Japanese Warrior 2 Warrior versus Filipina

by Aussie Greg

It was typical Japanese inflexibility. Despite having been in Tokyo for 6 weeks the person I was working with, Ito "Billy" Ogaki, was sent overseas to the USA because after working for 10 years in that department, the rules said he had to have overseas experience. No waiting till we had finished our business in another 4 months. It was 10 years in the department and that meant he had to go irrespective of anything else.

Of course that gave Sachiko, his wife the chance to move in with me, and following our prefight ritual of her first cat fight (see The Warrior), she successfully fought in two more novice fights beating a 32 year old in 15 minutes, and destroying a 19 year old in less than 3 minutes. It also gave me a chance to see that other Japanese character trait: a delight in cruelty when in authority. She bossed and treated the Filipina maid like she was dirt and took pleasure from humiliating, bullying her, belittling her or mistreating her.

One day I had forgotten some notes and reentered the apartment and hearing a noise in the second room of the apartment I opened the door to see Floricel the Filipina maid pissing on Sachiko's G string as she burnt a pile of Sachiko's hair taken from a brush. I had been to the Philippines and I knew black magic when I saw it. Well to cut the story short she accepted a fight with Sachiko as a chance to avoid dismissal and a return to the poverty of the Philippines with no chance of working in Japan again. When I told Sachiko the thought of fighting and hurting the Filipina had her in ecstasy. But she was as pissed as hell when she heard that she could catfight the maid only if she lasted 10 minutes of arousal from the Filipina without cumming, but if she didn't then they would sexfight. Either event, if Sachiko won Foricel would be sent back in disgrace to the Philippines, papers marked not to work in Japan, if the Filipina won Sachiko would pay the rest of her 8 month contract and her flight home. She stormed around the room.

"I'm a warrior. I'm not going to have sex with a Filipina ape. How can you do this to me?" and so on.

"If she doesn't make you cum, then you cat fight. Its up to you", was my reply.

That night they met for combat, one fighting for financial security, the other for pleasure and dominance. Slowly, never taking her eyes from Sachiko's naked body, Floricel undid her pink uniform, revealing a lacy bra. She pushed her chest out proudly, making her tits look bigger, and reached behind her back and undid the small hook on the bra, letting it fall away to reveal the breasts on her chest. She ran her open hands over both breasts, allowing her fingers to slide against her erect nipples and making them ever harder. She shuddered with pleasure, her eyes closing slightly. Then she pressed the middle finger of each hand against her nipples and pushed hard against them, then began to rub small circles against them.

Now that they were both naked I could compare the women. Sachiko was 43, quite podgy and overweight at 120 pounds and 5 foot 1, with a large square jawed head and face, yet still sharp featured; light skinned, long straight dark brown/black hair, full heavy 38C breasts with palm sized, contrasting dark, large stretched areola and thick squat nipples, a protruding round belly crisscrossed with stretch marks. She had her thick bush shaved into the kanji symbol for Buki (warrior), and had a disproportionately long upper body and short stumpy chunky legs under her 41 inch arse. She now longer dressed in that conservative tweed suit and knitted twinset, sensible flat shoes, and God forbid white stockings that so many middle aged Japanese women wear, but had a European elegant slut look; tailored clothes that showed cleavage, nipple shape and thigh

"Do I turn you on, slut?" asked Floricel. I'm going to work you over so good, bitch that you'll thank me."

Floricel was approximately the same age and height but a little lighter at 115 pounds. She had extremely dark brown skin, a small round face with a wide flat nose and large black eyes and jet black short hair. Despite being the same height, her legs were longer and thinner, and being smaller framed her belly looked more pronounced than the thicker bodied Japanese. Her tits were smaller and less full than Sachiko's: 34B with longer nipples surrounded by a small dark circled areola. But her cunt. Unlike the long slit of the Japanese woman with her thin outer and inner lips, Floricel had a prime example of a Filipina pussy. Almost hairless it was a prominent mound in her groin the size of a grapefruit which had two finger-thick full very dark swollen lips separated by a pink inner at least the thickness of my thumb. When she knelt, from behind you could see the bottom part of her open cunt wedged between her upper thighs.

Floricel Mendero straddled Sachiko; her knees set firmly on either side of the Japanese woman's thighs, and lowered her body down so that her own breasts were pressing into Sachiko's round belly, then lightly flicked one of Sachiko's nipples with her tongue, causing a moan of pleasure to come from the Japanese woman as it sprung to attention. The Japanese's woman's eyes widened slightly as she felt Floricel's teeth close against her nipple and begin to nibble at her, sending waves of erotic sensation throughout her entire body; causing her head to buzz with sexual desire and her clitoris to throb in response to the stimulation. Her body seemed to be one big nerve ending, pulsing happily with pleasure as she became increasingly more aroused, her pussy growing wetter and wetter as the Filipina fingers running along her cunt became lubricated by Japanese pussy juices. Floricel reached forward and kissed Sachiko on the mouth pareseionately.

"MMMMfffff!" Sachiko whined through their sealed lips as she felt the Filipina cleaner's tongue snake into her mouth. Then she pulled her face away.

"Two minutes penalty added to the time", I said and adjusted my watch.

Reversing her straddling position, Floricel pulled Sachiko's cunt lips apart and looked at her inner lips, giving them their first slow, deliberate lick which made the Japanese woman shudder again. Next she spread the tops of Sachiko's cunt until she found her clit. She blew on it softly letting the woman beneath her become aware of her intentions, and then teased Sachiko's cunt with the wait, knowing that women, even more so than men, love to be teased. She zeroed in on the inner part of her victim's thigh, and licked it, kissed it, drew patterns on it with the tip of her tongue. Floricel came close to Sachiko's cunt, before pulling away. She had Sachiko uncertain about just when and where she would strike.

Suddenly Floricel licked the crease where Sachiko's leg joined her cunt. She felt Sachiko quiver as she nuzzled her face into her manicured Kanji symbol bush. Brushing her lips over Sachiko's now flowing slit without pressing down further excited my Japanese lover. Floricel had her. It was time. Floricel put her lips right on top of Sachiko's slit. She kissed her, gently, then harder. With her tongue, Floricel separated Sachiko's pussy lips and when she opened her up, she ran her tongue up and down between the layers of Sachiko's pussy flesh. She spread Sachiko's unresisting legs wider with her hands.

Floricel began to tongue-fuck her. Sachiko's moans of arousal and frustration told her she was succeeding. Soon Sachiko was bucking up from the bed, straining to get more of Floricel's arousal. Floricel took a quick look. Sachiko's clit had gotten hard enough to burst out of its covering. Sachiko whimpered helplessly when Floricel licked it and again when she licked harder, pressing into her skin. Ruthlessly, Floricel pulled the pussy lips aside and flicked her tongue against Sachiko's uncovered clit. She did it quickly. She did it slowly. Sachiko's legs shuddered. Sensing that Sachiko was approaching orgasm, Floricel made her lips into an O and took the clit into her mouth. Starting to suck gently, Floricel looked up at Sachiko's face for her reaction and began to suck harder. Sachiko was responding completely.

"You're mine, bitch", shouted Floricel. "First timers are always easy, once you crack their shell."

She sucked harder. Sachiko lifted her pelvis into the air with the tension of her rising orgasm. Floricel hung on, keeping her hot mouth on Sachiko's clit. And then it came. Sachiko's groan increased in volume and became a loud continual moan interrupted only by her drawing breath. Her mouth opened wide and let out a loud, animalistic growl of release as she blasted to orgasm. Her cunt juices flooded out of her pussy, rushing all over Floricel's face and pooling down around her own tightly drawn arse cheeks. Despite her desperate desire not to lose, Sachiko's orgasm had come hard, and when Floricel's mouth opened wide to scream her victory, she ended up swallowing a great deal of Sachiko's cunt-cream, but still continued to run her fingers along the defeated woman's slit, which drove her further over the top. Finally the scream of victory and orgasmic roar of defeat ended and the Japanese woman's entire body went limp, as if every muscle seemed to have turned to jelly.

"That was for victory, this is for pleasure, slut".

Sachiko cried out as she felt two fingers slide in between the folds of her pussy lips, parting them easily and pressing up inside of her cunt pareseage, making her body jerk involuntarily.

"Oooh, ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Sachiko moaned as the Filipina's two finger slid in and out of her.

Sachiko's hips began to move up and down, causing Floricel's fingers to push deeper inside of her pussy, making her moan with more pleasure as she felt the erotic sensations build up within her body towards another orgasm. Floricel leaned her naked body forward as she continued to finger the Japanese, and lightly brushed her lips over Sachiko's. The Japanese closed her eyes and her lips parted lightly, moaning in pleasure as Floricel kissed her way down the writing woman's neck and chest, taking one nipple into her mouth and nibbling at it as she continued to press and slide her fingers in and out of Sachiko's cunt. Floricel's other hand slowly ran up the Japanese woman's side, running past the curve of one full heaving breast and gently sliding over her neck and chin. The hand made its way in-between her defeated rival's dark black hair and gripped her gently by the back of the head as she lifted her mouth from Sachiko's breast and kissed her again, this time with more pareseion.

Sachiko groaned in pleasure as she felt Floricel's tongue slide in between her own lips, her own tongue sliding forward over the Filipina's as they tasted each other, both women exploring the other's mouth. Floricel kept back a smug grin of satisfaction as she kissed her former tormentor, reveling in the sensations as her tongue pressed and ran over the inside of Sachiko's cheeks while the Japanese woman's own tongue explored the inside of the cleaner's mouth. Sachiko was now pressing and grinding her hips continually against Floricel's hand, sliding her clitoris against the palm of the other woman's hand as two fingers pushed their way deeper and deeper inside her cunt.

"You can't stop cumming, slut", Circe whispered, slowly kissing the upper curves of the Amazon's full tits, tracing a circle around the left nipple, making the erect nub of flesh grow even stiffer and firmer, as she continued to relentlessly finger fuck her boss.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooo" gasped Sachiko, as her entire body went rock hard, stretching out to the full limit as every muscle in her body locked up tight. She clenched her teeth and her cunt muscles locked down hard on Floricel's fingers. She found herself drawing air in but not expelling it and a building ache within her body cried for release. Then it came. Her belly wobbled and rippled as her muscles spasmed and Floricel grinned widely down at her, sliding her flooded fingers out of Sachiko's sucking cunt and lifting them up to show them to the gasping, panting woman. Then, before her shocked eyes she lifted the fingers up to her lips and slid them inside her mouth, sucking the Japanese woman's pussy juices with a happy, satisfied look on her face.

She removed the fingers from her mouth, now glistening from her own saliva rather than moaning orgasming woman's cuntjuices, and ran then down over her breasts, allowing her fingers to slide against her erect nipples and making them ache with need. She shuddered with pleasure, her eyes closing slightly, and then she pressed her middle fingers against her nipples and pushed firmly against them, rubbing small circles into her firm mounds of titflesh, burying her nipples into her tits.

It had taken 8 minutes.

Five minutes later the two women lay side by side, 69 position, their heads buried in each others cunts. This was Sachiko's first time with a woman, but Floricel was a country Filipina and had like most of those she had been brought up with strict parents regarding contact with boys; and with 5 other sisters in the same bedroom, doctors and nurses became nurses and nurses from a very early age. She was experienced and soon had Sachiko moaning rhythmically as she tongued the cunt from which she had already drawn two orgasms. Her face covered with Sachiko's juices, she ruthlessly worked the Japanese woman's clit with her tongue, lips and teeth increasing the volume and intensity of the quivering Sachiko's groans. Sachiko was humping her face involuntarily as she came with a flood of cum and her guttural growled,

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (I'm cumming)"

With only another two more orgasms for victory Floricel wasted no time going down again on the sopping wet cunt in front of her. But Sachiko had pride and as I had seen from her fights a huge will to win and put aside her inbuilt restraints of sex with a woman and a lesser race as well. Soon her tongue was lapping at the Filipina's hairless thick cunt. Like many Asian's learning English she had had an operation to the flap under her tongue. This supposedly allowed letters like r to be pronounced more easily, but it meant her tongue could enter the Filipina's cunt really deep, and she quickly learnt to use it. Using her hands she widened Floricel's entrance and stretched the skin so her clit stood out like a hill on a flat plain.

The Filipina came, not with a groan but a God Almighty high pitched scream.


Preoccupied with her orgasm, Floricel was powerless to stop Sachiko rolling her from their side by side 69 into a position where she was on top. She had the total advantage because she could eat the Filipina under her continually, while shifting her hips upward and her cunt out of range whenever the Filipina's tongue was arousing her too much. Soon the Filipina's belly was quivering, her internal cunt muscles rippling with uncontrolled desire and arousal. Sachiko took her time interrupting her tonguing to gloat and ridicule the Filipina.

"Mesubuta (Female Pig) you like "Suichi o ireru" (fingering a clit) . Baita (whore) I'm going to fuck your omeko (cunt) raw, and make you my Joro (sex slave) before I do digata ni kazana ho akeruzou (rip open your belly)".

Floricel could not answer: she was fighting every urge to cum and her neck was straining upwards to try and use her tongue on the Japanese women. But Sachiko had had enough of gloating and took the writhing Filipina over the edge: her screams at least 10 decibels louder than the first. Maintaining her position of control from on top Sachiko soon had the Filipina's belly heaving and her breath coming in tortured gasps as she lay prone, her fingernails digging into her belly hoping the pain would stave off her final loosing orgasm. Sachiko withdrew her juice filled mouth from Floricel's pulsating cunt and gloated.

"Ike ike (bitch), after you cum now we catfight tomorrow then I send you back home penniless after I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn".

Her eyes widened like saucers and her voice tailed off in surprise because Floricel had raised her fingers like a snake, formed them into a pointed, cone shape and plunged them hard into the triumphant Japanese woman's cunt above her face. She was taken by surprise and the Filipina wriggled from under the Japanese while keeping her fingers embedded in her cunt. The dark hared Japanese screamed wildly as Floricel's long fingers slid deeply into her. Floricel then wriggled them deeper before pumping her hand in and out as she slammed wave after wave of erotic pleasure deep into the moaning Japanese

The Filipina's first three fingers were inside the Japanese and she started oscillating them in and out of her as she continued to pump her in a rhythmic fashion. At the same time, Floricel's thumb slid up Sachiko's cunt and over her clitoris. Using her thumb, she began rubbing and pushing hard on the woman's clit, sending her rival into a spiral of overwhelming sensations. Sachiko was panting and moaning heavily now as the Filipina stepped up her forceful 3 finger and thumb mareseage. As she masturbated her, Floricel rolled Sachiko face down over under her, and straddled her, but unlike Sachiko, she pinned the other woman's arms with her knees and settled her hips over the 43 year old's arse and began sliding them slowly up and down over the older woman; riding her gyrations. Both women lost all sense of reality and time as Floricel forced the Japanese towards orgasm. As she pumped and pushed, the Japanese woman's large breasts heaved and rippled with the same rhythm.

The Filipina then loosened her left arm's pinning grip and ran her hand across the Japanese woman' breasts. Sachiko let out a bellow of sexual excitement as each nipple was brushed. Floricel then cupped her opponent's left breast and used this grip to pin the Japanese.  Floricel's hand squeezed and mareseaged the full round breast as she continued to feverishly stroke Sachiko. The Japanese woman's struggles grew more violent and Floricel knew the end was near. Stepping up her efforts, she began slamming her three fingers in and out her, expanding and twisting them as she increased her pumping to an ever intensifying pace. At the same time, she grabbed Sachiko's nipple with two fingers and began pinching it wildly. With a change in her rhythm, she pushed her fingers deep and hard straight into Sachiko and, at the same time, she squeezed her breast, pinching the nipple incredibly hard. Sachiko surged upward in one last defiant effort, tightening her body in a futile attempt at resistance.

"GGGNNNNNNUUUUUGGGHHH... NNNOOOOO!!!!!" she screamed. But it was futile as she exploded upward in climax and wailed in ecstasy. Floricel let her go and she dropped hard and fast to the bed, curling up into a small ball of quivering defeat, clutching her cunt and her breasts as she rode out the last of the sensation. Moving like a striking snake the Filipina quickly bound Sachiko's wrists with her discarded panty hose and tied the other end to the slotted bed head. Avoiding a feeble kick from Sachiko she strapped first one ankle then the other to the bed legs, leaving the Japanese woman bound legs apart like a lamb to the slaughter. I felt like Satan must have given me my heart's desire right then. I didn't have to feel any guilt. I didn't care if I was going to hell for what I had orchestrated. I just continued to stroke my throbbing penis and enjoy the show. Floricel's dark eyes glistened with triumph as she started bringing Sachiko close to orgasm before stopping.

"That's too easy bitch. You're going to watch your man get the taste for Filipina pussy, before I make you cum".

She sat astride me as I sat on the chair and lowered herself onto my cunt impaling her self fully and proceeded to fuck me, screaming how I was enjoying Filipina pussy more than Japanese cunt before returning her attention to Sachiko. The Filipina would allow my woman to come close to cumming, riding my cock or her fingers or tongue, until she was close to the point of orgasm. Then she would pull out or have me withdraw, and start pinching Sachiko's tits. Of course, the orgasm prohibition didn't apply to me or Floricel. We fucked each other silly over Sachiko's body. My cock became so sore; it hurt when it brushed against the bed sheets.

Floricel continued playing and toying with Sachiko for a period of three hours. She stopped only because her tongue and jaw were aching. Then she licked and sucked Sachiko's pussy and clit with her tongue for the last time. My woman was laying on her stomach, her hands tied to the bedrail with her pantyhose. She was moaning incoherently and gripping the wooden rails as her orgasm drew nearer. When it came it made her rattle the wooden bars of the bedpost so violently that two broke. Sachiko was exhausted. Her hands fell limply downward on the soft pillow. Her eyes were dazed and half open. Beads of sweat dribbled down her cheek, drool dripped from her open mouth, the sheets under her were sodden with her juices.

I whispered in Floricel's ear, "The Filipina fistfuck", and she smiled with delight. She had her own version of the Filipina triumph. Floricel slowly pushed two fingers of both hands all the way in to the knuckles and then slowly pulled them wide apart - stretching the sphincter muscle to its limit. Sachiko groaned and moaned as a big black hole appeared between Floricel's fingers. Her arse was stretched to its limit as Floricel pushed her fingers in and out again and again pulled them as far apart as possible, trying to get the arsehole to stretch even further, which seemed impossible. However, she was clearly an expert. She added a third finger on each hand - she now had six fingers inside the writhing Japanese woman's arsehole. Again she pushed them in as far as they would go and then pulled them as far apart as she could, the black hole this time was enormous - over an inch across.

Floricel pulled the fingers of her right hand out and took the bottle of lube that I offered. She then inserted the nozzle of the bottle into Sachiko's aresehole and squeezed the slippery liquid inside. She then pushed three fingers of her right hand into the slick arsehole again. She pushed and pulled her fingers in and out of the loosening sphincter, all the time preparing her sphincter muscle. Then she used her free hand to stroke Sachiko's red raw, sensitive clit and when she felt her orgasm welling up she reached under her to pinch her left nipple. As soon as she touched her nipple Sachiko's orgasm started. It went on and on, was there no limit to the arousal this woman could take. Floricel felt Sachiko's arsehole spasming between her fingers,

"I've got her coming - the bitch really likes her aresehole being stretched like this - what a slut!" Floricel screamed

She pulled the walls of Sachiko's arsehole in and out as the woman's orgasm subsided, the slowly withdrew her fingers. Floricel slowly withdrew her fingers from Sachiko's arsehole and covered her right hand with lube. She then placed her hand at the entrance to her arsehole.

"Open up, you little bitch, I'm going to shove my hand up your aresehole now and give you the Filipina fist fuck" said Floricel. Her hand began pushing on the Japanese woman's anal hole. It stretched,... she moaned,.... it widened more,....all fingers were in up to her knuckles. She pushed harder,...Sachiko whined,....she pushed still harder,… it stretched,....and she was in. Her aresehole wrapped around her wrist as she implanted her fist in Sachiko's rectum.

"This is one motherfuckin' slut," she commented out loud.

She began working her hand inside her moving it, twisting it, pulling and pushing. Sachiko just moaned and groaned nearly ready to have another orgasm. Then she backed his fist out until it was positioned right in her anal entrance, stretching her hole wide open. She twisted his fist back and forth rimming Sachiko's anal ring. Sachiko grunted out as Floricel kept her hole stretched causing her to feel ripples of pain. Then she sunk her fist back in. She tried pushing deeper into Sachiko's body and her wrist inched in further. How much could she take? How deep into her arse could she handle? It didn't look like she wanted to stop, in fact it looked like she wanted to test how far Sachiko could take her fist. She pushed in deeper, inserting more, until half of her foreman disappeared into Sachiko's stretched open aresehole. She could feel the bottom of her rectum with her fingers. Sachiko was nearly insane with her moaning,.....

"Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo".

Then she closed her hand making a fist inside her giving herself a little more room to make an even deeper entry. Again she pushed and another three inches of arm entered Sachiko's arse. It almost looked like she had her whole arm inside Sachiko. Her aresehole had to be stretched three inches across to accommodate the thick fleshy part of her arm near her elbow. Then with her other hand she flicked Sachiko's clit a couple times so she went wild into an earth shattering orgasm that nearly ripped her body apart. She screamed at Floricel to fuck her aresehole harder while her body twitched and rocked while impaled on her arm.

"FUCK MY ARSEHOLE."........ "Ram it in my arse, harder,.... harder."

Floricel pulled back out of her arse a little and rammed it home up her anal chute until she hit bottom again. Then again she pumped his arm up her butt bottoming out deep in her arse. She repeated her anal fist fuck into Sachiko's arse over and over slamming her fist as far as it would go, forcing it until she hit the soft flesh in the deepest part of her arse. Ramming her arsehole like this was sending her into a frenzy too and ready to cum. She ripped his arm out of Sachiko's arse. Sachiko screamed from the instant surge of pain as her fist pareseed through her sphincter so abruptly, but her scream was muffled by Floricel's cunt because she had moved swiftly to smother her face with her cunt and work herself to orgasm. Floricel humped desperately up and down on Sachiko's face , grinding her clit hard against the Japanese woman's chin and clutching tightly to her breasts as she buried her face into Sachiko's lap and gobbled up her creaming juices. Finally the Filipina's humping gyrations settled somewhat, and with a groan of satisfaction she lifted herself up off of Sachiko's cum-smeared face.