Japanese Visitors1

by Aussie Greg

If I saw another tourist attraction, I would probably be sick. For the past 3 days I had taken my 2 charges to every sight Melbourne and its surrounds had to offer; places I had already visited many times before and knew exactly what to expect.

 However the 2 Japanese women possessed a never ending supply of energy and a desire to be photographed at every landmark or tourist site, so we continued our complete dissection of the official guidebooks.

I went to sleep each night with my brain filled with the memories of short visits to crowded tourist landmarks, karaoke singing and the continual politeness, smiling and thank yous from Misako and Aiko. I was motivated by the thought of profit. Our firm needed Trans Lite's account, and while my business partner took the 3 Japanese male directors, accompanied by their young eighteenish year old personal secretaries for 2 weeks of sex in Sydney I was left to look after the two wives that had accompanied their husbands to Melbourne, Australia.

Actually given their halting English, far better than my non existent Japanese, and in spite of the fact they must have felt humiliated by the three women that went everywhere with their husbands and the other Japanese director as "interpreters" the two women in their late thirties/early fourties were quite pleasant company. It was just that I felt like a 45 year old babysitter.

To thank me for my chaperoning, the two women insisted that they cook a traditional Japanese meal for me that night in their serviced apartment. Misako and Aiko prepared everything, and after the Japanese meal of Miso soup, fried gyoza and teriyaki that they had cooked, the VCD was switched on and the karaoke session commenced. They took turns performing what must have been the 'Golden Oldies from Osaka' in between sipping their Midoris. Finally they announced a fashion show of what they had bought and disappeared into the bedroom to prepare.

Bored, I slipped another VCD into the player, and walked back to my seat, but instead of the normal insipid bland Karaoke songs I was greeted with the sight of 2 women making love. My neck swivelled round so quickly I nearly dislocated it, but this was replaced by further pain as my jaw dropped to the floor as the TV showed Misako using a strap on dildo to furiously arse fuck the naked Aiko who was bent from the waist grasping her ankles.

Quickly I switched it off before the two women re-entered and paraded their purchases before me. I must admit I looked at them in a different light as they did their catwalk performance in their newly purchased outfits. If you could generalise Misako was upperclass while Aiko was a sturdy peasant worker, and it showed in their choice of clothes, body language and posture. As Misako sashayed before me, Aiko switched the VCD on to provide background music. Instead of the expected Japanese karaoke we heard and saw Aiko's squeals as Misako forced the dildo deeper into her and Misako's moans of pleasure as she fucked Aiko. Misako stopped in her tracks and turned to the TV.

I panicked as I saw the contract from Trans Lite slip between my fingers. Our business was ruined without the contract. But there is a god after all and he is Australian.

"It better if you watch real", said Misako. "Strip and give me tongue, you slut", she ordered Aiko.

Aiko removed her conservative middle aged sensible $3000 outfit bought that day. Her body was fully exposed. She wasn't fat, just solid, but her short sturdy bowed legs and thick waist made her look squat. Her breasts were quite firm and the lemon sized, but looked undersized on her broad frame as they were only an A cup with a small nipple and areolas. Her mound however was very prominent with both her long inner and outer cunt lips semi open half exposing her inner cunt. Above this her thick silky jet black pubic hair was trimmed to a vertical strip about 5cm wide and 15cm long. What was noticeable was the attention to detail with her finger nails, toe nails, eye and face makeup, and lip gloss being both expensive and perfectly applied.

" You look," Misako said to me as she slipped out of her upmarket fashionable tight split skirt, "she ugly cunt", "She horny and try be woman, but no man want the ugly bitch, so I win honour bet with her, I fuck her whenever however I can".

After seeing part of the VCD I wasn't surprised that she wore nothing underneath and that her legs, although not long were shapely and well toned. Her fingers spread apart her cunt lips, totally visible as her cunt was shaved bare.

Leaning against the back of an armchair she called out to Aiko, "Crawl here and lick me".

Aiko crawled to her Misako's feet and extended her tongue, wrapping it around one of Misako's toes. As she licked her way up the legs in front of her I could hear the deepening and quickening of Misako's breathing. Misako stared directly at me as she removed her jacket and blouse, proudly displaying her pear sized breasts with their dark circular areolas and nipples that already had burst into hardness. Still maintaining her direct gaze with me she caressed her nipples with one hand while the other spread her cunt lips wider for Aiko.

I watched as an uncontrollable shiver ran through Misako's body when the tongue reached, parted and traced the full length of her cunt. As Aiko buried her head into the waiting love hole, Misako moved her hips guiding the tongue to where it gave most pleasure. Soon her hips were bucking against the love juice covered face of Aiko as she sought more sexual satisfaction. Her hands brutally grabbed Aiko's hair as she pulled her face tighter against her cunt concentrating only on her own gratification.

"Deeper and faster, you ugly pig. I owns you", she gasped, her body shaking from the intensity of her reaction to Aiko's tongue.

As she neared her climax Misako roughly forced Aiko on to her back and straddled her face so that she faced Aiko's feet. Aiko continued to eat the pussy grinding into her face as she was ridden by the totally aroused Misako, whose body was shaking, her eyes wide open, her face tense as she screamed how after she came she was going to while I watched fuck Aiko 's arse. Her arms reached out, one hand violently twisting one of Aiko's nipples while the other tore at the defenceless woman's cunt.

Whimpers came from Aiko, but Misako was past caring. She proudly cried out how and why her body was better than that of the slug beneath her; she boasted how she was the woman Aiko wanted to be, but couldn't be; she screamed that now I knew what they did she could fuck Aiko four times a day in front of me; she yelled at Aiko to keep licking her. 15 minutes later, and in total 40 minutes from when the fashion parade stopped., and with a groan that seem to last forever, she exploded into her orgasm while her hands continued to ravage the writhing body beneath her. As her orgasm neared its end she raised her hips so that her wet lips were about 10cm from Aiko's face, and looking at me, she smiled and released a yellow stream into the face below. Picking up Aiko's dress she calmly wiped herself dry with it, before she stood up and strode confidently to a black lacquered chest embellished with golden Japanese characters.

She opened it and took out a black leather and lace harness shaped like a G string which she put on making sure she carefully inserted a rubber 10cm plug that formed part of the harness into herself. Misako rummaged through the chest and selected and attached to a fitting at the front a two-piece, hand carved ivory dildo.   Although not over long both extensions were thick: the bottom one as thick as my wrist while the top one was thicker than my cock.

She turned to me and said " I've got over 40 different cocks and Aiko knows them all. In the next two weeks you see all," she gloated. After I use this I want you fuck me, but now take clothes off"

I did and she half dragged Aiko to where I sat, made her stand in front of me, bend over and put one hand either side of my hips. Misako pushed Aiko's head down so her lips touched my erect cock, forcing her arse high into the air as her owner spread her legs apart.

"Look he hard because I fuck you, you worthless overweight shitbag," she hissed, "now give him head make him more big"

I felt her tongue ease around my tip before gliding down the shaft, my balls were in her mouth being gently sucked and caressed in her mouth. Then she turned her attention to my cock again slowly taking more and more inside her. Suddenly her head was yanked away by the hair. Without any preparation except for KY on the shafts Misako inserted the double ivory weapon into both Aiko's entrances, grabbed her by the hips and rammed her pelvis into her victim.

I saw Aiko wince as the width of each of the shafts violated her muscles and forced their way into her. I heard her gasp and whimper, I felt her flinch. I saw and heard Misako's triumph, before she settled into a steady rhythm. Every stroke was giving her pleasure: from the rubber butt inside her cunt, from the moulded shapes inside the harness that pressed against her clit, but most from the thought of doing whatever she wanted to and humiliating Aiko in public. She quickly came once, twice, three times before announcing that she wanted me inside her on the bed.

She lay on the bed, her legs apart, already the sheets under her pussy were wet from her juices. I placed my cock against her entrance and watched her slowly move so that her wet cunt swallowed it. Her muscles squeezed the entire length of my shaft and it was all I could do not to come. She called Aiko over and ordered her to lick my arse. Once again that tender, gentle, arousing tongue went to work on me. I reached behind me and stroked her hair and face. I felt the tears on her face.

I could take it no longer.

While still fucking Misako I reached behind me and tried to guide Aiko away from my arse to a position in front of me. She shook her head and resisted, but I persisted and steered her to a kneeling position straddling Misako with her backside cms from my face. Spreading her cheeks I let my tongue find her ravaged cunt and explore her. The response was instantaneous. Her love juices flowed onto my tongue and lips. I could taste the very essence of her. She manoeuvred so I could reach her clit and feel the size of her love bud. She pushed so I could let my tongue enter her fully. Her moaning became a continuous groan.

Misako reacted and tried to dislodge Aiko and shouted commands at her with those harsh Japanese sounds, but Aiko countered by shifting so that she pinned Misako's shoulders and arms with her knees and shins. I withdrew from Misako and entered the willing Aiko doggy style. If her mouth and tongue were great her hole was indescribable. Her wet muscles vibrated the entire length of my cock in a steady rhythmical progression from tip to base and back, interrupted by the spasms as she noisily came.

I endured for as long as I could before releasing into her. Tears ran down her face but this time tears of joy.

Her muscles still squeezed my shrinking cock, until the power of the tightening muscles forced my used member from her. Leaning forward she let my cum fall out of her onto the writhing, swearing Misako pinned beneath her. Exhausted I rolled away and without my weight on her lower body Misako managed to overturn Aiko and both women rolled off the bed their hands pulling and tearing at each other's hair.