Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

Chp 11  Board members Lourdes and Helenita

Lourdes sat on the toilet reflecting on the 2 hour weight session she had just finished. She was 43 years old 34D 30 39 5ft 2 and 120lbs. Despite her overweight look she had great strength in her legs, torso and fingers. Like all Filipinas she was ready to settle any argument with a catfight. There is no doubt that while Japanese professional wrestlers are skilled technically, Europeans and Americans have greater strength, Filipinas are the supreme catfighters willing to do anything to the other woman and even when taking a beating will still try to inflict damage. I don't know what it is but so many of them are willing to fight viciously to settle an argument and establish superiority not by the American face sitting but by fisting their beaten rival.

She was interrupted by the cubicle door being thrown wide open by a naked oiled Helenita. Helenita was your typical over 30 years Filipina: short and stubby, thick waisted, full thighed and with a moon face surrounded by short hair which if anything emphasized her roundness. Slightly overweight she had a noticeable stomach, small breasts with huge areola and nipples and thick pubic hair. She looked to be about 35.

As Lourdes looked up she caught a right punch to her cheekbone followed by a forearm jolt to the still attractive face which split her upper lip and loosened her teeth. Semi dazed and literally caught with her pants down she could put up no defence as Helenita grabbed her hair pulling her forward and ramming her knees repeatedly into Lourdes prized tits

"I'll teach you to try to gain control of my territory, you cunt. I control Hong Kong not you. "I've worked too hard to get this to let you take it away from me. From now on I'm after your business in the Philippines, and I'll soon have you back on the streets where you belong while I run Hong Kong and the Philippines." Helenita screamed as she slapped the cornered Lourdes repeatedly in the face

"That was business. This next attack is personal for spreading rumours about me not wanting sex, or how I can't satisfy a man. After tonight you won't be able to have sex for months."

Digging her long sharp nails into Lourdes cantaloupe sized breasts she repeatedly raked them with her long sharpened fingernails, leaving gouge marks oozing blood droplets.

Seizing Lourdes by her nipples she dragged her out of the cubicle into the washroom.
Again Helenita's knee slammed into the Manila woman's belly, doubling her over in pain! She grabbed a handful of hair and swung her right fist in an arc, ramming it into the outside of Lourdes's left tit. The dazed woman let out a yelp of pain before her instincts took over and she charged headfirst into Helenita's belly, taking them both to the ground. Because of Helenita's oiled body Lourdes could not get a firm grip on her rival and Helenita, although momentarily stunned again grabbed the nipple of Lourdes's left tit, enjoying the look of pain that flashed across her face, tugging on it even harder a second time as Lourdes gamely tried to straddle her foe.

Finally ignoring the pain in her tits, Lourdes managed to get on top of Helenita, and started to rain punches on her face and tits till a shaken Helenita, her nails digging into both of Lourdes's large nipples, tugged the brown skinned fighter off her using all her strength! Blood was now flowing freely from where Helenita's nails had dug extremely painfully and deeply around Lourdes's sensitive nipples. 

Helenita lashed out and connected with Lourde's face, bringing a grimace of pain to Lourdes's as she grabbed at Helenita's hair and toppling them so they crashed together to the ground with Lourdes on top. Lourdes tore at Helenita's hair while Helenita tried to bear hug her from underneath, their tits oozing out the sides as they were crushed between them. The two rolled around the floor striving for the upper dominant position. Suddenly Helenita squealed as her arms were trapped beneath Lourdes as she lay on top of Lourdes. Their legs intertwined as they jockeyed for better position. Helenita released the bear hug as her head was painfully tugged back by the hair and she then brought both fists crashing down onto each of Lourdes's already sore breasts in retaliation. Lourdes's yell of pain echoed around the empty gym. 

Lourdes was in trouble. She was tired from her strenuous workout. She was dazed and battered from the initial onslaught in the toilet, and her opponent was oiled and fresh. Only her instincts kept her going.

With her face twisted in pain and anger, she slammed her fist into Helenita's drooping right tit, the fist burying itself deeply and quite painfully into the soft titflesh and tugged the tit across to the other side of Helenita's chest. Helenita screamed in absolute agony and twisted with the tug, trying to alleviate some of the pain. The Hong Kong based Filipina bellowed out in agony and immediately went for Lourde's hands to pull them from her ravaged nipples. Unable to free the left nipple, Helenita tried to dig her hand down into Lourde's cunt, but her hand was caught in time and pulled away.

A despairing punch to the mouth opened another cut on Lourde's bottom lip, and was followed by a straight arm palm causing Lourdes to spit out blood, before Lourdes managed to knee Helenita in the cunt causing her to roll off her in pain.
It was a classic Filipina fight. No great skill, but an unbelievable desire to hurt the opponent even if it meant taking pain to achieve this.

Both women had taken great damage but like all Filipinas never gave up while they could still hurt their rival. They began to circle each other till Helenita unleashed a kick aimed at Lourdes's belly! Lourdes just managed to step back in time, caught and grabbed Helenita's leg by the ankle before she could pull it back and a surprised Helenita just managed to drop to her knee as Lourdes's own foot flew forward, forcing it to crash just below her abdomen and above her cunt, avoiding serious pain! Lourdes quickly pulled her leg back and standing on two feet again, she pushed up on Helenita's leg and sent her crashing backwards in a heap onto the floor. 

Stunned from the fall, Helenita was dragged across the floor on her arse by the hair. As soon as Lourdes stopped Helenita slowly got to her to her feet only to take a kick to her side that caused her to wince in pain, followed up with a punch to her belly that doubled the younger woman over. Lourdes pushed down on the back of her doubled over hurt foe's head and wrapped her thighs around Helenita's head in a standing scissors. Helenita started to struggle between her rival's legs when Lourdes reached down and crushed her tits in her hands, digging her nails into the tender titflesh as Helenita screamed out but still managed to sink the nails of each hand into the cheeks of Lourdes's arse.

They ripped at each other's flesh for about 10 seconds till Lourdes ripped her hands outwards, raking her nails across Helenita's tit's causing Helenita to bellow in distress. Then she reached in and fastened onto Helenita's nipples and started twisting to deliver the final coup de gras. Her rival's body stiffened in response and struggled furiously between her legs. Lourdes was in complete control enjoying Helenita's painful cries.

"You'll be working for me in my brothel cunt, not running Hong Kong."

Her gloating was stopped suddenly screamed out herself, her face twisting in utter agony and seconds later she released her scissors as she stepped back away from Helenita, holding her hand to her left inner thigh!! When Helenita staggered up she could taste the blood on her lips and see the blood on Lourde's inner thigh. She had finally managed to twist her head around in the scissor hold and bitten into Lourde's leg. Helenita ran her tongue around her lips with a look of enjoyment on her face

As the older woman closed in to grapple again, she slipped on some oil from where Helenita had laid on the floor. Lourdes stopped herself just as stumbled to the wall, but just as she started to turn around, Helenita quickly slammed her foot on the small of Lourdes's back and smashed her against the wall before she could get her hands out in front of her and she crashed face and tit's first into the wall!! 
Helenita put a full nelson on the Manila catfight queen and pulled Lourdes away from the wall. Another tug sent her stumbling backwards trying to keep on her feet as the younger women stepped to the side and stuck her foot out! Lourdes tripped over her enemy's foot and went flying down onto her arse with a loud grunt of pain. Then she cried out as Helenita's foot stomped on her right tit, slamming into the mammary and sinking in deeply. 

Helenita took no chances though and she smashed her foot down right on Lourdes's cunt, enjoying her rival's anguished scream, followed by her moans of pain as she grinded her foot in, but Lourdes in a final desperate effort clasped both her hands around Helenita's ankle and pulled it away as she came to a sitting position and all but tossed Helenita onto her arse. Helenita got on her hands and knees and crawled right over to her hurt rival as Lourdes rocked back and forth holding her hands over her throbbing cunt. The Hong Kong based Filipina took her time punching Lourdes right in the nose, causing the red claret to flow and sending her onto her back holding her hands to her nose. Helenita straddled Lourdes's head and grabbing two hand fulls of hair she tugged her head up off the floor and wrapped her legs around her neck. 

Reaching down she dug into Lourde's tits. With a huge smile across her face she reared backwards as she tugged on tits, pulling them upwards and causing Lourdes to scream in utter anguish. The muscles in Helenita's arms stood out like steel cords from the exertion. She held them there for a few seconds and then she came forward, releasing them and brought her fists smashing down right across the nipples of each, driving them in deeply as her fingers sank in Lourdes screeched in agony. With a huge grin of triumph Helenita grabbed each nipple and again she reared back as she tugged the tit's back by them and ripped the nipples left and right.  Still holding the right tit, she came forward and began chopping the underside of the tit over and over.

Lourdes begged her to stop, "Pleasssseeeee, no morreeee, OOOOHHHHhHHhhhhhhhhh, noooooo, it hurtttsss sooo baddd, nooooo AARRRRRRRHHHHH", she screamed at the top of her lungs as Helenita continued her chopping, sinking the side of her hand deeply into the now swollen and bruised titflesh.! After a few more chops she finally released it and Lourdes sighed in relief, but it was short lived as Helenita grabbed the other nipple and began the same treatment, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO, AARHHHHHHHHRRRRR, Myyy goooodddd, pleassseeee noooo!!!!!", screamed Lourdes as Helenita ignored her pleas and then she savagely raked her nails up the undersides. 

Stepping back Helenita lashed out, her foot driving into her rival's kidney causing her screams to echo around the empty change room. As the sobbing Lourdes tried to crawl away Helenita followed sinking the boot into her enemy's stomach and tits until Lourdes finally passed out from the monumental anguish she was inflicting on her.

Coming to the semi conscious woman found herself over a low foot rest with her legs spread wide apart and Helenita's foot at her exposed cunt. Using her toes like fingers Helenita parted the cunt lips and teased the opening till she could partly manoeuvre her toes into the cunt entrance. Grabbing both Lourdes wrists she literally pulled the woman onto her foot.

Two days later she attended the Dragon Business Woman's board meeting. Lourdes was not there as she was still in hospital.

"We settled the Philippines problem in Filipina style with a fair fight when Lourdes challenged me at the gym." Helenita lied.

"I can now operate in both Hong Kong and the Philippines," as she handed the other board members a photo of the battered Lourdes with Helenita's foot buried inside her cunt