Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

Chp 7  Night 2 Mai and Jamine

On the second day Mai and Jasmine faced the final examination of their sexual contest. With a 3 to 1 lead Jasmine needed only to win one of the three final events.

First up the two lay on their backs naked, side by side, their legs wide apart. Both of them had a dildo firmly held in their cunts, a taut wire attached from the dildo end to the one shared electric step motor controlled winch. After the start of the event, the winch was started at its lowest power setting. Every 2 minutes the motor stepped up to a higher level and increased the torque on the wire. A clutch allowed the wire to slip if their muscles were stronger.

Again, as for yesterday there was a live audience at the Dragon Business Women's Club and a TV feed to the large luncheon rooms. All venues were full as both this contest and the underlying rivalry now out in the open between their owners had all the membership talking.

After 18 minutes both were straining to use their cunt muscles to overpower the motor clutch and keep the dildo embedded in their cunt. Sweat trickled from the fine features of Mai's Vietnamese face, while the Thai grunts of Jasmine revealed the intensity of her efforts. Lying on their backs the slim long legged body of Mai with its flat belly and smallish tits contrasted to that of the 18 year old Jasmine's with her stumpy legs, short thick body and firm full breasts. After 24 minutes the fine features of Mai were screwed into an unflattering mask with the effort of contracting her cunt muscles, as was the round large boned pock marked slutty face of her Thai rival. At 30 minutes Mai's high pitched screams equaled the deeper bellows of Jasmine and her stomach muscles were convulsing. Two minutes later Jasmine's breathing was irregular ragged and coming from her in gasps and the dildo was half out of her cunt. At the 36 minute mark her muscles gave up the unequal task and the dildo clattered to the ground.

Mai was still in the contest 2 wins to Jasmine's 3 with 2 events left

The next event was simplicity itself. Both had to make as many members cum as they could in a 6 hour session.

There was no shortage of volunteers to participate as most members were inordinately proud in that Asian tradition of showing that you were a woman. Dressing to show your feminine strengths and wealth was a normal part of their life. Ugly faced women paraded their bodies, women with small tits their legs, overweight their faces. Everyone had some feature they put on show. And the clothes, some were genuine labels from Paris or Japan, some were copies, but all were used to emphasise their pride in being a woman. As they aged their desire to cling to their womanhood increased, along with the height of their heels, the skimpiness of their underwear, and their acceptance of plastic surgery.

The first two women were a mother and daughter. Folding her expensive Italian material, black, tailormade tit revealing halterneck cocktail minidress and putting it on the ground, Zhang Wu, wearing only her black stockings, black suspender belt and 6 inch heels let the audience see her pride in the fact her inner cunt lips were long enough to hang loose. Four jewelled studs had been inserted the evening before: a result of seeing the 10 that Darunee (Jasmine's owner) displayed the day before when she upstaged Mai's owner Mei Ling by revealing her jewel encrusted cunt lips which were even longer than Mei Lings whose Chinese nickname was "Long Lips of The Gods". Zhang Wu's hard nipples and wet cunt revealed her pride in being compared physically with her youngest 18 year old daughter, 27 years her junior. Both she and her daughter had a small tattoo of a dragon above their cunt, a sign they had passed the initiation test of the club. A tattoo far smaller than those permanently etched onto the leaders such as Mei Lings dragon holding other dragons in its talons, Darunee's dragon anally taking a woman, or the sexual deviate from Japan Yuriko whose dragon was maiming and killing several women. These large dragons were the badge of honour of the 25 member ruling cabinet, ie those in the management level of Mei Ling's Asia wide porn empire

She and Jasmine entwined into a classic 69 position, as did her naked daughter and Mai. Zhang Wu had seen the monstrous size of Jasmine's clit yesterday, but close up it was intimidating. A clit so big that even unaroused it was never fully covered by its hood and made her feel inadequate, even though before she loved to put women on the defensive by outsizing them. Taking it between her lips, she felt it quiver, respond to her touch, then swell to a size that exceeded any fantasy she had had. Accompanying its swelling was the musky smell and salty taste of Jasmine's juices. Vaguely she could hear the slurping sound as Jasmine tasted her, and feel the excitement in her body as the Thai 18 year old worked on her clit.

In her peripheral vision she could see her daughter having cum at Mai's hands, being replaced by another woman, and a surge of triumph washed through her. In the space of a week she had sexually outlasted her daughter in front of the club members, and unbeknown to the members and the same daughter, had fucked the daughter's husband the morning of her daughters wedding four days earlier so hard and long, her daughter had complained he could not get an errection on the wedding night. Not surprising as she had also taken him again as he changed from his tux 30 minutes prior to departing from the reception to the wedding suite. She was particularly pleased that her daughter and husband were living in Hong Kong in her house because she was confident there would be many nights when he was incapable of performing for her daughter due to her.

Jasmine came first, shuddering and groaning deeply. Zhang Wu increased the speed of her tongue flicking the huge clit. Her fingers already wet from her earlier fingering of Jasmine now anally fucked the Thai to her second. Her own body was shaking from the surges of passion coursing through her body, but she managed to hold on and using her hand milked the clit like a farmer milking a cow's teat. She was rewarded by Jasmine's third followed by her own 50 seconds later as Jasmine forced her tongue deep into her anus. She stepped off the stage triumphant, Mai now led 4 members to 1, and she was well in the running for the longest time before cumming. Another step in her goal of replacing one of the 25 council members,

She left the stage to applause to be replaced by Nurlina a 38 pound, 26 year old Indonesian visitor. She was fully clothed in the strictest Muslim tradition except her head covering and dress were made of the finest transparent organza, and she proudly displayed her tiny totally naked body completely visible through this exotic material. She took the place of Zhang Wu and soon her and Jasmine's moans were intermingled as they both came. Her replacement was a typical member. Hong Kong born, about 35, owner of her small business who used all levels of the club. First as a legitimate club to seal business deals, make contacts, obtain financial backing: second as a provider of totally real sexual entertainment such as the 4 hour deflowering of a Phillipina by 6 members who had bid for the right she had watched last week:,  third as a place to meet women for sex: and fourth as a place to settle disputes sexually. She herself had participated in one successful catfight with another member who had tried to ruin her business and entered several contests. She, as most members lacked the total wealth necessary to have any sexual activity they desired organized. This was available only to the richest.

Again Jasmine came simultaneously with the Hong Kong member and Zhang Wu thought to herself Jasmine had no hope of winning, as she was cumming too often to last the 6 hours. Then her thought turned to more pleasant things and she reached for her mobile to inform Zhang, her daughter's husband she had outlasted her daughter, and that as promised he should arrange a hotel room for the two of them that night. The first step in a long staircase that would end with Zhang watching her outfuck her daughter and then have her daughter watch her take Zhang. Zhang would be her toy boy and her daughter her sex slave. All the steps ran through her mind and she was determined to wring every last bit of sex out of Zhang's total entrapment, her daughter's rising suspicions, the final contest between her and her daughter and the final domination of both.

But she was wrong because after three and three quarter hours, Jasmine was ahead of Mai by 11 members, and still going strong Surprisingly Mei Ling appeared unconcerned as she reluctantly sat with Darunee who had outstaged her dramatically yesterday.

Inside she was seething with anger because yesterday before most of the club membership this older Thai woman had thrown a thinly veiled challenge at her, and what is more a successful challenge. Today she was seeing the result. Members such as Zhang Wu who had been onstage with Jasmine or Mai, if their inner cunt lips were long enough flaunted cunt lip piercings like Darunee's inserted the evening after yesterday's performance. A performance where without speaking Darunee had paraded her body, her sexuality and made a mockery of Mei Ling's Nickname "Long lips of the Gods" as she put on show her longer jewel encrusted cunt lips. Now many of the members on stage also wore waist chains and ankle chains like her, and tight rings that slid onto their nipples like her. Indeed one woman a Malay from Kuala Lumpa had slid 3 wedding ring sized 26 carot gold rings onto each of the thick large nipples on her huge full brown pendulous breasts, before engaging in her duel with Mai, lasting 5 minutes before she came.

Despite the volcano of hatred inside, Mei Ling still acted confidently and queenlike as she made polite conversation with Darunee under the stage spotlights. Lights powerful enough and directed to show the lines in the older Thai's face, and both were seated on low chairs that emphasized her longer more elegant upper torso at the expense of the shorter Thai, and made the Thai's face and wild exotic perm look too large for her body.

Trained as she was in reading people; a skill developed in the school of life when she was sold by her parents to a Bankok brothel , Darunee was aware of the interest Mei Ling gave to 2 members waiting their turn. Both were unremarkable looking Phillipinas, but when the first moved to take her place with Jasmine, Darunee could feel Mei Ling's tension beneath her mask of calmness. Darunee watched intently, but was only rewarded by the sight of the Phillipina's limbs thrashing after 2 minutes as she came, to be replaced by the second who doubled the time before her moans announced she too had cum. Nothing had happened yet Darunee was still worried by Mei Ling's slight signs of relief

Fifteen more minutes passed and after four and a half hours Jasmine's lead was up to 15, when suddenly a worried look crossed her face, and her hands leapt to her stomach. Moans came from her, but not pleasure as her stomach cramped violently. She tried to go back to the woman waiting spread eagled on the bed, but the pain was too much, and she doubled over.

Darunee sprung up and called for a time out but was cut down in mid sentence by Mei Ling.

"Both girls know the rules. This is a test of endurance as well as arousal. Its obvious Jasmine is good but she lacks staying power. Continue"

Gloating she sat beside Darunee as the crowd watched Mai steadily bring member after member to orgasm as Jasmine battled the severe cramp attack and ineffectually tried to eat her way to victory. With half an hour to spare Mai passed Jasmine and went on to level the contest 3 each.

"The Phillipina's cunts were coated with a drug, weren't they?" hissed Darunee.

"I don't know what you mean," a smiling Mei Ling replied, "but I do know you are out of your league. I own all of Asia not just part of Thailand, and I know you're not good enough to take me"