Dragon Business Women's Club by Aussie Greg

Chp 15 Club Entertainment Pro Fighting 4

  After about 30 minutes to the crowd's delight Madee the Thai, and Hikaru Koto the Japanese entered the ring with the announcer. In the first two bouts The Japanese women fighter submission holds had triumphed over the Thai kickboxers, and following trainer Hikaru's instructions her wrestlers had maimed their beaten Thai wrestlers. In the third bout Madee had replaced her fighter and in 8 seconds had hospitalized the experienced Japanese fighter, and in response to Hikaru's earlier triumphant mock fucking gestures after each Japanese wrestlers triumph had challenged Hikaru. Now the two were together in the ring. To the crowd's unbridled delight the announcer stated that a bout would go on between the two, and started to read the rules that the previous bouts had been fought under. Halfway through Hikaru grabbed the rules and tore them up

"If Thai bitch want fight, then real fight. No clothes. No rules. No time finish. One woman become winner. That me. Me think Thai bitch no guts, same as she get no fucking from her fighters at nighttime in bed. Me got plenty guts and plenty fucking from my girls. Take all 3 every night"

Trapped in front of the frenzied crowd willing and demanding a fight Madee had to agree.

Although roughly the same age 40, naked the two were different. Madee slim, 5 ft 7, 110 pounds, firm titted, dark skinned, wispy haired cunt, long straight hair, high cheekbones and taped strapped ankles. Hikaru shorter by 4 inches but 5 pounds heavier, stocky strong legs filling out her white calf length wrestling boots and with paler skin, smaller breasts which hung against her chest, hairy cunt and a round flat face with a short wavy hairstyle .

The announcer introduced the two:

"In the blue corner the High Princess of Thailand at 110 pounds I give you MaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayDeeeeeeeeeeeeee Praaaaaaaaaaaaang, and in the red at 115pounds the Empress of Japan Hiiiiiiiiiiruuuuutoooooooooooo Koooooooohtooooooooooooooooh . These two warriors would be fighting under "

"No rules" interrupted Hikaru as she stepped in front of the Thai hooked her right leg with her left and wrapping one arm around her neck fell backwards twisting sideways as she fell, to drive her opponent face first into the mat. Dazed, Madee struggled to her hands and knees, but Hikaru was already behind her. She hooked Madee's right leg her by putting her right shin behind the stunned Thai's knee and used her right arm to hook the Madee's other leg. From there, she rolled on her back, so both wrestlers were on their backs but with Madee's trapped leg in the air bent sideways. Using her free leg to support her bent leg and apply pressure, she formed a "4" with the Thai's leg trapped. She then pulled down on the opponent's foot and ankle, applying more pressure to the opponent's knee.

Rocking back she applied even more pressure stretching the ligaments and tendons in Madee's knee and ankle to breaking point until the pain showed on the Thai's face. Her aim was to take away the Thai's mobility and kicking power right from the start. Regaining her senses somewhat Madee managed to throw some elbows into the Japanese woman's stomach, each causing a grunt of expelled air until eventually The Japanese broke off the hold.

Both stood up, Madee definitely favoring her right leg. Hikaru gave her no respite sliding on the mat to take her legs from under her before she was balanced and poised ready to fight.. Madee was on her back and Hikaru applied a standing scissor lock around her opponent's leg and fell to the mat to the side of the opponent. She again rocked backwards and forwards to put pressure on the Thai's leg, trying to hyper-extend the opponent's knee and applying pressure to the hamstrings. Learning from her first experience Hikaru changed holds before Madee could deliver her piledriver like elbows

Quickly rolling so the Thai was on her stomach, she stood, grabbed her opponent's right leg and held it up while twisting the opponent's ankle before falling with a knee drop to Madee's already damaged knee and resumed her Figure 4 Knee lock. Before Madee could retaliate she had again stood and while the Thai was on her back Hikaru stood on one of Madee's legs and pulled her suffering opponent's other leg up in the air with both his hands. Then she fell backwards yanking on the opponent's leg in an attempt to pull it out of joint.

Rolling upright she watched Madee struggle up her right leg now almost unable to support her weight and quickly had her in a bear hug her hands locked tight behind the other woman's vertebrae. With their naked bodies pressed together Hikaru wrenched and jerked her bearhug tighter and tighter squeezing until the veins in the Thai's neck stood out like ropes.

"Feel my body bitch. You hurt my woman last fight. Her turn my bed tonight so now I fuck you all night instead"

Despite the continual punishment Madee had taken since the fight had its premature start. she was not finished and started to bell clap Hikaru's ears. As the slaps took effect Hikaru's grip loosened and Madee delivered them with greater force until she was able to free one arm fully from the bearhug and deliver PLIG PAN DIN (Digs the earth Movement) by stepping forward with her right foot grabbing the Japanese fighters left knee-joint, then lifting and then throwing a right fist which split Hikaru's cheekbone below the eye. Finalizing the movement she took Hikaru's one leg still on the mat from under her and bore her to the canvas.

On top she unleashed vicious elbow strikes to the Japanese fighter's face and breasts. Hikaru desperately tried to parry but some blows found their mark causing her head to jolt back in pain and giving her both a bleeding nose and lip. But the Japanese showed why she could make Rick Flair look like Saint Theresa as she searched for, found and pulled a metal hairclip from her hair and stabbed the Thai in the breast three times.

Madee recoiled as if shot and Hikaru was quickly on to her raking her eyes with the clip. Chasing the writhing woman she dropped her to the floor with a clothesline before applying a full boston crab putting pressure on the temporally blinded Thai till she heard cries of pain Like Kane she was not content unless she really hurt her opponent and she then converted the hold into a Back Breaker Hold, Bow and Arrow by placing both of her knees on the Thai's back and placing one arm around the opponent's neck and the other around both her legs. From this position, Hikaru leant backwards until she was on her back and Madee was lifted in the air screaming with agony.

Standing she lifted Madee by her tits a foot off the floor before dropping her. Next the still bleeding Japanese delivered a Brainbuster. She lifted Madee up across her shoulders so she lay across her shoulders. She had one of the Thai's legs hooked and was cradling his neck with her free arm. The she fell to the side and literally drove Madee into the canvas.

She dragged the inert Madee by the hair to the ropes and placed her throat on the top rope then pulled the middle rope over Madee's head trapping it between the two ropes. She laid one arm over the top rope and again imprisoned it in the same way, before straining to slip the now taut ropes over the other arm. Madee was trapped like a thief in the stocks in the Middle Ages.

Taking her time she measured the distance and delivered an elbow drop to the exposed kidney causing Madee to buckle at the knees. A second and third found their mark drawing a scream of pain from Madee as she slumped legs spread wide unable to fall as she was held upright by the ropes. Stepping behind the imprisoned Thai she reached around her and repeatedly raked her tits her fingers stiff like the tines of a fork before savagely working over the Thai's nipples.

"Who better Thai Bitch"? she yelled as the scratches on Madee's tits oozed blood.

Hikaru did a parody of the Thai Wai-Kru ritual before delivering a savage full blooded kick to Madee's exposed cunt followed by a swift two fingered stab to her throbbing cunt driving both fingers fully home in the semi conscious Thai. Strolling to her corner she picked up her water bottle and eased it into her pussy before approaching Madee from outside the ropes so she could see what lay in store. Climbing over the ropes and moving in Behind the trapped wailing Thai she grasped her arse cheeks and opened the Thai's legs wider.

"Noooooooooooooooooooo" "Dooooooooon't", pleaded Madee as she turned her head, but Hikaru merely smiled in anticipation and started to work the water bottle into Madee's cunt.

"I like it too much", she yelled as she started to fuck the Thai with the improvised dildo. Her strong sturdy legs moved like pistons as she drove it harder faster deeper into the weeping sobbing beaten Thai fighter. Those close to ring or those watching the close-up on the TV coverage could see Hiruto's nipples swelling till they stood out like telegraph poles on a desert row and her thick white precum slowly slipping down the black water bottle like a lava flow down a hill.

"You like it too,Thai bitch?" "Lot more for you tonight" "I better fighter. "I better woman". "I better fucker".

After about 5 minutes she came with a loud groan deep from within herself, and slid the water bottle from her cunt, leaving it embedded in Madee whose cunt was almost split from the size of the insertion. Untwisting the ropes she laid the Thai her on her back and mounted the corner pole, stood erect before jumping and landing with a body splash on the Thai. With a plopping sound the water bottle flew out of Madee about 2 feet.
Hikaru replaced it and repeated the jump, the bottle flying about 4 feet. On the third jump she used her knees and was rewarded by the bottle flying out of the ring.

The ring was invaded. Not by women incensed by what they had seen but by shrieking, happy, triumphant middle aged Japanese women from the tour groups throwing their bras and panties into the ring and wanting to touch their champion.

Moving to Madee Hikaru hissed , "Tonight I was fucking you, but now I have many who want me. I more happy finish you forever as fighter."

She wrapped the Thai's leg around a corner post so it hung over the outside of the ring. mounted the turnbuckle, looked at the leg below her and jumped .

Escorted by her new found middle aged groupies she turned and left the ring leaving the Thai women beaten, injured, raped unlikely to ever walk again properly.