Ahiro and Trahn by Aussie Greg

Japanese Vietnamese catfight

  I opened the origami box on my desk. Inside, on the hand made rice paper was the message

Happy Birthday, Greg.
This present is for the rest of your life

Ahiro, my Japanese secretary for the past 11 months walked in empty handed. Seeing the look on my face she simply said "If you agree, I am your present: if not I will resign and you will have your Vietnamese wife Tranh"

She was trembling as she kneeled.

Despite our close working relationship, in all the time this 45 year old from Osaka had worked for me she had only revealed her inner feelings on a few occasions.

Once, (although I did not really believe that it was Ahiro who did it) was when I lied to the police and showed false time sheets to say that she had been working overtime when a racist woman superior who had continually victimized Ahiro was found brutally bashed outside her own apartment.. Another was when I gave her a very feminine fashionable coat for her birthday, so different from her usual severe plain business suit and sensible shoes. The last was last week when she told me that she had discovered my wife Tranh had been siphoning money from my business to keep a lesbian lover Lien in a penthouse.

With shaking hands she undid the coat. I looked at her flat square face and short severe haircut which did nothing to hide her age or make her look feminine, staring straight at me with shaking hands she undid the coat. She was naked except for a suspender belt and stockings. Her body was typically Japanese. Long stocky sturdy upper body with disproportionately strong short legs. Smallish breast hung rather than stood proud, highlighted by the darkness of her large areola and thickness of her nipples. My eyes were immediately drawn to 6 fine gold chains that ran from a belly ring to 6 small rings - 3 on each of the long inner lips that extended 2 inches from her shaven and prominent cunt. The large dark areoles were swollen and each of the erect thick nipples that pointed at her chin was pierced with a fine 6 inch gold chain

"This is the real Ahiro" she said, " I want you to see me fight Tranh, fuck her, humiliate her, torture her and then service you in every way in front of her".

The sight of Ahiro, hearing her feelings for me, and the excitement of what she said made my cock as hard as a rock in my trousers. Seeing this Ahiro closed the distance between us, reached out and unzipped me. Tears flowed from her eyes. "I'm so happy" she mouthed as her tongued gently licked my shaft before she slowly swallowed the entire length. I climaxed with my balls inside her mouth being caressed by her tongue and my cock's head spurting it's cum deep inside her throat.

"I'll look after you", I said , " Deep down I've wanted to be close to you for a long time, but you can't fight Tranh. She learnt in the bars of Saigon, and the refugee camps where a win meant a feed. She's experienced, vicious, and sadistic and loves to maim her opponents"

"You heard what happened to Veronica my work superior", said Ahiro, "please arrange it"

In the end the two women virtually arranged it themselves. Tranh was keen because of her refined love of inflicting pain, plus she had hated Ahiro since I had let it slip out that Ahiro was the best and most efficient secretary I had (Tranh had been my secretary before she tired of working). In fact Tranh had organized for the racist Veronica to victimize Ahiro. Lastly Tranh loved humiliating in front of me women I had known.

The rules were simple - The match would be held at Lien's apartment at 6 pm. The winner would be by a 60 second pin (digital timer). Lien and I to agree on the pin. This meant in actuality the loser would be unconscious because of the difficulty of holding someone down for 1 minute. The winner could use the loser for any purpose until 8 am the next day.

Tranh was waiting when we arrived. She stood 155 cms, had jet black neck length straight hair, and was slim and long legged for her height. Her 5 inch high heels made her look even taller, while the slit to her waist in the skin tight calf length black skirt and transparent halter top showed her toned lithe body completely. She looked a horny, sexy 30 year old, not her real age of 49. Her face and body showed no evidence of the plastic surgery she had endured in her quest for youth. She undressed and stood arousing her nipples and spread her legs for her lesbian lover Lien who knelt and started pleasuring Tranh.

Ahiro wore what she had worn that day in the office. As she took off her gold chains the difference was obvious. Her legs were Japanese, short and muscular, her torso which was long in comparison was thicker than Tranh's and her face far plainer yet to me she was far sexier because she was a real woman, not a remote goddess. She took of her body piercings and was ready.

The two women circled each other. While Tranh was not a skilled technician she had speed, flexibility, knew how to kick, and bring her opponent down so she could inflict the maximum pain she could with teeth, nails, elbows and knee in a way that always excited me. Ahiro was unknown.

Suddenly a chair crashed to the floor and Lien fell down choking. Ahiro and I turned to look, and at that moment Tranh's heel lashed out, catching Ahiro in the knee and bringing her to the carpet. Tranh had not changed -the planned diversion was typical of her I thought - as she delivered 3 quick kicks to her opponent's thighs. Because she was light she always cut down her rival's mobility first.

Ahiro sat up as her hands involuntarily dropped to her thigh, Tranh leapt through the air both feet hitting Ahiro in the chest, causing her head to snap back on to the floor. Tranh raked her nails down Ahiro's breasts, stood up and jumped on Ahiro's guts. She turned and smiled at me, knowing I loved the way she prolonged the fight so she would not just win but leave her opponent scarred both mentally and physically.

Four times she splattered the writhing Ahiro, leaping in the air to land knee first on her opponent's solar plexus winding her. She kicked Ahiro on to her stomach, wrapped her legs in a scissor lock round her waist, pinned one arm straight back behind Ahiro's back by lying on it and pulled the other arm back with her right arm. Twisting her left hand in the helpless Ahiro's hair she lifted her head and crashed it into the floor.

"Your flat Japanese face will be even flatter" she taunted as she pulled the hair before again slamming the head into the carpet. She let go of the hair and raked her nails down Ahiro's back. Before a fight Tranh would file her long nails to a point and spend about an hour trying to obtain razor sharp edges to these weapons. Blood rose in droplets on Ahiro's back.

Her right hand reached around and seized Ahiro's left tit. Her fingers whitened as she squeezed. Apart from her irregular breathing no sound had passed Ahiro's lips.

You enjoy pain, don't you, you Japanese slut", Tranh whispered. "After I win, I'm going to hurt you so bad tonight that you'll agree to a Japanese blood honour ceremony to be my slave permanently." Her fingers moved to Ahiro's nipple then to her cunt first twisting then ripping with her lethal nails. Ahiro first sobs of pain escaped.

Speaking to Lien she said "She'll lick you while I use the dildo on her arse and you fist her"

Tranh stood up. She reached down and grabbed Ahiro's hair and her other hand went to pull the prostrate Ahiro up by her tit. Her proud gloating smile of conquest suddenly changed to surprise, then pain, then agony and terror as Ahiro exerted pressure with the Aikido thumb lock she had applied.

Ahiro stood up and I could see Tranh's thumb nearly touching her forearm. Using her grip on the thumb Ahiro deliberately applied pressure through the extended arm till the standing Tranh's upper body was horizontal to the floor.

The sound of the kick she delivered to just below Tranh's unprotected ribs echoed round the room. It lifted Tranh's feet 3 inches off the ground, before she collapsed in a heap. Applying leverage through the thumb, Yukiko stretched the kneeling Tranh's body upward, before she spun on one foot and with a high pitched Haaaaiiiiiiiii drove her leg like a piston into her defenseless stomach. Every bit of air in Trahn's lungs escaped with a rush. She lay retching on the carpet trying vainly to breathe.

The fight was decided in those 10 seconds.

What followed was like nothing I had ever seen. Unlike Tranh who went into an out of control frenzy when in control of her opponent Ahiro was a cold calculating deliberate assassin. Each blow or hold was given to inflict the exact amount of pain in the precise position of Trahn's body that Ahiro had decided upon.

Perfectly executed camel stretches, beak-breakers, and straight arm bars were applied to a point just short of dislocation until the room rang with Tranh's cries of pain and screams for mercy. Clean strikes from foot, knee elbow and palm and fist targeted specific muscles or organs and brought sobs of anguish in return. Interlaced with this skilful, technical exhibition was bar room brawling. I witnessed Ahiro kneel on her foe's battered neck and pull hair from Trahn's head before forcing it down her choking throat, and saw blood ooze from the teeth marks in Tranh's arse. I sat entranced as my champion humiliated the once proud Vietnamese by taking my wife's hands in hers and used them as paddles to slap Tranh's beautiful face.

As if working to a timetable, she placed one leg over the back of both Tranh's ankles, bent Tranh's body back over the top of her thigh and pinned her throat by laying her other leg over it. Tranh was completely immobilized. She then grabbed Tranh's left tit with one hand while her other roughly parted Tranh's cunt lips. Tranh's eyes rolled back in fright as she lay waiting for what was to come.

Ahiro tightened her grip on nipple and clit. Involuntarily piss started to flow from Tranh. Ahiro laughed. "Don't worry my little one, she said, "I'm saving these for tonight". For the next five or six minutes she gently played with Tranh sucking Tranh's wetness off her hand, while caressing extra firmness out of her nipples.

She lowered Tranh to the ground gently and walked to her corner and put her body jewelry on. The humiliated Tranh crawled to the open door.

I was amazed. Did it end like this?

Ahiro suddenly crossed the room and dragged Tranh by the hair to Lien's chair and pulled her to a kneeling position.

"Look at her face, it'll never be the same", she said.

Violently she head butted Tranh's face. I could hear the bone in her nose break just before an almighty scream of utter agony reached me. Ahiro dragged the semi conscious woman to her corner. She opened a bottle of smelling salts and forced Tranh's senses back. Kneeling on Tran like a schoolgirl pinning a rival she turned and said to me: "Mount me"

Watching this fighting machine in action had made me so hard, but as I approached her as she waited doggy style, I wanted to show my appreciation more, so I started kissing and sucking the wet open lips that waited for me. She moaned and moved to show what gave her the most pleasure before her whole body shook with convulsions as she came. I entered her for the first time in my life parting those long inner lips, feeling the cunt rings against my cock and filled her with my cum.

After I withdrew she moved so that her and my juices flowed from her onto Tranh's face. She pressed with her fingers on the cartaroid artery and as the blood flow stopped Tranh lost consciousness. I switched on the digital timer

More to follow in Part 2