A Night at the Melbourne Filipina Wives Club by Aussie Greg

Chapter 3 First Night at the Club

The Melbourne Filipina Wives club had about 950 members, all with Filipina wives whom they shared, or competed in Club events and fights. I was an honorary member because I did all the overseas money transfers, prepared the financial contracts so no member was burnt by a divorce by his Filipina wife, and the paperwork with the immigration department. 

But now my own Filipina wife to be had arrived and I was also a normal member. I had become involved in the first place because I did the accounts for the “The Prez” who was about 60, a wealthy plastic surgeon and the unofficial president. He was old enough to remember the good old days before the Australian Govt. passed the law that you couldn’t marry a foreigner for 7 yrs after a divorce from a previous immigrant. In those days you could marry a little brown fucking machine, bring her to Australia, divorce her after a year or so and by the time the paperwork was ready in the Philippines you had your decree nisi (final divorce) and brought out the next wife. He got around that by bringing them here as adult English students to the school run by a Chinese immigrant Wu Xian where you paid your school fees and they were marked as present all year and given pass grades, or as sisters (Philippines Paperwork/bribery) of his wife and therefore entitled to immigrate. Being wealthy he had 7 Filipinas in his house: A house big enough to match his sex drive. 

The Club had bought an old hotel just outside Melbourne and the many bedrooms and large open area downstairs bar were perfect for our activities. About 10% of the brides were Angeles City or other area bargirls, who knew what they were getting into, but the remainder were Filipinas looking for “God fearing, honest family men and marriage”, and they quickly learnt there was no such thing as a free lunch. 

A lot of men went for the young Filipinas but sometimes the older women, when they realized their dream was being challenged fought harder.
Oct 7, 2000 was a special event night to celebrate the club renovations. A blow-job contest, some fights to settle arguments and an unusual dildo contest, and finally an auction of the new brides of the last six months. The cock sucking contest involved two Filipinas working on 4 men. Getting the first flow of cum from their allotted 2 men was no problem for any Filipina at the club. Within two months of arrival in Australia they would have given a blowjob to, and swallowed, not spat out all 376 members cum. Within 6 months they would have been fucked by all members and their Filipina wives. The real skill lay in making them cum again as soon as possible starting with their opponents first round men. (I.e. if one Filipina had made her two cum before the other had finished her first she could move on to that Filipina's second without waiting for the other woman to make him cum first.) 

This was one special because it was between the club's reigning all round champion of 13 months, Anecita and a newcomer, Whilamina Comaling who had a huge reputation back home according to her husband Gus "The Machine" Tambling. Anecita was the 19 yr old wife of my best mate Wozza who, in her one year stay in Australia had been undefeated in any club sex contest or fight. She was extremely pretty with long shining black hair 5 ft 6, 90 pounds 32B 21 31. Naked you could see her body had no pubic hair and her nipples still at that puffy stage where areola and nipple together formed one dark erect cone. Her youthful looks deceived because as I have stated since she arrived as an 18 year old no one had beaten her in a fight or any competition we organized at the club. Whilamina was 41, 5 ft 1, 138 pounds 40E 36 42 with a short severe haircut and a round pockmarked face with traces of facial hair on her cheeks and upper lips. The general thought at the club was she had better be a good cocksucker because she sure was ugly. She already had the nickname "A 100 chins". The prize money was 2 weeks membership which gave 2 times 376 merbers $10 monthly fee Australian (about $7 USA). In other words our membership cost us $520 per year, far less than a Golf club membership and better holes to use. 

I was there with my bride to be, the 22 years Enri Tanquezon, who was 5ft tall/short, slim figured at 86 pounds 30B 19 28 size 4 or 5 dress, long black haired, cute faced from a small village in the island of Bohol. With us was my favorite Filipina in the club the 43yr old Elena middle aged, solid and slightly portly, short haired styled, round-faced, round bellied, thick thighed, large nippled, huge sex drive and in love with me. Oh, and as I said before the wife of Walter, who I had known since our school days and who was totally unaware why she was my secretary who had to work back late and accompany me on me interstate and overseas trips. The woman who had wanted me to marry a young, naive country girl so she could turn her into a sex slave. Walter was held up at work and going to be late, so naturally, being a good neighbour I helped him out and took Elena. 

Already there was tension between the two Filipinas due to Enri's welcome initiation to Australia (See Chps 1 & 2).  In the car park Elena, after getting out of the car had leant back, and raised one of her muscular, sculpted legs to the seat, and plopped her 4 inch heel down on the edge not allowing Enri to pass. Her black calf length skirt was a wrap around to the waist and rolling her foot, she watched as her taut calf muscles tightened, loving the contour of her shapely legs, and how they looked in jet black stockings. She ran a palm over her tight, thigh muscle, allowing her skirt to fall open so her leg was exposed to the hip and felt the garter snap pass under her palm heel. Her open palm slid over her thigh to her knee, and massaged it gently. 

She was proud of her legs, very proud. She toyed with her hot pink garter belt (colour sense not one of her strong points), her thumb just brushing over where stocking top and flesh met. Rocking forward, she slid her leg off of the car seat, and slowly stood upright. She paused for an instant, 

"Still got it at 43. Oh yes, still got IT, You didn't see too much of these legs two weeks ago, bitch, because I was either behind you fucking you or you were up close eating this pussy". 

She swept the dress apart with one hand revealing that apart from her garter belt there was nothing underneath except her thick bush shaved into a heart shape above her thick full cunt lips. 

"Just how you like it Greg, stockings and bare ready for cock" she stated as she raked her fingers through her hair. Lifting her arms above her head in long stretch, she reveled in the feel of the oyster silk blouse that molded softly to her 36C breasts and allowed both her large dark nipples to protrude against the material and be visible in shape and colour. To her surprise Enri after getting out of the car unbuttoned her ankle length coat to show her long, in comparison to her height, legs and arse barely covered by her mini. Lifting it she showed Elena her the garter belt I had brought in from Italy, unusual in that the straps were only about 1 inch long and allowed her stockings to reach her groin and thus be worn under her short skirt. 

"Greg's tastes have improved. He's got someone young and modern"

They four men selected by lottery lined up nude on the couch in the centre of the club's main function room: the 20 by 30 meter bar on the ground floor of the hotel, while the challenger Whilamina and champion Anecita were into their respective bedrooms getting ready. They had both chosen their outfits carefully to greater turn on the men they'd be sucking. Anecita came out wearing a white lace two-piece, the miniscule thong showing off her shapely legs and firm arse. The bra was flimsy and sheer and her small hard puffy nipples poked through the fabric for all to see. She had a garter belt around her waist that held up a pair of black stockings that ended in a pair of spike heeled shoes. 

How Whilamina had squeezed her soft out of shape body into a pair of very tight black leather bike shorts and a matching leather bustier that pushed her large full breasts up to form a stunning cleavage I'll never know. She had on thigh-length black leather boots that laced up all the way, and bright red lipstick that covered her full pouty lips. They had kept their outfits a secret from one another, and each gave the other a good looking over. 

Anecita went through a routine slowly stripping till she wore only her 5 inch spike shoes. She delighted in showing off her body with its slim firmness that few of the older Filipinas could match, and also her greater height and long legs that the younger slimmer Filipinas did not possess. The comparison with the older shorter thick waisted heavy arsed and thighed Whilamina was obvious. 

"Nobody gives better head than Anecita does," she proclaimed. "No-one has beaten me for a year. After this cock-sucking contest then we'll see whose throat owns this town, and it won't be yours grandmother." 

Anecita watched all four cocks stiffen as they paraded into the room and around them where they sat. From left to right were Graham 45 and Jamie 22, while Leo 32 and the balding Troy 46 sat over by her end. 

"The Prez" quickly explained the rules to them, and then both Whilamina and Anecita dropped to their knees in front of the men on the couch and got to work. They started at either end of the line, Whilamina working on Graham while Anecita went down on Troy. As they each took a cock into their mouths. Anecita glanced over at her rival and glared at her trying to intimidate her. 

Troy had a short cock, but quite thick, with a circumcised head and a deep vein running down its length. Anecita started slowly, licking up and down his shaft with the tip of her tongue. She circled his head with her lips, her tongue flicking deftly across the crown before lowering her mouth around him. He squirmed in his seat when her hand found his balls and cupped them gently as she sucked. Anecita had to stretch her throat muscles to take him all the way in, but he didn't go quite deep enough to make her gag. 

Soon the room was full of the sounds of moaning and slurping. The two men on the sidelines sat there, lazily stroking their own erections as they waited their turns. 

The table we sat at was ex hotel, quite long, but not very wide. They probably thought the narrow table gave a friendly air, but all it really did was shove Enri in Elena's face as the two rivals exchanged pained looks over the tops of their drinks. The room was uncomfortably warm as the new aircon had not been adjusted properly and Elena's left leg was falling asleep. As she uncrossed her legs, she "accidentally" brushed one of Enri's legs under the table putting a run in her stocking. Annoyed by the contact, Enri reached out and deliberately scraped Elena's leg with one high-heeled foot about a minute later. Irritated further, Elena pushed back and thus it began. The two women began pushing against each other with their legs, under the table. 

Soon they slipped off their heels and began to leg wrestle, locking their legs over and around each other. Both women were wearing stockings that slipped and slid as they intertwined their legs and began squeezing and squirming. As the two fought, they moved lower and lower in their seats. This made Enri's short skirt ride up higher and higher to her hips, while Elena's split widened freeing more and more leg for the contest below. The hostility between these women was simmering over. As the rest of the members sitting to my left concentrated on the show, the two Filipinas were fighting it out under the table. Unknown to anyone else in the room, the two women were locked together in brutal combat. Thigh to thigh, with their legs crossed and recrossed the two women strained against each other in a contest of strength and stamina. The only sound was the occasional whisper of rubbing nylon as they wiggled and squirmed in each other's grip. 

After a time, Elena realized her knee was wedged tightly into her rival's crotch. This gave her the opening she wanted. With a gentle rocking motion, she began grinding her knee into Enri's cunt. Within moments a quiet gasp from the other side of the table told her that her efforts were meeting with success. The warmth on her knee increased and then Enri suddenly released her grip on Elena's legs and pulled away breaking the contact. Elena thought the battle was over, that is she did until she felt Enri's foot run sensuously up her left thigh. The foot continued, higher and higher until it found its way to Elena's heart covered cunt. There it quickly buried itself and began to make slow maddening circles over and around her clitoris. The effect was electric and Elena dropped the glass she had been holding. 

After a moment of hesitation, she forced her foot between Enri's thighs and the battle was on. It required nerves of steel to sit there quietly as the two women rubbed their feet into each other's pussies. As they women in the centre of the room blew their men they just sat there driving their feet deeper and deeper into each other as they rubbed each other to sexual arousal. If the room was uncomfortably warm before, for them it was blazing now. Elena's blouse clung to her as sweat poured off her body. Across the table, Enri wiped her face with a tissue and gave Elena a sullen glare. 

Elena's blouse wasn't the only thing becoming wet though. Her cunt was soaked and her juices were sliding down her thighs on to the chair. Enri was surprisingly good at this. Nevertheless, she had forced Enri's G string aside and the toe of her stocking was also damp from its work in Enri's cunt. Slipping their free legs into a rung of the other woman's chair, the two rivals moved their toes to attack each other's bared cants. Elena quickly slid her foot between Enri's legs as she felt the other woman's foot find her now exposed crotch. There would be no mercy now, this was a fight to the death, and Elena pressed home her attack, slipping her big toe deep into Enri's pussy. Enri gasped out loud as Elena penetrated her. Someone on the table asked if there was a problem but most thought she was turned on by Anecita and Whilamina's contest. Enri shook her head to say no and the table quickly returned to watch the two Filipinas and the four men. 

Elena would have smiled except Enri's toe found its way through her thick pubic hair and immediately pressed inside her. She let out a little shuddering moan which went unnoticed in the noisy room. The blow job contest continued on course, while below the table, the fight continued in earnest. Locked together with no escape, the two women worked their toes deeper and deeper inside each other as each tried to drive the other to screaming orgasm and public shame.

Elena's sex was on fire. Wave after wave of pulsing pleasure started in her sex and worked its way out with building force. Her breath became shallow and panting as her nipples became erect and pressed firmly against the flimsy, sweat soaked blouse. She wasn't going to make it she thought. Enri would force her to orgasm and she would whimper and moan like a common whore in front of all the people on the table. The drink before her was swimming in and out of her vision. Her heart beat like a drum in her ears. Any moment now and it would all be over; there was no way to pull back, no way to escape. 

A high pitched squeaking scream suddenly wrenched the air. It took Elena a moment to realize that the sound had come from Enri. Enri squirmed in her chair, arching her back and moaning again and again as Elena finished her off under the table. Finally she collapsed in a nearly silent whimper. Only after that last fluttering gasp did Elena release her grip on Enri's chair and withdraw her dripping wet toes from her rival's snatch. 

It was over; Enri looked up to see every person at the table staring at her in complete amazement. Grabbing up her handbag, she burst into tears and fled the room. 

Meanwhile Troy reached across to take Anecita's head in his hands, and it didn't take long before his hips started moving with the rhythm of her mouth as she pumped it up and down his shaft. It just took one finger flicking across his arse before he shouted that he was coming, and he filled her mouth with his sticky wad. Anecita swallowed hungrily, lapping up every drop she could squeeze from him. 

Anecita looked over at Whilamina while she deep-throated Graham. Anecita could tell he was getting close to coming too, and she quickly studied Whilamina's style. Whilamina held him deep in her throat taking his 9 inches while her tongue extended to tease his balls and arsehole. His body tensed, his hips bucking off the bed while Whilamina held him tightly in her mouth. She didn't spill a drop, and looked over at Anecita when she had finished swallowing. "Next," she demanded as she shifted over to kneel at Jamie's feet. 

Whilamina and Anecita were now working beside each other now. Their bodies rubbed as they both sucked on the fresh, hard cocks before them. Anecita could feel the smooth leather of Whilamina's outfit moving over her skin, and Anecita pressed her own body against hers flaunting her youthful firmness as she toyed with Leo's 6 inches of hardness. Her cunt was sopping with the wetness that oozed from inside her, visible for everyone to see as it glistened on her cunt and ran down her leg. 

Whilamina assumed correctly that this second set of men would come more quickly than the first since they'd been quietly watching them working on the others. Within minutes she felt something splash against the side of her face, and when she looked over, Anecita was holding Leo's cock in her hand, splashing his cum at her. Most covered her face and hair, the rest of it spurting against her neck and running down her breasts. 

Anecita was laughing triumphantly as she hosed Whilamina with Leo's cum, and Whilamina pumped Jamie faster and over the edge so she could reply. Jamie came with a tortured roar as she dragged his cum from him, and though she aimed his first few squirts at Anecita, the rest of them she showered on herself as she defiantly stared into her rival's eyes. She leaned over and licked the traces of cum off the side of her face and down her throat to her full breasts. 

With no rest they started the second round. All 4 men had already come once, and the true test began as to whether they could bring the guys to hardness and make them come a second time. 

Whilamina moved over to the end of the couch Anecita had started on and looked down on Troy's still flaccid dick. To give him credit, it had only been ten minutes since he had come in Anecita's mouth. Whilamina turned her back on him and started gyrating her hips in front of his eyes. She spun around so he could watch her hands moving across her breasts still encased in the leather bustier. She unzipped the front, setting them free. They drooped slightly, very slightly considering their size as they fell out of the leather cups. She rolled them together between her palms, forcing and pressing the stiff nipples against each other. A gasp went up from the crowd not only at the length and thickness of her nipples but at the almost saucer sized dark brown aerolea that spread across her immerse, for a Filipina, tits. No-one at the club was bigger than 40 and no-one was an E cup, not even the Prez's surgery enhanced teenage clones.

Whilamina turned around again and unbuttoned the clasp on her tight black shorts, doubling over as she slowly lowered them down her legs. The cheering crowd watched as first her large arse came into view and then her completely shaven pussy was exposed to daylight. Her lips were puffy and spread open, and there was a glistening wetness clinging to her dark folds of flesh which she opened to show her inner pinkness. She held her ankles as she wiggled her ass in Troy's face. When she finally straightened and turned around, she opened her legs and fingered herself deeply sucking her juices off her fingers and palms, before working her full fist into her cunt. Troy's penis was fully erect and bouncing gently in the air. 

At her end, Graham was also standing hard and proud, no small part due to Whilamina's display. Anecita dropped to her knees, determined to give him a better blowjob than her opponent already had. She lowered her face to his 9 inch long, thin, hooded penis and started mouthing him deeply, dispensing with all preliminaries. 

The room was heating up and the sounds and smells of sex filled the air. Anecita could see that Whilamina had her own hand between her legs and was rubbing at her pussy while she licked and sucked at the cock she held tightly in her fist. Both Leo and Jamie were touching themselves as they watched them blowing their fellow members. Taking her wet hand Whilamina reached across to her left and stated to give Jamie a hand-job as she worked her skills on Troy with her mouth and tongue. 

Leo was the first to grow impatient with waiting. He climbed off the couch and parked his face behind Whilamina's outthrust hips as she slurped at Troy's second hard-on. Anecita couldn't see exactly what he was doing from her vantage-point, but she could tell he was doing it right. Anecita watched as Whilamina's eyes closed in pleasure and she began jutting her hips back onto his face as she continued to move her mouth up and down Troy's saliva coated rod and worked over Jamie's stiff cock with her hand. 

"Eat me," Whilamina moaned against the cock she had wedged in her mouth and into his thighs as Jamie kept up his own mouth work between her legs. 

Leo's fingers pried her sticky lips apart as his tongue snaked over the stiff bud of her clitoris. He found the right spot, and her body trembled as he worked his tongue against her clit and brought a finger up to play against the entrance of her fully charged pussy. Whilamina kept licking at Troy's hardness; taking his full length to the back of her throat even after he spluttered his second load into her cavernous mouth she continued to buck her hips back against Leo's face. Troy squeezed at her stiff thick nipples and fondled her heavy full breasts while Leo inserted a finger into her dripping channel, his tongue still dancing across her throbbing clit. 

Anecita didn't stop what she was doing to Graham but kept a close eye on what was happening not three feet away from her. Soon Jamie straightened and placed the head of his cock near Whilamina's face and poured a torrent of thick white cum into her face and hair. Simultaneously Anecita could tell that Leo had sunk himself deeply into the challenger by the way Whilamina gasped against Troy's outspread legs. 

Anecita lifted her face to look over at what was happening next to her. Whilamina had to remove her mouth from Troy's penis as Leo slammed into her from behind. She wailed into his thighs as finally her orgasm overtook her. Anecita watched her whole body shake as it welled up and around her. She thrust her hips violently back onto Leo's cock, then collapsed into Troy's lap. 

It seemed as if their carefully planned contest had degenerated into a one sided affair, but so far, none of the crowd was disappointed. 

Whilamina climbed up off the floor and turned around to where Graham was sitting, his long cock still inside Anecita who was now sobbing knowing she had lost to the challenger. Whilamina pushed her aside and withdrew his cock coated with her rival's saliva. She squatted on the couch, straddling his hips and slowly lowered myself over him. She reached between her own legs and rubbed the head of his cock back and forth across her slit. Finally the dark skinned rotund Filipina sunk herself onto him, spread her legs wide and started up a slow rocking rhythm. 

Whilamina rode him facing forwards so she took him from behind, his cock deeply embedded in the folded lips of her pussy. A younger 19 year old Filipina Marlyn eagerly ran from the crowd towards them, went down on her hands and knees and started licking at where their bodies met, stroking her tongue across his slippery cock and flicking at Whilamina's clit. The other three men stood up and circled around her so they could get into the game as well. Whilamina reached out to grab a cock in either hand and rapidly stroked them with her fists while she took the last of them into her mouth. 

Graham wrapped his arms around her from behind, squeezing and rolling her tits in his hands. Whilamina was losing herself as she fucked and sucked and fisted at four different cocks while the young Filipina licked at her exposed clit. Jamie came first, his own hand wrapped around hers as together they jerked him off. His jizz flew high in the air and splashed across her face, neck and breasts. Graham came inside her and Whilamina could feel him pulsing against the tight walls that enveloped him. Then she came again, shuddering as the waves of her orgasm washed over her again and again. 

Whilamina kept riding Graham's cock as it softened inside her, juggling the two cocks before her from mouth to fist. "The Prez" threw her a strap-on dildo and said, 

"Let's see what you can do with this one." 

Eagerly Whilamina climbed off Graham's cock, pushed the men aside and allowed Marlyn to strap it on her. Marlyn hooked a finger up under her harness and dipped her finger into her moist folds of flesh and began fingering her. Looking purposefully into her eyes, Whilamina opened the young girl's mouth and slowly deep-throated her 'cock' into her as the gagging Marlyn continued to rub her finger back and forth against Whilamina's clit. Reaching up, she took Whilamina's hand in hers and pulled her down onto the floor beside her. 

Whilamina pushed her onto her back and lowered her body over top of her. Her mouth reached down onto one of her firm 33 B breasts and Whilamina took the small hard nipple into her mouth. In this position, her own monstrous tits were hanging directly over Marlyn's mouth and she wrapped her lips around one of her huge nipples while Whilamina gnawed at hers. Whilamina's hand found her wet sex trench and she Whilamina's, and they rubbed each other's clit as their mouths worked on each others' breasts. 

Whilamina moved to straddle her face and went down on her leaving the men to their own devices. Marlyn wanted to make a name for herself by giving Whilamina's pussy a good licking in front of the crowd, and to do so she had to detach the dildo from around her waist. Whilamina took it from her and held it in her fist as she tongued at Marlyn's clit, then turned it around and began running the latex head up and down her own slit. Marlyn clasped Whilamina's thighs against her face as she tongued her hole deeply, her hands running frantically over her arse and her back. Keeping her lips wrapped firmly around Marlyn's fleshy pink nub, Whilamina eased the dildo inside herself and began fucking herself with it cumming again and again covering the young Filipina with the cum that ran from her. 

Eventually Whilamina fell backwards onto the floor and with trembling hands fumbled to re-attach the dildo around her waist. Looking around she searched out Anecita who had disappeared. 

"I want the bitch," she screamed and the crowd pushed the tearful Anecita back into the circle. On Whilamina's instructions Marlyn knelt and Whilamina arranged Anecita so that she was bent over resting her forearms on Marlyn's back. Now with her arse poked invitingly at thigh height, Anecita didn't have to wait long. Reaching down, Whilamina rubbed the tip of her latex cock up her trench and maneuvered it into position. Without any preamble, and accompanied by a scream of pain from the 19 yr Anecita, she thrust the dildo home and started stroking it in and out of the former champion. 

Whilamina reached around to grab her hips, pulling her back so the dildo went deeper inside with each stroke. Her fingers found Anecita's clit while her teeth found her neck and held her like a lioness with her prey. She motioned to the men and ordered them to hold Anecita steady on Marlyn. She withdrew her 10 inches from Anecita and placed the placed the tip of the 3 inch diameter cock against her ass and made short jabbing motions viciously spreading her until the tip was half inside. Then she unleashed a brutal kidney punch to Anecita. As the pain surged through her body, keeping her sphincter muscle involuntarily closed was the last thing Anecita's body was doing, and at the same moment Whilamina buried 10 by 3 inches fully up her arse. 

With the black dildo embedded she reached down and under and eased four fingers, then her thumb and with one swift movement her full fist into Anecita. Then she rocked back and forth, filling one hole on the forward stroke of the dildo and the other with her fist on the back. Her tempo increased as she drove her fist and cock into Anecita with such force it looked as if she was trying to drive the dildo out the teenager's mouth. There was nothing sexual in the assault for Anecita; she writhed and struggled and screamed as Whilamina gave her her version of the Filipina Fuck grunting and growling with the effort of each thrust. 

Finally Whilamina thrust her fist in as deep as she could and straightened her arm towards the floor stretching Anecita's cunt and the skin between her cunt and arse. Then she fucked her in a frenzy driving the 10 inch dildo fully and rapidly in and out of her arse. 

Each stab of the strap-on was accompanied by a yell of triumph. 

"Take it bitch" 

"You want it deep" 

"You won't fuck for 6 months" 

Anecita's wailing turned into a shriek of pain and her body resembled a person suffering an epileptic fit as it jerked out of control barely held by the four men. The dildo had split the skin between her arse and cunt and the blood oozed onto the rutting Filipina's thighs. Without the audience being able to see, she straightened her fingers inside Anecita and fisted her, her fingernails ripping at the defeated woman's inner cunt. 

Satisfied she withdrew and the battered Filipina rolled off Marlyn and lay slumped on the floor. Whilamina stood legs apart over the beaten woman her thighs covered with Anecita's blood and removed the strap-on and raised the bloody instrument aloft in her left hand for all to see. Then she wiped her bloody right hand over one of her massive tits before raising the still bloody hand aloft and unleashing primeval roar of triumph before declaring. 

"I am the champion"