigh on her clit. The younger and older Vietnamese women quietly moaned together, slowly squirming and undulating against each other, legs entwined like two dueling, oily, python snakes.

"You're so easy Nga," the younger Australian based woman taunted lifting her mouth from the inflamed nipple and looking down at the older woman, their lips inches apart. "I'll bet your mother or daughter never fucked you like this before, huh?"

"Ooooow, A-aayyy, Aaaah OOOOOOOOH", Nga moaned with arousal as her pussy lips suddenly gave up the fight and split fully open and flattened against the motion of her opponent's slippery thigh. She twisted and arched up, pressing herself against Trang as she was pinned and fucked on the bed like a wild animal by Trang's thigh. Trang increased her own thrusting-sliding rhythm, arching her hips up and down between Nga's soft open thighs. She increased her assault on Nga's nipples with her mouth as their bodies continued to slid and squirm together. Nga broke off the nipple sucking competition and pushed open Trang's mouth and their tongues begin a slimy sensual competitive dance. Nga desperately raised her head up and clamped her mouth over Trang's, slowly pumping her tongue in and out of the younger woman's mouth. Trang tilted her head back accepting the wet tongue inside her mouth then went on her own attack.

Trang continued sliding and thrusting her leg against Nga's sopping wet pussy and warm naked inner thigh while her tongue now deeply explored the inside of Nga's small mouth. Nga leant up slightly, just enough to reach her hands between their sweat-sheened bodies to pinch and knead Trang's tits.

The two women bucked and writhed against each other on bed in this manner for quite some time as the crowd watched intently at the venue or on the closed circuit TV. Their movements became rough and frenzied as they forcefully ground into each with mounting urgency. To pull out of this first challenge was to lose face and both were too proud to do this, especially against another Vietnamese. Suddenly Nga stopped and held on tightly to Trang rutting her pussy into Trang's thigh and began to orgasm, spewing her juices against Trang's thigh. First blood to the number 3 seed, who then came herself 30 seconds later.

Trang smiled triumphantly and eased her middle finger between the soft, long cuntlips of her opponent. Then, slowly, expertly, she began to finger-fuck the older woman who was still moaning and writhing under her. But Nga retaliated and soon Trang herself was close to climax as Nga's middle finger found its way fully into her wet channel. Her cunt began to drip. Each time Nga's fingers pushed in a small amount of woman-juice squeezed out. With her other hand Nga wiped up the sticky droplets and brought them to her mouth and sucked the cunt juices off her fingers. Again and again she pushed her fingers deep. She held them in Trang, stirring her juices, feeling her silky inner flesh and the warmth of the walls of her cunt as they gripped her fingers. The heel of her palm was pressing into Trang's fat, distended clit and Trang's inner velvet involuntarily squeezed her penetrating fingers. Trang stiffened and groaned as she felt Nga's fingers slipping in and out of her cunt, until

"E iiiighhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhh". An intense climax washed over her and she shivered uncontrollably through the entirety of her first cum of the final.

Nga rubbed the cum juices that had pooled in the palm of her hand into Trang's tits and they again got down to business. This first 2 hour session was more of a scouting information gathering session, the second 2.5 hours a search and destroy mission while the final 3.5 hours was a fight to the finish. After the first 2 hours ended Nga led 12 to 10 and while Nga had a advantage when both were fingering Trang's split tongue gave her a huge advantage over the 46 year old Saigon beautician when they were locked in 69.

The 2.5 hour afternoon session started with Trang kissing Nga lips, and slowly inserting her tongue into the older woman's mouth wrapping both sections around Nga's tongue and pulling it into her mouth. Nga realized there was no future in this form of combat and broke the kiss and moved way from Trang. She pulled a large size double dildo out of the equipment bag on stage and offered it to Trang. The neon purple dong itself was made of an incredibly soft but stiff rubber, and was very deeply ribbed and veined with a bumpy latex surface and a large mushroom shaped head at either end.

Unable to back down on a public challenge Trang knelt on the bed and positioned herself fully over one end of the 36 inch flexible double ended dong. With one hand she slowly rubbed one bulbous end of the dong between her fat pussy lips.

"Bad move, bitch, I'm about to give you one good fucking." Trang said as she stared at the naked Nga. She slowly worked the dong's head into her slit. "Tonight after I win I'll fuck you so dry the strap-on will feel like sandpaper"

"You have to win first, and every knows you choke real bad in the finals. You going to learn now what I'm about to do to your tiny love-bud". Nga rubbing in the fact that her clit was larger than the younger Vietnamese's as she reached down for her end of the dong. Soon the long rubbery dildo was the uniting link between the 46 year older Vietnamese woman's long lipped cunt and the thick fat pussy lips of the 42 year old Trang .

Nga slowly pushed forward with her hips, completely inserting the dildo into the Vietnamese lawyer. Trang shuddered and arched her hips up before she thrust back. Quickly they established a rhythm as they fought for supremacy in his new contest. Nga lowered her hips, causing more of the phallus to slowly slide into the woman intertwined with her. Trang moaned and looked down, watching the purple phallus slide deep within her. Two minutes later she closed her eyes and tilted back her head, groaning as she felt the extraordinary sensation of the wide mushroom-shaped head continually pushing deep within her body time after time.

She twisting and thrashed around on top of the bed.

"Oh Nooooooooooo" she groaned, shaking as the imitation cock's bulbous shape pressed hard against her outer pussy lips before being driven deep inside by a smiling Nga who arched her hips down and into Trang. Nga stared into Trang's triumphant open mouthed face as the older Vietnamese deliberately moved her hips further downwards, causing the dildo to be lodged far deeper inside the 42 year old. In charge she increased the pace and reached down with one hand to hold and press Trang's clit along the ribbed shaft as unanswered she drove it in and out of her.

Trang spasmed. "Eeeeeeeeighghhhhhhhhhh".

Moving swiftly the older woman was quickly on her knees behind the writhing Trang's wide spread legs. She rolled her over and her hands grabbed the hair on either side of Trang's head. She arched her hips back, pulling the dildo a few inches out of the 42 year old 3rd seed's pussy, then hammered the dong back inside again. Triumphantly she watched Trang Vu's entire body quiver with each vicious pump. She set up a rapid, hard fucking rhythm, rapidly pushing the dong in and out of the younger woman she controlled her with her hair hold and was taking doggy style. With each thrust the rubbery nubbins and raised veins of the double dong rubbed and pressed against the lawyer's clit.

Nga lowered her body so her breasts pushed and rubbed along Trang's back, moving to the same increasing beat of her thrusting rhythm. Their heated bodies were covered in a sweaty sheen. Nga now pounded in and out of the Trang who groaned uncontrollably in response, raising her hips as much as she could in her limited movement, to meet and absorb the frenzied downward thrusting of the older woman on top of her. Nga sensed Trang's approaching orgasm and reached down and around to find the 42 year old's clit, before leaning forward and brushing her lips along Trang's exposed neck. Nga played with Trang's clit, maintaining the neck kiss while she continuing to pump in and out of her.

Trang exploded nearly bucking Nga off but she maintained her doggy style fucking. Again and again Trang came imprisoned under Nga. Large flows of love juice flowed from her: the sticky fluid covered her thighs and soaked the bed under her. Nga ruthlessly fucked doggy style the still imprisoned 3rd seed who was uncontrollably trembling and quivering. Trang moaned and whimpered, going out of her mind with frustration, unable to fight back. Her lips trembled and she shook and wailed every time the older woman pulled the dildo from her pulsing slippery pussy, only to grunt loudly as the older woman plunged it back into her sopping love tunnel.

She came again and again, the last time so strongly she bucked Nga off and screamed in pain as the dong was wrenched from her cunt. But it was the final and she overcame the pain to roll them into a 69. Her mouth kissed and sucked Nga's labia, quickly lighting a fire inside the already aroused Nga. The sensation of the split tongue plowing through her wet furrow quickly took control and she came long and hard causing her to lay back splayed on the bed with Trang's mouth still attached to her pussy. Lying on her back, with her knees spread obscenely Nga's stomach churned as Trang's mouth worked its magic on her twat. Her split tongue curled around Nga's clit and worked it like a New York hooker giving a hand job. She simultaneously aroused her clit and tongue fucked her with her fearsome trademark weapon.

This endless cycle of cunt and clit pleasure combined with the sensation of Trang pressing and rubbing her body along her erect responsive nipples caused Nga to loose control. Despite her best efforts Trang was forcing her to cum regularly. Trang occasionally, briefly, lifted her face to watch Nga's face as she continued to systematically eat the 46 year old Vietnamese. Nga opened her mouth in a pained attempt at articulation.

"Oh! Aaah! Oh! Unnghhhh." Nga finally cried out, sobbing and shaking violently.

"Yes bitch, You like it, can't get enough, hey slut?" Trang gloated before unleashing her 

tongue again. Sensing Nga was at her limit Trang increased her pace pumping her tongue in and out of the Nga's slippery-wet quim.

"Unghhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Nga cried out in pleasure, her hips moving in response to the magic of Trang's tongue. She sensed another impending orgasm approaching like an out of control freight train.

Nga sobbed uncontrollably, twisting and arching against the triumphant woman eating her senseless. It was too much and when she came she flooded Trang, first with her juices and then, as she flopped around a torrent of uncontrolled ecstasy, piss, causing Trang to pull away and give Nga temporary relief. Now aware of each other's strengths they maneuvered skillfully for the remainder of the 2 hours, neither being able to establish the total control they managed before but at the end the experienced Trang Vu had increased her lead, ahead 38 to 30, and within sight of her first title.

Nga was in the small room waiting for the final 3.5 hour session. She knew she was behind, knew her path to the final had far longer matches than Trang who was fresher. Her mobile rang. It was Xuan's daughter Loc.

"Me Toi (my mother), I am so proud of you. I know you will win. No-one except you and the first winner will have won on their first attempt. I want to make love with you."

"You think I can win", queried Nga

"Yes", replied Xuan's daughter. "Remember how you outlasted my bitch mother Xuan in nearly 6 hours. You are the best".

Gaining hope Nga replied, "If I win I want you to share my 24 hour victory right with Trang"

"Yes mother, then we can learn how to fuck together so we really can fuck Xuan every way. How is that bitch going to feel when she sees me, her ex daughter, and you, my new mother, make love as we fuck her to death "

Four hours later they started the final 3.5 hours. Only one would be champion for 2008. The other had only defeat and a long 24 hours ahead of her. The two women panted, groaned, oozed, and shimmied together as they sought control of the other. Both were responding and cumming but after 25 minutes Nga gained control after a violent orgasm racked Trang and using a dildo clutched in her right hand with short, intense strokes she induced a huge sticky release of cum from Trang. She was on a roll. Nga lowered her body, molding herself against the 42 year old under her. She could feel Trang's sweaty tired body wiggling under her own, and with her face and cheek pressed into Trang's back, her legs between Trang's keeping them apart she used the hand held synthetic manhood on her opponent's thick lipped cunt to wring multiple orgasms from the World 3 and overtake her lead. For 30 minutes Trang's pussy spasmed, clenched around the thickness of the hand held dildo, as orgasm after orgasm hit. Her body shuddered and her taut belly quivered and knotted with the strength of her cumming and her wet cum surged to the opening of her cunt. There it was stopped inside by the dildo, and her twat filled with her juice seeking an escape path.

But Nga couldn't keep it up forever and both her body from holding the writhing Trang and her arm tired. Then it was Trang's turn to take control and revenge. She opened her mouth and let her tongue slide into Nga's steaming cunt. Nga's cunt was shaved smooth, so her long lips were completely exposed to her mouth. Finding her clit, she sucked and nibbled on it, causing the exhausted Nga to jerk a little every time she flicked across it. She smiled and continued her licking of Nga's cunt. Her forked tongue was like a snake as it went up her canal in search of more of her fluids. Nga's hips began to move involuntarily as she took her up towards her peak, arousing her until she exploded and came in Trang's mouth. She licked and sucked the sweetness until it was gone and then lowered her mouth to Nga's pussy once again. She rammed her hot, eager tongue between the older woman's now swollen cuntlips and licked the twitching cunthole as hard as she could.

Trang could feel the Saigon woman writhing and twisting in pleasure on the bed as she fucked her tongue deeper and deeper in her pussyhole, fucking it in as far as she could and licking the tight walls of the twitching cunthole. She pulled her tongue almost all the way out of the screaming Nga's cunt and started all over, fucking it all the way in again. By now, hot, thick pussyjuice was running out and dribbling down Nga's slender legs. Suddenly, Trang fucked her hot, hard tongue deep into the older woman's arse over and over until she was cumming almost continually. Again and again her entire body stiffened, and she arched her back painfully, driving her soaking wet cunt up against Trang's greedy mouth.

"I'm commmiiinnngg! I'm commmmmiiiinnnngggg!" She gasped, hardly able to breathe.

A fresh flood of hot pussy juices poured from the older Vietnamese's cunthole, filling her rival mouth. Groaning with pleasure, Trang licked it up thirstily, swallowing it greedily as fast as it shot from her opponents throbbing cunt. But she too tired and again it was Nga's turn to dominate as she fingered Trang to a flurry of orgasms. For three hours 10 minutes they continued, each in control for shorter and shorter periods until they tired and the other took over. Trang wearily draped herself over an exhausted Nga and glanced at the scoreboard

Trang Vu 70

Nga Nguyen 72

"Two behind", Trang thought, "but I've got the bitch now and Ill get another 6 from her and then hold on for the last few minutes and I'm champion".

She drove her split tongue deeper and deeper, feeling the older woman's cunt-muscles tightening convulsively around her reaming tongue. Nga moaned and reached down to press Trang's head even tighter against her cunt.

Nga's tongue jammed pointed and hard into the sweet channel of Nga's cunt, her lips hard against the nub of her clit, as she sucked and swallowed the slick offering of Nga's overheated cunt. Nga began screaming with ecstasy as Trang's educated tongue raped her hot wet opening, and her voice grew louder with each thrust, her body shaking with lust as she began her orgasm. Trang felt Nga's cunt spasm, as the juice shot out of the newcomer's belly to drench her face, the sweet cloying taste of pussy mixed with the salty perspiration dripping from Nga's body. Again Nga came, her hot cunt squirted juice to spray the inside of Trang's mouth, too much to capture and swallow, and overflowed to run down her chin and throat, leaving a trail to channel between her tits and down her belly to drip on to Trang.

They were even at 72 each. "Now for the kill", she thought. She bent forward again tasting the defeated Nga's juices. She moved her juice-smeared face back and forth, first sucking her pulsing clit, then plunging her long split tongue into her cunthole. Then she licked the entire throbbing cuntal area. Back and forth she moved, bringing Nga closer and closer to another orgasm. As she thrashed around under Trang, Nga's hands, which were cupping and squeezing Trang's arse cheeks moved so that her little finger slipped into the moist rift between her tight cheeks. She thought she detected a mild clenching in Trang's body as she did it, but if so, she quickly relaxed again, and her mouth clamped on Nga became more ardent, more searching.

Encouraged, and using the final dregs of her energy Nga dipped her fingers inside Trang and smeared her viscous love oil around her puckered brown rosette. She wormed her finger deeper, until the base of it brushed the small, wrinkled aperture of Trang's arse. This time Trang jerked at the full intrusion and Nga's hand twisted, opening her chocolate starfish wider, and then slid a second finger, her ring finger, into her shithole. At the same time her thumb stroked horizontally across Trang's clit, and her forefinger entered and fucked her cunt.

Trang bucked as Nga pressed her fingers deeper into her anus and worked her clit, but she maintained her oral assault. Her tongue was searching for dominance of Nga's cunt. She licked it. She sucked it. Then she nibbled the edges of the sensitive clitflesh. Meanwhile Nga had replaced the two fingers she had slipped in Trang's arse with four and was close to working her full coned fist into her shitter. Her other hand was finger fucking Trang's cunt.

Both were panting and moaning as they locked together. Trang single mindedly licking entire length of Nga's steaming honey pot as the boiling juices continued to flow from her. Her own eyes rolled back into her head and she screamed in ecstasy as Nga fisted her arse and frigged and finger fucked her slit. Both continued to come again and again. Trang made love to Nga's clit... sucking, kissing, and licking. Her body was in spasm... she felt her orgasm building to a climax... she slid her tongue deeper inside her pussy... and she continued to tongue fuck her. The walls of Nga's pussy squeezed her tongue... she could feel her pussy throbbing with orgasm... then she came... her mouth was flooded with her juices... Nga was just as determinedly fisting and fingerfucking Trang's arse and cunt. . . Trang was on fire in her shitter and in fuck slit. . . her hips jerked, her breath rushed in and out. . . Nga pulled her fist out to its knuckle, then plunged it in again. . .her back arched, and she came, her whole body was alight, her tensed muscles sang as she came again.

The siren sounded, It was over. The 3 and a half hours had ended 81 each and the 2 had to be physically separated swearing, hissing, scratching at each other like wildcats. They had an equal number of cums and officials were faced with the first tie ever. They tried to explain it to the 2 women who refused to accept the result.

"Noooooooooo", wailed Trang. "I won, I won. I want to fuck her".

She drew open her swollen vulva showing Nga her twat. Her cunt seemed enormous; a wide tunnel, whose cum covered lips pouting out showing her pink wet depths. Nga matched her parting her long reddened lips to show a throbbing pulsing clit. She rolled her clit around with her fingers. Then with her other spread her lips apart then pulled the skin tight making her huge clit which was now about half an inch in diameter and an inch in length pop out.

"Match that bitch. Take me on cunt to cunt for the crown if you dare", screamed Nga

Physically held apart while the judges conferred they hurled insults at each other.

"Fuck You. Fuck You. I'm going to fuck and fuck you", screeched Trang trying to kick Nga in the cunt who was still flaunting her larger clit .

Nga surged forward and managed a slap to Trang's face before being restrained. "You'll eat my cunt, slut, eat it good all night, you fucking slut", she spat out

The judges decided to let them settle it with a cunt to cunt battle, first to three and after some trouble as both tried to scratch each other and were threatened with the tie result standing, arranged the 2 hellcats sister scissor style. Both were pussy to pussy on a bed with their heads at opposite ends such that their legs meshed similar to how you would interlock fingers between two hands. They were face up looking at each other and spitting epithets as they started bumping and rubbing and grinding against each other in a slow rotation. Their hands were interlocked forcing their pussies into full contact and their cunts quickly became wet and juicy again as they ground them together.

Soon the united slits were working against each other, making long squishing sounds because of the overflowing juices. Both Vietnamese women's labia and clitoris quickly became engorged, slippery, wet and aroused. Nga pressed down hard onto Trang and felt her labia spread open allowing hers to enter her slightly.

Trang slid her clit up and down Nga's slit in return and felt it rub between her labia and bump her clit. They held it there grinding their pussies, clit to clit for a while before Nga slid her clit back down between Trang's swollen lips. Then she began the assent back up her slit. They took it in turns to grind but slowly Nga's larger clit worked its way into Trang's vagina. Nga then started rocking back and forth in a steady rhythm, mashing their clits together. Trang's engorged clit was almost as prominent as hers but not quite as thick or long. Nga started to rock her hips forcing their clits to duel constantly. Trang half sat up and put her hands on Nga's chest, leaning forward a little but Nga quickened her pace, causing Trang to emit continuous high-pitched noises.

A squelching sound came from their sealed cunts: there was so much liquid down there, Nga had trouble staying in the right position and not sliding all over the place, but she managed to pound her clit against Trang's. Trang was drooling a bit, lost to this world and suddenly her face contorted into a hideous grimace and she fell forward, shaking and cumming. A flood of hot cunt juice poured into Nga's cunt. With a loud wet schlorping sound she pulled her cunt meat free. A fountain of womancum sprayed out of Trang, splashed off of Nga's thighs, and rained down on the bed

Nga dragged the still orgasming Trang to a standing position. As everyone knows it is this position more than the Scissors that give deeper penetration and she crashed their cunts together and started grinding clit to clit. Their breathing quickened, and the crowd was gasping at the sight of breast rubbing breast, nipples fighting nipples, pussy clamped to pussy, clit challenging clit. Nga was the aggressor pushing down against the shorter Trang, each time meeting and overpowering her weakening upward circular thrusts. Trang tried grabbing Nga's shoulder to help steady herself before she emitted a soft whimper. Increasing the pace of the pussy to pussy rubbing Nga felt even more confident and wrapped her arms around Nga to keep her pinned as her squirming and bucking increased in effort and force. All the while she relentlessly ground her pussy into Trang's, humping, thrusting, and twisting. She tightened her hold and started to hammer their cunts into each other. The crowd yelled their approval as she smashed her long lipped quim into Trang's shaven pussy.

Trang whimpered, "Oh, shiitttttttt; its cumming, it comes, oh, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhh let it...let it...let me...AHHHHHH!"

Her second orgasm hit her. She looked upwards and shouted to the overhead cameras and climaxed, jetting streams of fluid from her contracting vagina as Nga pulled away letting the stream of womancum hit her belly and cunt and bounce back in a spray onto Trang.

It was a case of one orgasm to many. Trang Vu was gone and slumped to the floor and lay there moaning, a dull glazed look in her eyes. Nga bent down and whispered, "Two down and one to go bitch, and the crowd is going to see you really fucked".

She climbed on her missionary style, spreading Trang's Legs and fitting her body between. Missionary style means only one can penetrate and she made sure it was her. There was maximum body to body contact - breasts meshing with breasts, nipples pressing into nipples, legs caressing legs along their length. Her eyes bored into the paralyzed Trang's eyes as she fucked, splaying open Trang's inner labia and keeping her open, allowing herself greater penetration and greater stimulation for Trang.

She maintained a slow rhythmic humping to work her juices out and coat both vulvas getting the sticky juices out from between their slits and covering their vulva and surrounding inner thighs). Nga held firmly to her hips and yanked her forward and back in a rapid movement so that her pussy never broke contact with hers, but simply slid back and forward along its length. This motion, along with her legs being spread caused Trang's labia to open like a flower, allowing Nga's vulva to work its way inside of hers. At the top of each her stroke her clit was nuzzled between the bottom edge of her slit, then she slid her hips back, and her thick clit slid along between her slit until her clit mashed into Trang's.

"That's right bitch," Nga boasted to Trang, "going to make you cum. Make you beg to cum. Your such a sweet little fuck baby. So hot and juicy. What a hot little bitch you are. Like me fucking you? Like how I clit fuck you?"

Trang was broken. "Yes, yes, yes!" she wailed, "grabbing onto the floor to help steady her, but the on coming orgasm just shook her non-stop.

"Ugh, ugh, yes, oh god yes, ugh, ohh. More, grind that hot cunt into mine. Yes. You're so good."

Nga stood up from the pleading Trang and turned to the crowd opening her cunt to display her erect clit. Droplets of Nga's cum juice were running down her pale thighs and her labia dangled wetly from the pink flower of her cunt. Her long pussy lips were totally relaxed and hung down like wet curtains. She flicked the dripping folds as they dangled between her legs and they twitched like a snake. She pulled her flaps together and began to play with them. Incredibly they semi stiffened and as she played with herself stiffened further until she lay on top of Trang and thrust the semi rigid cunt lips along Trang's slit until her bloated clit hit Trang's

She settled down further and forced her cunt flaps into Trang's love hole. Trang writhed and moaned startled when the labia in her cunt began to move like twin tongues and started dueling with her clit. Her eyes opened wide in shock, as more and more and more of Nga's wriggling pussy meat slid into her cunt. As Nga's own arousal increased her engorged clit actually penetrated Trang's slit. Her giant clit was throbbing, pressed tightly inside Trang. Externally there wasn't much to see, just an attractive middle aged Vietnamese with long black hair and hard eyes and natural tits capped by obscenely long rigid nipples pressed up against the open cunt of a gorgeous slightly younger smaller Vietnamese woman. They were slowly rocking back and forth. From underneath a bit more would have been visible as Trang's pussy was gaping and dripping.. Nothing at all was visible of Nga's twat since it was completely buried inside Trang's stretched slit.

Nga pumped her hips, thrusting in and out of Trang's slit. The sensation of the beaten woman doing her best to stop her plunging pussy meat even though her cunt was filled to capacity with the gooey labia was exquisite. But even better was when Trang surrended and let Trang rape her with her cunt. She drew back and thrust again, and again. Over and over. The sound of Trang's wailing and keening was music to her ears. She reached up and stroked her nipples starting her own oncoming orgasm, bringing it closer and stronger.

It was inside Trang's cunt that all of the real action was taking place. Nga's cunt contracted and flared inside the beaten woman's slit. Her long labia fluttered and vibrated inside her and the deep muscles within her cunt clenched hard, forcing a rush of cunt cream out in a splashing spray. Trapped by her lips the fluid was forced deep into Trang, flooding her with a hot gush of Vietnamese hot creamy cum juice. Again and again Nga's spasming cunt pushed her womb juice into her rival's womb. Trang felt as if a hose of hot oil were blasting into her intestinal depths in spurts. It was a sensation unlike any other. Tingles swept her whole body as the pressure within her grew. It felt like her belly was swelling with force of the cum enema she was receiving

Her own pleasure satisfied she went to work fucking an unresisting Trang . Trang moaned and wrapped her legs around Nga, pulling her tighter into her. Then with her legs and arms wrapped around she started wailing,

"Got to cum, Got to cum, I got to cum. Make me cum. Make me cum", Trang pleaded

Nga slowed and Trang sobbed

"Yeses, , yeses! fuck meee! Make me come! I have to come! Peeleeease!" Trang babbled, raking her fingernails across her sensitive tit-flesh in a frenzy of desire.

Nga was watching Trang's expression as she controlled and adjusted her clit fucking monitoring the approaching orgasm. Trang's legs and body were almost cationic, tighter, her limbs standing straight out now, her muscles clearly flexed, her

stomach tight, arms firmly gripping floor....

"Cum for me bitch, Cum you little pussy loving slut, cum in front of the crowd"

Trang sensations swept across her mind blurring away her thoughts. She wasn't even aware of it when her orgasm started. One moment she was being held in a vise of tingles and pressure and the next she was cumming like an animal, grunting and snorting and moaning. Spurt after spurt, squirt after squirt, her spasming cunt flexed in pleasure and lust as each surge of cream spurted from her slit. Nga grabbed Trang from behind and opened the orgasming woman's legs wide showing the crowd her accomplishment. What must have been 10 or 12 major cream spurts, followed by another 2 or 3 minutes of gently oozing Vietnamese woman cream came from the wailing shrieking beaten number 3 seed .

It was time. Nga straddled her. She raised her hand high in the air, then dramatically lowered it to her slit so that the palm of her hand was wedged between her swollen pussy lips still covered with Trang's sticky cum. Holding that position, she cupped her fingers, driving them into her waiting quim. Moaning out loud, she announced she was about to come. With her four fingers still lodged deeply in her own pussy, she reached deeper in search of her G Spot. Her fingers searched and finally came to rest on that special spot, slowly massaging it and she began one continuous, mind shattering orgasm.

First a small squirt of come erupted from between her spread lips, then another longer spurt, followed by several more, each one stronger than the last, soaking her hand. Her cum splashed down her thighs, quickly followed by a torrent of piss as she lost control of her bladder. She shook like a leaf in a strong wind, completely losing herself in liquid release as she hosed the sobbing Trang, cumming again at the sight of her golden shower on the defeated favourite.

She was number 1, the first to win at her first try, she had first beaten, then broken and made another Vietnamese Trang, the World 3, plead to cum before humiliating her onstage. Life was great.