Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

Chp 10  Yuriko Ogowa

NAME: Yuri Ogowa

DATA: Aged 35, 5ft 2 32A 28 34 125lbs

BACKGROUND: Head of Japanese operations, after rising from her background as a Yukuzi mistress. Has a secret plan to overthrow Mei Ling and take total control of all Dragon Business Woman Club business. Is ruthless and will do anything to anyone to achieve her goal

SEXUAL PROFILE: Insatiable desire to "break" other women and publicly display her control over them

CURIOSITY: Has the skin of a rival who she fucked to death hanging o a wall in her office

Yuriko Ogawa head of Japanese operations in the Dragon Businesswoman's Club pulled on the fine silver chain and rode the naked Mei Ling into the board room like she was a horse. Mei ling had no option as the chain was secured to rings through her nipples, clit, nose and lips. The other 23 board members looked in astonishment at their leader Mei Ling. Her body was crisscrossed with the weals and cuts from whip lashes, her ankle and wrists raw from the chains and her body showing burn marks from hot wax, cigarettes and electric contacts. All board members except the Thai independent Darunee were present to witness her entrance at the meeting held in Osako her home town.

The last time they had seen the mid 30s 5 foot 6 slim Hong Kong Born Chinese she had a perfectly made up face that stuck in your memory, long straight jet black silky hair, trim shapely legs emphasized by her 6 inch platform heels, and wore a knee length Chinese cheong sam with the side splits not reaching to the usual mid thigh but just below her hip. Traditional Chinese embroidered elastic fastenings on the final 10 inches allowed the cheong sam to cling tightly to her thighs and taut arse but stretched as she walked allowing her legs to be seen from her ankle chain to her hip. The soft silk material had clung to her firm stomach before caressing her 34B breasts revealing fully their shape and the hard bullet sized nipples. Underneath she as usual would have been wearing only a G string made of the finest transparent silk worn once before being thrown away

Seating herself at Mei Ling's accustomed position at the top of the table; she addressed the stunned council of the Dragon Business Women's club. A Club that catered to wealthy Asian Lesbians and Bi women from Japan to Indonesia, from the Philippines to Thailand and China. It operated on several levels: first as a legitimate classy club with a restaurant rivaling the Peninsula Hotel for these women enabling them to meet for both business and sex, providing an exclusive meeting place for businesswomen where they could. seal business deals, make contacts, obtain financial backing : second as a provider of totally real sexual entertainment such as the 4 hour deflowering of a Philippine 19 year old by 6 members who had bid for the right she had watched last week, or sex contests where the betting was strong and active: third as a place to meet women for sex: fourth as a place to settle disputes sexually; and fifth for those with real money as a provider of any sexual activity a person desired, such as providing every day to a rich Chinese 5 women who met her strict specifications, or the 10 women who performed a real cage fight knock out fight each week for a gambling duo, or even the 3monthly visit from the wife of one of Taiwan's richest wives who filmed real snuff videos..

The club ie. Mei Ling with the help of the board owned and ran quite large legitimate clothing businesses with factories in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, but most of the real income came through the Asian sex trades. Mei was unusual in that she also had a large finger in the Asian sex internet pie usually dominated by European or USA interests. Her clothing business gave her an excellent cover for the Asia wide sex business she had.

'Mei Ling has an announcement to make, but we need some entertainment first."

Climbing onto the huge circular table she jerked the chain dragging Mei Ling onto the table in the center of the group. From her suitcase she produced an aluminum bar 4 ft long and secured Mei Ling's ankles to the shackles at either end, before securing her wrists to the shackles in the middle of the bar. Mei Ling was bent double immobilized with her legs spread wide in a similar position to a weightlifter before he attempts a clean and jerk.

Li Jing and Wei along with her second cousin Jade Hsu jumped to their feet to protest, but were quickly seized by the female Japanese servants all ex pro wrestlers; the real not the acting kind. Li Jing a petite size 6 wore a high necked cream silk skin tight traditional Chinese top and even tighter Italian silk black slacks and 6 inch heels. Her nipples, which were surprisingly large, and the shape of her 32C breasts which looked large on her small frame were accentuated by the tight flimsy tops she wore, and her miniscule G string fully filled with her prominent mound and cunt were highlighted by the extreme tight fit of her slacks. She was a refined petite size 6 who managed the procurement and training of the large number of women needed by their business with cold, vicious sadism.

Wei was Mei ling's accountant and financial genius. Her face was eye catching in the manner of cheap bargirl. Everything was in excess: the make up, the 6 inch stilettos not platforms, the large strong thighs exposed by a tight micro mini skirt which encased her rounded arse. A size 14 squeezed into size 12. As always her jacket exposed her 37D breasts supported but not covered by a black quarter cup bra enabling her large thick nipples to be seen, although when she had to be conservative she covered them with the most transparent bra she could obtain. Jade was 22, Hong Kong chic, short haired like her pop/movie idols and an airhead who kept the board position simply because she was a cousin.

Unbuttoning her short tight skirt that emphasized the power in her size and arse which although wide was flat firm and drum tight, the 35 year old Yuriko let it fall to the ground revealing her naked cunt above short muscular legs surmounted by a matt of thick coarse hair no Asian should possess, and the equal of any negress's bush. Above this wild mat of hair a tattooed dragon was surrounded by broken dying naked women. Throwing aside her white silk blouse her sturdy upper body that looked disproportionably long compared to her legs was revealed along with her 33B tits with their small nipples and almost non existent areola. The flat wide face of the Japanese with her thick coarse hair contrasted to the fine features of Mei Ling

Spreading open her cunt she wet her finger with her juices, and traced her fingers across Mei Ling's lips and tongue. The effect was instantaneous. The council members saw the bullet sized nipples on Mei Ling's 34 B tits spring erect, her areola swell and her juices run freely from her cunt onto her inner thighs. Reaching between Mei Ling's legs Yuriko put two fingers inside her pet and casually finger fucked her, stopping before she could cum.

A muffled plea came from their leader.

"Louder, we can't hear,' demanded Yuriko

"Give me the dogs," begged Mei Ling.

Yuriko whistled and two Dobermans bounded in, and scrambled onto the table. Obviously they knew their business as one placed its paws on Mei Lings shoulder, its quivering pink penis already extended past its sheath ready for action. Mei Ling lowered her head and took the beasts cock in her mouth as it thrust into her sucking mouth, its paws scratching her shoulder and back. As she noisily accepted this oral raping from the dog Yuriko manually brought her to her climax when the dog came in her mouth. Yuriko then guided the other excited Doberman into Mei Lings exposed cunt before lying on her back and wrapping her legs around Mei Lings head. As the dog fucked her Mei Ling tongued and sucked the Japanese woman's clit and cunt.

Reaching up Yuriko seized Mei Ling's nipples savagely twisting them as she enjoyed her climax. After a brief delay to recover she walked behind Mei Ling to where the Doberman having cum was wedged in Mei Ling its knot as any dogs would be still swollen for another 20 to 30 minutes. Without warning Yuriko seized Mei Ling's hips and pulled her free relishing the cry of pain as the swollen too large cock was pulled past her cervix.

"Before you speak, maybe you should clear your dog cum from your throat", said Yuriko with mock concern in her voice.

Seizing Mei Ling by the hair Yuriko forced her head back and straddled her, a leg either side of her face. Jerking at chains connected to Mei Ling's lip and nose she forced her mouth open and released a stream of warm piss into the waiting mouth.

Addressing the board members she said, "We went one on one for 10 hours before I broke her. Then I," Her sentence was interrupted by her groan as she used the strength of her cunt muscles to cut off the flow of piss as quickly as if she had turned off a tap.

"Careful, I'm sure you don't want to spill any," she said as she waited for the gagging Mei Ling to swallow her first mouthful. Turning her around so other board members could see her show she continued.

"Then I spent the next two weeks" grunt wait " teaching her the meaning of respect" grunt followed by the delay as Mei Ling was dragged after she swallowed to another part of the boardroom table "domination and what its like to be fucked" grunt wait "by someone better than you." "Now she" grunt "only needs to taste me and her body can't stop reacting" grunt .

As Mei Ling continued to swallow, Yuriko said to her, "I've finished"

The board members watched as the once proud Mei Ling subserviently extended her tongue and licked clean the hairy cunt above her.

"Let's hear your announcement, President," Yuriko mockingly said

"This meeting will vote for a president , Yuriko or myself," Mei Ling uttered

"Voting is simple," Yuriko announced, "to vote for me you fuck Mei Ling"

Immediately Zhang Wu leapt on the table, stripped and strapped on the dildo Yuriko handed her. A new board member, Zhang Wu known as "The body" was a 45 year old sized 8 who took every opportunity in the club to display her surgically enhanced body and was feared by any competitor in the club sexual contests, challenges or betting events. Few matched her in any contest, and she had never been beaten by the same woman twice. There was no foreplay, she eased the dildo into Mei Ling's entrance and rammed it home in one action, Mei Lings body shaking with pain at the violent intrusion. As she raped Mei Ling she screamed. "You kept me off the board for the past 5 years because you were scared I am more of a woman than you, but I won so many contests you had to relent. Now you're finished and I'm the best woman in Hong Kong." The violence of her thrusts jerked Mei Ling's body around like a puppet. Her tirade of hate trailed off into murmurings as she orgasmed. Zhang Wu loved performing in front of the crowd, her most recent major victory one month ago was double headed as she both lasted the longest of any member before cumming in the recent Jasmine Mai contest, and then won a dildo cunt strength test the next night. Any woman was seen by her as a sexual competitor, even her own daughter whose husband she seduced on the wedding day and fucked so long he could not perform for her daughter on the wedding night itself.

Already Nurlina the new Muslim board member from Indonesia was on the table and strapping the dildo on. Twenty six years old with a sweet innocent face she threw off her full Muslim clothing to reveal the body far younger than her age: her tits still in that firm conical shape of a young teenager, her cunt bare of hair even though it was unshaven. Innocent she looked, innocent she was not. Using one hand she finger fucked Mei Ling while her other stretched Mei Ling's pucker hole widening it, preparing it for the assault to come. Covering the dildo with Mei Ling's juices, she maneuvered the tip into her victim's arse. Not surprisingly there was total resistance as the dildo was large even for a cunt. Reaching around Nurlina found Mei Ling's clit and viciously squeezed and scratched it.

The resulting pain distracted Mei Ling's body and enabled the slim 38 kg Indonesian triumphantly to force the dildo past the sphincter muscle distracted by the more immediate pain in her clit and embedded it fully into Mei Ling. Systematically she calmly fucked the Hong Kong woman's arse clinically observing the angles that caused the most pain. Withdrawing she replaced her strap on with an even larger one and fucked her distended arse using the angles that caused the greatest pain, her hands pulling Mei Ling's arse apart so she could achieve even greater penetration.

Next up was the Malaysian Nini, the other newcomer, and who despised Mei Ling's relative Jade whose pastime apart from keeping up with the latest Hong Kong pop star news was her racially motivated fucking and genital mutilation of in her Chinese view inferior Malaysian born women. Despite her large overweight peasant frame, huge 44GG breasted 37 48cm body, round face and severe unattractive short hairstyle Nini was a sexual predator with an unending appetite for woman or men any age or animals up to the size of a donkey. Before climbing onto the table she pulled out a black double penis that ended in an extremely thick cunt plug with a flexible clit arouser. Adjusting the plug into her well used cunt she took the bent over Mei Ling from behind.

 There was none of Zhang Wu' frantic energy, none of Nurlina's viciousness, Mei Ling was there to be used for her sexual satisfaction. Gripping Mei ling's hips she started to fuck her adjusting the angle of the penises in Mei Ling so the huge butt in her cunt and the clit tickler gave her maximum satisfaction. Shutting her eyes she sang slowly in Malayan smiling as her first orgasm hit her. After her 5th she was fucking Mei ling like a bucking horse and her massive tits were swaying wildly with the nipples so swollen with pleasure the eight gold wedding rings she slipped on each were cutting into the dark brown engorged sex organs that stood like telephone posts from the 10cm in diameter areola. Most women would have been satiated after 3 orgasms and her violent 6th would have been far too much for 99% of woman to accept, but those who knew her knew she could continue being brought to orgasm for 12 hour periods, and still accept more.

It was Helenita who pulled a reluctant Nini away from Mei Ling. Helenita now controlled the large Hong Kong Filipina domestic market, both a source of women and a market in its own right. In the space of 12 weeks she had gone from a normal domestic in Mei lings employ brought from a small Cuba village, to a position of power and relative wealth as a board member, and in true Filipina fashion she could see her future lay in changing sides. She would never give up her enjoyment of the good life of clothes food sex and power. Self preservation not loyalty was the most important thing. she was typical Filipina: short, thick waisted, full thighed and with a moon face surrounded by short hair which if anything emphasized her roundness. Slightly overweight she had a noticeable stomach, large floppy breasts with huge areola and nipples and thin long pubic hair. Unlike Yuriko her body and legs though similarly stubby were soft, lacking Yuriko's strength. She looked to be about 35, not knowing her age as she came from a remote village.

 Taking off her clothes which shouted expensive not taste, she stood in her bright red suspender belt and white stockings and matching red bra bringing a smile to most of the tastefully dressed women in attendance. Like most Filipinas she preferred to use her fist to humiliate and declined the strap on. She worked on Mei Ling's cunt easing her fingers, palm and then thumb into her. She may not have had dress sense but she was an expert in working her fist into cunts. Quickly she managed to bury half her short forearm in Mei Ling, and fist fucked her as she manually brought herself to orgasm.

There was a slight delay before the Seoul born So Kim, a 32 yr old former housewife from Seoul, South Korea who had gone from organizing her own sex aid "Tupperware" type home parties to becoming a leading player in the Asia sex scene in 5 years and who now headed the Korean branch, stepped on stage to throw her lot in with Yuriko.. Declining to strap the dildo on she rolled Mei Ling onto her back and used it manually while she rubbed her cunt into Mei Ling's face cumming more than once herself. 

Lourdes Miller head of Philippines operations seeing which way the wind was blowing made a quick decision and rolled Mei Ling on her back and shoved the strap on deep into Mei Ling's mouth and fucked her with it while she also buried her fist in the Filipina tradition into Mei Ling's cunt. Then looking at Helenita in a superior challenging way she maneuvered and worked her a finger all her finger her hand and thumb so she could drive her fist into the screaming Mei Lings arse working it in fully to her elbow. Lourdes was a similar build to Helenita, but better groomed and even though she couldn't avoid that Filipina roundness, despite being 10 years older than Angie had muscles of iron beneath the excess curves. She had been a Clarke Air Force Base hostess i.e. prostitute for the USA airmen at age 13 and she had often fought other bar girls to maintain her position and ranking in the bar. She gained her excitement now catfighting other women for money.

With two of the big 5 committed the rest followed at first slightly hesitatingly, but then as the numbers swelled more quickly as they feared being on the losing side.

As Mei Ling lay crumpled on the table, Yuriko moved swiftly to cement her powerbase.

"I will deal with Mei Ling, but we have the problem with these 3 after we have their knowledge"

"Zhang Wu, you will take over finance from Wei, Nurlina you will replace Li Jing in training and discipline of the girls, Helenita the day to day running of Hong Kong, Nini you replace Mei ling's cousin Jade " rewarding the first four to back her. "I will always reward loyalty

Nurlina spoke up showing that she would be a more than adequate replacement for the cruel Li Jing

"After I've had a week with them we will know everything we need. Then if we put them on offshore oil rigs in Indonesia they can't escape and they can service the workers. The men will give them special attention because they're not Muslim, which means they will want to do and can do anything to them. They will still be accessible to us if we need information and we can bring them back for full board meetings to see if they can perform for us and show what they have learned sexually."

Yuriko smiled and ordered Wei, Li Jing and Jade to be spread-eagled on the table. While the others held them down she said to Zhang Wu, Nurlina and Nini "Prove you are capable of taking their positions .

Zhang Wu was ecstatic. She had dreamt of going against Wei for years, as she was jealous of Wei's reputation in the club. A record established when the club was far smaller, the number of participants far fewer and which people looked back on with nostalgia therefore increasing and magnifying Wei's reputation. By the time she had started seriously competing Wei was on the board and retired from competition and had refused to meet Zhang Wu. On top of that she hated that some men and women preferred the tramp Wei's slut look to her refined sexuality. She quickly sat cross-legged facing Wei and each woman took the others breast in one hand and reached for their opponents cunt with the other.

Nurlina was talking to in her small soft voice to Li Jing.

"I'm very good at hurting women. I could find more ways of hurting you in a bare cell than you could dream of. When you cum I will hurt you very badly, then when you cum again I will hurt you again, and I'm very good at making women cum. ."

She buried her head into the cunt held open by the two Filipinas. This was the first meeting between Angie and Lourdes and already there was underlying tension to see who was the better Filipina.

Nini lowered her overweight body over Jade's face.

"I want it long and slow," emphasizing her point with a stinging slap to the young Chinese woman's face.

Six minutes later Zhang Wu was smiling at Wei. Her fingers were covered with Wei's juices and she was already milking the large clit between her finger and thumb, a clit not as large as the 15 year old Thai freak Jasmines but larger than most, as was her own. Whereas Wei had been wet and her clit erect for 3 minutes, her own juices were only now flowing and covering her quivering clit. Nini had moved and with her own form of guidance - a slap or punch when displeased - was accepting a thorough tonguing of her arse, from the cum covered face below. Finally Nurlina was still whispering to Li Jing as she controlled Li Jing's progress to orgasm, teasing her by taking her to the brink before stopping. Her nipples were placed between an open gap in the expandable board room table, a gap Nurlina was going to slam together when Li Jing came.

"You know you've reached the point when you have to cum. Its when I want, but I want you to imagine how I'm going to hurt you, starting tonight and over the next week. Every way you know plus hundreds you can't imagine. I want you to feel I can make you cum at any time and then hurt you. They said you were good, but I'm better"

Three minutes later Wei was totally in Wang Zu's control. Wang Zu was massaging one swollen nipple vigorously, caressing it, kneading it, squeezing it while her long fingers simultaneously invaded Wei's anus, Wei's cunt and still played with Wei's clit. Wei had taken one hand from Zhang Wu breast to squeeze her own nipple so hard the pain stopped her cumming while her other hand frantically fucked Zhang Wu in a last desperate attempt. Nurlina was watching the shaking Li Jing deciding when to make her cum again. She smiled as she saw the staples she had squeezed into her clit, and the already bruised and swollen nipples, and tightened her grip on one of Li Jing's earrings. Nini was using one of Jade's tits to pleasure her clit rubbing the nipple against her sensitive responsive clit

A howl from Wei announced her defeat, and Zhang Wu went to work as Four Board members held Wei down. From her 69 position on top of Wei she accepted Wei eating her, moving her cunt to control the pleasure she was receiving while she ruthlessly dragged orgasm after orgasm from Wei who was powerless to move. Zhang Wu was screaming with triumph as she came at Wei

"We're going to have every contest imaginable, we're going to video them and then all Hong Kong will see I'm best"

Nurlina by this time torn the earring from Li Jing's bloodied ear and was fucking her arse with a wire brush while Nini was kneeling over Jade who was busily sucking her those monstrous yet totally sensitive nipples as Nini had the larger Doberman take her in real doggie style from behind its paws resting on her ample backside.

Releasing Mei Ling, Yuriko again wet her finger in her own juice filled cunt, and again teased her finger over Mei Ling's lip and tongue. Despite her semi conscious state again Mei Ling's body betrayed her, her nipples hardening, her areola swelling and her cunt wettening. Satisfied Yuriko took a syringe and injected its contents into Mei Ling's upper thigh. The effect was instantaneous and obvious. Her breathing became shallow and rapid, and her pulse raced to 180 beats per minute. Yuriko sat and eased between Mei ling's legs, lifted and rested them on her shoulders and proceeded to eat the former leader's pussy. With a skill few possessed and refined by the 2 women a week she totally destroyed sexually for the past 7 years, tearing their clit from them and eating it when she had completely drained them of sexual response, she worked on the defenseless Mei Ling, relishing the taste of her juice, the control she had over this woman's body.

Her lizard like tongue was on fire probing deeply in her cunt, teasing her anus, sometimes gently caressing her clit's tip, other times roughly gripping it and twisting and bending it into submission, sometimes quickly stroking the clit other times using her tongue like a club to beat the clit. Added to this was her sucking and blowing, both of which combined to intensify the effect of her tongue. With Mei Ling's hips raised off the ground Yuriko was provided access to both her entrances which she steadily and rhythmically finger fucked. Like a master painter completing a canvas she attended to both the overall grand picture and the small details.

A continual moan came from Mei Ling swelling and ebbing in volume as Yuriko dictated the pace. Her body was convulsing so hard when she came that Yuriko had to wrap her legs around her neck to keep her under control. And all the time Mei Ling's pulse rate was climbing 190, 195, 200….220, 235 250. Dangerously high. Mei Ling was floating in and out of consciousness, her body was twitching uncontrollably, her eyes were rolling, her tongue hung out of her mouth. There was no purpose or pattern in her breathing. All those present could see the frantic beating of her heart and the short rapid breathing interrupted by periods when she no longer breathed. Deciding the time was right Yuriko attacked when the next orgasm came fully inserting three fingers and stimulated the soft spongy G spot she had previously found, simultaneously imprisoning the clit between her teeth and increasing the speed at which her tongue flicked the swollen sensitive clit. One orgasm rolled into the next as Mei Ling's body convulsed rigid in a cationic state.

Savoring the moment Yuriko tightened her grip on the clit with her teeth. Moving her jaws in a sawing motion she bit into the clit shaking her head like a dog with rabies. The combination of the accelerated heart beat from the drugs, the 2 hour raping by the board members, the one and a half hour of stimulation from Yuriko, the last 2 minutes of continuous orgasm and the extra pain when Yuriko bit the clit off and swallowed it were too much for Mei Ling. With one final shudder her heart succumbed and a massive heart attack shot through her body.

The intensity of the heart attack was matched only by Yuriko's orgasm. Fulfillment overcame her. She had fucked another woman to death.

Slowly and graduallyYuriko came back to earth, her fingers inside her still pleasured her G spot, while her other hand gently massaged her clit, but the tremors surging through her were pleasurable and able to be controlled. The bed she lay on was soaked, a wet patch 3 feet wide staining the sheet. She was surprised that her fantasy could still effect her so strongly even though she played it out every day. Every day she fine tuned what was to happen in a few weeks time. Meanwhile she needed to prepare: build the alliance with the Korean subtly reminding her of the traditional Japanese Korean closeness and their mutual dislike of China, supporting Malaysian Nini against the Chinese Jade , developing the friendship of the newcomers Zhang Wu and Nurlina, using her influence to see the Filipinas Angie and Lourdes only benefited financially from their dealings with her, but that they competed for their share by bettering each other in their loyalty to her, the profits they generated and their sexual control of the other, and that the to get the maximum benefits they had to be better than the other.

A new thought passed through her causing her to climax strongly again, making even her amazed at the quantity of juice she possessed when aroused, at fist thin and clear but now a thick white gel like substance. Mei Ling's skin. Just as the yakuzi gangster's tattooed skins were often kept for posterity she would have Mei Ling's skin turned into G strings for herself while Mei Ling's tattooed dragon would be displayed above her business desk

With Mei Ling dead she would be able to concentrate upon the only other woman strong enough to rival her; Darunee the independent Thai operator and once she entrapped her through her weakness of refusing to accept a sexual challenge fuck her to death like she would do to Mei ling. Two displays on the wall and a greater supply of G strings.