Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

Chp 3 Entrapment

It was afternoon and I was sitting in the lounge room of Mei Ling's Hong Kong mansion reflecting on last night's happenings, and how I had reached the stage in life when a woman's looks were not the most important thing. The Filipina servant Helenita whom Mei Ling had sent to my room last night had been as good as they come. A woman who you wouldn't look twice at in a crowd, but who was 120% sex. Despite her fight with Tess which ended with her successful fist fuck of her opponent and her 2 hour sex with the defeated servant being less than 3 hours earlier she was still insatiable.

On hearing I enjoyed watching her with Tess she promised to fuck Tess's replacement for me tonight. She truly was as the US servicemen at Fort Mackinley or Clark Airforce Base in the Philippines called a LBFM (Little Brown Fucking Machine). There is no doubt that while most Filipinas only provide sex when they want something from their partner/husband and are mostly passive receivers, when you find a LBFM they will willingly do anything more readily than most other Asians. Generalising the average Asian is far more sexual and sensual than probably 90% of Filipinas, but the remaining Filipinas would enthusiastically perform any hardcore sexual act that only a very small percentage of other Asians would tackle.

I was interrupted by an agitated Mai who burst into the room followed by Mei Ling.

"Get the company to lend me money" demanded a distraught Mai.

"How much" I replied


"I can't do that"

"It's your company," she wailed

"But there are rules and regulations audits Government checks. Why do you need $50000?"

Mei Ling gently interrupted. "She's being playing poker with Wei, Li Jing and myself, and she owes me that much. I can't just let her off a gambling debt or I'll lose face with the girls. However because you're a friend and to solve the problem all I can do is get Mai to put up something of value against the debt and then I'll let you win a simple 3 card trick"

Mai's relief was immediate. "Good we can use my jewellery" immediately dismissing the $50,000 debt from her mind"

"Your jewellery isn't enough to convince Wei and Li Jing that's its above board," Mei Ling said in a concerned voice.

"Because she's going to win she can put her passport and body up," I said in a joking voice

Mei Ling seized on the idea. "Wei and Li Jing will accept that and then you win and everything is okay".

Mei Ling showed her the trick with the pile of cards and explained the ace she had to pick would end up in the middle. After initial doubts Mai accepted when she realized that a $50,000 debt would be cleared in 10 seconds. We went back into the room where the other women were and Mei Ling announced that Mai had agreed to a put up her passport and body against her losses based on selecting the card as Mei Ling moved the 3 cards into piles - the old 3 card trick.

Li Jing said" For that money I'll write an enforceable contract, which she did, then Mai and Mei Ling signed it and Wei and I witnessed it. It and the passport were locked into Mei ling's safe

Mei Ling showed 3 cards, an ace and two kings and with the speed of a conjuror shuffled and laid the 3 cards on a table, picked them up and repeated the procedure showing the cards face up every so often, Her technique was no surprise as she was earning a living on the Hong Kong streets when aged 8 doing this trick. She stopped and asked Mai to select the ace. Mai confidently pointed to the middle card. Mei Ling turned it over to reveal a King of spades.

"Sorry Mai you lose"

Silence echoed around the room.

"You're joking," Mai nervously laughed finally breaking the silence

"I've never been more serious," replied Mai

"Greg, stop her," she wailed to me

"Why, you entered into it voluntarily," I replied

"That's right, your body belongs to me," said Mai

"What about work, they'll know I'm not there"

"It will be handled by Li Jing's cousin who has done the job here for the past 6 years"

"The Embassy"

"You can't get out of here; security keeps people in as well as thieves out"

"Lets face it you're perfect for what I want," said Mei Ling, "no family, no close friends, not missed from work as you're overseas for an indefinite period reporting solely to Greg".

She stood in front of Mai, confident, elegant, and composed. Age mid 30's, height about 5 foot 6, slim, a perfectly made up face that stuck in your memory, trim shapely legs emphasized by her 6 inch platform heels, and the knee length Chinese cheong sam with the side splits not reaching to the usual mid thigh but just below her hip. Traditional Chinese embroidered elastic fastenings on the final 10 inches allowed the cheong sam to cling tightly to her thighs and taut arse but stretched as she walked allowing her legs to be seen from her ankle chain to her hip. The soft silk material clung to her firm stomach before caressing her 34B breasts revealing fully their shape and the hard bullet sized nipples.

Frantically Mai spun around turning for help from Wei. She looked at a face that was eye catching in the manner of cheap bargirl. Everything was in excess: the make up, the 6 inch stilettos not platforms, the large strong thighs exposed by the tight black micro mini skirt which encased her rounded arse. She unbuttoned her cream jacket to further expose her 37D breasts supported but not covered by a black quarter cup bra. Two of the largest thickest nipples Mai had seen stood erect and uncovered. Her face was smiling, but there was no help or comfort in her smile from this size 14 exhibitionist for Mai.

Standing beside her Li Jing was her opposite; her features were refined and petite not coarse like Wei's. She was a size 6 and tonight a tiny square of silk held in place by a gold chain around her neck and another chain around her waist covered her 32C breasts leaving her back uncovered. She wore skin tight white silk slacks, the colour of a black miniscule G string fully filled with her prominent mound showing through. Her face usually impassive had a predatory look as she focused on Mai.

"You're fucking lesbians,'' Mai screamed, and then dissolved into tears. Wei grabbed her from behind imprisoning her arms. Li Jing took each arm stretched them up and handcuffed them to hooks at the bottom of the chandeliers. Spreading her legs apart Wei and Li Jing handcuffed each ankle to metal hooks recessed in the floor. Mai was secured in a standing position in the center of the room with her arms and legs spread so she resembled the letter X.

Mei Ling moved close to Mai

"I am your mistress and I am going to train you to be my personal slut. First I will make you proud you a Vietnamese slut. Second I will use you whenever and however I want. Third I will let my friends use you if they can think of a new interesting way of fucking you. Fourth I will teach you how to pleasure me and fifth I will watch you hate yourself more everyday for what you will become and for the unusual and hardcore sex you will be addicted to and need."

As she spoke she slowly undressed in front of Mai. Under her cheong sam she wore only a smoke grey g string made of the finest transparent silk and when this was removed she was completely naked. Her cunt was completely hairless and both the inner and outer lips of her labia were hanging loose. Seeing Mai's eyes on these unusually long lips she extended them to their full extent and opened her cunt wide so Mai could see the wet pink inner cunt. She was riveting, oozing the earthy sensuality of Wei without her cheapness and the class of Li Jing without her clinical coldness. She reached forward and without warning tore Mai's blouse off her. Mai's scream was cut off prematurely as Li Jing thrust Mei Ling's discarded G string into her open mouth and secured it by tightly tying her own silk top around Mai's head forcing the G string deep into her throat.

The slap rang around the room as it jerked Mai's head sideways. "I didn't give you permission to scream," said Mei Ling. "That's my cum filled G string in your mouth and in the future the taste of my cum will be like wine to you"

"Look at her bra, hard, probably padded and bought at K Mart" "Take it off so we can see the tits she's hiding." Said Wei.

Unlike her quick tearing of the blouse Mei Ling slowly, seductively removed the bra - her fingers lightly tracing over the skin of Mai's 32A breasts. She then removed Mai's dress and full cotton briefs.

Wei and Li Jing could hardly contain themselves as they belittled Mai. "Is she a woman? Her underwear is like my grandmothers. No, my 70 year old grandmother would never wear cotton" and so on. Next the two explored her naked body their hands leaving no part of her unviolated, making disparaging remarks about her make up, breasts, clit, cunt before Mei Ling ordered them to stop.

"Now starts your first lesson. Proving to you that you are a Vietnamese slut and that you are my slut"

She moved up to Mai and let her erect nipples trace a path over Mai's tits. "I'm a better woman than you in every way, that's why you are going to be my sex slave. See how my tits and nipples are better than yours. Imagine sucking on them, imagine the feeling when Wei fucks your nipples with her nipples, and imagine what Li Jing will do to them to make them sensitive. I hope you're trying to ignore me because you're a slut and you can't stop them reacting. Encircling one of Mai's thighs with her legs she let her tongue caress Mai's nipples. As she licked she humped up and down the leg leaving trails of her love juices on Mai's leg and using her fingers to coat her wetness over Mai's already hardened nipples

Moving behind Mai she rubbed her body against Mai's back as her encircling hands reached for Mai's womanhood. In front of Mai the now naked Mei Ling and Wei stretched out. Visible for the first time each had a tattoo of a dragon seizing a naked woman above their cunt. Wei's dragon was raping the woman both normally and anally with its two tails and had its tongue deep in the woman's mouth as its claws stroked the woman's breasts: Li Jing's dragon had a long talon hooked through the woman's cunt while the other pierced her breast. The two noisily started to 69 each other in front of Mai.

Caressing Mai's clit from behind Mei Ling whispered, "Wei is like a kid with a new computer toy who uses it exclusively, excessively and tries to find out what else it can do until of course the toy is broken. Li Jing is like the child who drowns ants, takes the wings off spiders, she wants to know the extent of the line between pleasure and pain."

"Watch them fuck," she continued as she felt the slim Vietnamese shuddering from her touch. "I saw you couldn't take you eyes of f Helenita fighting and fucking last night, I liked the way you fucked yourself in your room afterwards" "Despite what Wei says you don't need a big clit and nipples to be a slut who can't stop cumming. Feel your juices. Try and stop enjoying it You can't" she murmured in her ear as she ran her wet fingers down Mai's arse and slipped her finger into her arse hole. Even though her clit was untouched and Mei Ling was only fingering her arse the touch of her body and the sight of Li Jing fistfucking the orgasming Wei while she squeezed, bent and distended Wei's huge nipples had her juices pouring from her cunt.

Finding Mai's clit Mei Ling quickly and ruthlessly brought Mai to her climax. As she came she ripped off the gag letting Mai's high pitched squeals reach Mais's own ears. "You know you want it" she said as she knelt before the helpless woman dragging another 3 orgasms from Mai with her tongue.

Catching a look from Li Jing Mei Lei said.

"Because it's Li Jing's birthday I've given her a present. You can fight her and if you win you get your passport back. But believe me I've done Li Jing not you the favour"

Two minutes later The two naked women one fighting for her future, the other for pleasure faced each other. An arrogant, confident Li Jing and the taller heavier nervous and tense Mai. As if driven by the one gameboy controller their hands simultaneously flew into each other's hair and they began tugging each other around the room. Li Jing cried out a half minute later as Mai's greater strength enabled her knee to crash into her belly, then into her chest, before Li Ling managed to avoid the next two knee attempts turning them aside with her upraised knee.

"I'll kill you, you shit, I need my passport," screamed Mai driven by an indescribable desperation.

I sat stunned as the two ladies stuggled in front of me. Li Jing seeming to get the worst at the moment as the heavier Mai followed up her first assault by dragging Li Jing down to the rug and straddled her, her hands still buried in her medium cut black hair!

Mai let out a surprised yell suddenly, as Li Jing had dragged her nails on her rival's larger 34B tits. Mai reared back and Li Jing's legs wrapped around her head and rolled her to the ground and was quickly on top of the Vietnamese. Mai tried to pull her rival off her as Li scratched and mauled her prized breasts. Straining Mai forced the legs from around her head but Li Jing's fingers found her cunt and raked her long fingernails deep into her pussy drawing blood from the soft inner skin. The two women rolled around yelling and cursing as they pulled hair punched all over the other's bodies till Mai, with a triumphant yell somehow managed to trap Li Jing between her legs in a chest scissors. Li Jing twisted and squirmed as Mai tightened her hold around her trapped foe trying to squeeze the life from her rival as she tore a small clump of her hair from Li Jing's scalp. Mai added some chops to Li Jing's cunt, eliciting a cry with every blow from her rival. Even though in agony, Li Jing still managed to tear at the Vietnamese woman's nipples, grinding the small pink knobs of flesh in her fingers and bringing a horrendous cry from Mai who tried to grab the fingers torturing her breasts. Her scissors dropped lower around Li Jing's waist allowing her to get to her knees and regain her breath after the constricting pressure on her chest was finally gone!

She tried to twist Mai's left tit but the pain shifted to her sides as the muscles on Mai's legs showing the huge amount of exertion she was still putting on her foe! Li Jing thought her sides were going to burst from the strength of Nita's well toned legs and she desperately needed to escape the python like grip of the Vietnamese woman's scissor grip. Mai had learnt quickly and now grabbed at Li Jing's left breast crushing the smaller mammary in her fingers, further adding to Li Jing's anguish..

Even though she was on top of Mai, Li Jing was getting beaten by the leg scissors and and Mai's nails gouging her titflesh. Taking advantage of her superiority Mai shifted her scissors to The Chinese woman's neck in an attempt to choke her. Suddenly Mai's scream rattled the window's in their frames and blood began to flow from Li Jing's mouth and around Mai's cunt which now had Li Jing's teeth fastened into it. After a few seconds of savage biting and she wailed," No more I give up .... Stoppppp....!!!!" as her legs dropped to the floor and her hand released Li Jing's now swollen breast. Li Jing continued gnawing at her cunt lips anyway enjoying Mai's yells for a half minute before finally releasing her bite and spitting the blood from her mouth onto Mai's face. She took her knee and placed it onto Mai's bleeding pussy and with a wicked smile she ground it in as Mai's agonized bellows of pain bounced off the walls.

"I'll show you not to fuck with me again," she yelled down at her devastated foe and began to claw both of Mai's bigger boob's leaving them covered with scratches, some small droplets of blood oozing out of the deeper one's. "Model those now!! You washed up piece of shit!!!!!!". Slapping both breasts so hard she left hand prints on them she finally rose to her feet. "Oh yeah take this too!!" she said as she drove the heel of her foot down into Mai's defenseless belly forcing a another cry from her already trounced rival as I sat in utter awe at the outcome of the swift but savage fight.

Next the drained Mai was tied to a low backless sofa with one of her legs on either side of the sofa and her cunt open and vulnerable. Li Jing produced 4 acupuncture needles that she inserted into Mai approximately midway between her cunt and belly button. Mei Ling again aroused Mai and again the three women heard her noisy climax. Li Jing adjusted the needles and again Mei Ling reached for Mai's clit to produce the same result..

On the third adjustment Mai's face showed something different was happening; she couldn't cum. Mei Ling and Li Jing smiled. "Li Jing has blocked your ability to cum, you'll be on the edge of cumming but can't complete it." "When you tell us you're proud to be my Vietnamese fuck slut, I'll let you cum."

The three women went to work. Wei Straddled Mai's face and proceeded to masturbate inches from her eyes, Li Jing played with Mai's nipples while Mei Ling expertly worked and controlled her cunt clit and arse. Mai's eyes were filled with the sight of Wei' cunt stretched wide open with one had while her fingers played with the largest clit Mai had seen or imagined a woman could have. When Wei came her juices fell on Mai's face . She was aware of incredible sensations from her nipples as Li Jing explored Mai's reaction to different stimuli. But most of all she was aware of the throbbing insistent need to cum as Mei Ling played and toyed with her.

Sometimes before when she had masturbated Mai had tried to prolong the time just before she came, but this was 10000 times intense. Her body was being torn apart from its conflicting need for sexual relief and inability to orgasm.

As though from a great distance she could hear Mei Ling's voice," Admit you a slut and you want us to fuck you and you can cum." She tried to speak but no sound came from her throat. The assault from the 3 continued. Her breathing was laboured. Her body was convulsing, but held down by the combined weight of the 3 women. She was convinced she would die but finally the sounds escaped her lips.

"I'm a slut. Fuck me, take me, use me but let me cum"

Replacing Wei, Mei Ling forced her cunt into Mai's mouth. "When I cum so do you"

With her last powers of concentration before she lost her sanity Mai's tongue probed the open lips covering her mouth. Thick musky fluids flowed into her open mouth. Her tongue found a pulsating clit and fastened onto it. She could feel Mei Ling's legs trembling and hear her moaning. Driven by the torment within her body she drove her tongue in and out, and along and around till suddenly she was gagging on a flood of cum as Mei Ling came.

As Mei Ling thrashed around Li Jing withdrew the acupuncture needles and Mai came violently, intensely and long

Three minutes later when her body had stopped trembling, Li Jing and Wei draped her over a low coffee table and both handcuffed her wrists and bound her knees to the legs. Mei Ling approached her knelt behind and inserted the end of a strap on dildo at her cunt entrance.

"What do you want Slut?"

"You to go to hell, and rot in jail after I tell police"

Immediately she felt her clit squeezed between two of Li Jing's long fingernails,

"What do you want, Slut?"

Mai gritted her teeth and said nothing despite the pain

Li Jing raked her fingernails along the clit, almost causing Mai to faint

"What do you want, Slut?"

"You to fuck me," a defeated Mai moaned

Steadily, rhythmically Mei Ling used the dildo on Mai, who became aware of a burning sensation in her calf. Looking backwards she saw Li Jing using a tattoo gun. Mei Ling said in an unconcerned way "In case you wonder these Chinese characters say "Mei Ling's Vietnamese slut" so when we go in public people will know what you are"

As Mei Ling continued fucking her she explained what lay ahead. In her exhausted semi conscious state Mai only heard patches of what was said
"Fucked every hour…….punished if you doesn't make me cum……never wear clothes in the house unless given permission…….cum from just tasking my juices…catfight…challenge…" The words spun around and around her head.

She awoke to find herself strapped face up on a bed.

"Nooooooooooooo" as she saw Li Jing inserting the needles into her lower solar plexus. Looking up she saw a 144cm TV in the ceiling and a large cylinder of water with a tube ending in a pipette just over her cunt, Mei Ling took her cunt lips and taped them to her groin leaving her cunt wide open with her clit hood exposed. She adjusted the pipette so that a drop of water was falling about every 4 or 5 seconds on to her clit.

The TV sprang to life and showed Wei grabbing Mai 2 hours before.

"You can't cum with the needles and the drops are going to make your clit hornier and hornier. When you can't take it any longer ask to please me and we will pause the TV and you eat me till I come, then back to the water. Enjoy it my slut