The Thai Nightclub

Chp 2 Another Catfight

I hesitated outside Jessika's room in the Pathumwan Princess Hotel, located in the popular MBK Shopping and Office Complex, in the heart of financial, commercial and shopping areas of Bangkok. But I was 99% sure she had bought my story of trying to defend her against the catfight beating and rape by Leiko, a. 45 years old, 5 ft 3 100 pounds 33B 27 35, round flat face, short black-haired Japanese, and subsequent bukkake by her 12 Japanese acquaintances. A victory that Leiko gained only from outside interference. As Leiko used her thick dildo on Jessika and the 12 Japs emptied their loads into her face I used a coke bottle on my face, pinched bruises into my arms and bit my lip, all future evidence of my valiant defence before the weight of numbers beat me. And the piece de resistance, spitting out a sliver of peanut which in the dark of The Ownly Pussy Club looked like a sliver of tooth. What more could one man do. Yes, I was sure she believed, plus I had good news for her.

I went in and saw the powerful 5 ft 11, 140 lbs, auburn haired, 36C+, 25, 36, young looking, 49-year-old dominant lesbian sitting on the edge of the sofa, her strong thighs circling the kneeling Thai woman's head. He body rocked with pleasure as the kneeling Thai, her hands tied behind her back, ate the Englishwoman steaming hot twat. Christ, I thought, I had forgotten about Jessika's fight with a pro Thai woman Muay Thai boxer, but it was obvious from their respective positions she had won.

As she continued to writhe in ecstasy, I thought about my 49-year-old friend. A total lesbian, her full name was Jessika Thornton-Smythe and when her mother Lady Phillipa died she would become Lady Jessika Thornton-Smythe. The sole child she had a privileged aristocratic upbringing financed by the family estates in Norfolk. She was educated in London at the exclusive girls only Queen's Gate School in South Kensington and also attended Mon Fertile finishing school in Switzerland. At school she had been raped by the year 12 prefects, a traditional welcoming, but by the end of the year had fucked all of them individually till they cried for mercy. One of the prefects she gained her revenge on was Camilla Shand better known now as Camilla Parker-Bowles and Jessika's first personal bitch was Camilla's younger sister Annabel.

As she grew older she became an expert horsewoman and skier narrowly missing out on English selection in both, though many claim she was not selected because she would not fuck the male selection board. Anyway, this was the grounding for her exceptional leg and midsection strength and the springboard for her obsession with the gym. The debutante season for the rich and idle titled upper-class gave her further education in dominating other women. Every man that called her a lez that season received a tape of Jessika fucking/humiliating his girlfriend.

Given her lesbianism, her athleticism and delight in dominance she became involved in the underground sex and cat fight circuits taking on tough West Indian immigrants, working class Glaswegians, unemployed Yorkshire and Lancastrian women. For someone who spoke with a plumb in her mouth like Princess Anne or the Queen and called her Mum "mother" and used words like "golly" and "spiffling good show" she was capable of slumming and fighting as dirty as any of the underprivileged. Success led to Europe; the Muslim ghettos in France and Germany, the influx of willing girls from former Soviet controlled countries such as Poland, East Germany and Romania.

Her own private affairs never lasted due to the frequency with which she needed sex and her dominance. A Masochist was no use to her because she needed to make her women do something against their will, not because they enjoyed being dominated. And now I had introduced her to Asia and a vicious Japanese catfighter Leiko..

Her legs tightened around the frantically licking Thai woman's head as she screamed her pleasure. As much as I wanted to watch I had to interrupt.

"I've found Leiko's lover. She's an air stewardess and she's at the Sofitel Silom Hotel, and she's just flown in."

That news was so important that the Thai boxer was spared Jessika's final fucking and domination in the rush to get to the Silom Rd 4-star hotel. I knocked at room 1213 and the door was opened as far as the chain allowed.

"I've got a present from Leiko", I stated pointing to the wrapped parcel I held.

As Syo Ikeno opened the door Jessika used her Doc Martins on the door and burst through knocking Syo to the floor, and quickly shut and locked the door behind her and me. She motioned the Japanese woman to rise. As Syo got to her feet I took a close look at her. About 5 ft 3, flat round face, black straight shoulder length hair, still wearing her air stewardess uniform; a board tight short dark blue skirt and matching jacket, white blouse with a blue and gold checked cravat at her neck. Black stockings encased shapely solid legs and I estimated she was about 35, 120 pounds and a 34B 28 37 figure.

"Jap, I'm going to send you back to Leiko battered, bruise,d broken and fucked as a message of what I'll do to her next. Tonight, you'll eat English not Japanese and feel English pain", Jessika threatened looking imposing in tank top, jeans and 8 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than the Japanese.

Unfazed Syo replied, "If you are going to inflict pain on my ears by talking then I'm scared, but if you want to use your body the sooner the better, because I can fuck you before Keiko comes and then you'll have a double feed of Japanese." As she spoke she took off her jacket and with some difficulty slid the tight short skirt down her legs. Jessika waited patiently as Syo finished by removing her blouse and cravat, finally standing ready dressed in her black bra, thong, black pantyhose and heels.

"I'm ready, gaijin. I'm going to make you my Rezurareru (a woman fucked by a lesbian). Now get ready Baita (slut)."

Jessika removed the Doc Martins and her jeans and was struggling to get her tank top over her head when Syo attacked. A striking coiled fist to her belly almost winded Jessika. As she dry retched, Syo moved in close, grabbed the tank top and twisted it tight with one hand immobilizing Jessika's arms above her head, and used her other to pull Jessika's large breasts from her bra and dig her fingers into the tit flesh. Controlling her this way she pulled Jessika's arms, still secured by the twisted tank top down so Jessika was bent double, stepped back and kicked her in the belly. Then another and another. Not quickly, but slowly, letting Jessika partially gather her breath before delivering her next kick.

"Stupid Englishwoman, You like pain"

After 7 kicks Jessika's belly was reddened and she was struggling to breathe, but somehow finally managed to wriggle one hand free from the tank top handcuffs and pried Syo's grip away from her mauled and scratched tit. Quickly she encircled the smaller Japanese with her arms and squeezed her in a bear hug. Lifting the shorter Japanese off her feet, she jerked her bear hug tighter, using her height advantage and large breasts to force Syo's spine into a backwards U shape. The Japanese wailed in pain as Jessika tightened her bear hug. Suddenly Jessika released her grip with a squeal of anguish. Syo had managed to rake her high heel down Jessika's shin, drawing blood.

Both stood apart. Syo gingerly feeling her spine, and Jessika with her victory taken from her now felt again the pain from her throbbing guts which had taken the brutal kicks earlier and her bruised tits. The fight resumed pitting Jessika's strength against the kicks of the mobile Japanese. From long range Syo feinted and struck using both spinning round kicks and mule kicks where she tried to drive her high heel into Jessika. Jessika for her part tried to take the blows on her arms and endeavoured to get close to use her greater strength. Both had chances: Syo landed a kick to Jessika's hamstring bringing her to one knee and the finishing kick to the face just missed, grazing and causing blood to flow from her ear. Jessika managed to again wrap Syo into a bear hug, but this time Syo was able to squeeze Jessika's bruised, scratched tit and explode a knee into Jessika's cunt before she could apply submission type pressure to the Japanese air hostess.

The smaller Japanese was quickly on her as Jessika collapsed to the ground, cradling her cunt. to straddle and pin her, smiling as her talons again raked and dug into the larger Englishwoman's tits. Suddenly Jessika's heels started drumming on the ground. Syo had reached behind herself to use her fingers on Jessika's cunt. She was on top revelling in the pain she was dishing out with one hand on Jessika's tits and the other on twat. She bent forward to hiss her triumph and reeled backwards from the Liverpool kiss Jessika forehead landed on her nose.

The action became so furious and so fast it was hard to follow as kicks and punches were thrown by the Japanese only to be dodged by my friend as she attempted to grapple in close. Suddenly the whole character of the fight was transformed when Jessika changed tactics, dropped to a stoop and kicked straight forward, heel slamming like a hammer into Syo's sweat covered belly, knocking the wind out of her, and bowling the Japanese woman onto her back. Rolling even as she landed on the floor, she wasn't fast enough to prevent Jessika from straddling the small of her back, wrapping her arms around Syo's throat, and brutally wrenching her head counterclockwise. But Syo reached back and grabbed Jessika's mauled tit with the pain cutting off Jessika's head twisting with Syo just short of submission.

Arching her back and thrusting up onto her knees, Syo, grabbed Jessika's forearms, suddenly curled forward, incredibly throwing the larger English woman all the way over her shoulders onto the floor with a sickening crashing splat. But Jessika, face twisted with fury, hurtled forward, even as she was rising to her knees, and the force of her impact into the lighter Japanese woman's body drove both upwards, tits and bellies smashed together, faces mirrored masks of wild-eyed hate, blood squirting from their nostrils, and mixing and flowing copiously along with the saliva from their mouths.

Syo's knee rocketed up into Jessika cunt, lifting the screaming woman to her tiptoes, yet Jessika stood her ground, and, elbows flared out, pressed the heels of her hands together on Syo's temples, her palms on her cheeks and her fingers at Syo's throat. The Asian screamed as the crushing pressure was applied, vice-like to her head. She grabbed Jessika's wrists, but could not break the grip. Tighter and tighter, Jessika squeezed using her long fingers on the carotid artery until Syo slumped into unconsciousness.

Syo awoke to find herself bound kneeling on the bed so that her tits were touching the mattress and her arse stuck up in the air. Seeing she had come to the now naked Jessika slid onto the bed. Ryo's face was now under Jessika's already wet pussy.

"Lick it bitch", she commanded and Syo's lack of haste was met by a kidney punch that soon had the Japanese air stewardess eating my friend's well used pussy. Already moaning with pleasure Jessika reached around and started playing with Syo's slit and soon had the Asian moving her wet slit against her fingers. With her other hand Jessika started to give me a hand job and soon had me quivering hard.

"Now slut, you going to get filled by a man's cock for the first time in your life. Enjoy it." Jessika gloated as she motioned me behind Syo. Syo screamed in panic as she saw the tip of my penis pass by the oyster between her legs and felt it slowly part her delicate lips. Then, wailing and screaming, she gyrated her hips about frantically as my cock pushed its way deeper and deeper inside the lubricated tunnel that Jessika had created. At first the going was very hard. The Japanese put up an enormous amount of resistance, but my hard cock pushed its way slowly past her defiant muscles. Her screams of panic were absolutely deafening as I moved my way deeper. She was so tight, so tender, and so sensitive. I looked down and watched as my throbbing organ pushed its way, like a piston, toward its target, sinking deeper and deeper into her tiny pussy.


Syo's hips thrust about wildly as my penis continued its agonizing journey. Every inch was a battle, every millimetre another erotic wave of pleasure to me. Her vagina leaked like a broken faucet as my rod made its way toward her womb, disappearing bit by bit inside the Japanese.

"UUUUGHH! Got to get free.... before I.... Can't let him take ME!" she screamed in desperation. But then Jessika started on Syo's clit, teasing it playing with it as I completed my slow entry. She then began to pant and moan deeply as my hips finally pressed against her buttocks. I had finally penetrated her all the way and now lay over her, my hips slowly pumping my cock in and out of her bound, defenceless body, and as Jessika continued her arousal of the defenceless Japanese Syo wiggled continuously.

"UUGH! God this bitch is tight... so... fucking... TIGHT!." I gasped as the Japanese woman's vagina squeezed down hard on my rod. "God, she's so... ugghghn!"

Syo had pushed her hips around as she clamped her muscles in a vain attempt at slowing my progress. This was a sad mistake, however, as the added tightness only served to heighten my already excited state. Like an animal, I began to heavily bang Syo, pushing my cock in and out of her with increasing frequency and intensity.


Syo aided by Jessika, who was now under her licking her leaking twat, was moaning with each violent thrust, the wave of sexual excitement began to build deep inside her. As her body was pounded by me, Jessika leaned back and began again to suck and massage her tits while reverting to her hand massage of the bound Japanese woman's clit. This time, however, she was much more ferocious, groping and squeezing her relentlessly as her mouth sucked hard and deep on her breasts. Faster and faster, I pumped.

"Fuck her HARDER! Bang HER! Give it to the fucking dyke. Fill the Jap bitch so I can take her next" screamed Jessika as she cheered me on.

Then, Syo's hips exploded upward, tightening with every muscle in her body. At this point, Jessika moved completely under Syo and began thrusting upward, twisting her pelvis around and forcing her pelvis bone against Syo's surging clitoris while I took the Japanese doggy style from behind. Syo's teeth gritted. Her breathing stopped. Her eyes clenched shut as the climatic wave built inside her. Its pressure grew, expanding past her will, past her control. She was like an ant at the foot of a huge tsunami. So weak, so powerless. Every nerve, every muscle began to explode with excitement. Then, "AAAAAAUAUUAUUAUAUAUUUUGHGHGHGHGGH!!!!!"

Her scream was that of utter sexual domination. Like the death throes of some wild animal, Syo bucked and thrust about horribly as the overpowering climax sent her spiralling down in defeat. At that moment, I grabbed the girl's ripe arse and squeezed it hard as I tightened my body. Gritting and hissing I shook and thrust as my climax overwhelmed me.


I screamed as I exploded inside my victim. My pelvis continued to pump away slow and deep as my discharged heavily inside the Japanese. Syo was now panting and moaning loudly as the first bi rape tore her mind and body apart. Her rest was only momentary, however, as Jessika's words shattered her serenity and made her freeze in shock.

"Thanks Greg, a nice first course now for the main meal."

Jessika opened the parcel I had bought and pulled out a special leather belt. The belt was the harness for a strap on dildo and she wasted no time affixing her special German made dildo to the front. She walked back toward the Japanese women on the bed. She tapped me on the shoulder, and I moved aside. She rolled the moaning, sobbing Japanese on her back. Grabbing Syo's hips, she raised them until Syo's thighs were perpendicular with her pelvis. Jessika then hung Syo's knees over her shoulders and slid her weapon toward its target.

With a few positioning shifts of her hips, she aimed her weapon and...


Syo exploded upward as the head of the dildo punched its way past her sore and swollen lips and deep into her aching cunt. For several seconds Jessika twisted and turned her hips as she brutally sent the dominating toy deeper toward its ripe target. After about a minute of agonizing penetration, Jessika's hips met her victim's jiggling buttocks as the dildo was fully inserted inside the Japanese. Then she fucked her like there was no tomorrow, burying her black monster inside the mid-thirties screaming Japanese. Jessika's breath came in short animal like grunts as she pounded the air hostess, increasing in urgency and frequency until she exploded with her orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Reaching between her legs she squeezed the left ball of her strap-on dildo. The precision-made German made device was like a vacuum sucking up her cum and the piss that had escaped from her as she came into the other ball. With Syo still impaled on her false cock Jessika took a glass vial from a leather pouch on the harness. Carefully she unscrewed it and placed her family signet ring which dated back to the 15th century on the opening and upended the vial.

"In the old days my forebears branded the women they raped, but I'm a vegetarian and can't stand the smell of flesh cooking, so I've modernized the ritual. The ring is coated in glass and this is Hydrofluoric acid, one of the strongest inorganic acids, and it's used mainly for industrial purposes like glass etching, metal cleaning, electronics manufacturing or in rust removers. HF acid burns are a unique clinical entity. Dilute solutions deeply penetrate before dissociating. The 2 mechanisms that cause tissue damage are corrosive burn from the free hydrogen ions and chemical burn from tissue penetration of the fluoride ions. Fluoride ions penetrate and form insoluble salts with calcium and magnesium. Soluble salts also are formed with other cations but dissociate rapidly. Consequently, fluoride ions release, and further tissue destruction occurs. IN PLAIN ENGLISH, YOU JAP BITCH, THE SCAR IS DEEP AND PERMANENT".

Turning her attention back to the wide-eyed writhing Japanese, she again gave a violent thrust that almost split her in half and fully planted her dildo inside her. With her right hand she squeezed the right ball forcing its contents along the tube inside the dildo and into the Japanese while her left pressed the acid covered signet ring into Syo's shapely calf leaving the Thornton crest permanently on the air stewardess. The pain forced a wordless scream from the mid 30's Japanese stewardess, but her frantic movements to pull away were useless as the grunting, rutting Jessika’s weight and her dildo impaled her on the bed.

Jessika smirked cruelly: "Now, you Jap SLUT! You are marked as my bitch for
life ... every time you see that mark .... you'll remember what I did to you!"

Finally, before leaving Jessika left her written challenge to Keiko sticking out of the abused cunt of the bound, naked Japanese.

As they got outside, Jessika turned and gave me a quick thank you squeeze which took me completely by surprise. I didn't expect that from a hard-core lezzie dyke, but sure didn't mind.

Jessika smiled and winked wickedly at me and asked: "Well, I hope that was as good for you as it was for me?"