Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

Chp 5  Mai and Jasmine again

For the next month Mei Ling continued her domination of Mai. Every hour she took her sexually, devising new ways of giving Mai hope that she would be spared if she could defeat Mei Ling in a contest only to mercilessly extinguish the hope by winning the contest. When Mai was finished with her she gave her to Wei or Li Jong or let Helenita devise ways that the Filipina servants could earn extra money by catfighting or fucking Mai. Mai had changed, she was no longer the spoilt selfish Australian Vietnamese I had lured to Hong Kong with the job promotion, thereby allowing a rigged gamble with Mei Ling to put her under Mei Ling's control.

She was now able to service women in any way they desired, and the merciless beatings she had taken from having to fight 4 Filipinas at once had toughened her mentally as well as physically. Even her mental attitude had changed. She was no longer a spoilt Vietnamese from Australia. Catching one of the Filipinas alone cleaning her room she had locked the door and in a savage one on one fight had completely bitten off one of the woman's nipples, before the door had been broken down and the shattered woman taken away.

Two months after Mai had been trapped by Mei Ling, the big 4 arrived for a meeting in Hong Kong. Assembled in the office were Darunee Sarawadee, the elegant, still attractive 47 yr old independent from Thailand, Aiko Ogowa a 35 year old sexual deviant from Japan, Soo Kim a 25 yr old former housewife from Seoul, South Korea who had gone from organizing her own sex aid "Tupperware" type home parties to becoming a leading player in the Asia sex scene in 5 years, and Lili Zhang a 58 year old from Shanghai whose closeness to the middle level political officials enabled Mei Ling's expansion into the lucrative fast expanding market of the new rich in China

Business over Mei Ling called in her two closest associates Wei, her size 14 oversexed accountant and Li Jong, the slim sadist who oversaw procuring and training women. All three grew up together in the Government Housing Estate in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and Mei Ling knew she could rely 100% on them.

"We have a new diversion for us to enjoy " Mei Ling announced, as the large board room table they sat arranged around was covered by a tablecloth that reached the floor, and asked all the women to strip from the waist down.

Mei Ling explained the variation of the Filipina game where men bought a round of drinks if they lost. "Under the table is Helenita, a newcomer to the firm, and she is going to eat one of us for 2 minutes. Then we must choose whom she is eating. If we pick correctly the person Helenita is licking and fingering pays the chooser $5000, if anyone chooses wrongly they pay that person $5000. These earplugs will cover any noise Helenita makes, so it's up to our eyes to choose."

For 2 hours, the women competed. Like poker players they monitored each other's eyes, skin, nipples, breathing: taking into account anything that could give them a clue as to who was being aroused by Helenita. It was not so much the money, but the one upmanship over the others that was important to them. At the finish, the cool Mei Ling and Darunee had the greatest winnings while Soo Kim was the greatest loser covered in sweat and exhausted from cumming more than once during the 2 hours.

Mei Ling then summoned the naked, except for high heels, Mai to their main table. As well as the 1 inch tattooed Chinese symbols on her calf stating Mei Ling's ownership of her, Mai's pubic hair had been plucked so that it now resembled the Chinese character for Mei Ling's name. Her face was still attractive and her slim, small breasted, long legged body was in perfect muscle tone.

"Darunee, you already examined the slut, and can vouch for her but its time she put on a show for you all." Mei Ling referred to Darunee's last visit where she was so surprised by Mai's ability to be fucked anally she offered to buy her from Mei Ling.

"Bring Jasmine in"

Jasmine entered the room. She was 18 years old, short and solid for a Thai, full breasted and with a smallpox scared face. She wore platform high heels so high that they had to be strapped around her ankles to keep her balance. Long garishly painted toenails and fingernails immediately caught the eye. Strong legs with chunky thighs that rubbed together as she walked ended in a micro mini, so tight that the shape of her G string could be seen, unnecessary in fact as the black colour was clearly visible through the cream material. Her open blouse displayed her firm 38C tits: the large thick nipples clearly visible through the sheer black material of the bra. Despite her pockmarked face she made every effort to look good. Eye liner and lipstick outline were permanently tattooed and complimented by heavy makeup which together with her tousled hair made her look even more sluttish. She radiated confidence and pride in herself. Seeing Mai, she thrust her shoulders back forcing her tits out so they strained against the thin material of the bra accentuating her nipples. She gave Mai the world wide universal salute of Fuck you as a reminder of how she had outfucked Mai on Darunee's last visit and fistfucked her as a reward.

As Jasmine proudly undressed Darunee said, "She's a freak," "Look at those tits, 38C and as firm as a grapefruit, and the thickness and size of those nipples." It was true, despite their size there was no sag at all in her breasts. Jasmine took a thick nipple and rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger causing immediate reaction as both nipples stiffened and grew. Tracing her fingers through her jet black thick yet silky pubic hair that had been shaved into a v shape, Jasmine proudly spread open her cunt for the onlookers. There, like a small dog's excited penis was her clit, pink wet and huge. Even this group of women who had seen most things were taken back as Jasmine held her clit between two fingers and rubbed the still exposed tip with her other hand.

"A small preview of their forthcoming contest," said Mei Ling, as Wei and Li Jong chained Mai's and Jasmine's ankles and their wrists. Then they joined the ankle and wrist chains behind their backs so that Jasmine and Mai were on the floor in a crab like position.

Pointing to the end of the boardroom Mei Ling said, "There are three stubbies of beer for you each to bring back here. The winner may use the loser for 2 hours. You can start after you make Soo and Lili cum"

The women lay bets before Lili squatted over Jasmine and Soo lowered her still wet pussy over Mai's face. Jasmine and Mai immediately used their tongues to part the cunt lips immediately above their face. Mai could taste the fishiness of the Korean's cum from her previous 2 hours and could feel the immediate response to her exploring tongue. Within a minute Soo Kim was humping Mai's face and tongue and 40 seconds later her long high pitched squeal of pleasure announced her ninth orgasm of the afternoon. Mai glanced across at Jasmine who was frantically fucking with her tongue nose and chin the nearly 60 year's old Chinese woman who was writhing with pleasure on her face. Mai reached the other end of the room. She tried to grip one between her thighs, but the bottles had been covered by grease and she could not hold it. Jasmine by this time had made Lili cum, reached her 3 bottles and placing her cunt over one, lowered her hips swallowed the bottle into her cunt and set off for the other end of the room. Seeing this spurred Mai and after some trouble she managed to grip the bottle in her cunt and set off in pursuit. Hampered by the chains they were uncoordinated in their movements but Mai's superior agility enabled her to crab crawl to the finish first and deposit her bottle. By the time two bottles had been deposited Mai's superior speed had put her in front. She groaned as she forced the last bottle deep into her cunt, half enjoying the feel of something in her cunt gripped by her muscles, and turned for the home stretch.

As she headed off pain seared through her shoulder and her body hit the ground. Jasmine had used her leg to sweep one of Mai's arms from under her. Moving awkwardly beside Mai she managed to stand and then dropped knee first into the prone body of Mai, landing on her unprepared stomach and completely winding her. Triumphantly she maneuvered over the final bottle and in front of the gasping Mai she took the end of the bottle in her cunt. Instead of lowering her hips she used only her cunt muscles to draw the bottle into her cunt. Straining every muscle, she slowly swallowed the bottle. Inch by inch was consumed by the 18 year old until half the bottle was completely inside her cunt. Proudly and arrogantly she crab crawled to the other end and victory as Mai lay dry retching at the other end of the room.

Ten minutes later Jasmine had bound Mai on the boardroom table, gagged her and attached spring clips to her nipples and clit, and was raping her with a phone in front of the women, while she masturbated, pleasuring her enormous clit and nipples. Her silky pubic hair was matted with her cum and her thick thighs were caked with the dried white evidence of her cumming, and her huge clit was fully visible quivering with excitement and arousal.

"I'm going to fuck you with everything in this office you Vietnamese shit," she screamed as she shoved a computer mouse up Mai's arse, "and then you're going to suck my clit and learn how long I can cum". "And in a month’ time I'm going to destroy you in public and fuck you for 24 hours straight"