Megan's Scholarship by Aussie Greg

“Megan Liew 97.5”

The lecturer at Monash University’s Sunway College Malaysian campus in Bandar Sunway continued reading out the results of the 3rd year Business studies course.

Megan sat back and relaxed. With only one more major assignment left in her 3rd year she would have to fall over not to win the all expenses paid scholarship to study for her PHD in the main Monash University campus in Melbourne Australia.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Megan had it all. Born and raised in Melakka, the 23 year old of Chinese heritage was intelligent, had great personality and was popular, and with her tallish 5ft 6, slim 120 pound 34C body and attractive face highlighted with her large, wide open almost manga like eyes, she certainly turned heads both male (appreciatively) and female (jealously) when she entered a room.

She had moved from Melakka to the University town of Subang, and after studying one year at Segi University had moved to the more prestigious Australian run Monash University in nearby Bandar Sun-way. It was impossible for her closest rival Dayang Nurhaliza to top her mark and therefore she was assured of 2 years in Australia. Dayang was a native Malaysian, 22 years old, a bit shorter but heavier and more voluptuous at 5 ft. 3 130 pounds 36D 30 37. Today the bitch had squeezed it into 2 sizes too small and low cut stretch jeans that showed the top of her black thong and the tramp stamp tattoo above it and a tight tank top.

The lecture continued “Wan Mohammad 68.5, Dayang Nurhaliza 99”.

The rest was lost in a blur as the marks fully registered to Megan. The slut was now so close to overtaking her and getting the scholarship to Australia. How? How? The bitch was average in her answers in tutorials, but for the last 5 months her assignment work was getting exceptional marks. Megan had seen Dayang’s rough draft, and it was, as she expected average, now it got 99. WTF?

She stewed about it all day and finally decided to approach Prof James Chin, the head of Business and ask for a remark on Dayang’s work. It just didn’t add up. Megan took the lift to the 4th floor, noticed the sign on the door that said the Professor was in and went to the toilets to steel herself for the accusations she was about to deliver.

Opening the door of the toilets she stopped as she saw Dayang use a key to open the professor’s door and seconds later the sign changed to out. Forty minutes later the door opened and Dayang strutted out on her high heels and headed to the toilets where she redid her face in the mirror.

She noticed the refection of Megan and spun around.

“Hi Bitch. Looking forward to coming second this year. Oh, that’s right. There’s no prize for second, only first and that’s me. Another 99 or I might take a 100 in the last assignment and you are back to that Chinese slum of Melakka. (about 30% of the residents are Chinese, well above the Malaysian average). And yeah. If you’ve come to fuck the Prof you’ve no hope, he’s addicted to this Malaysian honey and a woman who is built like a woman. While I was fucking him, I asked about you and he said he wants a woman not a girl though he wouldn’t mind watching me fuck you. And I wouldn’t mind having you squeal like a Chinese pig on the end of my strap on after I’d shown you how I’m a better woman than you. Just like I took his secretary now.”

Dayang opened her shoulder bag and displayed a double dong and strap on. “But you would be too scared to take me on woman to woman.”

Megan had never had a real life sexfight though she had joined the freecatfight forum at and indulged in some cyber sexfights and catfights, though there was a bitch there Cassie_sf who had beaten her and seemed to make it her mission to boast this all over the site.

Perhaps a combination of the fear of having the scholarship that was rightfully hers taken from her, the taunts from Dayang and the online insults from Cassie_sf combined within her but she found herself answering back.

“What, you bag of jelly, you think you’re more sexy than me. I’ll be fucking you raw while the Prof changes your mark back to the 50 it deserves and that’s 50 marks more than your sex appeal, slut.

Slap slap. Dayang hand left a red weal on Megan but with her reply quickly evened it up.

Between insults the two worked it out. Loser would be the first to cum 3 times: if Dayang won she would fuck Megan in front of Prof. Chin and Megan would say to the other students Dayang was the better student; if Megan won the last assignment would be marked on merit.

Not having been in a sexfight Megan was unsure of how to proceed but Dayang gave a snarl, dropped her halter neck fondled her large melons and flicked her teats erect before she grabbed Megan and began to undress her by unbuttoning the buttons that ran down the back of Megan's pale green blouse and sucked a smooth golden shoulder as it came into view

Then they kissed, slowly, sensually, creatively. They were unwilling to hurry. They sucked each other's tongue and lips. Dayang ran the tip of her own tongue under Megan's upper lip, making her shudder and her knees knock together. As they kissed their hands maneuvered undressing each other till Dayang was in her black thong and Megan who had a taste for fancy underwear, was down to her lacey black bra and her matching panties.

Dayang was kissing every part of Megan's body she could reach with her lips and at first Megan watched Dayang's lips explore her smooth golden skin captivated by the marvellous odour of Dayang's body after her fuck with Prof Chin, when whatever perfume she had applied in the morning had mixed and mingled with their natural body scent to form this sweet and, to Megan, erotic smell that seemed to fill her nostrils and her head with hints of devastating and potently emotional sex. It was amazing.

Dayang started to pull down Megan’s sexy, lacey black panties. “Not so fast bitch,” Megan said, pulling Dayang upright, face to face with her. “You too. Clothes off. Fast. You are going to cum.”

Dayang large fleshy brown breasts were already naked. She mashed her breasts into Megan's and kissed her savagely to be surprised by the firmness and hard nipples of the Chinese as Megan refused to be intimidated by the Malay’s huge mounds.

“Mmmm . . . nnnggggg!” Dayang growled through the kiss, her hands flying over Negan's naked back, grabbing her arse, sliding up to her tits. In reply Megan kissed her body ravenously, as Dayang busied herself kissing and sucking Megan’s uplifted shapely breasts, mouth-mauling her big dark brown nipples, squeezing the firm globes with her fingers while she sucked. Soon Megan was cooing and gurgling and stroking Dayang's hair while her body came alive. Excited little bumps appeared all over her large, wet areolas.

Dayang pulled her into the glassed-in shower stall and turned on the taps. They kissed ravenously while the water was getting hot, embracing and sucking each other’s nipples until wisps of steam began to float out of the half-opened shower stall door into the bathroom, wreathing their naked bodies as they panted and rubbed together. The shower water hammered on in the background, spraying their naked bodies and the tiled walls as their tongues coiled together. Both were completely drenched, and between kisses, and gaining confidence Megan sucked and licked the water off Dayang's wet shoulders, her neck, raising her hands to the Malay's large breasts now, squeezing them gently, rubbing her thumbs across the big, protruding, puffy nipples.
Dayang kissed and licked Megan's wet ear, sticking her tongue into it, breathing into it. Before cradling Megan’s firm breast in her hand and letting her tongue explore it completely before she finally sucked the huge, bulging brown nipple into her mouth. Megan's whole body quivered, and she gave a tiny, sharp gasp as her nipple disappeared into the Malay's mouth.

Now Dayang was in her element. Once she got her hands and her lips on the less experienced Chinese student’s naked body for any length of time, she knew Megan would not be able to stop her until she brought her to a stunning orgasm. Dayang could feel the soft, pulpy bulb of Megan's large, silky nipple becoming more erect inside her mouth as she swirled her tongue around it, pinched it with her lips, then sucked it hard, harder.

“Hhhhh! Hhhhh! Oh!” Megan panted, her eyes rolling up. Dayang released the hard, rubbery, pointing nipple from her mouth but not from her fingers, pinching it lightly and squeezing Magan’s breast too as she raised her mouth back up to Megan's. “I love being better than another woman,” she murmured. “I want to win and fuck you bad, bitch.”

Megan looked paralyzed, her eyes somehow frightened, possibly by the power of the sexual urges she was feeling. She was completely hypnotized by Dayang, totally in Dayang's power as the Malaysian student cradled her other wet, water-beaded breast in her hand and sucked Megan's other nipple into her mouth. Megan began to moan as Dayang sucked her, moaning softly, at first so softly that her moans were drowned out by the relentless shower water, but then more urgently as Dayang squeezed her firm breast rhythmically and sucked her bulbous, stiffening nipple harder.

“Oh! Oh!” she gasped, leaning back against the tiled wall of the shower stall, raising her hands to her own breasts and holding them for Dayang. “Yes! Yes! Oh . . . Unhhhhh!”

For Dayang it was a feast. Megan was at her mercy, and her wet, golden and shiny body aroused Dayang's lust to a burning core of need. The fact that Megan was her rival completely disappeared in the storm of her desire, and she luxuriated in the feel of Megan's slippery skin under her fingers, of Megan's throbbing nipples in her mouth, of the rich contrast between her pale skin and Megan's deep chocolate skin, shiny with water.

She had not made love in the shower for ages, probably the last a year ago with her 28 year old aunt, with whom she had fucked in every imaginable place. The thrill of Megan's wet, golden, shiny body trembling and writhing under her lips and her caresses while the warm stream of the shower sprayed them both was shockingly intense. She had to unleash the full strength of her lust on this challenger, who was now cooing and mewling and panting, out of control, consumed by the sexual needs Dayang had aroused in her.

Megan held her tits in her hands while Dayang slowly licked the beads of water off every inch of the large, firm globes, kissing the deep valley between them and running her tongue up the skin to Megan's throat, to her chin, then her lips, kissing her ravenously.

“It begins now bitch,” Dayang smiled confidently, kissing her again, dropping both hands to Megan's groin and letting the backs of her fingers brush Megan's wet, taut lower belly. Megan shook her head, more vigorously this time. “I don't . . . you know—”

Now Dayang knew why Megan was mildly frightened. “You will this time,” she purred, slowly kissing her way back down Megan's marvellous wet body, pausing everywhere to lick her wet, shiny skin, tongue-teasing her large, erect brown, swollen nipples, sliding lower, until she was kneeling on the tile floor, her lips brushing the flat skin of Megan's belly just above the water-bejewelled black thicket of Megan's muff.

Emitting a tiny, choked whimper than seemed to mean she was giving in, Megan moved her feet a little farther apart, as if planting them more securely for whatever lay ahead, parting her firm, water-glistening thighs. Dayang was already licking and kissing the water droplets off them, caressing the firm muscles with her fingers. Megan's cunt hair was silky and smooth, sparkling everywhere with jewels of water droplets, and with her fingers Dayang parted it to reveal the long swollen wet red gash of her pussy. It was a fat pussy, a glistening blossom of juice, with thick dark cuntlips and a clit almost as large as her own enormous nub, a whitish, distended grape at the top, peeking out from its glossy wet hood, beckoning Dayang's tongue.

She hadn't touched it with her tongue or her fingers yet, but already Megan was whimpering and quivering. She caught Megan's eyes, laced with panic and lust, above the jutting gourds of her beautiful, dripping breasts and bulbous nipples. Biting her lower lip, Megan placed a hand on each of Dayang's wet shoulders, bracing for the ride. Dayang smiled at her.

With her fingers she again spread aside the wet hair, exposing the inflamed crease of Megan's excited pussy, then slid the tip of her tongue into the warm, buttery pit.

“Ahhh!” Megan gasped, her thighs clenching, her body shuddering slightly as the first contact took place. “Oh . . . oh Oohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Parting Megan's cuntlips with her fingers, Dayang slid her tongue deep into Megan's tangy, ooz-ing slit, tasting the warm, gooey nectars that lubricated it so abundantly, then slide the flat of her tongue slowly across Megan's large clit as she withdrew it. This technique nearly made Megan come unglued. Her fingernails bit into the naked, wet flesh of Dayang's shoulders.

“Unnhhh! Oh god! Ungghh!”

The shower water hammered into the tiles and their naked bodies relentlessly, beating against them, little pinpoints of water peppering them and somehow raising the excitement level to a high pitch. Dayang pushed Megan's thighs a little more open with both hands, trying to make it easier for her mouth to reach Megan's pussy, and Megan quickly responded, parting them further, pant-ing harshly now, her panting and moaning more audible over the steady, crashing water that sprayed them.

“Ohhhhh Unghhhhhhhh . . . ohhhh Unhhh! Oh!”

“Megan,” Dayang purred, “you are going to cum till I win.” She licked and sucked the dark brown cuntlips, flicking Megan's swollen, engorged clit with the tip of her tongue, bringing tiny squeaks and uncontrollable squeals from Megan's throat.

“Ungh! Oh . . .! God, I—”

By now Megan was swirling her hips forward and upward, pushing her wet pussy into Dayang's mouth, her thighs flexing, her hands clawing Dayang's shoulders, her head thrown back, her wet, jiggling breasts dancing and dripping in the shower rain. Dayang was slurped and sucked her flowing pussy hungrily, concentrating more closely on Megan's sensitive, magnificently big clit, knowing that Megan would pop very soon if she did.

She moved her fingers upward and pulled up on the glossy sheath that half-covered Megan's whitish, bulbous clitoris, exposing it more completely to her tongue, and then began licking it in a frenzy of passion, occasionally sucking it between her lips too, tongue-lashing it and sucking the hard little berry at the same time. Now Megan did become unglued.

At first, her delicious, slender, wet body froze, as if in shock, and then shuddered and undulated violently. Her moaning, previously sensual and soft though audible over the shower water, be-came suddenly coarse and sharp, twisting into the loud nasal whine that so grated on Dayang but now was obviously a helpless cry of near-ecstasy.

“Oh god, , oh god . . . oh god I . . . I—”

“You are mine bitch,” Dayang mumbled, her face buried in Megan's flowing cunt, her lips releas-ing Megan's throbbing clit only to gloat. “You're going to come. Right now.”

“Ungghh! Oh god, it feels so good! Ungghhh! Unh! Unh! Unh!”

“Unghhh! Oh god! Oh!”

Dayang believed she knew Megan was coming before even Megan knew it, or realized it. She could feel Megan's large clit against her tongue, inside her mouth, swelling, growing harder, then becoming as hard as a small pebble for a moment, accompanied by an internal quaking deep in-side Megan's belly that announced a fierce eruption. Megan's fingers bit into her wet shoulders, and her luscious body seemed to buckle in mid-air, falling back against the shower stall.

“AUUNNGGHHHHH! OHNNGGHH! OH AUUNGGHHHHH!” she cried out, completely shattered by a surging, convulsive orgasm that shook her entire wet body violently.

Dayang quickly rose to her feet, pinning the writhing girl against the tile, replacing her mouth in Megan’s pussy with her hand, still rubbing Megan’s throbbing clit and luxuriating in the feel of Megan’s wet body still squirming and straining against her as she held her up. It was so exciting with the shower water still beating furiously into their bodies and all around them, Megan’s ecstatic cries echoing off the tile walls, her wet body flexing and quivering as the aftershocks of her orgasm shook her.

The water made Megan's body shiny and slick, and Dayang licked the water off her flesh thirstily. Megan’s silky hair was quickly plastered to her scalp and hung down in long, wet ropes to her shoulders, while Dayang's, denser and more wiry, still puffed out in billows from her head, glinting with tiny jewels of water droplets.

Heavier and stronger, the Malaysian quickly forced Megan against one glass wall and continued to kiss and caress her wet body hungrily, dropping her own mouth to Megan's nipples, siphoning them up with her hungry mouth, licking the water off her shoulders, toying with the wet ropes of her hair. Fuck, she’s in control; she's trying to make me come again, and quickly, Megan thought, fighting the frenzied assault. The hot water hammered into her flesh, stinging the parts that Dayang was not sucking or squeezing.

“Oh . . . oh. ahhnnnngggg!” she gasped and panted, trying not to swoon, leaning back against the wall of the shower stall as Dayang's experienced mouth explored her body. Struggling free she managed to break off the Malaysian’s frenzied attack on her wet, throbbing body and quickly stooped and knelt, reaching up to part the Malaysian’s wet, shiny thick thighs. Perhaps overconfident and surprised by the manoeuvre and caught off guard as she thought she had Megan under control Dayang let out a low, soft moan as she felt both Megan’s fingers and her tongue touch her slit at the same time.


In the small confines of the shower stall Dayang was trapped with Megan below her, tongue and fingers working on her cunt. She tried to reach down and prise Megan’s mouth from her slit, but she couldn’t reach the fingers arousing her prominent pussy.

For some reason the hot shower water seemed to soar in volume and quantity. In her mind Dayang knew nothing had changed, she should be in control; but everything had changed. The water roared in her ears and bit into her flesh, and Megan slid two fingers up into the clenching sleeve of her cunt, and Megan's full, sensual lips enclosed her throbbing clit and began to suck as Dayang’s resistance petered out. Dayang went crazy with a crackling, steaming surge of lust.

Her wet body sagged against the glass wall of the shower stall, but she bent her knees enough to maintain a little leverage by pushing her arse back against the glass, and then she pushed her pelvis forward, gyrating a little, pushing her pussy into Megan's mouth and fingers, trying to make the kneeling Megan lose balance. She had to succeed because she knew she was going to come in about ten to twenty seconds.

“Oh! Oh!”

Megan, in her first sexfight, gained confidence from Dayang's gasping and whimpering and undulating body, and began fucking Dayang harder with her two fingers, jabbing them rapidly up into Dayang's cunt. Then instinctively she sucked Dayang's clit in short, sharp sucks, rhythmically in time with her fucking fingers.

“Oh! Ungghh! Oh!” Dayang gasped, shaking, pumping, feeling the needles of hot water bite into her skin.

Her eyes fluttered open long enough to see Megan crouched below her, her black hair still bejewelled with silvery water droplets, her wet, naked back sleek and shiny and dark brown and shapely and . . .

“Oh god! Oh shit! Nooooooooooooo” she gasped.

“Yes bitch, its starting” Megan responded, briefly glancing up at her opponent and smiling, her beautiful face contorted from the efforts of finger fucking the Malaysian or maybe merely mirroring the urgent need of the arriving climax showing in Dayang's face.

Dayang grabbed her head with both hands. She grabbed Megan's head and ground her throbbing pussy into Megan's mouth. The hot steam coiled around their two wet bodies like sinuous snakes, licking them, wreathing around the two sexfighting students.

“Unngggh . . . unngghhh . . .”

“Yes . . . whore. . . I’m making you cum . . .”

The rush of the water was louder than ever. It seemed Dayang could barely hear Megan chanting to her, coaxing her, bringing her close to orgasm, slowing down then restarting. Toying with her. “Oh Noooooooooooo”, she suddenly thought, her orgasm flashing through her brain before it even gripped her body. An instant later it engulfed her, making everything else disappear for a millisecond in a blinding blast of crippling pleasure.

“AWWOONGGG!” she roared, her scream bleeding almost instantaneously into sharp squeals as her body shook and sagged back against the glass. “Mnnggeeee! Oh! Mmnnggghhheeee!”

Dayang's shrieks reverberated off the walls of the bathroom and shower stall. Megan literally held her up, as she continued to come, shuddering in fierce, jolting spasms. She pushed against Dayang's groin with her face, and her shoulders pinned Dayang's flexing thighs to the glass wall. Dayang gasped and gurgled and screamed again, holding herself up precariously with her hands gripping Megan's head, as the prolonged spasm gripped her body.

“Anngghhhmmnneeeee! Oh! Oh! Oh Ohhhh! I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuming”.

And then it was suddenly over, replaced by the hot sting of the shower water against her skin, though she could still feel the slow pulsing and throbbing in her pussy and her womb as Megan slid her fingers out and gave her aching clit one last, triumphant kiss. Still holding Laura's sagging, wet body, Megan rose up from her kneeling position on the floor the floor and quickly dragged Dayang out of the shower and joined her body to the Malaysian’s scissor sister style and hissed at the recovering Malaysian,

“To the finish bitch.”

They glared into each other’s eyes issuing an unspoken, direct challenge to each other. Megan then sank her sharpened nails into Dayang’s arse and slammed her pussy into the Malaysian’s. Dayang sank her own sharp talons into Megan’s butt and the two began thrusting wildly at each other, forcing their cunt mounds to slam together. Their normally attractive, sexy faces were contorted in grimaces of hate and pain as they grunted their threats and boasts to each other. They stared into each other’s eyes and gasped and hissed insults as they felt their cunts begin trying to suck each other’s lips inside the others slit. They cried out in pain and anguish as their cunts pressed hard together, grinding and rubbing each other into unnatural positions. Clits came into contact and began to duel against each other, sending waves of pleasure coursing through their bodies as they sex-fought. Their faces were close together, each screaming and spitting obscenities at the other.

“My clit’s fucking your cheap Malaysian imitation of a woman’s clit, Bitch.”

“When I drain your sloppy loose cunt of juice, I’ll rub your dry clit raw, if I can find it it’s so small, you Chinese hag.”

Megan felt the warmth growing in her loins, heard her pants grow louder and deeper, and called upon her physical and mental reserves to hold back the approaching orgasm. Dayang had tears in her eyes from the mental and physical strain of not cumming, but it was becoming harder and harder not to orgasm. Sensing the Malaysian was weakening Megan increased the pace of her pelvic thrusts. Pussy lips sealed together forming a gasket and then Megan started to feel the hot liquid spew being shot into her cunt.

”EIghhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooooooooo” Dayang wailed as she fell behind 2 to 1. There was no doubt she had underestimated the inexperienced Megan whose clit was now a super hard knob pressing into her clit, controlling it, not allowing it to move.

Dictating the run of events Megan used her muscles to send her clit into series of rapid movements stimulating Dayang’s clit which was trapped beneath hers. Megan drilled her firmer tits into the Malaysian’s larger more flabby mounds forcing her to lean backwards, thus further opening her cunt. Then Megan pounced using her erect clit to repeatedly rake the entire length of Dayang’s now vulnerable exposed quivering cunt.

Uncontrollable moans came deep from the Malaysian student’s belly in response to the arousal of her clit. Systematically, clinically and efficiently she fucked Dayang, her hard clit twisting, bending, and controlling the Malaysian’s defeated clit taking her to the brink before stopping. Teasing tormenting enjoying her dominance before with a rapid series of Kogal movements she took the wailing Malaysian over the top and to her 3rd and losing orgasm.

The scholarship was hers.

Not trusting the Malaysian who was laying exhausted and prone on the floor Megan unzipped Dayang’s large shoulder bag and examined the Double Penetrator and normal sized strap-on dildo and harness inside that she had seen earlier. She rolled Dayang over.

“I don’t trust you to keep your word so I’m going to video me fucking you on my iPhone,” she hissed to the Malaysian as she arranged her down on the floor, the strap-on dildo now jutting from her groin.

“Want in on a secret? Just thinking of fucking you with this makes me even double horny.” She reached down and stroked the hard dildo with the fingers of one hand. “I’m going to ram this into you bitch until I cum”.

Megan then snarled “Lie back, you bitch.”

She pushed Dayang's thighs open roughly. “I'm going to have my way with you and you can’t stop me. I'm going to fuck your Malaysian pussy. I am going to nail your sorry arse right to the floor”.

Megan smiled triumphantly, squatting between the Malaysian's thick, cum covered parted thighs and lodged the slightly bulbous head of the dildo in the wet, dark pink groove of Dayang's pussy, between the floppy dark cunt lips, still glistening with cunt dew.

“Unnnggggghhh!” Dayang groaned as Megan slid it home. “Oh god!”

Megan smiled and quickly settled into a slow, slowly rocking, motion, sliding the dildo in deep but not pumping or jabbing. After all, we have to start somewhere, slut, she thought. And I intend to get the maximum pleasure out of this. I am going to fuck you to hell, and I am going to take my time.

Dayang was still wet so the hard dildo slid in and out of her clinging slit easily, and Megan did not even have to hold it to keep it steady. That would come later. For now, she ran both hands all over Dayang's body. She squeezed her over full round breasts and stroked her shoulders, her back, her thighs, her waist, even her round prominent belly, then dropped her mouth again to one large nipple, holding Dayang's large breast steady with one hand while she sucked it hungrily.

“Ohhhh! Ummnnnggg!” Dayang gasped and panted, twisting, bucking her hips now, trying to get Megan to accelerate the pace. Her large eyes, filled with submissive flashes of sex need, caught Megan's. Megan kissed her sensual mouth savagely. In the middle of the kiss Dayang began pumping her hips frantically.

Megan held her face in both hands and gloated. “Oh, you want it to be over quickly, do you?” she teased Dayang, reverting to fucking her with a slow, relentless motion, determined not to be rushed.

Megan found it harder and harder not to be caught up in her rival’s frenzied passion. After all, Dayang was so confident she was going to win the scholarship and this contest. She had a touch of the imperiousness about her that Megan always associated with upper class Malays and seeing her like this, completely reduced to a helpless slave of her throbbing lust, completely in Megan's thrall, completely vulnerable to Megan's sexual domination, was a turn-on of major proportions.

Megan leaned close and began pumping her harder, whispering into the shiny dark whorl of her left ear. “I've got a secret for you. I’m going to show this to Prof Chin loser.” Then she stabbed her wet tongue deep into Dayang's ear.

“Unh! Unh!” Dayang grunted as she felt the dildo begin to spear her harder. “Unmanning.”

And then Megan let her have it full throttle. She sucked her neck and squeezed one of her tits with her free hand, dropping the other one to their cunts and gripped the base of the dildo with her fingers to keep it steady; because she knew it was going to be a wild ride from here on in. She upped the tempo, thrusting and spearing Dayang's impaled pussy so hard that her lunges drove Dayang's arse up off the floor tiles. Megan slammed the shaft into her, again and again, spearing her, stabbing her, hearing the wild squeals that erupted from deep in Dayang's throat as she finally received the hammering she deserved.

“Aiieee . . . aiieeee! Mnnngghiieee! Oh . . . oh Goddddddddd . . . oh . .

“Yes! Yes! Yes bitch!” Megan grunted as she ripped the dildo into Dayang's now well used pussy, lunging into her, sucking her neck again, her damp shoulder, inhaling and exulting in the defeated student’s moans, frenching her ear again, but never relenting in her hard, pounding thrusts.

“Mnngghiiieee . . . . oh! Ungghh! Ohnggg!” Dayang gasped and sputtered, churning and pumping back as much as she was able, squirming in the circles on the floor as the iPhone recorded her squealing as a clearly inevitable orgasm began to engulf her.

“Hey slut . . . oh yes I love this . . I’m going to cum fucking youuuuuuuuuuu .” Megan panted to her, now encircling her neck with one arm while still steadying the dildo with her other hand, crushing Dayang to her and impaling her on the stabbing strap-on. She raised both of Dayang's arms as high as possible, which gave her added leverage to pull her pelvis down hard on the thrusting stalk. And Megan exploded in a cacophony of squealing.

“Annnggiieeeee! Annnggiieeeee! Oh . . . Jesus! Annnggiieeeee! Oh
shit! Ohhnnggggggg! Oh Jesus!”

Her slim taut, opulent body went into violent convulsions, ripping the dildo into Dayang as she rode out the most intense, shattering moments of her climax.

“Oh ahhhhhhhhh . . . oh shit . . . oh Yes bitch . . .” she muttered incoherently, over and over, as the spasms slowly released her clenching body, and her breathing calmed a little.

Coming back to earth after her orgasm Megan let the rhythm of her fucking play itself out naturally, easing up, relaxing her grip, slowing her hip undulations, until she could pull the dildo from the fucked Malaysian student

“Well bitch, the scholarship is mine.”