Japanese Warrior 1

by Aussie Greg

I was in Japan on business for two months, staying near the Kunitachi station on the JR Chuo Line in Tokyo. After a busy week working God forsaken Japanese hours we finished up at 10pm and went to a little ramen shop near Akihabara Station. The place was filled with Japanese salary men getting something to eat (mostly beer) before heading home. We had a beer and a couple of bowls of "stamina ramen", talked about how difficult Tokyo life is, and instead of running to catch the saishu no densha (last train). We headed out toward the Kanda area and its myriad drinking establishments.

Ito "Billy" Ogaki, my Japanese minder in the company, and his mates had arranged a special for me, a catfight show. As his English was as poor as my Japanese, his wife attended as a translator (she had completed University English). Being a non drinker I was soon ignored by the group of 6 dark suited, white shirted and black tied men, and managed some conversation with Mrs. Ogaki, but she seemed a pretty cold woman: early 40's quite podgy and overweight yet still sharp featured; dressed in that conservative tweed suit and knitted twinset, sensible flat shoes, and God forbid white stockings that so many middle aged Japanese women wear.
The fight that Billy organized for me started and I was surprised by Mrs. Ogaki's sharp intake of breath. It was her first human reaction. Although Billy had tried to please me, and I appreciated his efforts it was a fake fight. Two women pretended to slap each other before one stopped giggling long enough to pretend she was in pain. It was over in about 2 minutes and the men escorted by the 2 nude girls went into a smaller room to do some serious drinking and I don't know what.

I was left with Mrs. Ogaki, and although she thawed a bit with Billy absent in the other room, it was still hard work to work up a conversation. After about an hour of polite conversation, suddenly Mrs. Ogaki said that she was competing in her first fight in two days time, a real fight not like this one, and would I be able to honour her by attending.

Sachiko Ogaki's apartment was in the Tokyo suburb of Shin-Okubo. My map of the Tokyo train system was like an upturned bowl of noodles and it took me some time to untangle the strands to find her suburb. The trip to Shin-Okubo was grey; all the buildings were grey with their snarl of antennas, so monotonous, no trees, no life only concrete. And the sky was grey, too, as if it had leached into the very soul of the city and then down into my own soul.

As soon as I got off the train at Shin-Okubo I began to worry that I hadn't written down Sachiko's address properly. The streets around the station were extremely narrow. All the shops and apartment blocks were closely crowded together and I became convinced I would never find her apartment in the labyrinth. Sachiko had hidden herself away so neatly, I thought I would never be able to find her. Rivulets of sweat ran down my face in the heat and I began to panic that I would turn up on some other woman's doorstep. In the end I caught a taxi. I leaned against the upholstery as calmly as I could and let the driver take me to the destination I'd handed to him on a piece of paper.

The complex had 50 or so 6 story apartment blocks, each with about 20 apartments per floor. A total of about 6000 families. The fights were to be held in the Communal hall of the complex. Mrs. Ogaki was very polite, continually thanking me for attending and hoped she would not disgrace me, as it was her first fight and the organizer Madam Asuka Miura disliked her and had matched her against her 27 year old daughter in law, Aki Katase whom had won her first 4 fights and was fighting her last fight in the novices. It was when I asked would many men be attending that Sachiko broke down and sobbed saying she had lost all Kasei (family honour) because she was Kogunfunto (alone) as her husband would not attend and show loyalty and support.
Stifling her tears she urged me to go and see the earlier fights, women Sumo and Pro wrestling style before the serious fights began. I almost went but something stopped me and I said,

"Its better you're not alone now, I'll stay with you till its time for your fight."

Overwhelmed would be an understatement and she cheered up immediately and fussed around getting ready. She opened a wardrobe in the bedroom/family room and laid out 4 matching sets of underwear, and asked me to select. I chose a maroon coloured pair and she wrote in Kanji on the inside with a texta marker, explaining she would be carrying my name and fighting for me. She hesitated and then as if summoning the courage, asked if she could carry my Aiki (unified energy) into the fight.

"Of course", I said, "I will be supporting you at the fight no matter what happens."

She blushed. "I ask too much", she replied burying her head. "I meant the Bujin (warrior spirit) that comes from your seed entering my body".

Catching on at last, I nodded and within seconds we were kissing deeply, our arms around each other, and she was caressing my cock through my pants. She started unbuttoning my shirt and she kissed me on the neck moving lower as she undid successive buttons. Her tongue circled my aureoles and lapped at their small peaks. She pursed her lips around one and sucked. It sure felt good.

I cupped Sachiko's full breasts under her blouse and unhooked her bra and caressed her bare skin. She paused a moment, removed her blouse and bra, and went back to work on me. Her tongue was on my stomach now and her hands unfastened my pants and unzipped me. She pulled my underwear down and fastened her lips around the head of my hard cock. I looked down at her. Dark brown/black hair, round, sharp featured face, full heavy 38C breasts, a protruding round belly crisscrossed with stretch marks, a shave cunt, and stumpy chunk legs under her 41 inch arse. Definitely not a super model. She gave a long suck that sent a bolt of pleasure through me. Sachiko took the rest of my clothes off and I reached for her breasts again and sat on the edge of the bed. She knelt and took my cock in her mouth again.

She gave me an expert blowjob. I had truthfully never been blown so well. Her tongue would swirl around the head and try to force its way into the urethra. Then her head would bob up and down and she would use her lips on the shaft. She caressed my balls and teased my asshole with her fingertips. The pleasure was becoming so intense that I wanted her to slow down. Sachiko would have none of it. Her head bobbed even faster and her mouth was like a vacuum chamber and her lips were a tight rubber ring. She made me come so hard I thought my head would burst. I shot into her mouth thinking I would never stop coming. There must have been 10 or 12 spasms because my cock was still jerking when there was no more semen. Ordinarily my prick goes soft after a hard come but Sachiko kept it in her mouth.

She lowered her head and drew my spent penis deeper into her receptive mouth. Her cheeks working in and out, she sucked vigorously, pausing at intervals to trace maddening circles around the tip of my cock, dipping down inside to lap up every last drop of sperm. It wasn't long before the pudgy Japanese made me grow within her mouth, becoming smooth and stiff under her skilled tongue. As I touched her cunt for the first time I could feel her pussy throbbing as her juices flowing, eager for more than the feel of my fingers within its spongy depths. Soon the naked wife of my Japanese business associate rolled over on her back and split her legs wide, gazing up me through thick-lidded eyes.
"Mmmmmmmmm, I need your cock inside my cunt," she murmured, her hands sliding down her abdomen to massage her shaven triangle.

Whimpering in anticipation, she spread her cuntal lips apart in a lewd offering, her quivering canal glistening in readiness.

"Hurry and put it in, Greg, I need you to make me a warrior" she begged, lifting her pelvis while her hungry cunt throbbed demandingly.

I quickly straddled the hard-faced Japanese, my distended hunk of meat scarlet and deeply veined as it loomed forward. I could feel my balls tighten under the weight of another steaming load of semen and knew that I was ready to give it to the 43 year old Japanese woman and reached down to finger her milky slit and increased her obvious horniness by flicking his thumb across her wet clitoris. Sachiko gasped at the feel of my finger. Splitting her legs so far apart that her thigh muscles ached; she looked up at me pleadingly.

"Please, Greg," she begged, her leaking aperture throbbing deliciously. "Please fuck me!".

Moaning, Sachiko arched her back, the nipples of her large full tits rising hotly while her steaming cunt oozed forth more of its sticky nectar. "Oh yesssssss," she agreed, licking her lips. "I want your prick. Now please! Please fuck me and make us Ichi (one)"

I withdrew my hand from her dripping membranes and grabbed her meaty thighs. Giving her legs a harsh tug, I lifted her hips off the mattress. The middle aged Japanese woman quickly curled her thick legs around my waist, her leaking aperture poised in readiness. With a sudden jerk of my hips, I sent my crimson cock deep into her saturated slot. In seconds, I had completely penetrated her inner depths, the mushroom tip of my stiff rod bumping against her cervix. I felt her soaked vaginal walls grasp me eagerly and heard her cry out at my direct and swift invasion.

"Oh yesssssss," she moaned, her legs tightening around my waist. "Oh, keep on fucking'!"

I quickly complied, my hands sliding under her heavy buttocks to lift her wide hips as I pounded into her. Again and again I lunged forward, my pistoning shaft crowding her slick vagina with speed and determination. The wet sucking sounds of her greedy canal could be heard along with their mutual grunts.

"Like the way I fuck?" she demanded, as I shoved my pulsating cock deep into her wetly grasping opening as hard as he could.

"Oohhhhhh Yesssssss," I replied as her legs tightened around my sweating body with each forward lunge, trying to capture every possible inch of my cock

"Oooooohhh, you're so biiiig," she moaned, swirling her hips in erratic circles. "Oh fuck, fuck. I am getting filled with your kokoro (sprit)"

Grunting, I pounded into the split-legged dark haired woman again and again, my mushroom like tip bumping into her cervix with each swift penetration. My balls were churning and my body was burning with lust. Sweat ran down my naked body as I tore into her, trickling down to disappear into the hairy recesses of my asshole. My testicles slapped against her buttocks with each forward lunge. I withdrew my pounding prick almost completely before again slamming into her with abandonment. My mouth hung loosely and my eyes were glassy.

At last my sweating body gave one last forward jerk before I erupted inside her with volcanic force, sending searing hot juices splattering against the walls of her pussy.
"Aghhhhhhh!" I cried, bucking and jerking like a madman, while my steaming cum kept spurting. Feeling my cock explode deep within her secret depths, Sachiko quickly joined me in orgasm. Grunting and moaning, our sweating bucking bodies worked together in frenzied unison as together we reached the apex of carnal joy until at last our convulsing bodies grew still.

Twenty minutes later her catfight was on. The hall held about 400 people seated in tiered seating around a cleared centre space. The Sumo and Pro style fights had finished and Sachiko's was the first preliminary of the catfights. Her opponent was a taller at 5 ft 7 to her 5ft 1, lighter at 105 lbs to her 120 lbs, and with a striking 33B 25 34 figure. She was dressed in a black bra and thong and high heels. Sachiko was in the maroon high cut briefs and bra which encased her38C breasts and wearing pantyhose.

A whistle blew and the catfight was on. Both women quickly had had handfuls of each other's hair. They wrestled standing for a moment but their footing with their high heels was treacherous and they soon fell to the floor. Sachiko had an immediate advantage. Apart from being on top and heavier the waistband of Aki's thong was easily accessible not being covered by panty hose and she got a grip on the waistband in the back and pulled with all her strength.

"Ooooooooooh nooooooooooo." Aki screamed.

Aki clawed with her nails on Sachiko's panty hose to get to her high cut briefs. She finally opened a hole and got her fingers around the waistband. Aki gripped and gave Sachiko a wedgie of her own, sawing the deep maroon panties deep into Sachiko's cunt and arse. Both women would give up their panty grip, and quickly the catfight came to a stalemate. Suddenly Aki switched tactics. Three quick unanswered slaps to Sachiko's face were followed by a vicious raking of her fingernails down her back leaving a five fingered red welt on her skin. As Sachiko reeled from this, Aki rolled her over and straddled her raining slaps on the older woman, who desperately grabbed Aki's hair in an attempt to last the round, but Aki still had time to rip her bra off her, and was about to maul her tits when the whistle blew to end the round.

As they got to their feet the women were quite a sight. Already their hair was messed, makeup smeared, nails broken, one shoe on one shoe off. Sachiko, topless and sweaty; her pantyhose shredded and completely destroyed exposing her ample cheeks and her high cut panties were pulled down below her knees. Aki's G string was so far up between her butt cheeks it was hard to tell she was wearing any. Thirty seconds later the whistle blew to start the second round.

Aki shrieked, a sound that chilled my blood, and then she came running out from her corner and threw herself onto Sachiko. My eyes bugged out. This was real not like the staged effort at the bar. She knocked Sachiko flat onto her arse, and she was still screeching and hissing as she got on top. No wonder they called it cat fighting. There was a feline fury in the 27 year old Japanese that took my breath away. Aki pinned Sachiko and she was again on top of the older Japanese, holding Sachiko's wrists, their bodies rocking violently. Aki hissed and gurgled, gone far beyond words.

"Aiiieeeeeeeehhhh squealed Sachiko, fighting like hell to dislodge the tigress that was on top her. Her legs kicked up in the air, and I could see all her now exposed cunt as she had discarded her torn briefs. Her legs opened wider, and I got an eyeful of her big lipped, shaved pussy, set high and ripe between her thick chunky thighs. The more she kicked, the more I got to see.

Then Sachiko brought one of her knees up, jabbing into Aki's cunt. Aki squealed and rolled off, and Sachiko got on top of her then, slapping at her -- not very effectually. Guys would have been bloody-nosed and broken-toothed by now, but the women
missed about as many times as they hit each other. Sachiko's tits flopped around, and Aki grabbed them suddenly, her fingers pinching hard at the inflated nipples. Sachiko gasped with shock and pain and squealed again. Then Aki went to town. Her fingers dug deep into the tit flesh as she pulled and stretched and pinched Sachiko's nipples.

Sachiko shrieked again, like a banshee in heat, and started pounding on Aki's breasts with her fists. Aki panted hard, taking punishment, but she didn't let go. She squeezed harder with one hand on Sachiko's teats as if she meant to stretch those nipples a couple of inches long, while the other scratched at tore at her heavy tits leaving tell tale red train lines 0n the stretched skin. Turning slightly she made a quick grab for Sachiko's cunt. I shivered as I saw her take hold of her smooth-shaven pussy. Her fingers dug into the soft-looking flesh, and Sachiko squealed shrilly.

Aki mauled Sachiko's cunt, squeezing it. "Oh, yeah, you like that, don't you, whore?" she said hoarsely. "Bet you played with this thing all night, wishing it was your husband's cock inside you, rather than my finger. Right, bitch? Is that what you did?"

"Fuck you," Sachiko husked. She made a weak slapping thrust at Aki's tits, but she evaded her attack. Aki was still pinching and ripping at Sachiko's nipples and tits, and she gave them another fingernail scratch, which caused Aki to scream in pain again and tears to form in her eyes. I saw Aki's eyes light up, and she stuck her middle finger into the mouth of Sachiko's pussy, and gave it a corkscrewing shove that took her deep into Sachiko's hole. Aki worked her finger in and out. Sachiko was still squealing, but there was a difference in the sound. It was more rhythmic, breathier actually, with a very erotic tonality. I fisted my cock in tempo with that rhythm, my eyes following the slick progress of Aki's middle finger reaming Aki's twat.

Then she gave a camel clutch to Sachiko's full rounded belly lifting it up, displaying the stretch marks to the crowd as she fingerfucked the older Japanese, humiliating her in front of everyone. The bell sounded and the humiliated Sachiko crawled to her corner.

With a banshee screeches Aki threw herself across the floor to start round 3, claws outstretched intent on finishing Sachiko. The action was so furious and so fast it was hard to follow as Aki's kicks and punches were thrown with deadly accuracy and Sachiko's body, head and hair snapped left and right like whips as they connected. Aki engaged in a circle dance of leaps around Sachiko, lunging, exchanging bare knuckle blows to her face and tits, and leaping back only to close and battle and claw her tits and cunt and separate again and again and again. As the fighting began to slow to a violent yet followable rate, I was in awe at the violence behind each feint, parry, wheel kick, and retreat. Yet Sachiko was still standing at the end of the round, although she looked mortally wounded as she dragged her bloody bruised body to the corner. She caught my eye and I mouthed for her to throw in the towel but she shook her head slowly but defiantly.

The last round began like a continuation of the last, Aki was toying with Sachiko, enjoying inflicting punishment. Suddenly the whole character of the fight transformed. Aki dropped to a stoop and launched straight forward, heel slamming like a hammer towards Sachiko's belly, intent on knocking the wind out of her, and totally immobilizing the older woman. But she missed and hurt herself on landing. Rolling even as she landed on the wooden floor, she wasn't fast enough to prevent Sachiko from straddling the small of her back, wrapping her arms around Aki's throat, and brutally wrenching her head counter-clockwise in a desperate effort to injure her neck. But Aki grabbed Sachiko's arms and cut off the twisting just short of submission. Arching her back, thrusting up onto her knees, Aki, grabbed Sachiko's fore arms, and suddenly curled forward, casting the older woman all the way over her shoulders onto the floor with a sickening crashing splat. But Sachiko, face twisted with fury, hurtled forward, even as Aki was rising to her knees, and the force of her impact into the younger, lighter Japanese woman' torso drove her backwards. Sachiko's bloody tits and belly smashed into Aki's, faces mirrored masks of wild-eyed murder-lust, blood squirted from Sachiko's nostrils, and mixed copiously with the saliva from their mouths. Sachiko's knee rocketed up into Aki's cunt, lifting the howling younger fighter to her tip-toes; once, twice, three times. But Aki stood her ground, and, elbows flared out, pressed the heels of her hands together on Sachiko's temples. The older woman screamed as a crushing pressure was applied, vise-like to her head. She grabbed Aki's wrists, but couldn't break the hold, and only a savage raking gouging clawing of Aki's tits released the pressure.

An explosion of curses and flailing limbs spun out of control at the center of the circle as the two women rained blows on each others shuddering heads, dancing in a circle, tits flopping wildly. Totally without thought of self-defense, the two Japanese women were like a tigress and a lioness meeting in a jungle clearing. All attack, snarling through bloody bared teeth. Both women's mouths streamed blood, blood squirting from their nostrils as open hands and scratches pounded like artillery shells onto eye-sockets and cheekbones, jaws and temples. Aki howled and rushed the older Sachiko, her brown shoulder slamming under Sachiko's arms into her wet bare belly, driving the other woman backward, painted talons tearing and ripping gruesome red furrows in her shoulders. But Sachiko kept on her feet, and drove her right knee up into Sachiko's dangling tits, her stomach and cunt again and again and again. Bellowing, palms shoved into Aki's shoulders, she shoved the smaller warrior away.

The crowd roared as the two hell cats closed again grappling desperately. Aki grabbed two handfuls of Sachiko's hair and attempted to pull it off her scalp. Sachiko, staggered back, then responded by wrapping her fingers around Aki's throat and began choking her with all her might. Aki then grabbed Sachiko's throat, and each woman tried to throttle the other and drive her to her knees. The two women thrust their wet bloody torsos together, elbows out, shaking, faces changing to red with the incredible force with which they were squeezing each other's necks. Aki's eyes bulged out and her face went from ruby red to a frightening purple. Even though she still had Sachiko by the throat, and Sachiko's tongue protruded, Sachiko was shaking Aki like a rag doll...

Suddenly Aki's feet slipped out from under her as her rubbery legs gave way. She slammed onto the wooden floor on her back, limbs kicking weakly, gagging, loosing consciousness. Gasping, streaming sweat, the naked Sachiko stood over her fallen foe and the light of realizing her victory came into her eyes.

I didn't wait for the other fights, but rushed from my seat to greet Sachiko at the exit.
Despite being wrapped in a robe, up close you could really see the damage. Clotted blood in her nostrils, scratches on her face, swollen eye, bruised neck but she was victorious and happy. She insisted I leave and watch the other fights, but I ignored her and put my arm around her and guided her back to her apartment. It was just as well because by the time we reached it I was taking all her weight as she staggered home. Arriving I laid her on the bed and rubbed salve into her cuts. I was about to leave the room when she moaned, not with pain but arousal.

Looking into her eyes I kissed her deeply and rolled her onto her back. Mounting her, my hard cock thrust into her hairless pussy. The old rhythm and her excitement combined took control of her and she fucked back. Sachiko held me tightly. Her eyes were closed. Her face was a grimace. Her pelvis gyrated up and down against mine. After only a few minutes of this she arched her back, raising her arse off the bed and we ground our pelvises together while she came with a long drawn out moan.

"Release my shin-gi-tai" (Combined mind, body and spirit), she cried as she propped herself on knees and elbows and so we could do it doggie-style. I plopped both of the pillows under her stomach and I snuggled up behind her, pressing my hips to her arse. I
got my cock at the right angle, holding it so that the head was wedged tightly between her cunt-lips. Then, gripping her thick waist firmly, I began to slide my cock back into her. I took the tip of my cock and pushed it into her bald pussy. I pushed myself forward slowly into her. As she relaxed a bit more I felt the tightening of her cunt muscles around my shaft. I didn't have any trouble sliding in the rest of the way as I buried my cock to the hilt in her throbbing and pulsating pussy.

I began pumping in and out in slow rhythmic strokes. Sachiko started to meet my thrusts and before long we were fucking like two dogs in heat. I straddled her legs and pumped my aching member into her doggy-style. My hairy balls slapped wildly up against her pussy now as my cock went still harder and deeper. She was grunting and squealing and she slammed back into each of my thrusts. She loved as I thrust deep into her so my balls banged up against her clit. I continued to pound her cunt and her arse arched up into the air, with the back sloping down, her arms spread out flat against the bed.

"OH! OH YES!" she groaned wildly. I could tell that this angle was good for her. Good for me, too--she made very horney, kneeling on all fours with her arse raised high and spread. I held her waist, keeping her in just the right position to get my cock over and over again as I plunged it into her slit. Her legs were spread wide around mine; our knees pressed together as I pounded my cock into her cunt. She thrust her head downward so that her long black hair spread over the pillow; she shook it in time with my long fucking strokes in and out of her cunt as I put my cock rhythmically into her. Sachiko begged louder as she brought her spread thighs back around my hips, coaxing my cock more firmly into her twat.


I rammed in harder, going crazy with lust as I felt her tight cunt-lips holding my cock firmly. I grunted in time with her begging moans, knowing that we'd both come any second. I slowed down, wanting to make it last; as I gave her my cock more gradually. Sachiko shuddered in pleasure and began to whimper. She turned her head and begged:

"Keep fucking me. Fuck me good. I'm going to come. I will truly be an Onna Bugei-Sha (female warrior) when you fill me again" Her voice was hoarse and husky with desire.

I slid my cock into Alisa harder, fucking her cunt with long, violent strokes. When I had it all the way in, I would yank back, pulling the head of my cock almost all the way out of her, so that it rested just inside her spread cunt-lips. She whimpered every time she felt my cock about to leave her, then I would plunge it hilt-deep between her swollen pussy-lips again, filling her up with my shaft. I lifted her arse with each thrust so that her knees left the bed, raising several inches into the air. When I felt her body go limp and slump to the bed, I knew she was about to come. I really let loose, shoving my cock back and forth, in-out, in-out as she let out a wild moan of pleasure.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! Fuck me hard. Harder, faster, moooooooooooore", she screamed.

I took her advice and began to drive into her with greater and greater force. I reached with my hands and grabbed the sides of her hips to thrust even deeper. I must have been in touch with some more primal force from man's distant past. I pumped and pumped, and she screamed continually with pleasure.

"Fuck me, fuck me! Don't stop I'm almost there"

Inspiration took over and I reached around her and played with her large, wet, vibrating clit and started to rub it with my right hand as I pumped. I used my left hand at her tits, fucking her nipples with 3 fingers before searching for her asshole. As soon as I found it, I plunged my index finger inside. She screamed at the intrusion but that was all it took, and she screamed as her climax tore through her body. Then I took one of her hands so she lent on one elbow and guided it to her clit. While she played with her clit and I plunged her pussy from behind she came four more times. I buried my cock in her slit again and again as she groaned and panted in orgasm; her cunt gave me hard little contractions as I fucked her.

Sachiko begged for my come: "Please! Come in my pussy! Oh yeah ... come inside me ... come ... come ... uh!" until her squeezing pussy muscles proved too much for me. Feeling her cunt grip me tight, her rippling cunt muscles set me off, I let go and my cock spurted, and I came filling her. My thick jizz shot into her and dribbled out her tight cunt lips, dripping onto the bed. I grunted as I came my last inside her, feeling my cock go soft slowly. I kept ramming my cock against her pussy as it lost hardness. Then, pleasure flooding my whole body, I collapsed and Sachiko fell forward, the white outline of my cum and her juices oozed and flowed together from her pussy. My orgasm seemed to have come right from the centre of my body, shaking every extremity.

Then, exhausted, I lay down on top of my Japanese warrior, pressing her into the bed.

"Oh yes," she sighed. "I'm full of your cum. It feels so good. This is how I will fight every time. You have made me a true Ashiguru (lowest level fighter)"