Japanese Belly Punch

by Aussie Greg

Christ. How unlucky can you be I thought. Japan has over 130 million people and I had just met one of the ugliest. Shizuko Sakurafa was 46, accompanying her husband to Australia, where I was setting up the Accounting details for her husband's firm and my mate "Stan the Man's Australian company. And worse, the two of them had left her here with me while they went off for a "business lunch" at The Tender Touch. I wouldn't be seeing them for the afternoon with the quantity and quality of women there.

Before I saw her I had envisioned some mild flirting and a solo fantasy fuck in my mind with a middle aged Japanese, but I was left with a short, stocky, plain faced, thick glaresees, brutally short haired, dowdily dressed grandmother. There would be no playing with my snake trouser as I sat at my desk. I couldn't even raise a hard on as my imagination refused to run wild. Reality was too strong.

I let her loose on the internet and sulked in my office. Lunch time came and she said she was off for lunch, and I pretended I was too busy to accompany her. I went to the computer to switch it off and decided to see what websites she had been visiting. My God, they were full of middle aged Japanese women in lesbian bondage and dominant roles. You know just like the ones I had searched for on many occasions in Jap web sites but just ended up being trapped in endless pop up windows of promises that eventually led back to a link where I had started from. These were the real deal.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and I almost hit the ceiling. My head swiveled round to see a face full of smiling gold teeth.

"I looked at what you visit on the net and think you would like these, but these are better."

She reached past me and clicked the mouse and I was taken to another website. My eyes boggled and then my jaw dropped. It was Shizuko fucking another bound woman. Another click. Shizuko using a burning candle on another tied up Jap.

"All real", she said.

This time one hand moved the mouse and another stroked my bulging cock. The next site was Shizuko fighting. The real deal. Not posed. There were scratches, bruises, pain. The real deal.

Minutes later my wildest fantasy fuck had been exceeded as I ploughed into the 45 Japanese doggy style as she knelt on an office chair from which I had taken the back support off to make it into a stool, while an endless loop of pictures of her flickered across the computer monitor.

"My husband's not interested. He only likes money and young schoolgirls", she stated between moans. If we were in Osaka I could show you this for real".

I could feel that familiar tingle in my loins as I neared orgasm fucking this very responsive Japanese while watching her fight on the monitor. Shizuko sensing I was going to cum rolled over onto her back and took me in her mouth and frantically fingered herself. She was like a vacuum cleaner and I pummeled her until I erupted directly into her throat. As I shot my load I pulled out of her mouth slowly splashing her tonsils, tongue and finally coating her lips with sticky cum before pulling out and firing ropes of semen across her bare breasts and neck. Her body was still convulsing from orgasm, as she lay there fulfilled and smiling in a satisfied manner.

After that I had no compunctions about taking her for lunch and enjoyed her playing with my cock as we drove there. Despite having cum I was surprised to feel it growing again. Something like this quick hadn't happened since I was a teenager. When we reached the quiet, deserted underground car park she went down on me again with that mouth.

"This time cum in my cunt".

It was like I was a teenager at the Drive In movies. Somehow I maneuvered onto the pareseenger seat and Shizuko with her skirt bunched around her waist straddled me and lowered her voracious, wet cunt onto my waiting pole. I felt my cock spread her wide and deep, and she thrust down, so I pareseed through her lips easily until I was deep inside her. Shizuko grunted with pleasure at the force of my entry then shifted slightly so the last couple of inches of my hard maleness slid into her. She fucked me slowly at first, giving me time to adjust. She looked into my eyes and, as they met, I knew that this was what I'd always wanted.

"You okay?" she asked.

I smiled back at her and nodded, my deepest desire of a Japanese woman becoming a reality.

She returned my nod and began to fuck me relentlessly. All I wanted to do was to please her as I drove my cock into her. She reached down and could felt my thickness as it withdrew, covered with her juices and, to my shock, gave me her fingers to lick.

I was under her spell. I was God. Other people were my mere playthings at my disposal.

Betraying my Filipina partner, between thrusts I managed to get the words out. "My partner is a Filipina. Do you want to fight and fuck her?"

I took her wailing and squirming orgasm for a yes and filled her for a second time that day.  Over lunch I used the mobile and arranged it. Rosmelda Estudillo, my Filipina was 41, and was visiting relatives in Australia looking for an Aussie husband. She was from Mandaue City, Cebu, 5' 0 short, and weighed 120 lbs, round dark face, short haired and progressing to that middle-aged Filipina spread and we had been living together for 5 months. I had met her at the Casino at Southbank on the Yarra River (a great place to pick up older Asian women), but to be truthful it was my bank balance, not my looks or charm that she fell for. Having not got that band of gold round the finger yet she was still willing to do anything sexually. There is an old joke: How do you stop a Filipina fucking? Answer - Marry her. And I was still uncertain whether this applied to Rosmelda or whether she would continue as she had shown so far.

A phone call over lunch did the trick. Maybee I bent the truth. Maybee Rosmelda believed that unless she fought Shizuko I would lose a big account and the money that she enjoyed spending would be less plentiful. Maybee she believed that the Japanese was an ex lover who was back in Australia looking to replace Rosmelda. Maybee she believed this fight would prove she was the woman I would marry. Who knows? But she was ready to fight that night.

I brought Shizuko home that night and the two sized each other up. Shizuko was about 2 inches taller and 5 pounds heavier but 5 years older at 46. She bowed formally but Rosmelda being a Filipina was on the attack before introductions were started. She grabbed two handfuls of Shizuko's short black hair as she bent forward and pulled. Shizuko tried to retaliate but Rosmelda had pulled downwards and Shizuko was at a disadvantage trying to reach up for my Filipina's hair. They stumbled around the room, Shizuko screaming in pain for 2 minutes as Rosmelda unleashed knees to the belly and tits of the older Japanese. Finally Shizuko was pulled painfully to the ground by her hair and the two began rolling around breast to breast, Shizuko's firm breasts and Rosmelda's hanging ones grinding against each other in their own little war as they continued to pull hair and add to the many strands of Shizuko's on the ground already. Rosmelda cried out painfully from a really hard tug that had her scalp on fire and using it to her advantage, Shizuko wrapped her strong legs around her foe's chest. Rosmelda tried to twist the Japanese woman's foot to escape and almost had, when her scalp again erupted in pain from Shizuko rough hair pulling, forcing her to deal with that first. The Japanese tore at Rosmelda's dark locks, enjoying her look of pain as she relished Rosmelda's cry of pain, until the Filipina managed to rake her breasts with her long nails and then dug them in deep causing Shizuko to let go and roll free.

They stood panting and heaving as I stood between them.

"You have no honour", Shizuko hissed.

"But I win and don't worry about honour", replied Rosmelda.

Holding the two apart I announced that I wanted a belly punch contest and that we would toss for first punch. Shizuko called heads but it landed tails giving my Filipina partner first punch. Both women stripped to their panties eying each other. 

Rosmelda knotted her hand into a tight fist and stood with her feet firmly planted, in front of Shizuko, staring hard at her, breathing hard through flaring nostrils, hoping to intimidate her. She stepped forward into the Japanese woman's space. She took a deep breath and drew her arm back as far as she could, tightening her hand into a fist in the process. She moved with deliberate slowness, allowing the other woman to watch every motion, every deliberate move. At last she drew her elbow back and plunged her fist straight into Shizuko's bare belly. She enjoyed the sensation of the Japanese woman's belly flesh cleaving and her internal organs squirming in protest as they were jolted by the blow. Shizuko threw back her head, her glaresees fell off and she stumbled back a couple of paces involuntarily holding her belly.

"Is that the best you got?" she hissed through gritted teeth. "Filipina slut, you're in big trouble."

As she bent to pick up her thick glaresees Rosmelda stood on them, laughing as she crushed them underfoot hoping to leave the Japanese at a disadvantage, unable to sight her punches or judge distance.

Shizuko instructed Rosmelda to place her hands behind her neck. Rosmelda tried her best to suck in her stomach but her middle aged Filipina belly was still visibly soft and fleshy. The Japanese measured the distance with one hand, pulled back her other fist and in a millisecond she unleashed a short, sharp, hard punch with her entire body weight behind it to the center of my partner's stomach. In the split second it connected, she thrust her right foot out and took a step forward with the punch, forcing it even deeper into the Filipina's belly flesh. 

"Uuunnnghhhhhhh", Rosmelda jerked forward, grimaced and let slip another large grunt as the pain surged through her. "Uuuhhhh" she sobbed as she remained doubled over.

"My stuuuuuuuuuummik!" she moaned.

The Japanese took a deep breath of satisfaction and after Rosmelda recovered she issued her instructions. Following Rosmelda's directions, who had learnt quickly, the Japanese woman placed her hands behind her head stretching her unprotected belly. Rosmelda swung her fist into Shizuko's belly, but it hit her low, below the belly-button. Shizuko's guts must have hurt with my partner's knuckles in them, but it didn't trigger the reflexive muscles that would have made her double up. It still shook her, and she staggered a little, wide-eyed from the pain. 

Once again Rosmelda set herself; Shizuko transferred her whole body weight into a forceful punch which again landed dead center on the Filipina's stomach. Her fist sank into her; right on her belly button and Rosmelda's shoulders slumped as she groaned out loud and dropped her hands to her stomach. She had been hit again right in the centre of her belly, and although that doesn't drive the wind from you it causes a dull, miserable, long lasting pain. She stood crouched over for a few seconds; knees pressed together, open mouth toward the floor, sucking in deep gasps of air. Gradually she straightened up; her brown belly showing the redness of the two blows and looked into the Japanese woman's face with typical Filipina fighting bravado.

"I'll hurt you bad first before I finish you", the Japanese woman hissed.

"You'll have to do it quick because I'm going to destroy you."

She instructed Shizuko to raise her arms, but as she was lifting them she flailed her clenched fist into the Japanese woman's belly and smiled with satisfaction at the result. She had caught Shizuko off guard just as she was breathing and her stomach was unprepared and untensed. With a loud "OOOOOOOOOOOOOFFF", Shizuko folded in half and dropped to the floor on her hands and knees as a smirking Rosmelda stood beside her.

"Get up before 90 seconds or I claim another 3 punches, bitch."

At the 40 second mark Shizuko got to one knee, and 20 seconds later she stood upright, but her legs were still wobbly and in spite of her total effort, her body sagged forward until she had to grab the edge of the television set to steady herself. She stood sucking air and cursing viscously for another 30 seconds and her next punch lacked the power of her first two.

Shizuko quickly raised her hands behind her head, attempting to pressure Rosmelda into hastily delivering her next punch. Rosmelda would have none of it. She took her time, and I could see the street fight cunning light up in her eyes as she stood not in front of but beside Shizuko. She joined both fists together and swung a roundhouse double hammer blow into the Japanese hitting her lower than before, just above her cunt. Shizuko doubled over, dropping her arms to cover her stomach. She took a step back and collapsed to the floor, still clutching her belly. She stayed curled up moaning for about 70 seconds before willing herself up, the tendrils of pain reaching deep down into her sex. At 80 seconds she stood.

At 85 seconds her legs gave way and she slumped to the floor.

"You play with the big girls and you get hurt," Rosmelda gloated as she dragged the 46 year old Japanese from the floor. "That gives me three free hits".

As she spoke she drove her clenched fist into Shizuko's belly and still holding her upright by the hair smashed her fist into her kidneys and then into her belly again. Releasing her grip on Shizuko's hair she let her slump to the floor where she lay curled in a ball, gasping and wheezing; each breath a painful experience.

Her next blow was weak and easily taken by Rosmelda who dragged the unresisting Japanese woman so her back was against the wall and thundered another punch to her belly as she leant slumped against it. With no give due to the wall behind her Shizuko slowly slid down the wall as the pain surged through her and slumped in a crumpled heap.

After 90 seconds Rosmelda pulled her upright by one of her tits and still holding her bent over by her tit drove her knee into the older woman's belly lifting off her feet and onto the sofa. There were no Marques of Queensbury rules in Rosmelda's vocabulary. She draped the groaning, winded unresisting older woman over the sofa arm so she lay u shaped. With Shizuko's head on the floor and her legs on the sofa the gloating Filipina brutally punched the exposed belly before climbing the sofa back and jumping down so her elbow drove into the convulsing Jap's belly.

Her cry of pain could been heard back in Osaka and as she lay there moaning and heaving, tears in her eye Rosmelda brutally fingerfucked her with two fingers as she explained what the Filipina was and how deep her fists were going to be inside Shizuko's arse and cunt as Shizuko ate her.

It was over. We waited for the 10 minutes but there was no way she would go on, but there was no surrender and after 8 minutes Shizuko stood on shaking legs.

"So that's how you want to play, bitch," Shizuko managed to spit out between clenched teeth, drool dribbling down her chin, her hands still cradledling her lower belly as she staggered upright. 

Instead of facing Rosmelda, she stood with her back to her, slightly in front of and to the left of her, cocked her right elbow and accompanied by a shrill shriek drove it back into my future wife's solar plexus, above her belly button and just below her rib cage. The elbow rocketed up, slamming her stomach up into her diaphragm. The result was devastating. There was a gasp of expelled air and Rosmelda immediately dropped to both knees and folded forward till her forehead touched the carpet, with her arms wrapped tightly around her midsection. Sharp convulsions pulsed throughout her body as she huddled. It took her a full 80 seconds to rise to her feet gingerly and steady herself.

Her next punch was desperate; ill aimed and sort of glanced off Shizuko's left side, giving the Japanese the chance to deliver the next blow without being affected by Rosmelda's last blow.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Shizuko screamed harnessing her Chi as her punch was delivered straight fingered into the solar plexus. It sank in deep, and forced the air out of Rosmelda, who fell back into the sofa gasping and dry retching. A small line of spittle had formed on her bottom lip, and her hands clutched at her belly as small, wheezing sounds escaped her throat. After 70 secs she managed to stand, but then her legs buckled and despite her total efforts she couldn't rise as the seconds ticked by. I called out 90 seconds and Shizuko moved in for the kill.

She dragged Rosmelda up with one hand by the hair and giving her no time to prepare, shot her fist up under the Filipina's ribs, lifting her off the ground and blasting the remaining air from her lungs. Rosmelda's upper body doubled forward as her butt leaped up and back. It was like a slow motion replay as she draped herself over the fist and forearm that had viciously slammed her belly. And as the 46 year old Japanese withdrew her fist, she fell like dead weight onto her knees on the carpeted floor. Then she pitched forward onto her belly and rolled onto her back that way.

The Japanese again pulled her to her feet and plowed a straight jab into her gut. It looked like it traveled only a couple of inches and landed two inches above her belly-button, which disappeared for a couple of seconds as Shizuko's fist caved in her stomach. The sound that came from the Filipina sounded like "Boooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh. "

She took the punch and staggered back the length of the room. She tripped on her own feet and fell hard on her back. She lay there, winded, moaning, and rocking from side to side. . She was so silent and still I thought she had died. I quickly knelt down beside her and took her head in my arms. I saw that she was conscious, but temporarily unable to move or speak. She rocked back and forth with her hands kneading her stomach. 

The smiling Japanese reached out and dragged her upright for her third and final free punch.  POW! She drove her open palm into my Filipina's belly. This time her hand sank almost to the wrist. 


Rosmelda dry retched, coughed up blood and folded forward to the floor, green bile dribbling from her lips. Shizuko sat down on the couch, watching Rosmelda drag herself along the floor, holding her tortured stomach with one hand, furtively wiping tears from her cheeks with the other as she cried out in pain.  She stepped forward challenging Rosmelda to continue.

"No more".

Shizuko said to me "I'll have to improvise. All my toys are back home in Osaka".

She reappeared from the bathroom clutching a couple of items and knelt in front of the writhing Rosmelda, caressing her prominent nipples. She began twisting the sensitive flesh with her strong fingers as she stared into her face. She worked on them one at a time, twisting and squeezing the nubs until they hardened involuntarily. The twisting was no more painful than foreplay but it was humiliating to Rosmelda to have this Japanese woman use her body so casually. When she was satisfied with the erectness of her nipples, she pulled out a piece of waxed dental floss, cut it and with a few rapid movements of her hands she tied one end into a tiny noose. Then, she did same to the other end. 

As Rosmelda lay there transfixed, she looped one of the tiny nooses over her right nipple and tightened it until Rosmelda gave a little gasp. She repeated the process on her left nipple with the other end of the strong thin waxed thread. Rosmelda was still unable to breathe properly. Holding the thread, each hand a few inches from Rosmelda's now elongated nipple, Shizuko pulled slowly, drawing her forward and towards her as the thin thread cut cruelly into her sensitive nipples. The other ends she tied to the legs of the sofa I sat on.

Then Shizuko took a Nair wax strip and tore off a small strip. Without a word, she smoothed it down over Rosmelda's pubic hair. Looking her directly in eyes, she smiled and ripped the tape off her. Rosmelda's head and body went back as the sharp pain shot up her body. Magnified many times over as the jerking caused the thread to cut into her nipples. In horror Rosmelda realized that the Japanese was going to pull her pubic hair off piece by piece. Shizuko confirmed this for her as he held up the tape with a handful of her short hairs attached and grinned. The Japanese varied the way she pulled each piece of tape off; sometimes pulling slowly so that Rosmelda felt every hair pull out and sometimes quickly so that she didn't feel the pain until Shizuko was holding the tape up for her inspection. And every time she writhed the thread cut deeper into her nipples.

"Have you arsefucked her yet"? she questioned me.

I shook my head as Rosmelda had so far resisted my attempts claiming she was saving it for the wedding night

Shizuko stopped and released the nipple loops, Rosmelda could feel nothing for a moment. Then the blood and the feeling poured back into the sensitive nipples, bringing a wave of pain. Her nipples were a deep, dark red and very swollen and the Japanese savored the look of defeat evident in her face. Then she positioned herself behind the Filipina and began to probe her arsehole with his fingers. Slowly, she opened her tiny sphincter with her fingers, adding another each time she gained a few millimeters in her fight against the Filipina's sphincter ring. As Rosmelda screamed and struggled, she slowly opened her virgin arsehole with his fingers.


Using her thumbs now, the middle-aged Japanese spread Rosmelda's sphincter open, stretching her painfully in preparation for penetrating her arsehole with her fist. Helplessly anchored underneath Shizuko, Rosmelda could do nothing to protect herself as the Japanese slowly opened her aresehole.

She called me down and covered my hard cock with Rosmelda's face cream and positioned the head of my cock at the small opening and pushed until the head lodged itself inside the Filipina's arse. Still pulling her sphincter apart with his thumbs, She told me to thrust as hard as I could into the bitch.


Firmly embedded inside her arse, I shifted my grip to her hips; and as I pushed my cock into her impossibly tight aresehole again as the cream dripped on my thighs.. Again and again, I pressed his cock into her until it was about half way into her arse. Then I stopped, pausing to savior the hot, tight aresehole gripping my cock
Rosmelda struggled wildly, grunting and twisting her torso as she tried to escape the penis invading her aresehole. Rosmelda wrapped her arms around her and held her still. Before reattaching her controllers: the dental floss. Rosmelda felt the head of his cock move deeper her no longer virgin arsehole and then the burning sensation as more of it pushed past her stretched sphincter. Then she felt the pressure as my penis filled her colon, sending painful cramps through her guts and into her brain.

"AHHHHH!!!!!! OOHHHH!! It hurts, Pleaseee!"

I loved the way her colon seemed to squeeze my cock as it burrowed inside her. As Rosmelda's body arched up in an involuntary and futile attempt to escape her impalement, I drove his cock all the way into her. Shizuko controlled the threads tugging them in concert with my thrusts into Rosmelda's arse. She savored the way she squirmed under me; it aroused her more than the physical aspects of simple sex ever could.

I came with a loan moan of pleasure and withdrew. Shizuko was ready with an economy sized 10 inch long 2 inch in diameter plastic tube of hair conditioner (I buy at Kmart not the overpriced chemists) sticking out her cunt. Before Rosmelda realized the Japanese had her makeshift dildo half way in her. With a savage thrust it was three quarters in her arse and then disappeared entirely inside her when she made another powerful thrust into the defeated Filipina, actually lifting her a few inches by the force of her thrust. Shizuko remained motionless for a moment as she enjoyed the power and control. . Then she began to fuck her. Whiles she plowed her arse she held her in a bear hug, the sweat streaming off both their bodies. Rosmelda fought her, her muscles straining in a futile effort to escape the burning pain from her raped arsehole.

The pain increased with each stroke until Rosmelda felt that she must die, that she had torn her insides to shreds. Rosmelda was wailing with each jack hammer thrust. Her face was streaked with her tears and snot as well as her sweat. She twisted and turned her body, trying to escape the grip of her rapist; but her struggles only goaded on the Japanese woman raping her to more brutal thrusts.

She fucked brutally, shredding her colon walls as she put all his strength behind each thrust. She would pull out until only the lid was still inside her then thrust into her again with the force of a pile driver. It seemed to her that she was hitting her guts with every thrust. Rosmelda knew that she must be bleeding from the pain in her arsehole walls. But there was nothing she could do except kneel there and submit to her rape.

Finally Shizuko collapsed on Rosmelda's back allowing her own immense orgasm to flood through her.

I had seen a Japanese woman in full flight.