Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

Chp 4  Helenita and Mai

I walked into Mei Ling's office to see the 37 year old Hong Kong business woman naked on the sofa, her legs spread wide apart so that her Vietnamese toy Mai could use her tongue to separate Mei Ling's long inner and outer cunt lips and pleasure her. Her long legs were trembling and the 5 inch heels of her shoes were drumming a pattern on the floor.

Mai was also writhing, her body contorted, but she still buried her love juice covered face into the cunt of the now moaning and shaking Mei Ling, whose rapid breathing and self stimulation of her nipples showed she was close to cumming. She was shouting to Mai. "Jasmine would have made me cum by now, and then I would be sucking her huge clit and nipples."

Mei Ling was referring to the sworn enemy of Mai, a 15 year old Thai who had fistfucked Mai a week ago in Mei Ling's office: their mutual hatred to be settled in a contest in 3 months time. Jasmine's owner, Darunee, the 47yr old Thai business associate of Mei Ling, and Mei Ling had a bet riding on the result of this contest. Finally a long gasping shriek accompanied by the convulsion of her taut stomach muscles was evidence that Mai had brought her to orgasm.

When she regained her composure I saw the reason for Mai's writhing. Two wires clipped to her nipples led to a metal box then to a controller in Mei Ling's hand. Noticing my look Mei Ling explained. "The slut has 5 minutes to make me cum. If she hasn't I turn on the power to her nipples until I cum." Looking at her watch she said, "It took her another 9 minutes after the first 5, but I'm sure she's got the incentive to do better next time."

Now dressed in a tight mid calf length wrap around black skirt that showed the full length of her legs as she walked or sat, and an expensive cream camisole she sat at the desk. She quickly scanned the presentations and summary sheets from her staff, signing some, phoning for details on others, deciding and determining the priorities of the day's activities of her porn based Asia wide business empire. She was involved in all aspects, from the big deals of expanding sales of sex DVDs into North China down to the main feature that day in the Dragon Business Woman's Club - a gambling day where the lesbian and bi women would be betting on Japanese cum drinkers who drank 2 litre flasks of men's sperm.

After an hour she looked at her watch, then summoned the naked Mai to the sofa, laid her down, attached the wires to Mai's nipples and explained to her that she had the same time, 14 minutes, that it took Mai to make Mei Ling cum. If she came before the 14 minutes had passed then the electric power would be transmitted to her nipples until 14 minutes expired. Turning to me Mei Ling proudly boasted how Mai had been taken by her exactly one hour after the last use of her had finished from 8 until midnight for the last two weeks.

"I'm proving she is a true Vietnamese slut, and you'll see it now because even though it will be painful if she cums before 15 minutes she can't stop cumming quickly." She open Mai's cunt lips exposing her inner pinkness and taunted the Vietnamese comparing the clit hidden under the hood to her rival Jasmine's which was so large the hood could not cover it even when unaroused.

Expertly she explored Mai with her tongue. The previous 2 weeks had given her ample opportunity to find Mai's most sensitive areas and cravings and ruthlessly she utilised this knowledge to start Mai's juices flowing and cause her clit to burst throbbing from under its hood. With the clit enlarged Mai changed tactics. Wanting Mai to cum quickly she used her hand to simultaneously vigorously rub the clit and fingerfuck her. After 4 minutes and despising herself Mai shuddered as she came. Immediately Mei Ling switched on the battery powered device. As a low voltage shock surged through the tit clips Mei Ling slowly and sensuously used her tongue on Mai's cunt and clit to maximise the sexual pleasure, while at the same time she pitilessly kept her finger on the trigger of the battery operated electric shocker. Gloating, she only stopped after the full 14 minutes since she first touched Mai had passed.

Returning to business we discussed Helenita. The Filipina servant had been a revelation to me. I had first seen her when she cat fought and sexually tormented another Filipina servant as entertainment for our first meal with Mei Ling, but since Mei Ling allocated her to me that first night she had become my companion. She was a true LBFM (Little Brown Fucking Machine), insatiable and enthusiastic, willing to suggest or try anything, and perfectly prepared and disposed to fuck or fight another woman. In the past two weeks she had blossomed from a Hong Kong servant, a woman brought from a remote village in an outer island of the Philippines to one who could appreciate fine clothes and eating in restaurants.

It was Helenita who had come up with the idea of using the huge numbers of Filipina servants in Hong Kong who gathered in groups every where on their Sunday half day off from their live in jobs. She reasoned we should be able to provide our own brand of entertainment at cheaper prices for these women, make money from them. Then gradually use a % of them as a source of women for our projects, thus reducing our reliance on the Thai, Cambodian and women from Laos who provided the majority of our cheaper services. I had suggested that Helenita would be the ideal person to oversee this project and after listening to her ideas Mei Ling gave her a trial project of recruiting a group of women to service a visiting group of 100 Japanese housewives.

"Greg's spoken very highly of you," Mei Ling said "Are you willing to test yourself two out of three against the slut.?" gesturing towards Mai. Helenita needed no second asking. She turned to me and mouthed "Please." I nodded my approval and Helenita stripped.

Both women striped and climbed into a 69 position, their tongues and hands searching for the most sexually sensitive and vulnerable spots of their rival. Mai tall, slim attractive with a perfect face and longhaired with that upward swish of hair at the front that Vietnamese women often prefer. Aged 24 with a 32 24 33 figure and with her shaved mound fairly prominent. Her beauty marred only by the inch high Chinese characters tattooed on her calf which stated she was Mei Ling's Vietnamese slut. Helenita was typical Filipina: short and stubby, thick waisted, full thighed and with a moon face surrounded by short hair which if anything emphasized her roundness. Slightly overweight she had a noticeable stomach, large breasts with huge areola and nipples and a thick pubic hair. She looked to be about 35. Her tits were smallish, but stood firm and proud with huge round dark areola and hard stubby thick nipples

Mai was no longer the innocent arrival of two weeks ago. On average she had been taken every day 7 to 10 times by Mei Ling and/or or a combination of Mei Ling with Wei or Li Jong. While to her inner disgust she had found she enjoyed cumming, she had learnt how to pleasure the 3 women.

Helenita's expert teasing of her clit, her light caressing with her tongue, her gentle blowing on the aroused sexual organ soon had her squirming with satisfaction. Mai had however Helenita's clit to work on , which although not as big as Wei's prized possession or the even larger obscene organ that hung from her enemy the 15 year old Thai Jasmine, was still large enough to be taken between her lips and tongued. After 5 minutes the combination of Helenita's soft tonguing combined with her vigorous finger fucking of Mai brought the first orgasmic moan from Mai.

Both women settled down for the second contest, and Mai quickly took advantage of Helenita's already enlarged clit trapping it her mouth while her hands found Helenita's thick stubby nipples and ruthlessly milked them between her fingers and thumbs. Although she was affected by Helenita eating her, she was aware that Helenita's efforts were hampered by the waves of ecstasy Mai was sending through her body. She continued her assault of the Filipina and shortly after Helenita's body rocked and shuddered as she came.

Both women were bathed in sweat as they settled down for the final contest. If anything Mai looked in better shape as Helenita's stomach was still quivering from the contractions the orgasm had caused. Mai once again found the engorged clit of the Filippina and secured it with her lips, imprisoning the tip within her mouth so her tongue could extract the maximum arousal on Helenita. Her finger squeezed and massaged the distended nipples. In complete control she revelled in the power as she exercised her sexual control over Helenita. Helenita's juices flowed down her throat and covered her face. She taunted and derided the stocky Filipina telling the shuddering Helenita she was fuck fighting a real woman, not an easy Filipina whore. She pulled viciously at the bloated nipples or used her teeth on the clit causing cries of pain to intermingle with the deep whimpers escaping from Helenita.

Finally she said to the struggling Helenita, "You lose whore, It's time to fill me with your cum, bitch"

A flood of fluid filled her mouth, but not the cum she had been expecting. Helenita had deliberately released a stream of warm acrid piss into her Mai's mouth. As she reeled away gagging Helenita pounced. She quickly had Mai on her back bent double with her legs against her chest, feet beside her head trapped there by Helenita's body weight. As she lay on top of the doubled over Mai Helenita's face was over Mai's open defenceless cunt and she systematically went to work with her tongue and fingers. Soon only undecipherable animal like noises were coming from Mai as Helenita kept her locked in the position and made her cum again and again till there was no resistance in Mai's body.

"Greg tells me you had your first fist fuck the other day from Jasmine , well now you're going to learn the Filipina fist fuck," Just like Jasmine did the previous time she opened Mai's cunt gradually forcing finger after finger in before callously fisting her completely with her left hand. Then her right hand went to work on Mai's arse, finger fucking her. Despite her best efforts and ignoring Mai's pleas to stop, after 10 minutes she only had managed to get four fingers into her. Mei Ling swooped like an eagle on a field mouse. She quickly took Mai's nipples in her fingers and started to lick out the Vietnamese while Helenita strained and continued to try and fist her arse.

Finally after another 5 minutes and accompanied with a scream of pain from Mai, Helenita buried her right fist into her. Then she proceeded to fuck her with both fists, withdrawing her fist in the cunt as she rammed the fist in her arse deep, pulling the right hand back as she pushed the left fist in her cunt deeper. Mei Ling dragged Mai's face to her cunt and yelled, "Helenita stops when I cum slut." Sounds mixed together, Mai's screams, Mei Ling's sobs of bliss, Helenita's cries of triumph until Mei Ling's gabbled sounds of climax rose above them all.