Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

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Mei Ling who had started her business life at the age of 18, as a card sharp on the Hong Kong streets started and ran quite large legitimate clothing businesses with factories in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. However most of her real income came through the Asian sex trades. She was unusual in that she also had a large finger in the Asian sex internet pie usually dominated by European or USA interests. Her clothing business gave her a cover for the Asia wide sex business she had.

The prime jewel however in her crown was the Dragon Business Women Club that catered to wealthy Asian Lesbians and Bi women from Japan to Indonesia, from the Philippines to Thailand and China. Mei Ling was Chairman of the Board and 80% stockholder: a board made up of Heads of each Country plus some elected members. It operated on several levels: first as a legitimate classy club with a restaurant rivalling the Peninsula Hotel for these women enabling them to meet for both business and sex, providing an exclusive meeting place for wealthy businesswomen.

At the second higher level, it provided a meeting place for these women where they could flaunt and partake in their sexual preferences and gambling outlet for the more affluent members where they could bet on any sexual contest, or sexually settle rivalries between members. On view were varied unusual sexual shows. If a member submitted a request it would be fulfilled. Today Thai kick boxers were fighting Japanese pro wrestlers from one of their cable TV channels.

The top and most exclusive level simply provided any sexual need a member wanted and could afford. Two current examples from many: One wealthy 45 year old Hong Kong resident with a voracious appetite for being pleasured had for the past 7 years been provided with 4 new women every day, seven days a week without fail. A Japanese woman had paid 3 million HK dollars every three months for the past year to be provided with a woman who she raped, tortured and fucked to death in her week long stay.

But she had been disposed of both in the boardroom and on this earth and owa Japanese Yuri Ogowa ran the Dragon Business Women’s Club.  She was clever enough not to change it if it was working and not broken and apart from more Japanese visitors so the club continued in Hong Kong run by the newest board members and her most fervent supporters, Hong Kong sex fighter Zhang Wu, the young Indonesian lesbian sadist Nurlina and the BBW Malaysian sex addict Nini

The crowd restlessly waited for the first bout to begin in the ring which was in the centre of the auditorium of Dragon Business Woman's Club in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The 1000 or so members who sat in the moveable tiered seating were noisily anticipating the afternoon's event, discussing and betting loudly in their harsh sounding Cantonese language which always sounds as if the speakers are fighting. Quite unlike the softer, more poetical, elegant sounding spoken Mandarin (the national Language of China and educated Chinese abroad).

As always, the first three rows surrounding the ring were balloted seats available to any lucky member, the next 15 rows were paid, while the remaining rows were free. As well, live closed circuit TV coverage was beamed to the 2 restaurants, the 4 coffee bars, the Gym, and the 20 karaoke/bedrooms. Today's event had brought three tour groups of middle aged Japanese women willing to pay top dollar and they sat in a group in the first 4 rows of the paid seats dressed almost uniformly in 2 piece expensive yet old fashioned looking woollen suits, holding and waving small Japanese flags.

The appearance of the first two combatants merely increased the din as final bets were laid, members yelling across the room to lay bets with others.

Parong the first of the three Thai Kick boxers to fight that afternoon entered the ring first, wearing blue baggy silk boxing shorts, a close fitting blue halter top, barefooted with both her ankles strapped and with semi weighted weightlifting gloves on her fists (as previous fights between the kick boxers and wrestlers had been too one sided). She was about 23, 5 ft. 7, 110 pounds, dark skinned, long legged with firm 33B tits. Her long black hair was crowned by a headband, called a mongkhol, which is believed to bestow luck to the wearer since it has been blessed by a monk or the boxer's own teacher. Since Buddhism and the teacher play important roles in the life of Thais, the headband is both a lucky charm and a spiritual object. It will be removed after the wai khru dance, and only by the boxer's trainer. The armbands, meanwhile, are believed to offer protection and are only removed when the fight has ended.

Her trainer was an older still attractive woman of about 40 who wore only a matching blue thong, high heels and a confident arrogant look of one who has been tested and succeeded often.

Parong then performed the "Wai-Kru" ritual, a boxing dance which is a way to pay respect to his majesty the king or the chairman of the competition tournament. Furthermore, "Wai-Kru" is the way to realize the goodness of the master who gave the fighter his/her knowledge. Finally, to dance is one way to warm up before starting the fight and it also helps relax the stress and to prepare body and mind to be ready to get into the battle.

The history of Muay Thai Kickboxing is interwoven with the history of the Thai people. A gentle, peace-loving people, for centuries Thais had to defend themselves and their land from aggressive powers. They developed a form of close, hand-to-hand combat best suited for the kind of rough-terrain battle they were fighting. Over time it became a rite of passage for Thai men to take up training in this martial art. King Naresuan the Great (1555-1605), one of the country's most celebrated warrior-heroes, is believed to have been an excellent boxer himself, and it was he who made Muay Thai a required part of military training. Another milestone in the history of Muay Thai was the triumph of Nai Khanom Tom over 10 Burmese boxers in 1774. Taken captive after the Thai capital fell in 1767, Nai Khanom Tom was picked to fight before the Burmese king. After defeating ten of them in a row, he was freed and returned home a hero.

Next the Japanese fighter Ryoko entered the ring.  She was a professional i.e. real not entertainer wrestler and her 5ft 105 pound 33 30 36 inch body was covered in a white one piece swimsuit and white calf length wresting boots. Her flat round face contrasted with the prominent cheekbones of the Thai, as did her short boyish haircut with the modern Kogal influence of yellow streaks in her hair. She was accompanied by her trainer: a fortyish ex fighter who was dressed in that typical Japanese fetish of the ultra short navy blue and white schoolgirl uniform with long white sox. As she stepped through the ropes her ultra short pleated schoolgirl skirt which already displayed the bottom part of her buttocks fluttered revealing her naked hairy pussy.

The rules were simple: Unlimited 3 minute rounds, win by submission, count of 10 or failure to commence the round. No biting, scratching or eye gouging and no kicking a downed opponent.

The bell sounded and the two relatively inexperienced fighters circled each other, feinting moves as they tested each other. Parong jabbed a couple of times with her left and unleashed a couple of half power kicks while Ryoko made a few attempts to grapple and get in close. After two minutes of this the crowd was showing their disapproval by hissing at the two girls.

Perhaps incensed by this Parong kicked out with a round house kick, the THEN KWAD LAN (The old man swipes the floor Movement) which struck Ryoko in the thigh with a loud smack. Encouraged she lashed out again three times striking the back of Ryoko's left thigh leaving it reddened. Gaining confidence, she danced lightly on her feet before suddenly executing the I GA CHEAK RANG (Crow tears the net Movement). Screaming at the top of her voice she had jumped up and towards the Japanese woman striking with her left knee Ryoko's breast and chin while simultaneously inserting both hands up inside and opening Ryoko's arms to let her knee find the target.

Ryoko went down pole axed and the referee (an old martial arts woman expert of about 65) started counting as Ryoko lay prone on the canvas.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 DING DING DING. Definitely saved by the bell.

Back on her stool Ryoko faced her trainer who screamed abuse at her as she repeatedly slapped the fighter's face, unconcerned of how this looked or the fact that as she bent spread legged over the seated Ryoko her naked cunt lay open to all those who were behind her.

The bell rang and the confident Parong rushed across the ring to greet Ryoko with another kick to her already bruised thigh. As she delivered the kick Ryoko used an inside ankle sweep to take the leg Parong was balancing on from under her. She crashed to the ground and Ryoko was over her like a swarm of ants over my picnic food.

Parong lay on the mat on her back from her fall. Ryoko half raised her to a sitting position and grabbed one of her arms and forced it between her legs and placed one of her legs so the back of her knee was against the back of the Parong's neck. She scissor locked her legs around Parong's arm and behind her neck/back, hyper-extend Parong's elbow across her body and fell to the mat. It happened far quicker than it takes to read. Down on the mat Ryoko immediately rolled so the back of her leg was forcing the opponent's head forward until Parong was forced to roll over. Ryoko kept the arm locked and continued to roll on the mat with the arm bar still applied and she continued to apply pressure by pulling down on the opponent's arm so the elbow was hyper-extended across her body and Parong's face was ground into the canvas. A classic rolling crucifix straight arm bar.

There was no escape though Parong tried desperately to struggle free. The pressure and pain increased till she screamed in pain and tapped her submission and loss of the match on the mat. Ryoko looked at her trainer who yelled in Japanese and Ryoko nodded. Standing up but keeping the Crucifix arm bar on her again dropped to the floor completely dislocating the Thai's hyper extended elbow

As Parong lay writhing on the canvas barely conscious, Hikaru Koto the now smiling trainer performed a victory dance smiling as she lifted her 10 inch long pleated school dress, pointed at Madee, the 40 yr old Thai trainer and made fucking gestures with her hips as she humped an imaginary woman, pushing her prominent thick hair covered cunt at Madee like it was a weapon.