Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

Chp 8  Night 3 Mai Jasmine

Zhang Wu looked down at the semi conscious Nurlina pleased with what she saw. For the previous 17 minutes both women had sexually stimulated each other trying to drain and weaken the other, and after quarter of an hour of mutual 69 her opponent was gone. Nurlina's body was twitching involuntarily, saliva dribbled from her mouth, her breathing was laboured and incoherent sounds came from her mouth. Zhang Wu attached the short chain to the leather belts around her own and the 26 year old Muslim from Indonesia's waist. Then taking the 60 cm double dildo she guided one end into her cunt and the other into Nurlina. Both women were now joined by the chain and dildo. Zhang Wu had 5 minutes to use her cunt muscles to force the dildo out of her opponent. Because she was the aggressor Zhang Wu, if she did not win in this time span, had a further uncontested 5 minutes to arouse Nurlina and then another 2 minutes to force the dildo from her cunt.

This was always a popular contest as it gave both the aggressor and defensive participant hope. The chain restricted the movement of the dildo to just their cunt muscles and pelvic thrusts taking away the use of the entire body and advantage of greater physical strength, Timing of the challenge was vital as for example when 2 aggressors were matched the first to take the risk and attach the chain gained the advantage of the extra time, if needed, to arouse and weaken her opponent without any interference or opposition from the other woman, but if she attached the chain too early the other woman could probably hold the dildo in and win. Tactics as well as skill and strength was needed

Taking her time she let the crowd see her 45 year old body, a body anyone in the room would accept if it were offered as a swap. A body which was the result of self control in her diet, slow stretching and 2 hard daily 60 minute exercise sessions. Oh, and of course the plastic surgery which gave her size 8 body its firm 35D tits, taut buttocks, its lack of stretch marks and her memorable face. It took Zhang Wu one squeeze of her hips and cunt muscles to pull the dildo from the totally wet and slippery cunt of the exhausted Indonesian. Although outclassed by Zhang Wu, Nurlina had made a great impression this week lasting fourth longest of the 186 members who took the stage before brought to orgasm by Jasmine or Mai in yesterday's contest, and would be remembered for her outfit. Covered in the strictest Muslim tradition from head to toe but in sheer transparent organza so that her tiny 38lb body was totally on display. Zhang Wu turned to see the winner of the other match between the other 2 top performers from the contest of the previous night when they competed for 6 hours to make the most Dragon Businesswomen Club members cum. Zhang Wu having lasted the longest yesterday and just destroyed the fourth placed club member now observed a 30 year old Cantonese from Hong Kong use her uncontested 10 minutes on the huge 44GG breasted Malaysian Nini who had stunned the crowd the night before by slipping onto each of her correspondingly large nipples 3 gold wedding rings

Nini was the ultimate in defensive competitors. Moaning with pleasure as her opponent frantically worked manually on her clit, she removed the 3 rings off one nipple and caressed it herself further increasing the intensity of the orgasm she was experiencing. At the sound of the buzzer ending the 5 extra minutes, she helped place the dildo into her cunt and seized it with her muscles. It may have been set in concrete for all the effect Su Lin efforts had in the final 2 minutes.

30 minutes later Zhang Wu faced the 44 37 52cm Nini. Nini made no effort to control her arousal; she was already soaking wet when Zhang Wu's tongue touched her clit. Her own efforts to arouse Zhang Wu were average and presented Zhang Wu with no real problems. Within 3 minutes Zhang Wu felt the first shuddering of an orgasm from Nini and 7 minutes and 3 further climaxes later Nini stopped trying to arouse Zhang Wu and was using her hands to spread her cunt wider and make it more available for Zhang Wu. Nini climaxed uncontrollably for the next 20 minutes, the last 8 of which she lay prostrate on her back moaning, groaning, twitching and shaking as each new orgasm racked her. Just before the 30 minute deadline Zhang Wu attached the belt and inserted the double dildo into both of them. For the next 5 minutes she tried every action, every trick she knew, used ever ounce of cunt and pelvis muscle power she had, but was rewarded only by the smiling face of an unconcerned Nini.

Unchained Zhang Wu had 5 minutes left to work on Nini before her final 2 minutes of dildo action. This time she opened the cum filled love cave of Nini and blew gently on its entire sensitive area. Her tongue was millimetres from Nini's clit but made no contact. Next she straddled the massive Malaysian' face and played with her own clit centimetres above Nini's face, her juices dribbling onto the face below. She came and her thick mucous cum juice flowed on to the woman below. Nini was pleading to be fucked and Zhang Wu lowered her head to the saturated wet cunt between the massive thighs but again threatened to touch the quivering clit but did not. Her heavy breathing the only contact on Nini's cunt. She continued to play with her cunt above Nini's eyes forcing her entire fist into her cunt and fistfucking herself.

It was too much for Nini and with an animalistic howl of frustration forced Zhang Wu's head into her waiting cunt and lost on disqualification for interfering with Zhang Wu's arousal of her.

Zhang Wu's reward was the featured event against the Japanese Princess of Porn Miako a 19 year old from Osaka who was so popular in Japan she even had comics detailing her efforts. Dressed in her schoolgirl uniform that sent Japanese men wild she had believed her own publicity and overruled her managers to appear in Hong Kong.

This was no set up event such as she had unknowingly won in Japan. This was real, and within seconds of inserting the dildo in her Zhang Wu knew she could win any time she wanted. At first the Japanese supporters were going crazy with delight as the dildo stayed in their idol Miako. But gradually they fell silent as they realised Zhang Wu was rhythmically fucking Miako driving the dildo into her, pulling her hips back and then driving it in again. With 5 minutes left she used her cunt muscles to ease the dildo out of herself so that only 7 cm of the 60cm remained in her. Using her hips she drove the weapon deep inside the Japanese feeling it hit her womb and hearing the shriek of pain from Miako. Chained together there was no escape as the full length of the dildo invaded her womb and uterus for the next 4 minutes before Zhang Wu contemptuously withdrew the dildo from the unconscious Japanese.

Triumphantly her eyes found Mei Ling's and blazed hatred. There was no way now she could be left of the vacant 25 member ruling council vacancy this year, unlike last year when Mei Ling's personal involvement saw Zhang Wu miss out on the last position.
Following Zhang Wu's triumph Jasmine and Mai entered for their final conflict a no disqualification catfight.

The stage had been set up with a wrestling ring and Mai wearing a black thong, matching Lyra crop top and high stiletto heel shoes slid through the ropes. Shaking her long black hair with its characteristic Vietnamese quiff at the front, she stood waiting for her hatred rival the 18 year old Thai Jasmine. The strong lights shown down on her slim well toned body, on her long shapely legs emphasising the 1 inch high Chinese characters tattooed in her calf that announced Mei Ling's ownership of her.

Waiting for Jasmine she reflected over the past 4 months. Reflected on the trip from Australia to take on the Hong Kong Job, how her gambling greed and arrogance enabled Mei Ling to trap her into sexual slavery; of being used sexually by Mei Ling and the 2 top executives of her Asia wide porn empire every day on the hour every hour from 8am to midnight for the first month; of being turned over to the Filipina servants for their pleasure; of her first meeting with Jasmine and being fist fucked by her, of the second meeting when Jasmine raped her with a phone handset and toner cartridge, and anally with a stapler and computer mouse; of the past two days competition played out in front of both a live and TV audience of Dragon Businesswomen Club members that had seen her come back from a 3 to 1 deficit to equal the series at 3 all. Aware that Mei Ling and Jasmine's owner Darunee had a bet of US$100,000 on the result between the two. Unaware that Mei Ling and Darunee were set on a collision course from which there could only be one winner and that she was merely a pawn in their manoeuvres for one-upmanship. Unaware that Mei Ling had nobbled Jasmine in their last contest drugging her when she was well ahead so she could not complete the 6 hour sex session and gain an overall victory.

A collective gasp of amazement swept the auditorium. And no wonder. Jasmine had made her entrance stark naked except for her high platform shoes that gave her some respectability in height. But it was her completely shaven head and shaved cunt that caused the gasps. She walked purposefully to the ring, her oiled body glistening, her thick powerful thighs rubbing together, her full 38c breasts without a sign of sag, the swaying of her full 42 inch arse, the cheap bar girl make up on the pock marked face.

"I was cheated last night, I can always take more women than a Vietnamese slut like you," Jasmine screamed. "Tonight I beat you and fuck you good"

Not waiting for the start of the event Mai charged the Thai girl as she was getting through the ropes catching her with a stinging slap to the face and a savage knee to the side. She attempted to grab Jasmine but could not get a grip on the heavily oiled body of her opponent, and Jasmine managed to stagger into the ring holding her side.

Seizing the advantage Mai swept Jasmine's legs from under her, causing her to fall heavily semi winded, and quickly followed up by pouncing on her straddling her in a schoolgirl pin. Having learnt her lessons from the beatings Mei Ling's Filipina servants gave her when they had often ganged up 5 to one against her, she did not attempt to wrestle but tried to inflict damage. One hand buried itself into Jasmine's tit, digging her fingernails deep into the flesh, while her other hand rained blows on the Jasmine's face. Still clinging to one tit with her left hand she changed target with her right, raking her long nails across the other grapefruit sized tit until she drew blood.

In a despairing effort Jasmine reached up and clubbed both of Mai's ears with her open hand, repeatedly until Mai gave up her grip. Mai was quickly on her feet while Jasmine staggered to hers, her face and tit reddened from the first onslaught. Again the quicker Vietnamese swept Jasmine's legs from her and followed up with a kneedrop to Jasmine's stomach.

"Remember our last meeting", she hissed referring to the savage Kneedrop Jasmine had delivered on the unsuspecting Mai.

As Jasmine lay on her stomach moaning, Mai pinned her with her body, spread Jasmines legs wide apart and teased Jasmine's one and a half inch clit erect before delivering an elbow to it squashing it to the canvas mat. A bellow of pain echoed round the auditorium, and such was the painful reaction and contortions of Jasmine that Mai was rolled off her.

As Jasmine slowly stumbled to her feet Mai launched herself through the air her feet striking Jasmine in the gut. Jasmine struggled to her feet as Mai went to launch herself again into Jasmine. But her foot slipped on the oil from Jasmine's body where she had Jasmine pinned earlier and she crashed heavily to the mat. Jasmine lurched to the prostrate Mai and wrapped her legs around her stomach in a scissor hold and squeezed. Reaching out she grabbed Mai's long hair and banged her face into the canvas. Mai reached back but the oiled body, shaven head and cunt gave her no handhold. Shifting her position slightly but still maintaining her leg lock Jasmine tore the G string of her rival and entwined her fingers into Mai's cunt hair and pulled letting the crowd see the hair torn from Mai float from her fingers.

Releasing her scissor hold Jasmine sat on Mai's back tucked Mai's ankles under her thighs grasped Mai under the chin and applied a version of the camel clutch, increasing the pain by putting her fingers in the lips of Mai's mouth as she rocked back. Rolling her over on to her back she again mounted Mai and ripped her crop top off exposing her breasts. It was payback time as she dug her fingers into the tit flesh until her knuckles turned white and long bloody scratch marks crisscrossed each tit. Leaning forward she swung her tits repeatedly striking Mai's face with her firm womanhood.

Again she applied her scissor hold to the defenceless Mai until those closest to the ring heard a rib crack. Dragging Mai to the edge of the ring she placed one of Mai's legs either side of the steel corner post, leapt out of the ring, grabbed both angles and pulled Mai towards her impaling her cunt onto the post. That should have ended the bout but Jasmine made no effort to claim victory. She got back into the ring lifted the whimpering Mai up and lent her against the ropes. She spreadeagled Mai's legs and intertwined them between the bottom two ropes imprisoning them and used the G string and crop top to tie her hands to the top rope.

Then she reached between Mai's spread legs opened her cunt and started fingering her. Despite her pain Mai responded and was soon shaking uncontrollably on the ropes. When she came Jasmine savagely stuck her fingers deep into her victim's cunt letting the Vietnamese ride her fingers. The second arousal again had Mai quivering uncontrollably till she came, this time Jasmine forcing her entire fist into her cutting short her orgasmic sob with the violence of her fists entry. Continuing to fist fuck her she knelt before Mai and buried her head in her cunt and used her tongue relentlessly to bring her to orgasm, this time raking inside her cunt with her nails.

Withdrawing her bloodied hand she used the G string and crop top to bind Mai's right hand and ankle together to the rope and did the same with the left. Kneeling beside the bent double, trussed up body of Mai Jasmine delivered the Filipina fist fuck, the final and total humiliation a Filipina can give to another woman. With her arse over Mai's face she forced one fist into Mai's cunt and the other into her arse, a relatively easy task as Mei Ling had regularly used a 2 penis strap on Mai when taking her from behind. While fucking her with both fists Jasmine rubbed her cunt into Mai's face till the grunt of satisfaction and flow of love juice announced her orgasm. Finally she finished a complete and full Filipina fist fuck by withdrawing her hand from Mai's arse and forcing it into Mai's mouth to be licked clean.

The finish of the match was brief. Jasmine applied a leg scissor to Mai's neck cutting the blood supply on the cathroid artery causing unconsciousness.