Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

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 After Parong was helped from the ring, and a suitable time had elapsed for bets to be collected and new wagers laid, the two contestants for the second bout entered the auditorium to be greeted by their trainers the 42 yr old Japanese Hikaru Koto and the 2 yr younger Thai Madee. The 19 year old Thai Tik wore her red trucks and halter top in the Thai tradition as she was fighting from the red corner. She was about 5ft 6, 110 pounds, small breasted, wiry, lean and mean in the way a junk yard dog is. Her calves and arms were tattooed and this combined with her short boyish haircut and a scar that extended from he lip to her jaw made her look like someone you wouldn't meet in a dark alleyway late at night. She exuded menace with every step and movement.

Her opponent Kaori looked like a middle aged Tokyo wife just home from a days shopping. She was about 35 and her white bathing suit revealed her spare tyres and love handles at the waist, her 36c tits and general soft chubbiness. She was about 5 ft 3 inches, 130 pounds, round faced with a short, wavy, matronly hair style.

After receiving last minute instructions from the trainers the bell rang and the 2nd contest started. It was obvious that Tik was far more experienced and confident than Parong the previous Thai fighter as she moved around Kaori keeping her at a distance with a lightning quick left jab that began to redden the Japanese woman's face. However like most Thai kick boxers her right hand crosses and uppercuts were far lower in standard than her other skills and were easily evaded by the Japanese fighter. It is a fact that so many Thai men and female fighters alike neglet traditional western boxing punches and cause most damage with their long range kicks and close in knee and elbow/forearm work and it looked as though Tik was in the same boat.

Nevertheless she easily won the first exploratory round avoiding Kaori's attempts to grapple and repeatedly finding her opponent's face with her left jab, the loud smack of contact, the jerk backwards of Kaori's head and the resultant red mark showing the force behind her jabs. As in the previous fight Hikaru abused her fighter jabbing her finger into Kaori's breasts to emphasise her instructions.

Round two started with a quick rush from Kaori from her corner hoping to get into close contact with Tik and use her wrestling submission holds and for the first time Tik unleashed her kicking skills greeting the oncoming Kaori with a KWANG LIEW LANG (Deer turn the neck to look backward Movemovement). It began with a kick or thrust with the right leg to distract and was followed by a striking kick with her left leg driving the heel sickingly into Kaori's guts. She was stopped in her tracks and Tik followed it up by moving in close wrapping her arms around the stunned Japanese woman's neck forcing her head down and then driving her knees into Kaori's stomach in a machine gun like pattern the HAK KOR AIYARA(Broke the elephant’s neck Movement) about 10 times with about half of the knee drives reaching their mark before withdrawing to a distance. Kaori stood bent over dry retching before standing upright, sucking in some deep breaths and regaining some composure.

Tik kept her distance for the remainder of the round continually spearing her jabs with her weighted weightlifter gloves into the face and then lowering her target into the full swaying tits of Kaori, content to stay at distance and use her superior conditioning. In the break frantic betting rang out as some tried to offload their bets on Kaori content to take low odds in an attempt to minimize their losses.

Round three saw Tik confidently using her kicks working on the cellulite skinned thighs of the Japanese to be finally rewarded by a stumble from Kaori as her right leg gave way from the repeated kicks. Moving like a snake striking Tik closed and delivered an elbow with a PID POK CHOK DUAY SOK (Close, cover and hit with the elbow Movement) strike to the face causing blood to flow from Kaori's now cut and swollen lip.

Again Hikaru fiercely admonished her fighter her short skirt swirling as demonstrated what to do revealing the fullness of her matted cunt hair before pushing her out to fight. Kaori was met by a confident Tik aching for revenge for Parong leaping thru the air to strike with knee to the chest and elbow to the top of the head driving Kaori back to the rope. Tik clasped he hands at the back of Kaori's neck and started to repeat her knee strikes from the earlier round.

Kaori however wrapped her arms round Tik and using her stout legs drove Tik back across the ring and into the cross buckle, before holding on to the ropes and driving her body weight into Tik 3 times smashing her back into the turn buckle. Then she lifted the dazed Tik up off the mat and slightly over her shoulder. She bent one of the Thai's legs to the side so her shin was horizontal to the mat and her ankle was at the back of the other knee. Kaori dropped to one knee causing Tik's bent knee to buckle across her knee in a Knee breaker.

Gamely Tik struggled up standing on one leg like that stupid kid in the film Karate Kid 1, but in real life there are no fairy tales. Showing surprising agility for her build Kaori jumped at her opponent kicking at Tik's stomach and avoiding the feeble kick defence . While in the air, she hooked one of Tik's arm, then fell to the mat, landed on her back and pulled the Thai over, pushing out her leg to flip the Tik over so she landed on her back.

The Japanese straddled her opponent's upper back and grabbed both the Tik's arms with her opposite hands. She crossed the Thai's arms under across her chin. Then she pulled back on the Thai's arms to apply pressure to the person's neck and back enjoying the wails of pain this caused. Standing up and dragging Tik upright by her small tits she stood behind the Thai reached around Tik's body with one leg so it was around her side and between her legs, hooking this leg behind her own She wrapped her arm closest to Tik's head around Tik's head and upraised arm. Kaori then used his free hand to grab Tik's stomach digging her fingers deep into her solar plexus and applied more pressure by forcing her to bend slightly to the side so as to increase the pain.

The excited Hikaru Koto yelled instructions from the corner barely heard above the crowd's shouts and the disciplined timed chorus of Nihonnnnnnnnnn Nihonnnnnnnnnn (Japan Japan) from the tour groups.

Kaori spun Tik around so they were facing each other. Tik was too far gone to stop her. She grabbed one of the Tik's legs and turned her back on Tik and brought the Thai's shin up so it rested on Kaori's shoulder. With a triumphant yell of ecstasy the rotund middle aged Japanese leapt up and dropped back and down the full impact of her body weight on Tik's shin. The snap of the bone breaking could be heard even in the back rows.

Even before victory had been declared Hikaru was straddling the badly injured Tik holding Kaori's arm up in victory. Again she faced Madee, lifted her short skirt inserted two fingers in her cunt and humped mock fucked the Thai, and continued to do so as six of the japanese Tour Group chaired Kaori from the ring.