All AsianSexfight Championship 2008

Chp 27 Postcript by Aussie Greg

I was in my room thinking of the event and in my mind acknowleging it was one of, if not the best, Championship.  The Japanese political and financial influence which had arranged early match ups of women fighting agaist rivals, the inflow of the new brigade: such as the winner 47 year old Nga, the Chinese Shanghai sensation stockbroker Wang Fei and to a lesser extent IT expert Shen Yu;  Then there was the immediate success of newcomer,  the long time Singaporean ex amateur Fu Hai Shoon and the threat the oldest competitor, the  Cambodian brothel owner So Savoeun now posed.  Finally who coud forget the memorable first round of the Malaysian plastic surgeon Arfah Jalil. We also had a long even final as well as the longest ever contest in a Championship at 5 hours and 48 minutes between the two Vietnamese Nga and Xuan in the first round.

I was interupted by a knock on the door and opened it to admit 2 Vietnamese women.  One I immediately recognised.  She was Nga the new titleholder.  The other was a mystery for a few moments before I placed her.  It was Loc, the daughter of Xuan and, until the non appearance of her defeated mother Xuan in this years's contest, the reigning Doubles Champion fo the past years.  But she was different.  Gone was the drab clothing I remembered.  Now she was dressed like a two dollar whore putting it all on show in Bangkok.

They got down to business straight away.   They were going into the doubles business and wanted to cash in on the rich amateur circuit before they became famous as a pair and unable to arrange a fight.  Nga mentioned Vietnam and the Inner Lotus Club of Singapore and winning not too easily in case they could get rematches.  Of course I brought up the question of money before I gave any information and Nga offered 5%.   I would have done it for free knowing the killing I would make on the side betting with contacts I had, but I have principles so I haggled.  I ignored her distain and settled for 7%.

Then I went into planning mode.  There was a good chance of arranging fights as Nga was unknown with this being her first international contest.  Loc's name of course was known, but with her mother grabbing the limelight all the time, Loc herself was relatively unknown.  Plus her  change in looks and the fact the old Loc was associated with Xuan meant that they would be accepted as a new coupe with money to back themselves with.   I thought and soon had an itinery planned.  Singapore first, but not the Inner Lotus Sexfight Club as this was really for housewives and office and factory workers.  Instead we would target the Singapore Botanic Garden area, that enclaveof luxury and wealth around Holland Village, Orchard Road and the Botanic Gardens, plus the exclusive Sentosa Cove and Emerald Hill areas.   There the socialites spent money like water and for some betting on their sexfighting abilities was their outlet.  I felt I could get 25 to 40 contests there before word spread, as most would be reluctant to admit to their group they had been defeated.

From there the next stop would Jakarta.   Despite most people thinking Indonesia is poor there are over 20 million residents in the capital city alone, and the 5% rich are very, very rich, and it is a country with a strong tradition in sexfighting.  Probably a dozen fights there.  From there the next country would be Hong Kong where we would target The Peak, where propery is USD 15,500 per square foot, and Deep Water Bay known affectionectly as Billionaire's Row.   Probably 20 to 25 contests there, as for some reason the Cantonese kept to themselves and rarely ventured on to the World circuit. Vietnam I would leave to the 2 Vietnamese to organise.

The Phillippines and Malaysia did not have the concentration of wealthy mother/ daughter, sisters or friends double sexfighters so it would be pointless going there.  I  suggested the next point of call would be Shanghai in China. Although not as many fights would be available compared to the earlier cities, sexfighting was booming with the nouveaux riche and they would both bet bigger and be prepared to travel to Shanghai to compete rather than having the two Vietnamese travelling over China.  .There waould probably be 15 or so contest there but I was sure we could up the stake money to a minimum USD 50,000

That left only Japan.  There would be plenty of fights available but the stakes would be low and any money would be made by betting.   As the Yakuzi was involved I was reluctant to do this unless the money that would be obtained from the previous stops  was not enough.  I even magnamiously lowered my percentage to 6.5% after I told them I had calculated what they could win.  I informed them  I would be seeking stakes of USD 20,000 minimum per contest up to the 250,000 vicinity if they could arrange a narrow victory where the defeated couple felt they were unlucky to lose.

They agreed eagerly to my suggestions, surprised by the amount of both the stakes and the numbers of couples involved.  They questioned would these couples pay after loosing.  I replied that their husbands gambled far more at casinos or private card games or the Happy Valley Racecouse n Hong Kong, so it was a small price for them to pay to avoid being reminded of their own far greater gambling losses.  Thank God for the Asian's love of gambling.   They gave me 2 months to arrange it and left arm in arm, Loc;s arse cheeks hanging from beneath her micro mini.

The other news of note was Hitomi.  Her mother had hinted she was addicted to the ice derivated drug the Japanese were using on their fighters.  Away from their system she had turned to real ice and had quickly developed a full bown habit.  I couldn't risk waking up to see my schlong  sliced off by some crazed Japanese named Hotomi.  She had to go and that meant the mother too.  

But I'm a good man deep down.   I taught the mother 3 holds that incapacitated the other fighter's wrist, elbow or knee.  All 3 holds meant if you were grabbed from behind or the front, or were standing or pinned  on the floor, you could apply one and end the fightt. Techinically you didn't break these joints, you dislocated them but the result was severe immediate pain.  Unbearable pain.  The trick was not teaching her the holds but how to make them look they were accidental not deliberately applied in a cat fight.

I made up a story I had bet on her against the most wealthy Japanese  sexfight and catfight afficionado, and after the fight was over we would be together as it would give us the necessary money.  The bet on the fight was real.  I hoped the second part wasn't.

Mr. Ito welcomed me and Karumi to his rented penthouse filled with his 20 or so black suited boduguards.  It looked like Kill Bill 2 to me.   A naked 25 year old woman was waiting, flexing her strong yet lithe body.   Karumi stripped and Mr Ito looked questionally at me and asked to see my money.  I waved the money that the wealthy Guangzhou factory owner and my replacement for Hitomi had advanced me and he raised his eyebrows and spoke in Japnese.  A black suit kindly translated and said, "Mr Ito says it's yours to loose but you mke strange choices".

I nodded politely.

The bout started. The 25 year old whirled in a blur of motion, a leg lashed out and Karumi crumpled to the ground.  The Japanese was all over her like a rash.  She applied a one hand throat choke as she sat on Karumi's back.  One hand only as her other hand punched viciously into Karumi's kidney.  She drew her arm back to deliver another as Karumi's hands grasped desperately at the hand choking her throat.

Suddenly the 25 year old threw her head back and howled in pain.   Kuriumi had applied an Aikido wrist lock and we all heard the sound as the wrist dislocated.  The fight was over, but Karumi applied a knee drop to her opponent's face who was lying on the floor cradling her wrist. Unnecessay but effective I thought.  I looked at Mr Ito. He looked impassive and stone faced.  Would he accept what had happened?  Suddenly he smiled and beckoned Karumi to sit beside him. He made a dismissve gesture and two black suits hustled the wailling 25 year old out of the room.

With his back to me and his attention and hands on Karumi I took that as a sign that I was no longer needed and Karumi's  future would be Mr. Ito .  I left and didn't ask for my winnings.  You can always trust the Japanese to love brutal effeciency rather than regard for the rules.

IIt is 2019 now, and on reflection the 2008 Championship was a watershed.   Nga defended her title in 2009 and also won the 2009 Doubles not with Loc but her mother Xuan. She never fought in singles again but she and Xuan, who people now see as sisters, have won the doubles every year since then.   Yes 2008 gave us a new order.  As the table below shows every Champion since then came to prominance at the 2008 Championship.  In 2013, 2014 and  2016 Wang Fei who was the sensation of 2008 won. She was also runner up 3 times from 2009 to 2017 when she retired. Despite her Chinese rival Shen, Yu the It expert, who also debuted in 2008 beating her quite regularly and often being the number 1 in China, she always bested an increasingly  frustrated Shen Yu when it mattered: at the Championship, beating her 7 times without loss in their contests.

In 2015  the Malaysian Muslim plastic surgeon Arafar Jalil who was seed 32 in 2008 won and started a flood of new Muslim entrants from Malaysia and Indonesia.   In the last 4 years the Muslim Indonesian ex massage parlour worker Wening Wulandari who was 19 in her first competiotion in 2008 has won, been runner up once and semi finalist 2 times.  And finally the ex Thai bar girl  Suvanant Siripongpreeda who first competed in 2008 won in 2019 and was a semi finalist in the previous 2 years.  So the top  fighters in the last 3 years have come up the hard way being bar girls, brothel and massage parlour workers.  Before this the top always consisted of women.from wealthy families.

Saomi Aiwaza, the Tokyo worker won with a ruthless brutal campaign in 2011,  not even being troubled in the final by So Sovoeun.  This result is always tainted as soon after it was found the Japanese were doping their fighters, increasing their agression and ability to not cum, and despite their protests and threats the Japanese were banned for 7 years.  In 2019 Mizuho Nisimura, who as a 19 year old University honours student competed in 2008 became the first clean Japanese  since they were reach the final 4.

The Cambodian brothel owner So Savoeun who had her breakout year in 2008 reaching the semis, reached at least the final four every year from 2008 to 2017 and finally won in 2018 at the age of 59 to replace in the history books the previous oldest winner, the 54 year old Indonesian Nurina Raemawasti.  She was also a 2019 semifinalist so her claim in 2008 of being in the top 25 in 2023 looks to be well on track.  Yang Chen Ling of  China the wealthy, short legged, long bodied, full bellied Cantonese  Guagzhouu factory owner surprised in 2010 winning and gave me my first and so far only Champion that I have managed.  Why she never featured again in the top 4 can be read in her story series.  Click Here However that victory meant she is not only noticeable for her inappopriate for her age dressing, but now can add a title to her normal outfit of mico bikini top and thong, tight micro mini skirt, round bare belly with gold waist chain and 6 inch heels.

Year   Runner Up Semi Semi
2009 Nga Nguyen Viet Wang Fei Fu Hai Shoon So Savoeun
2010 Yang Chen Ling China Saomi Aiwaza Wang Fei So Savoeun
2011 Saomi Aiwaza Jap So Savoeun Shen Yu Wang Fei
2012 Fu Hai Shoon Sing Arafah Jalil Sister Geolen So Savoeun
2013 Wang Fei China Shen Yu Fu Hai Shoon So Savoeun
2014 Wang Fei China Shen Yu Suvant Siripongpreeda So Savoeun
2015 Arafah Jalil Malaysia Wang Fei Shen Yu So Savoeun
2016 Wang Fei China Shen Yu Suvant Siripongpreeda So Savoeun
2017 Wening Wulandari Indo Wang Fei Suvant Siripongpreeda So Savoeun
2018 So Savoeun Cambodia Wening Wulandari Suvant Siripongpreeda Shen Yu
2019 Suvant Siripongpreeda Thai Wening Wulandari Mizuho Nizamura So Savoeun