Japanese Visitors 2 Honour Fight

by Aussie Greg

Continued from part 1

Misako and Aiko rolled on the floor, their naked bodies intertwined and fastened together by the vice like grip they had on each other hair. Both women were yelling at each other in Japanese as they tried to inflict damage on the other. Misako who had for more than 3 months brutally and callously used as a sex toy the plain looking Aiko, withdrew one hand and raked it down the face of the woman who had just let my cum fall from her cunt onto Misako's face. Aiko retaliated with a smack across her beautiful bodied opponent that left red welts on her cheek

Swearing and cursing they grappled until Aiko managed to get a hand free and fastened it on Misako's left tit, one of the things she prized most with its full firm pear shape and its perfect large dark areolas and sensitive nipple. She tried to pry it off but couldn't break Aiko's grip so in desperation and with luck her fingers found Aiko's thick pubic strip, which she tried to pull out by its roots.

As if by mutual agreement both broke off, separated, glared at each other, hissed Japanese at each other for 5 minutes until they both appeared satisfied. They then used brush and ink to draw up a document on a long sheet of thick rice paper.

"We will compete to find best woman, three times, person must win two," explained Aiko

"First, I select best nipples," said Misako, aware that Aiko was self conscious about her smaller nipples. "When I say you count two minute," she said to me. Both the 40 year oldish women knelt facing each other about 30 cm apart. "Now, count"

As I counted off two minutes both women played with their nipples causing them to firm and harden so they stood erect. Misako wet her fingers with her cunt juice and stroked her nipples between her thumb and finger using her other hand to massage the large areolas that surrounded her thick nipples. I could see the skin of the areolas stretch and distend as it accommodated the self stimulated swelling inside and the response of her sensitive nipples as she flicked their tips. Aiko also had two erect symbols of her womanhood when I called out two minutes. Both women put their hands under their knees and stared into the other's eyes as they ridiculed and challenged the other.

Everything about Misako's body language radiated confidence. Her breasts rode high on her chest and stood like perfect cones with their swollen areolas and erect nipples pointing at her rival. Why this woman like all Asians covered their breasts with hard firm bras was beyond me. Perhaps they had never left the 60s or they didn't realize on their smaller frames breasts did not need to be as large as Western women. For over four minutes the women's nipples remained firm without any stimulation, before Aiko walked away in shame as her nipples had shriveled to normal

When she returned 2 minutes later Misako proudly showed her her still erect hard nipples and swollen areolas, shrunk them by placing an ice cube on them, before arousing them erect instantaneously and taunted her in Japanese. Aiko had returned with two strong rubber bulbs the size of my fist, each with a metre long clear tube with a mark about 60 cm along it. When I squeezed the bulbs which had the consistency and resilience of a tennis ball I found they were relatively difficult to compress and that a blue liquid was forced out of the bulb into the thin tube.

"This show who good for man cock," Aiko said, as both women lay on their backs and slid the bulbs into their cunts. "Hold these and yell when the blue fall below the mark"

I held the tubes one in each hand. Aiko said go and both women squeezed their cunt muscles forcing the liquid above the line. Aiko quickly settled into a rhythm: she kept the liquid relatively steady about 10 cm above the line with the continual rapid gripping I had experienced an hour before. Misako on the other hand forced the liquid 40cm above the line and held I there till it dropped, catching it before it fell to the line with another powerful press of her muscles and forcing it way above the line. After 10 minutes Misako was straining. Her neck stomach arm and leg muscles were taut as she willed every muscle in her body to help her cunt. Three minutes later her breathing became ragged and she nearly missed catching the liquid as it fell. Aiko laughed and forced her water 20 cm higher and kept it steady. Two minutes later Misako failed to catch the falling water level and the blue liquid dropped below the mark. Just as Misako had previously taunted Aiko she now returned the favour by groaning deeply as she forced the liquid to flow out the end of the tube a full 30 cm 
higher than the strongest thrust Misako had obtained, before handing her rival the almost empty bulb.

One win each with the final event to decide. They explained to me the first to cum three times lost. Ten minutes using hands, then five minutes of each on top for 69, and unlimited time with a double dildo. I was to time keep.

Again the two faced each other this time sitting with legs spread apart with each right leg over the other's left and their exposed cunts about 45 cm apart. I called out and both reached out the others love box, fingers searching for the combination of position, touch and rhythm that would take the other over the edge. This time I took the opportunity to compare the two.

Both had the flat round square jawed Japanese face that you either find attractive or don't. Misako had a short modern layered cut hairstyle with a soft perm giving it body, while Aiko had traditional straight shoulder length hair with a fringe at the front. Bodywise they couldn't be more different: the slim muscle toned Misako and the shorter big boned solid Aiko. The longer and lean legs, fuller breasts, bigger nipples, engorged areolas, and neat shaven cunt of Misako versus the thicker thighed and bow legged, smaller titted Aiko with her prominent mound, swollen vulva, and long inner lips hanging out topped by her thick silky jet black carefully trimmed 5 cm by 15 cm strip of pubic hair.

Perhaps because for the past six months she had been forced to pleasure Misako continually Aiko had a more intimate knowledge of her opponent because soon the moisture on her fingers was not her own saliva but Misako's love juice. She displayed this knowledge by wiping her finger along her adversary's lips. Next she felt Misako's clit emerge from under its hood and respond to her practiced touch. As she entered the love hole with her first and second fingers she felt her own juices flow and her own clit spring erect. She was still confident as Misako was involuntarily fucking the fingers inside her while she was aroused but in control. Reaching across with her other hand she caressed her foe's responsive nipples and areolas milking greater arousement from them. Misako's areolas were bloated and distended and far more prominent than I had seen before, her nipples quivered by their accord and after 6 minutes Aiko was rewarded by a flood of cum in her hand and a howl of anguish from Misako as she came.

Relentlessly Aiko fingerfucked, caressed Misako's clit and pleasured her receptive breasts. Two and a half minutes later she smiled in triumph again as Misako's body convulsed to another orgasm. Misako gave up trying to arouse Aiko and concentrated solely on not coming again. She dug her long fingernails into her palms and tensed every muscle to combat the expert stimulation she was receiving. She lost control of her breathing, unaware of the gasps and sobs that racked her body, totally focused on not coming again. Ten seconds after I signaled time her third orgasm swept through her body, but too late for Aiko.

Two Zero to Aiko

After a 2 minute rest Aiko lay on her back with her Knees raised and legs spread and Misako mounted her in a classic 69 position. Both women sought control over the other's exposed vulnerable love hole by wrapping their hands around the others butt. Misako was in control as it was easier for her to eat the waiting pussy than for Aiko to raise her head. Subtlety she arched her back and hips forcing Aiko to strain her neck and reach further, thus denying her from using deep penetration and continuous rapid stimulation of her clit. She was further encouraged by the almost instantaneous arousal she achieved as she deep tongued the visible clit, as always semi exposed by the swollen vulva which left her lips permanently partly open. She noticed the shivers in Aiko's body when she shifted from her clit to her entrance, and although she did not extract a climax from her when I called time after 5 minutes, she felt she had 
easily won that round .

They immediately swapped positions. Aiko was surprised how close she had come to exploding and how Misako had restricted her efforts and controlled the previous 5 minutes. However she was confident as she had survived being underneath her adversary and now she could dictate proceedings from the top. Her tongue found and quickly excited Misako, but just as quickly her own clit, fueled from the previous session responded to Misako. Suddenly she was on the defensive as she felt wettened fingers gently tenderly exploring her anus. She tried to respond but found she could not because Misako was under her with her arse protected by the floor. The teasing, caressing, exploring stretching feeling was so different to the forceful and brutal way she had been taken anally most days for 6 months that her body betrayed her and her muscles relaxed and allowed two fingers to gently invade her. Distracted she had neglected what else was happening and the tongue that repeated entered her and teased her clit had her past the point where she could resist cumming. It was only a matter of time and after 3 minutes I watched her body tremble and heard the prolonged moan I had heard earlier that night.

Misako pounced and seizing Aiko's clit between her teeth used her tongue to rapidly suck and flick her clit while she came, prolonging and intensifying her orgasm, further exhausting her. When it ceased Aiko was defenseless and Misako went in for the kill. Eagerly swallowing Aiko's cum she frantically licked the thrusting cunt spread open before her. Suddenly she stopped for about 10 seconds before again imprisoning the clit with her teeth and using her tongue to send ecstasy throughout her victim. Aiko came immediately. This time there was no trembling, instead her limbs flailed and body arched as a gutteral moan was dragged from her. Only my call of time stopped Az's winning, because even if her pride did not, Aiko's body wanted continual orgasms.

Two each.

After a 2 minute break, they faced each other for the final confrontation. Either way I was a winner. On one hand was the sexual Misako who as well as desiring regular sex wanted to show me how she could humiliate Aiko, a feeling intensified by tonight's happenings would triumph. On the other hand if the man deprived Aiko won she would need a lot of loving.

Both had inspected the many double dildos in the laquered chest and mutually selected one 50cm long. Specially made of the finest, most pliable polymers and covered with an almost human-like surface, it incorporated several bumps and knobs not found on the male anatomy, but which could be used to excite areas inside a woman in a way that men seldom bother to try to do. Both had a dab of K-Y Jelly on their left hands; and when Misako lay the instrument between them both gave their opponents' side a light but through coating.

Misako selected one end of the bed and Aiko climbed onto the bed opposite her and the two got to their knees facing one another. Misako leaned back on her hands and slowly inserted one end of the dildo into her already wet cunt. Aiko leaned back and straightened out her legs, then slid them in between the Misako's legs like two pairs of interlocking scissors. One leg over, and one leg under the waiting Misako's legs.  Taking hold of her end of the dildo, she inserted it into her own cunt. Leaning back on their hands the two girls raised their asses off the bed and pushed their pelvis's into each other. Swivelling hips forced the double headed dildo deeper and deeper into each others pussies. Slowly the large object disappeared between the two rivals as both girls began to breath heavily. A small moan escaped each of them when their pussies made contact and the dildo buried deeply between them.

Misako decided to toy a little bit with the Aiko, who was still exhausted from their oral sex. She clamped her vagina muscles tightly around the dong and gave a quick tug, pulling 5cms out of Aiko's pussy. Caught by surprise, Aiko quickly clamped down before too much of the dildo slipped from her grip. The two gave each other a competitive glare then a look of concentration came across their faces. Both tightened their grips to the fullest extent and engaged themselves in a tug or war with the dildo.

Misako took the offensive from the start, taking in another 5cm of the dong and using her hip and vaginal muscles thrust forward and drove 15cm of dildo deep into Aiko. She flinched, ever so slightly, then humped forward herself and returned the thrust but without the same force. Misako hunched forward and drove the tool deep into her rivals' body. She wanted to hurt and dominate her weakened rival before she made her cum. Battle thus joined, the two began using their skills to first keep their foe lubricated, and second use the special equipment on the dildo to find her exceptional spots, those almost magical G-spots that no woman could resist.

Glaring directly into each others eyes the two rocked back and forth on their buttocks, forcing the dildo to fuck their opponent's cunt. Each woman used her vaginal muscles to fight for control of the double dong. The dildo slipped back and forth as the women, rather unconsciously or by silent agreement, established a rhythmic motion. Watching on, I could see the slick and slippery dildo moving back and forth like a thing alive. What I could not see was the muscles being used to force the rod back and forth, the subtle movement of hips and bodies to try to reach the others most sensitive regions

Gradually Aiko regained her strength, grateful that Misako had wanted to prove her domination rather than just make her cum when she was vulnerable. After about 5 minutes, with a slight bend of the body and rising up on her hips, Aiko hit Misako's most vulnerable spot head on. Her smile at Misako's moan was short lived, for in finding the position to inflict sexual domination on her rival, Aiko left her own sex open and within fifteen seconds her smile was replaced by a gasp of her own as Aiko found her enemy's most sensitive spot. There was no science left now; both pounded away with everything they had trying to push the other where they had vowed never to go again. Fear of losing was now replaced by a burning hatred, a desire to crush, to humble this other woman who was trying to take away her control, take away what she had most fiercely fought to keep, take away what she would defend to the death,

Misako could feel the dildo slipping through her wet cunt, and several attempts to clamp down on it failed. Aiko was slowly taking control of her.

"Feel me bitch, my cunt more strong. I fucking you now." gloated Aiko as she glared arrogantly into Misako's eyes.

But Misako was not finished. Wrapping her arms around Aiko she pressed her breasts against her rival's. Her hard erect nipples bent and pushed Misako's back into her soft tit flesh. She forced her nipples deeper into the tit flesh, grinding them deeper and deeper, physically and mentally reminding Aiko of her better breasts. It succeeded breaking the rhythm Aiko had established and enabling Misako to once again grip and use the dildo and continue the contest. The strain showed. Both were becoming weak in the knees. Misako from the fucking she had taken and Aiko from this double assault on her tits and cunt. Luckily the bed was there to catch them when they fell over sideways. They rolled around locked together seeking superiority until the greater strength of Aiko's legs and torso enabled her to gain the top position

Misako glared angrily up as she tried desperately to clamp down and force more of the dildo into Misako's cunt. More and more she felt her former slave taking control, driving the object in and out of her at will. Aiko felt Misako's grip weakening. The dildo was beginning to slide freely within the pussy she was fucking. Slamming and grinding down, she relentlessly fucked Misako's cunt. Wearing out every bit of fight left in her until all she could do was lay there and take the punishment.

"Now I finish you with my sex," Aiko screamed. She removed the dildo and trembled with anticipation as she turned the dildo around and inserted the half, covered and glistening with her thick precum, that had just been in her cunt, into Misako's cunt. Misako moaned and groaned as it slid freely into her. She lifted Misako's legs 
placing them on her shoulders as she knelt before Misako who lay prone on her back with the dildo sticking from her love hole. Her cunt quickly swallowed the other end that had been inside the defeated Misako and once again she fucked hard the lean lithe body under. She forced the pliable instrument far deeper than any cock could go till the constant movement caused the ecstasy to overcome the pain and she dragged the final orgasm from Misako.

It was not over. Misako took the rice paper document she and Aiko had written using brush and ink before the event started and placed it on the ground. I watched as the still naked Misako knelt and spread open her cunt lips with her left hand and with the other used a miniature samurai sword to make an incision just above her clit, catching the droplets of blood in an ornate Japanese bowl. She bowed low 3 times to Aiko before dipping the brush in her blood and signing her body to Aiko.