Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

Chp 14  Club Entertainment Pro Fighting 3

 The frantic noise of the gamblers fell to subdued hush and was then replaced by buzz of amazement and excitement which spread throughout the 1000 seat auditorium of the Dragon Business Woman's Club. Finally it was replaced by an even greater frenzy of loud, raucous betting.

The reason: instead of Charunee the third Thai fighter in this 3 bout Thai Kickboxer versus Japanese wrestler competition it was the attractive head trainer of the Thais; the forty year old Madee who wore the baggy blue boxing trunks and blue halter top over her still young firm 33B tits. She had substituted herself into the event and slid her 5 ft 5 105 pound body through the ropes and performed the "Wai-Kru" ritual which every Muaythai fighter completes before removing the mongkhol headpiece prior to fighting.

Her Japanese opponent Mizuho and trainer Hikaru Koto the 42 year old ex fighter who had directed her fighters to maim the defeated Thais in the first two bouts complained loudly but were over ruled. The bout would proceed between Madee and the 25 year old veteran of 610 bouts on cable TV in Japan. Real bouts, not the entertainment from WWR, or the mock fights in Japan between models and weather girls and pop singers. Real fights with true submission holds and pain.

The bout began and Mizuho immediately rushed to grapple at close quarters and apply the submission holds that had enabled the first two Japanese wrestlers to win their bouts. Then as directed by the solid ugly Japanese schoolgirl dressed trainer Hikaru to dislocate an elbow of the first Thai and break the Tibia bone in the leg of the second. But the Thai was no low grade MuayThai fighter and she countered with PRARAMA DEAN DONG (The king "RAM" walks in the forest Movement). She jumped up landing her left foot momentarily on top of the Japanese fighter's thigh as she rushed in, then catapulted her right knee into Mizuho's breasts cracking a rib. Landing she seamlessly moved into the HANUMAN TAAN (Monkey Jumps up Movement) an extremely difficult movement perfected by few MuayThai boxers male or female. As she landed after her PRARAMA DEAN DONG she bent her left leg and again leapt spun and kicked very strongly with her right foot splitting Mizuho's cheekbone and closing one of her eyes. She landed with her back to Mizuho but completed the full movement with a backward straight kick that broke the Japanese wrestler's nose.

As Mizuho slumped to the canvas Madee unleashed a HONG PEEK HAK (Swan with broken wings Movement) stepping in with her left foot at close quarters, she pushed Mizuho's right arm out with her left arm and then struck her right shoulder with the right elbow dislocating the arm.. Before the hapless Japanese had completed her collapse to the mat Madee finished with the FAN LOOK BUAB (Slicing the cucumber Movement) stepping the left foot close in closer and throwing a left elbow to the jaw dislocating it.

The fight had lasted only 8 seconds but the carnage was complete, even quicker than the great 5 times undefeated world heavyweight Kickboxer from Australia Stan "the Man" Longanidis's 18 second one kick defeat of the challenger in NZ five or so years ago.

Madee dragged Mizuho across the ring like a broken doll depositing her in front of her trainer Hikaru Koto . No lifting of the short skirt and mock humping from her this time.

Not even breathing heavily Madee spoke in broken English having no Japanese to Hikaru, "You want same?"