Filipina: In Search of A Bride by Aussie Greg


I had decided on a Filipina bride. My preference instead of a Thai based on the fact she could understand English when I wanted her to fuck, cook, change channels on the TV or open my can of beer.

It was the third week of my visit to Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines to meet my future bride Nita Mayone. I was walking towards the kitchen cursing the ever resent humidity of the Philippines, cursing the sickness that had my future bride vomiting all night and my sleeping alone instead of getting her used to the cock she was going to take every way on a regular basis. Although I admitted to myself that Nita was very full of herself e.g. liked to be called and treated like PRINCESS and that she treated her aunt who she lived with more like a servant than the owner of the house, I was confident that I would soon have Nita house trained.

Through the door I could hear the 24 yr. old Nita and her 46 yr. old aunt Evalyn, having heated words.

"You're dressing like a slut. Keep away from him" Nita hissed.

"Let him have some final window shopping before he fucks you. But if you threaten me again he'll be buying at this shop as well as window shopping."

Crack. I heard the slap of hand against skin followed by the sharp sound of a retaliatory slap. I went back down the corridor slammed the door to my room and walked noisily down the corridor and opened the kitchen door. Nita about 5ft 1 and 100 pounds, dark skinned, short layered hair attractive face with pouty lips and a nice pair of 33B tits was standing at the sink. Her Aunt Evalyn who was about the same height, but chubbier at about 130 pounds, with round face with a double chin and larger 34C breasts was seated at the table.

Both women acted naturally although I could see the redness on their faces, tousled hair and rapid deep breathing which betrayed their earlier actions. Nita was right. The unattractive Evalyn had been flaunting herself though it would have been hard to prove it was deliberate. But thinking back I had noticed yesterday the shape of the thong she wore as she bent to pick up something from the floor, the thickness of her nipples and even the dark hint of her 4 inch wide areola against her thin white blouse, and the closeness to me when we sat at lunch. Even now she sat wearing a white tee shirt that outlined her breasts and her very large thick nipples (one of my turn-ons) and just covered her arse.

Evalyn turned to speak to Nita.

"Pity you were too sick to look after Greg last night. I wouldn't let anything stop me from satisfying my man, but after what we'll see tonight at the show in the village will make up for your lack of attention to Greg." She left quickly before Nita could reply and as she turned to go her tee shirt rode up revealing an incredibly hairy pussy (another one of my turn-ons) and she left the kitchen, her high heels clicking on the floor.

"You haven't been upset by my sickness, have you?" asked Nita opening her brunch coat to parade her shaved oiled pussy which she spread to show the wet pinkness inside. "I'm saving this for you when I feel better".

I couldn't go further as we could hear Evalyn coming back down the corridor

The day passed quickly with the 3 of us sightseeing and shopping around Cagayan de Oro City. When night came we drove in a hired car to a village about 3 hours from the city. Evalyn guided us to a house off the main road and the three of us sat down in a lounge along with three American males sharing 10 bargirls all 40 years younger than them, and 2 mothers and their teen age daughters. From their dress, I concluded the mothers and daughters were locals not audience like us.

An 18 year old nude Filipina entered and squatted in front of the Americans, at the same time pulling apart her pussy lips with her fingers. Her pink cuntmeat gleamed, dripping with juice as she flashed it at the watchers. One of the mothers beckoned her over to where they sat and the young dark-skinned girl approached, showing her spread cunt to all of them. As she displayed herself, juice began to trickle from her cunt and leak down the insides of her thighs. She bent forward then and tugged apart her smooth little ass cheeks, showing us her moist, pink, twitching asshole. She was a dark, slim young girl with flawless skin, shiny raisin eyes, and hard puffy nipples at the end of her small firm tits. A pity in a few years she would have the round face and thick torso that most Filipinas developed in their early 30s.

One mother parted the wet lips and fingerfucked the 18 yr. old, first with one, then two, then three fingers forcing her long fingers in as far as she could but the expected flinch from the girl 20 years younger did not come. Instead she smiled at the woman, took her hand and licked her own cunt juice off it before walking to one of the 2 huge Doberman Great Dane cross dogs that had been brought into the lounge and were now held by 3other Filipinas.

The monstrous mongrel started to struggle as the girl approached it. She let the huge dog sniff at her pussy, then at her arse. The dog's cock flexed, and then jutted out of its hairy sheath like a long, bright pink snake. The hot dog prick, with its pointed head, jerked and wiggled as she rubbed some of her plentiful cunt-juice on the dog's wet snout. The dog struggled so hard to break loose that it took the three women all their strength to restrain it. The girl slid under the dog and began to nuzzle his hot prick. He put his snout into the air and howled as the girl swallowed his dog cock to the sheath and begun to suck it. As she bobbed her head, her tight lips sliding up and down on the dog's cock, her short hair swayed from side to side. She gripped the dog's balls in her hand, squeezing them, massaging them. Her other hand moved up between the dog’s legs and her middle finger wiggled under the dogs quivering, uplifted tail, the tip of it probing the dog's asshole. She twisted her small hand and deftly screwed her finger up the hound's asshole to the hilt. Suddenly she began choking. The dog's cock slipped out of her mouth, shooting dog cum all over her face.

She pumped her finger in the dog's asshole, squeezed at his nuts, and lapped at his flexing, spurting prick. The hound howled, humping frantically, squirting his cum all over the girl's cheeks, onto her tits, into her open mouth. She sucked up his cock again and sucked it until the dog quit humping. Then she spat his cock out, swallowing his cum. She slid out from under him and stood, smiling at the crowd as she wiped the dog-cum off her face with her hands, then licked her hands clean. What she didn't clean off, she rubbed into her skin like it was hand lotion.

The Filipina then bent over, bracing herself on her hands and knees, showing the second hound her arse.She released the dog and it lunged at her, shoving it's snout between her legs, sniffing her cunt madly, licking and snuffling her still dripping pussy. His snout twisted between her arse cheeks, it's wet, black nostrils rubbing her pucker holr. Its pink tongue lapped up and down her arse crack and she wiggled her naked arse, gibbering in Tagalong. The dog rose on its hind legs, gripping her waist with its huge paws as it mounted her. His long red prick knifed at her open pussy, finding the cunt hole in seconds. As his long cock sank into the girl's body, she shivered all over. We were really seeing fucking doggy style.

The mongrel hound sank his claws into the girl’s brown skin. His tongue flapped as he panted; his dog-spit dribbling on the girl's back. He humped so fast that we could hardly see his prick. Only occasionally, when he pulled it nearly out of the girl, did we catch glimpses of the shiny, pink weapon. As it plunged in and out it steadily grew in length and width. The young Filipina wiggled her arse, fucking her cunt on the dog's pistoning cock, churning her hot little arse against its hairy loins. As she fucked, the cunt cream ran out of her, sliding down her legs like thick, clear glue. The hounds cock had grown larger, it was over eight inches long now and the knob at the base of his cock had begun expanding, he shoved it to the hilt, knob and all, and the girl's eyes glazed. She tossed her head from side to side, muttering in Tagalong. Her brown toes curled, digging into the dirt floor. The hound responded by growling, clawing, and ramming harder and faster, his furry loins hammering her arse.

The hound started howling, its head thrown back, snout up high. Its flanks quivered and its tail began an up and down twitch. The dog dropped its head down and grasped her neck in his jaws. It growled,its dangling tongue slobbering spit all over the girl’s brown neck. The loins jerked powerfully and the girl's body jerked as if electricity were being shot up her cunt. "Mmnnnnn!" she moaned, her head snapping back, her eyes rolling. "Unhm uhhhhh!" Her body shuddered and her toes clawed at the ground. Two women stepped forward and forcibly removed the dog from the Filipina As its prick popped out, the dog howled loudly and jism squirted out all over the girl’s brown arse and back. The spasming girl cried out in pain and shoved her hand between her legs, clawing at her cunt as the dog continued to spurt all over her arse. The dog's cock had grown to be over nine inches long and the knot at the base of his cock was bigger than a man's fist. It howled and humped and tried to remount her but the women held him back.

Evalyn spoke rapidly to an old man and handed over US$100. They had a further conversation and the Americans handed over another $500. After a short time, a small donkey was brought into the room.

I am good at trivial pursuit; my mind always collecting small useless bits of information. Although of no use for Trivial Pursuit my brain came up with:

Dogs: The larger breeds of dogs, (such as the Great Dane, St. Bernard, etc.) have penis's that are from 9-12 inches in length when fully erect. In addition, all dogs have a bulge, or knot, at the base of it. This can grow to be larger than a man's fist. A dog will ejaculate approximately 24 ccs of semen, about six times as much as a man. Horse/Donkeys: These equine species have a penis approximately 2 feet long and about 2 1/2 inches wide at the tip, to about 3 1/2 - 4 inches at the base. They ejaculate about 200 - 250 cc's (about 1 cup), or about 50 times that of a man

The Filipina girl crawled under the donkey now, dropping to her knees, reaching out to gather up the beast's dangling cock. As she massaged the naked donkey cock from one end to the other, it swelled and stiffened. The donkey began to snort as the girl rubbed herself all over its arm thick cock, stroking it with her belly and tits, hugging it, kissing it, licking it as if it were a giant candy bar. Fucklube ran like thick syrup from the donkey's prong, trickling down the girl’s brown stomach. She sat on her heels, her black hair brushing her round arse cheeks as she steered the donkey's dripping cockhead to her mouth. As she licked the beast's throbbing cock knob, it brayed. She shoved her tongue into the large open pisshole, fucking it. Four women helped steady the donkey as the girl blew hit. The beast stirred restlessly, prancing on all four hooves. The girl ran her fingers all over its cock as if she were playing a gigantic flute. She opened her mouth wide, allowing the entire head of the donkey’s cock to fill it. Then she sucked, reaching her right arm out to lick its balls balls, which she could just reach,. The donkey's flanks quivered. The men began shouting, holding him as he tried to rear up.

The donkey brayed wildly, trying to hump as the young girl sucked him off. The girl's hands became a blur around his cock. Suddenly her cheeks ballooned and she was choking. The donkey danced, humping and braying, as he fucked its hot cum down the girl's throat. Cum poured from the girl's mouth, running down her brown skin like grey slime. She managed at last to uncork the throbbing cock knob from her mouth and gasped for breath as the huge fuck rod flexed in her hands, spurting thick strands of greyish-white cum all over her. It was like a thick hose spurting milky glue. The girl grinned, letting the braying beast squirt all over her face, and tits, and belly. Gobs of donkey jism hung from her stiff nipples like cake icing. When the donkey had stopped shooting, she milked his cock, sucking on the end of his knob and slurping down the thick cum as it bubbled out. Then she cleaned herself, licking off her fingers and smiling at us.

In the ring, four Filipinas had hold of the naked girl and lifted her onto a low table. Four women, two on each side of the donkey, held the girl by the torso and legs as they lifted her against the underside of the beast. The girl reached up, her small brown fingers clutching at the donkey's ribs as she pulled her tits up against his furry abdomen. The women holding her legs forced them wide apart and the girl pointed her toes like a gymnast. A fifth Filipina, squatting between the donkey's hind legs, lifted the beast's baseball-bat cock, wiping the dripping tip of it against the girl's dog jism-dripping pussy. The donkey's cock was as long and thick as one of the girl's arms. The girl squirmed, rubbing her cunt against the animal’s prick. Her brown toes wiggled excitedly. It was unreal! The donkey's flanks quivered. It brayed loudly and thrust  into her. The girl whined as the huge cock slowly entered her pussy. The donkey humped, ramming at least five more inches of its cock into the girls  pussy. The girls face contorted, her eyes rolling madly. The women spread her legs even farther as the donkey plunged a third of his gigantic prick in and out of her cunt. The young Filipina girl clawed at the donkey's flanks, her lithe young body writhing like an eel, her toes clutching repeatedly at the balls of her feet. As the huge donkey prick reamed out her cunt, she shrieked, gibbering in Tagalong her eyes rolling back in her skull.

The donkey hee-hawed as if it had lost his mind, twisted his head, shook it, braying incessantly as he humped, ramming his huge cockpole up the pussy of the shrieking young girl. In and out, in and out, in and out. "Eeeeeeeeeh!" the Filipina wailed, her body convulsing, shuddering as if she were being electrocuted. "Eeeeeeeeeh!" Her toes clenched into a ball, her fingers raked the ribcage of the donkey. "Aiehhhh!" Humping out of control, the donkey reared up, breaking free of the women restraining him. It balanced on his hind legs, ramming his cock in and out of the girl's spasming cunt. The animal's flanks shuddered violently, as it brayed madly, large brown eyes rolling. Its tail began to twitch as its cum spurted into the girl. As cum exploded in her, she jerked, grunting, gasping. Before it had pumped half his load into her his jism was running out of her ravaged cunt.

As soon as it was finished the two 18 yerar old teenagers whom I later found out were named Esmerelda and Eliza got off their seats and moved in front of us. They circled each other, swearing and abusing each other, encouraged by their mothers. As Evalyn explained they would have fought without our visit as only a virgin could marry in the village, and it was common for girls to deflower another rival for a husband so that only they were suitable for marriage in the village. Our visit gave them the chance for extra cash for what would have happened anyway. As they circled they threw off their dresses till they only had their bras and panties on. Thick, white and functional. Not what the bar girls wore in the city, but who was complaining. This night was far better than some pretend lesbian action in the city

Both girls dropped to a crouch, their calves tensed. Esmerelda made the first move, head butting Eliza in the tits. They fell onto the floor, and Esmerelda quickly put Eliza into a hammerlock. Eliza shouted from pain as Esmerelda pressed her arm up behind her back. Esmerelda however got too close, and Eliza threw back her head into Esmerelda's face. Esmerelda turned aside just in time to avoid a broken nose, but her cheek bore the full brunt of the blow and she was forced to release the other girl. Eliza jumped up and kicked Esmerelda in the back, sending her sprawling. Jumping on top of her, Eliza punched her twice in her sore jaw before Esmerelda could throw her off by flipping her legs up and catching her in a head scissors.

Eliza moaned as Esmerelda locked her thighs together around her head and grabbed Eliza's hair and yanked back hard to force her head deeper into her scissors. Eliza was growing desperate, and began to rake her sharpened nails across Esmerelda's thighs. Esmerelda yelled from the pain, but was determined not to release her hold. Eliza's head was enveloped in her opponent's legs. She scratched and clawed, but nothing seemed to be working. Esmerelda was bearing down on her with all her strength. As Eliza began to black out, she forgot everything except her animalistic instincts. All moves and countermoves forgotten, a wild, animalistic Eliza emerged.

The girl trapped between Esmerelda's legs bucked and snarled like a wild beast! Suddenly, Esmerelda screamed; Eliza had turned her head and bitten her inner thigh. Esmerelda pulled back on the feral girl's hair, attempting to stop the agony she was inflicting. She only succeeded in letting Eliza twist around a little more. With a snarl, Eliza bit through the thin fabric of Esmerelda's briefs and sank her teeth into her pussy. The room echoed with Esmerelda's scream, and Fely looked nervously over to where her daughter was being mauled by Eliza. Esmerelda had released her head scissors and was clutching at her mound. Eliza was up and on her in a second; her eyes were alight with frenzied battle lust. She battered Esmerelda to and fro with fists and feet, teeth and nails. Her onslaught was relentless as Esmerelda tried to fend off the furious assault.

Esmerelda managed to grab a chair, and smashed it into the side of Eliza's head. Eliza reeled and fell, and for a moment Esmerelda had a respite from the battering she had been receiving. She was bleeding in a cuple of places, and severely bruised. Her pussy was bleeding from where she had been bitten, and her bra hung useless from one strap. Esmerelda didn't care anymore about just beating Eliza. She wanted to hurt her bad as well!

Like wild stags the girls ran at each other, screaming and yelling with teeth bared and hands twisted into claws. They bit each other and tore at each other's skin. Esmerelda raked her nails along Eliza's ass and nipped at her tits. Eliza was busy pulling Esmerelda's hair and punching her in the stomach. Both girls seemed oblivious to the damage they were doing to each other. Each only cared for the pain they were inflicting in an all out attempt to destroy the other girl. It was nothing like the staged fights I had seen on videos. Esmerelda was dazed from a series of blows to her head, and before she could recover, Eliza dropped down behind her and trapped her in a chokehold with an arm around her neck. Esmerelda was gasping for air.

With a sneer, Eliza plunged her hand down Esmerelda's panties and ripped them away. Esmerelda struggled, desperate to break the chokehold and fearful of what would come next. Eliza wasted no time. She dragged her towards us where Nita held the dildo given to us at the start of the fight. Nita handed it over to the triumphant Eliza who placed it at the entrance of the semi conscious Esmerelda cunt and bunched her fingers into a ball to drive the 12 inch long dildo fully home. Only Esmerelda's last desperate effort as she grabbed hold of Eliza's wrist stopped the weapon being driven home

With a scream Esmerelda's mother Fely leapt up and rushed to stop Eliza's thrust that would deflower her daughter and force her to leave the village and earn her living in Cagayan de Oro. Eliza's mother Glenda was just as quick stopping Fely with a charge that took them both to the ground where they rolled their bodies entwined and fingers enmeshed in the others hair. Fely ended on top straddling Glenda and let go of Glenda's hair and ripped Glenda's blouse open and pulled a tit free from her bra and raked it repeatedly with her nails.

"Hold on darling," Fely called to her daughter as she dug her claws into Glenda's already bloodied tits. "After I deal with Glenda together we'll fuck Eliza till she squeals like a stuck pig." She leant forward to squeeze Glenda's tits harder but Glenda managed to bring her knee up savagely into her opponent's cunt causing her to roll off in pain. They circled, Glenda nursing her breasts, Fely her cunt.

Glenda struck like a snake ripping the waistband of the bigger woman Fely's skirt causing her to grab at it before it fell to her ankles tripping her. As she grabbed at her torn skirt Glenda pulled Fely's jacket down effectively pining her arms to her sides. Glenda then pulled Fely's skirt down to her knees. With her arms and legs immobilized Fely was at the other woman's mercy, but there was none. Her fists clubbed Fely. Once, twice, three times splitting her lip and bloodying her nose, before she ripped open Fely's blouse and bra to leave her breasts hanging almost to her waist. With a howl of triumph, she repaid Fely for the damage her own breasts had earlier sustained. Finally, she brought her knee up viciously into Fely's cunt 5 times while she held her upright with her grip on her tits before releasing her and letting Fely slump to the floor.

"Give her the Filipina fist fuck," screamed her daughter Eliza.

Glenda smiled as she dragged Fely beside her daughter Eliza where she still held Esmerelda captive  with the 12 inch dildo at her cunt. Glenda laid Fely on her back, doubled up with her ankles under Fely's armpits before straddling her facing the opposite way and proceeded to part the cunt lips below the mass of tangled hair and finger fuck Fely gradually feeding all four fingers of her left hand into her cunt.

"Scream and Eliza dildos your daughter", she hissed before tucking her thumb into her palm and working her whole fist in to her victim. Her right hand widened Fely's anus and she managed to work all her fingers into that hole as well. While she pumped rhythmically with both hands she lowered her pussy onto Fely's face and used it to satisfy herself.while beside her Eliza played with Esmerelda pussy causing her body to respond to the clit caressing.

It was surreal. I couldn't believe what he had seen that night: the dogs, the donkey the fight and now mother and daughter fucking their opponents. Glenda was groaning as she ground her wet pussy into Fely's face and fist fucked her cunt and worked her anus with four fingers. With a series of high pitched shrieks she came and drove her fist fully into Fely's arse. Hearing her cum her daughter Eliza drove the 12 inch dildo into Esmerelda breaking her virgin hymen and then clawed at Esmerelda from inside her pussy.

Esmerelda was screaming in pure agony. Fely was moaning from the pain in her bleeding arse. Eliza drilled deeper into Esmerelda as she screamed and tried to pry Eliza's hands away. Eliza grinned with the knowledge that victory was hers. She withdrew her fingers only to stab her nail into Esmerelda's clit, burying it in that sensitive spot. Blood was pouring freely from Esmerelda's mound. Esmerelda was alternating between tortured cries and hysterical weeping. Fely meanwhile was suffering from the uncontrolled fist fucking of Glenda as she came again.

I had just witnessed my first Filipina fight and fist fuck

On the way home we had to stop the car as Nita was violently sick vomiting and dry retching before lying down on the back seat and sleeping, which left me and Evalyn in the front alone.

I became aware of a hand unzipping his trousers and stoking my cock.

"Pity the stuck up shit is so sick. I must be putting too much rat poison in her coffee", Evalyn purred. "You can stop if you want me to, or I can keep my niece throwing up day and night like now", she said giggling to herself.

"Tell you what', she said, "you keep driving the hire car and we'll let your cock decide".

Her fingers caressed and I tried to resist. I really did. Would I lie to you? Well maybe. I tried to be faithful to Nita, I was supposed to be marrying her, but it must have been the show I had just seen. It couldn't be that the less attractive Evalyn excited me so much my cock grew rock hard in her skilful hands and oozed precum.

She moaned with anticipation as she sensed I was going to come and lowered her face near my cock. I expected her to eat me but instead she increased her rapid hand fucking and when I exploded seconds later she directed me cum into her face greedily licking my cum off her round face with her tongue. Triumphantly she stated. "Good, this is the start of making that cunt in the back seat our sex toy"