Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

Chp 6 Night 1 Mai and Jasmine compete

Mai strained as she knelt on her hands and knees, rocking her hips backward, willing and forcing the dildo into her cunt. Aiding her Mei Ling eased the 12cm diameter black object into Mai's opening. Her lips were spread to splitting point, her muscles taut as a drum, and both were refusing to accept this invasion of her cunt. Mai was a 24 year old Vietnamese Australian who had come to Australia as a refugee aged 5, now a sexual slave of Mei Ling the controller of The Dragon Business Women's Club in Hong Kong. She was tall, slim, attractive, smallish firm breasts with a perfect face and that longhaired style with the upward swish of hair at the front that Vietnamese women often prefer.

The setting was The Dragon Business Women's Club in Hong Kong, a club that both served as a meeting place for Asian businesswomen and a more importantly an outlet for any lesbian sexual activity or contest they desired. It was also the headquarters for the Asia wide porn based empire run by Mei Ling a 35 year old Hong Kong born Cantonese Chinese, who had started as a street child over 25 years ago. This was the same Mei Ling who was guiding and assisting the huge black latex covered dildo into the year old Mai.

The competition was between Mai and Jasmine an 18 year old from Thailand, whose fistfucking Mai and raping Mai with a telephone handset after winning two earlier impromptu contests between the two, had led to this public contest between the two sworn enemies. A contest given more importance by the USD 100,000 bet that Mai Ling and Darunee had on the result.

Now it was Mai's time for revenge and her public humiliation of the overweight, smallpox scared faced Thai teenager with her tits, 38C and as firm as a grapefruit, the incredible thick and sized nipples, and her clit, pink wet and huge permanently aroused thrusting the too small clit hood aside. The Thai teenager had been in a Nun's temple for the last 6 months and had proved to be their preferred choice for pleasure and experimentation.

This was the first of 7 events to decide the winner, and like Olympic weightlifting the first event was based on 3 attempts. Jasmine's 3rd attempt to take a 10cm diameter dildo had failed, meaning that Mai had won with her 9cm 2nd attempt beating Jasmine's completed 8cm. She had no need to attempt a third taking of the huge artificial penis, but was doing so to show the crowd her superiority over Jasmine. Sweat stood out on her forehead, her neck tendons stood out like cords as she strained to complete the impossible - a 12cm diameter dildo. Rocking back and forwards she strained to take the intruder and was finally rewarded as her cunt muscles relaxed enough to permit partial entry. She continued to rock continually altering the angle of her pelvis while Mei Ling pushed and rotated the dildo partially inside Mai. With a triumphant scream Mai felt her muscles dilate further so that Mei Ling could now slide a third of it into her. Each thrust of the wettened dildo went further into her. After some time, Mei could move it relatively freely, each withdrawal sucking out her cunt still attached to the dildo, but each push returning it and moving deeper in her. With a scream of delight Mai felt it touch her womb and knew she must have taken it to the white marker. Not only had she done this but also Mei had buried the instrument a further 4cms past the marker into her cunt. A totally soul destroying loss for Jasmine.

Both Jasmine and Mai arranged themselves on the 2 beds; their legs spread exposing their waiting sex to their two owners. Mei Ling, wearing only a crimson camisole that did not reach the tattooed dragon holding other dragons in its talons (a sign she was numero uno in the club) lowered her face between Mai's legs allowing her longer than average shapely legs to trail over the bed edge. The Thai Darunee, wearing a tight mini skirt and quarter cut bra that exposed her tits, lowered her body on to Jasmine. Despite being in her mid 40s she was proud to show that she had greater muscular firmness and larger yet still firm tits than the 10 years younger Mei Ling. Both had 60 minutes to make their young slaves cum as often as they could.

Darunee took the thick, wet slug sized clit of the 18 year old between her lips, feeling it semi fill her mouth, and proceeded to use her tongue and teeth to stimulate the oversized sex organ. Jasmine helped rolling her wide chunky nipples between her thumb and fingers and allowed her immense sexual desires free rein. The Vietnamese born, Australian raised Mai had already aroused herself manually before they started, so Mei Ling had no trouble bringing her to orgasm. Both came quickly, their second and third following in rapid succession. Jasmine a short grunt of pleasure, Mai a more prolonged moan.

Driven along by the expert tonguing they were receiving, the fact that they were performing for both the live audience and the closed circuit TV feed to the large audience of the Club, and their hatred for each other, both women matched each other for 20 minutes. Their bodies twitched as they climaxed, Jasmine's rhythmical grunts of ecstasy being the pulsating bass for Mai's higher pitched moans of pleasure. After 40 minutes Mai' clit was burning and she was semi drained. Fear rose in her as above her laboured breathing she heard the referee call out another orgasm to Jasmine, this time unmatched by her. Mei Ling changed tactics furiously finger fucking Mai's cunt and arse simultaneously and though she came another 6 times in the last 20 minutes it was a comprehensive victory for the totally aroused horny Jasmine who had cum 14 more times than Mai.

One hour later the same four took the stage again. This time the challenge was to not be the first to cum when aroused by the other's owner. Hiding her rage at the last defeat behind a practiced smile Mei Ling was quietly confident that the sex addicted Thai slut could not hold out against her. She had spent the entire 30 minutes break ruthlessly rubbing Mai's clit with a stiff brush so that she was both drained of orgasms and her clit was red raw and sore to the touch. She was planning to make Jasmine cum for so long and hard that Darunee would be belittled in front of the huge audience by the severity of the orgasm Mai Ling gave to Darunee's slave, while Mai shuddered in pain at Darunee's tonguing.

She lowered her mouth down to the permanently open lipped cunt with its oversized prize continually thrusting the too small clit hood aside. Although she was used to the large clit of her continually on heat accountant Wei, Jasmine's was in another class entirely. Her tongue traced the full length of it and she watched it throb, wobble and swell further. Taking it in her mouth she imprisoned it with her teeth and wrapped her long prehensile tongue around the trembling clit. She could feel the juices of her victim running down her chin and feel the increased heartbeat under the hand the teased total stiffness from Jasmine's nipple. Within a few seconds she could hear the irregular breathing and then the animalistic grunts that preempted Jasmine's orgasm.

Confidently she continued, promising to herself she would fasten on to her like a starving dog with a bone when Jasmine came and drag from her the longest most severe multiple orgasm the slut had ever had. In front of the audience she would prove her superiority over this middle aged Thai upstart Darunee whom Mei Ling now knew was using the contest to build her popularity in the club and enhance her position as both controller of Mei Ling's Thai operations and as an independent operator in areas not included such as the shemale and male gay trade. She moved so her long shapely legs were extended to their best angle and allowed her camisole to fall so her shapely breasts and rock hard nipples were exposed and highlighted on the TV feed. Finally, she adjusted her body so that her cunt was exposed and her long inner cunt lips were fully visible. The crowd could see for themselves why her Chinese nickname was "Long lips of the Gods'

But despite the signs and sounds she was seeing, feeling and hearing, Mei Ling was worried. Jasmine had not cum. True her body was shaking and her grunts could now be heard in the back rows but the medical equipment attached to Jasmine had not registered her orgasm. Mei Ling increased her efforts but the status quo remained, Jasmine accepting, absorbing and receiving the expert arousal, responding totally but not cumming. Momentarily she was interrupted as the semi naked Darunee dragged Mai to the same bed and continued her anal and cunt fucking of Mai while her lips played not with her clit but with Mai's nipples. Mai Ling became aware of Mai's moaning, her rolling and twitching as Darunee worked her magic.

Judging the moment right, Darunee reverse squatted over Mai's face, reached out and took one of Mai's nipples in her fingers and used the other hand to milk Mai's areola. As Mai came enthusiastically, noisily, wetly and without restraint Darunee removed one hand, tore off her black mini, spread her kneeling legs apart and she as always wore nothing under her micro mini easily teased her inner cunt lips fully loose.

At first there was a stunned hush and then the crowd went berserk with applause. Mai had cum without even being tongued, but even more astounding was this relatively unknown member of the Big 5 leader’s cunt. Revealed in the close up TV shots were lips noticeably longer than Mei Lings and resplendent with 10 diamond, ruby and sapphire studs. Above this cunt with the dangling jewellery encrusted lips was a tattooed dragon anally fucking a naked woman

Even though it was a victory for Jasmine and she now led 2 to 1, the real victor was Darunee. She had gone from being known as one of the lesser-known leaders of the Club to the flavour of the month. As she stood triumphantly beside her 18 yr old Thai, her erect nipples and long cunt lips glistening with her wet juices revealed the excitement at upstaging Mei Ling in Mei Ling's backyard, revealing a body in better condition than the younger Mei Ling. Her face framed by its Tina Turner look-alike hairstyle could not hide her triumph at outdoing the master of self publicity Mei Ling

After a 10 minute rest, the two girls faced each other across a small table. Their hands interlocked as they waited for the commencement of their arm wrestle. Totally different.
Mai, University educated, fine boned, slim, long legged, small pert tits, elegant and fine featured with her long Vietnamese face and full length silk like jet black hair. Jasmine an unschooled short and solid country girl with an over ripe chunky body with 38C tits as firm as a grapefruit, thick responsive nipples, strong legs with chunky thighs that rubbed together when she walked, thick yet silky pubic hair that had been shaved into a v shape, long garishly painted toenails and fingernails. And of course, her huge clit, never fully covered by its hood and always visible by the open lips of her protruding cunt. Eyes glared at Mai from a round pockmarked face on which eye liner and lipstick outline were permanently tattooed and complimented by heavy makeup which together with her tousled hair made her look even more sluttish.

Desperately Mai threw everything into the opening hoping for a quick victory and was rewarded by Jasmine's arm being forced back to an angle of about 60 degrees. Pouring every ounce of hatred into her arm she forced her opponents arm closer to defeat. Vaguely she was aware of the juice flowing from her cunt and the arousal in her nipples as the excitement of winning transferred into sexual arousal. But despite her efforts she could not force her enemy's wrist down the final 5cm for victory.

For 5 minutes they remained locked in this position before jasmine slowly steadily relentlessly forced her arm up from defeat, 45 degrees, 90 degrees and then she was bending Mai's arm towards defeat. When Mai's arm was nearly touching the table Jasmine toyed with her, relaxing the pressure so that Mai could bring her arm to the vertical before Jasmine forced it down. Four times she did this before taking her left hand from the table and stroking her clit. Holding it between two fingers and her thumb she aroused it by stroking its tip with another finger. Soon her whole body was quivering and as she came she arrogantly slammed Mai's knuckles into the table top and took a commanding 3 to 1 lead, with the final 3 events to be held the next night.