The Thai Nightclub

Chp 1 The Ownly Pusssy Nightclub

My email friend Jessika (you can read some of her stories at in the pro wrestling catfight board under the name Jessikafights or register and do a member search to get all her stories) had agreed to meet me for the first time in Bangkok. Nothing sexual between us as she was a powerful 5 ft 11, 145 lbs, auburn haired, 36C+, 25, 36, young looking, 49 old dominant lesbian and I was a 5 times married to an Asian woman, middle aged Aussie, but our mutual interest in lesbian domination had made us close email friends.

A total lesbian, her full name was Jessika Thornton-Smythe and when her mother Lady Phillipa died she would become Lady Jessika Thornton-Smythe. The sole child, she had a privileged aristocratic upbringing financed by the family estates in Norfolk. She was educated in London at the exclusive girls only Queen's Gate School in South Kensington and also attended Mon Fertile finishing school in Switzerland. At school she had been raped by the year 12 prefects, a traditional welcoming, but by the end of the year had fucked all of them individually till they cried for mercy. One of the prefects she gained her revenge on was Camilla Shand better known now as Camilla Parker-Bowles of Prince Phillip fame, and Jessika's first personal bitch was Camilla's younger sister Annabel.

As she grew older she became an expert horsewoman and skier narrowly missing out on English selection in both, though many claim she was not selected because she would not fuck the male selection board. Anyway, this was the grounding for her exceptional leg and midsection strength and the springboard for her obsession with the gym. The debutante season for the rich and idle titled upper-class gave her further education in dominating other women. Every man that called her a lez that season received a tape of Jessika fucking/humiliating his girlfriend.

Given her lesbianism, her athleticism and delight in dominance she became involved in the underground sex and cat fight circuits taking on tough West Indian immigrants, working class Glaswegians, unemployed Yorkshire and Lancastrian women. For someone who spoke with a plumb in her mouth like Princess Anne or the Queen and called her Mum "mother" and used words like "golly" and "spiffling good show" she was capable of slumming and fighting as dirty as any of the underprivileged. Success led to Europe; the Muslim ghettos in France and Germany, the influx of willing girls from former Soviet controlled countries such as Poland, East Germany and Romania.

Her own private affairs never lasted due to the frequency with which she needed sex and her dominance. A Masochist was no use to her because she needed to make her women do something against their will, not because they enjoyed being dominated. And now I was introducing her to Asia.

We spent the first couple of nights doing the rounds of the main Bangkok areas: Pat Pong, Soi Cowboy, New Petchburi Road area, and so on but like many others of late we found it to be over priced and took the 3 hour trip to Pattaya, a small beach town a few hours drive from Bangkok. There the clubs were similar but cheaper, and the girls more friendly both for me and Jessika who managed 6 Thais in one night for the sum of USD100. But clubs like the Classroom, Diamond Agogo, The Soi Diamond off Walking Street and the Dollhouse merely whetted our appetite for more and we started wandering more from the main streets looking for woman v woman shows.

The Ownly Pusssy Club (that's the spelling the spluttering, flickering Neon lights displayed and we took it to mean only pussy) looked promising. From the wizened toothless grandmother holding the sign listing the events (I later found out she was 48 not the 75 she looked) ranging from girl and girl lesbian to pussy electric, pussy magic flower, pussy write letter, pussy chopsticks and another 18 events, to the dark sleazy entrance we felt we had found it.

We entered to be greeted in the small empty room by the Mamasan, Supaporn (I nearly died laughing at her name but it’s for real). She proudly said "The Show" started soon and clapped her hands and 6 girls approached. Girls? None of them would see 30 again and while not as bad as the small Thai Blow Job Bars women who are at the bottom of the pile, they were not Miss Universes. But the drink prices, even for coke and Sangsom (Thai whiskey) and the lolly water the girls had was cheap. But no show. We questioned Supaporn but she kept saying, "Soon, soon."

Just as we about to leave the Grandmother issued in a minibus group of Japanese tourists, about 1 dozen men and a middle-aged woman and 2 young Thai girls rented for the occasion. Then the show began. The room was so small that our table was touching the stage and we watched as a naked Thais crushed an egg in her pussy ... talk about strength. ... Another poured a glass of water into her pussy standing on her hands, then got upright and walked around ... and then later released all the water from her pussy into the glass. Another girl used her pussy as a bellows to blow out a candle. The star-turn was a hefty Thai farm-girl with few inhibitions. Though she kept her bra on, shyness didn't stop her blasting dozens of bananas from her twat. No ping pong balls for this woman. Her effective range was an amazing 15ft and the entire audience took a heavy barrage. It's a rare skill, even in Thailand, and her mother must be very proud. Luckily I still had one Thai still sitting on my lap, so I asked her to sit quietly and be my human-shield against the flying fruit. She consumed two lady drinks and only got hit by one banana, so I reckon that she was the big winner.

But there was more. Suddenly the music stopped, Supaporn's voice announced something in Thai (or incomprehensible English….we never will know) and suddenly the stage was flooded with colourful lights. The farm girl reappeared carrying a small bucket and tube. Supaporn got a Jap to stand 1½ meters from the stage (almost at the back of the room) and hold a balloon up. The woman on stage dropped to the floor, spread her legs, held up the tube then inserted it. She pulled something out of the small basket. It was a dart. She loaded the dart into the tube and tensed. She shot, she missed. Now while this woman had some mad muscular control going on, her precision left something to be desired. After several attempts she burst the balloon. Once her mission was complete, she removed the tube, grabbed her basket and departed from the stage.

Again, Supaporn's voice was heard, the lights flooded the stage, and another girl strode up the stairs holding a big scrap book and the largest crayon I have ever seen. It was about a meter long. She spied Jessika and me and spoke

"Where you from?"

"Australia" I replied.

"Giday mate," she drawled with a fairly good approximation of an Aussie accent. "Must have a lot of 40 year plus desperate Aussies visit here looking for something on the cheap," I thought. With an enthusiastic giggle and smile, she placed the scrap book on the floor and squatted over it rather like a sumo wrestler. She then stuck the giant crayon up her cunt and bent a little lower until it makes contact with the page. She placed a hand on the floor for some extra balance and proceeded to move her hips around erratically. After a minute or so of this, she stood up, pulled the crayon out with a plop, picked the book up and held it up so the audience can see. HELLO AUSTRALIA! Jessika and I clapped and cheered loudly and I whistled. We weren't entirely sure what the corrected etiquette was whilst in a club and a performer writes hello to you with her cunt. It appeared we chose the correct option as her smile widened and she collected her apparatus and departed.

Next a scrawny bony Thai about 30 years old came on stage walking rather strangely. Sort of like she had a cock that she was trying not to damage. After a little while she dropped to the floor, pulled a face like she was going to shit and widened her legs a little more. She then used her hands to make her open a little larger, when all of a sudden there was something moving from within. After a few more moments it took flight and flew out of her cunt. It was a budgie. That certainly redefined the term "Budgie smuggling" for me. She danced around for a bit then did what seemed to be a break-dancing move that finished up with her on her side with her legs apart. She put her fingers in and acted pleasantly surprised. With a small tug we saw something glowing (anymore live animals we wondered) and it gradually became longer. It was like a glowstick but in rope form. She pulled about a meter out then did a dance around the stage making full use of the poles and leaving little to the imagination. With one leg placed above her head on the pole, she took hold of the rope and pulled. Out came another meter of it and another. Soon enough the entire thing was out and after a little skipping with it, she left the stage.

Another break. Supaporn announced with the pride of a person announcing the opening of the Olympics that the next "Event" was the woman lesbian show. I could sense Jessika's excitement rise; we were so close it would be almost like being in the bed with the girls. Mamasan Supaporn came to our table. Up close she was quite okay for her age, certainly better than her employees or the grandmother out front.

"Two hours gone, you pay", she said smiling and bowing.

Jessika reached for her wallet in her bum bag. Her brow furrowed and she searched again.

"Greg my wallets gone; can you pay?"

As we were taking it in turns to pay for each night's entertainment I had left mine in the hotel safe.

"Money", Supaporn demanded.

I tried to negotiate, "Tomorrow at 9am", wheedle "Tomorrow, double", bluster "It's been stolen here; we'll get this place shut down".

"Money, now".

"Time to run", I whispered to Jessika just as two Thai cops entered the club. You know the type; starched, ironing creased board tight uniform, polished boots, and belt, holstered pistol that makes Dirty Harry's look like a small, concealed weapon and night stick. Relief, the cavalry had arrived. Instead, they went straight to the two Thai girls with the Japs and asked them for their papers. Grabbing the girl's hands, they spread them on the stage, and used their nightclubs. It would be some time before either of the girls gave a handjob.

"Any trouble, Mum", one asked Supaporn.

"No, customer just going to pay."

The Japs almost knocked each other over in the rush to pay Supaporn. After counting the money, she came to our table accompanied by her two sons and an offer we couldn't refuse,

"You", pointing at Jessika, "work off debt, fuck my girls for Japs".

Ten minutes later Jessika was nude her back on the stage with the crayon writer Nataya, 5 ft 95 pounds, 32 26 34, holding her shoulders and the 5 ft 2, 80 pound, 30 22 29 budgie lady Tasanee face down between her legs, her tongue exploring Jessika's cunt. The contrast was immense: The obvious difference in skin colour, the fact that Jessika was nearly a foot taller and twice as heavy, her tits were melons compared to mandarins, her areola were huge, theirs were non-existent highlighting the size of their erect nipples. They were shaven, whereas Jessika had an auburn covered mound that was starting to leak pussy juice. A few minutes later Jessika screamed and bucked to orgasm and Supaporn took a 10 Baht bill rolled it and shoved it into Tasanee's cunt. Smiling, Tasanee entwined her fingers into Jessika's cunt hair and roughly pulled it towards Jessika's face in order to bring Jessika's clit out of her cunt lips so she could take it fully in her mouth. Meanwhile the stockier 40-year-old Nataya had dropped her mouth onto Jessika's pendulous tits and was sucking a nipple like a newborn babe as she fingered herself.

Fifteen minutes later and Tasanee had 5 bills inserted in her cunt and Jessika was moaning each time Tasanee raked her clit. In a last desperate effort, the lesbian fitness freak managed to break Nataya's hold of her shoulders, reach up and back and grab the short, naked Thai around her hips and topple and drag her forward onto her stomach. Simultaneously she head scissored Tasanee immobilizing her. Now it was her turn, and she went to work on Nataya's cunt pulling her body slightly back so her tongue could enter the Thai's shaven cunt. Nataya was trapped with one leg either side of Jessika's face, Jessika's long arms imprisoning her against her body and her defenceless cunt open in front of Jessika's face. Her tongue probed and entered, licked and fucked the 40-year-old Thai till she was cumming repeatedly, then she shifted to fingering the woman till one whimper of cumming melded into the next so that Nataya was moaning in a continuous long unbroken deep drone, her body twitching and spasming out of control. After 20 minutes Jessika released her hold and the broken Nataya rolled off her and lay prone, still twitching involuntarily on the floor.

Releasing her scissor hold on Tasanee's head Jessika took her into a 69 position and both women went for victory. The slurping sounds as each woman licked the other could be heard throughout the room and soon the sounds as they came echoed around the small room. Soon both women were licking and simultaneously finger fucking each other’s arses and cunts. Their faces were covered by each other’s cum, their bodies covered by a sheen of sweat, their breathing loud and irregular. The sodden Baht bills Jessika had torn from Tasanee's cunt lay in a bundle on the floor. Suddenly Tasanee broke off and tried to crawl away.

"No more, no moooooore".

But Jessica was aroused and ruthless and grabbed the small Thai and drew 3 more orgasms from her before discarding her like a used sock. Jessika stood upright. Albeit a little bit unsteady but victorious against the two Thai whores. She looked around the room. The smile of satisfaction that spread across her face was replaced by a mask of pain as she sunk to the floor grasping her knee. Leiko, the middle-aged Japanese woman had climbed on stage and to the cheers the Japanese men had kicked Jessika in the knee bringing her down. Slowly she circled the naked writhing Jessika while taking off her blazer. Thud. One of her high heels was buried into Jessika's thigh. Her severe white blouse was removed to show two firm 33B breasts supported and exposed by a white sheer quarter cup bra. Again, a dull thud as she kicked Jessika in the belly. The 45-year-old Leiko played with each of her nipples till they were hard, erect and quivering. Thump, another kick to Jessika's belly as she tried to crawl away. Dispassionately Leiko unzipped her size 10 black knee length skirt and let it drop to the floor. No panties, no G string just a white suspender belt and black stockings. Thud. This time Jessika recoiled holding her large tit.

Leiko stepped back and stood smiling. 45 years old, 5 ft 3 100 pounds 33B 27 35, round flat face, short black hair, 4-inch heels, black stockings, white suspender belt and quarter bra, erect nipples and thick bush she motioned for Jessika to get up. Jessika slowly got to her feet, but too slowly because Leiko had moved in and kneed her in the belly and then as she doubled up brought the other knee into her face, smashing it into her nose and starting it bleeding. In desperation Jessika charged but grabbed empty air and felt a hard elbow blow to her kidney. This continued in a similar way to a bullfighter dealing with a wounded bull as Jessika chased the elusive punishment dealing Leiko. But the stage was small, and Jessika was 5 ft 11 and long armed and finally one of her rushes was successful, and she wrapped the Japanese in a bear hug. Locking her wrists at the base of Leiko's spine and using her height and large tits to bend the Japanese backwards she began to apply pressure to her spine. She lifted the smaller Japanese off her feet and shook her like a dog with a towel it won't let go of. Only a high heel dug deep into her calf by the flailing Leiko caused her to let go.

Limping she quickly reached the Japanese and grabbing her by her hair and her thick black thatch, she suplexed her over her shoulder. Leiko went up, over and down and lay sprawled on the floor. Jessika ran shrieking towards her intent on dive bombing the Japanese woman.

"Pay back for Pearl Harbour."

In a matter of seconds, it would be over. But a Japanese man reached out and tripped her, so she stumbled forward right into Leiko's outstretched right leg. The black high heel connected with her belly driving the wind from her, leaving her retching and grasping for breath. Leiko took both Jessika's full tits in her hands, dug her painted nails in and ripped leaving five deep furrows on each tit. A claw cunt hold followed and finished the fight.

The Jap men carried Jessika from the stage and spread her face down over a table and held her as Leiko put on a strap-on and drove it home. As she mercilessly fucked the taller Jessika, raking her bleeding arse with her weapon like nails, each of the 12 Jap men performed Bukkake on Jessika covering her face, hair and tits with their cum. Meanwhile I decided discretion is the greater part of valour and used a coke bottle to raise a bruise on my cheek bone and pinched the inside of my arms causing bruising, evidence of my valiant struggle to protect her before being overpowered against the 12 Japs.